Sex In The Movie

Threesome In A Cinema

They were watching a porno movie in the cinema. As the movie was not bad, but not that good, they decided -well, in fact, she decided it all- to mimic the behavior of those who fucked in the scenes of the movie.

Michael was so horny that his dick did not answer to the sex call. It was so strange. Two ladies waiting to get porno excited by a man who could take them home safely. But with their breasts touched and her panties wet with desire. So Claudia and Michelle were watching the beginning of the movie as Michael gasped thinking the rest, the orgasmic pleasure it would be to have Claudia’s little sister enjoying a big cock in her mouth.

Claudia was perpetrating this date for too long. So it was her idea. Claudia had never had sex this way. Sex was so strangely boring those days, with no new toys or something to test against like vibrators and dildos and such. She wanted to be screwed like the bitches in the movies. Only this purpose was futile. She was not like the girls in the movies. She was hot, but naïve, and pretty but also a little tomboy. Her sister was much more candid and adequate, but she always felt so puritan, so pure, she almost tasted it. The feeling that gets someone so unattached to sex; so shy and so timid. She always thought her sister never got deflowered due to the fact she avoided blood at much as she could.

Then her sister crossed her legs, like doing the scissors. She could smell her little pussy. She knew that filthy rich smell. Little sister, she thought, if you were lesbian and not my family I would suck your pussy inside out.

Then Michael saw this pretty girl touch herself, and he helped her.

“Michael, please…”

“I want to shag you like I shagged your sister the other day. I want to make you cry like a horny kitten.”

“Kittens do not cry, they just…”

Michael’s dirty finger posed over the beautiful nipple and ticked it. Then he put the hand on the breast, the left, then the right, making movements hard to follow and easy to remember.

Then Claudia exposed her bra and licked his mouth.

“I wish you could tell me this dirty words that get me horny every night alone when you are fucking with my friends in your dreams”

Michael was petrified, but she was smiling, and smelled his dick by means of devouring it later.

“Please take your time. I want to watch your cock grow until the semen explodes in my mouth.”

She started to caress the not so hard member of his boy, and licking the pants until it became harder than usual, but not particularly obscene yet.

Then the penis grew harder and harder, and Claudia, with her long hair invading her breasts and her hands invading her big purple nipples, started to smell the stinking aroma of her perverted actions.

The movie showed a woman sucking another woman’s clitoris. “Her sister will not like it, she is young and puritan”, he thought.

But the big bad bitch was already in the move. With her pussy wet and her panties aside, she stroked her cunt with delirious thoughts of horniness. “I wish you could fuck me, but I am fucking myself”.

Claudia used her tongue on that perverted sexy lady, meandering on her clitoris like one that needs to be shaved, smelled, tasty fruit of heaven, forbidden sex of the paradise.

Then the movie started to devour the minds of the schoolgirls. They both -startled- watched a man being licked, with his cock erect, until he came on the face of their sex addicts.

“Mamma, mamma”, said her sister, as she touched her own breasts salivating and dripping saliva from her mouth, her filthy rosy lips horny and delicate.

“I want to cum inside you like a whore would fuck me. I want to take you into my place, screw your virginity as I lay you in my bed and perpetrate my most wicked acts on your body!”

She squirted. She squirted and urinated all over the place. Claudia saw her sister cry and hide herself, but exposing her nice rounded gluteus over the seat of the cinema.

“Please, abuse my anus, abuse my ass.”

“Do you want me to come inside your ass making you tantalize your mind with my desire?”

“Yes, my master, I beg you please, abuse me.”

Then the movie started to show credits to the ending. But the real act was beginning to perform itself. Claudia exposed her full body and did masturbate until her cunt became aroused and nasty and wet. Her sister cried as he fucked her, as he entered the hidden dark cave and touch her breasts from behind, as he could expect, she began the crying and the begging for more.

“I want you, I want you!!”

Claudia sucked her own fingers, making some noises, orgasmic voices, and having her clitoris whacked with delight. She squirted something so gelatinous she came again.

She finished too. Claudia’s sister was so horny she almost came twice too. When he was about to finish, he took her jaws with his mighty hands and made her taste the sweet product of his cock, his hard member making a sound in her mouth as he came faster and stronger with every impulse of her tongue and his member together.

Claudia was in ecstasy. But she could not move so fast, she trembled in the seat, asking for more, but she could not stop the tears from coming down in descending steps to her bosom as she stood silent in the seat and crying.

But received a kiss from her boy.

“Next time, I will come inside you.”

Claudia watched her sister faint with semen dripping from her mouth.

And then watched her own vagina as he started to fondle her with caresses and romantic words of love. Faster and faster the finger went, up and down, up and down, arousing the nipples, losing control, and making her dripping lots of her cum.

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