Rough Hands

Mmmmm, yes I’ve got a thing for a working mans hands. All rough and callused, sliding over my soft skin. Especially on my neck.

Starting at the back of my neck, sliding around to the front. His hand gripping my throat, softly applying just a little pressure. His work roughened hands scraping my skin. His thumb on my jugular , the rough callouses biting into the sensitive flesh. 

 His other hand sliding down my chest, fingers spread. I feel each callous as it grazes my skin, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Shivers of pleasure course down my spine. 

 His hand on my throat still, he tip my head back and kiss along my jaw till he reach my lips. Breathless an helpless, I wait to taste him. 

 He hand slides inside my shirt, fingers fallowing the line of my cleavage. He slip into my bra. I can feel the callouses ribbing on my nipple as he cups the fullness of it. 

I moan softly in my throat an he can feel the vibrations against his palm. He watch my eyes as his hand continues to cup my breast, his thumb rubbing across my nipple teasing it. He slid over to the other breast giving it the same attention. 

 I moan again my flesh tingling everywhere his rough hands touch. My eyes close with pleasure, my lips part on a sigh. The tip of my tongue licking my lips. His grip on my throat tightens just a tiny bit more. 

 Now he kiss me, soft an gentle at first then growing more hungrily. 

 He squeeze my tit, his other hand tightens a little more. Causing pain an pleasure to erupt in the put of my belly. His pull back slightly, biting my lip tugging on it as he does.

  My lashes flutter as I slowly open my passion glazed eyes, looking up at him. I whimper quietly, hardly a sound as he let’s go of my neck. 

 His hands move down along my waist an over my belly, catching the bottom of my shirt. Pulling it slowly over my head. All the while he’s still watching my eyes, enjoying the sparks leaping in them caused by him. 

 He reach around me an unhook my bra, both of his hands move up to my shoulders catching the straps. Then sliding down my arms freeing my breast so he can continue to explore them. 

 I close my eyes, feeling his hands scrape against my sensitive flesh. 

“look at me” he demand.

 I open my eyes and look up at him. I can see a desire that matches my own in his eyes, causing my breath to catch. 

 His  hands caressing my breast, gliding over my nipples. They harden, pressing against his palm. You take one between his thumb an forefinger, pinching an twisting gently. His other hand lifting my other breast as he bend down to it. 

 I can feel his hot breath on my skin just before his tongue begins a slow exploration of it. Tasting me. 

 Teasing me with the slowness of it all, he make his way to my nipple taking it into his mouth. My back arches pressing toward him. My breast heaving with each breath. 

 He circle my waist with one arm dragging me tight against his body. I can feel his hard cock pressing into my soft belly. I hear him groan slightly as I press my own body tighter to his. 

 Letting go of me he pulls his own shirt off an pull me back into his embrace. He kiss me again, hard. My breast pressed tight against he chest, each breath pressing them harder. My own soft hands on his chest begin to slide down the length of his torso , exploring his chest. 

 I break off our kiss, an lean toward him, my soft pink tongue flicking across his nipples, my lips kissing leaving a trail from one nipple to the other. I let my hands continue down his belly. Soft and warm, I slip them into the waist of his jeans. My finger tips grazing the tip of his cock. I reach further down wrapping my hand around his hot hard shaft. With agonizing slowness I softly stroke it. 

His hands on my hips tighten, fingers digging into soft flesh. His breath ragged and heavy. 

 I let go of his throbbing cock, pulling away from him a few steps. He start to fallow but I put up my hand to stop him. Slowly I undo my own pants an wiggle out of them. He takes his off too. Kicking them behind me I step back into his arms. He pulls me tight against his body again. His cock bared an pressed against my naked belly. My tits pressed hard against. 

One of his hands is at my lower back pulling me tighter against him. The other is on my neck, he slides it around, callouses scratching the soft flesh. He runs his fingers up through my hair grabbing a handful my head back so he can see my face as his hand travels down from my back over my ass. Cupping it for a minute he grinds his cock against me. 

 I can feel it pulsing as he presses it deep into the giving flesh, causing his cock to drip a little bit. It feels like liquid fire on my skin. 

 His hand travels further still until he starts to feel the moist center of my body. His fingers tickle the edge of my pussy. A moan escapes past my parted lips, my eyes begin to close. 

 He gently yanks on my hair “ no, keep them open I want to watch you cum.“ 

 His hand slides around between us, an his fingers slip between my hot wet pussy lips. He finds my clit an begins to tease it. I feel his rough fingers playing over it. Mmmm he watches as the flames leap higher in my eyes as he slips his finger up inside of me. My breath explodes out of my chest, a low soft moan riding it.  My lashes flutter with pleasure of it. His thumb plays on my clit as his fingers slide over my g-spot. Watching me, he brings me to orgasm. Watching my eyes widen as I cum on his hand. Ecstasy flares like wild fire thru them. He puts his hand up to my mouth, “taste it”. Watching as I take his fingers into my mouth licking my own juices off them. 

 I let my knees bend till I’m before him on the floor. I take his cock into my hands stroking him, an playing with his balls, he watches me as I lick his cock all over. Sucking his balls into my mouth. I open my mouth and swallow his cock. Deep in my throat, my tongue moving ever so slightly under it. His hand still in my hair he holds me there, I look up to see him watching still. His cock so hard I’m my mouth. His eyes glazed over with passion, he presses a little deeper. Slowly, so slowly I drag my mouth off his cock. Then I take him back into my mouth, sucking his cock hard an fast. Every second it’s getting sloppier an sloppier. 

 He takes my head in both of his hands now and fucks my mouth hard an deep. Making me gag. Spit running everywhere. 

He comes so close to cumming so he pulls out and lifts me up, and sits me up on the table putting my feet up. My legs spread wide, my pussy exposed to his attention. He notices the inside of my thighs are wet with my juices. He licks it up. Making his way to my pussy. He spreads my lips open an admires the for a second before burying his face into it. He licks my pussy all over, sucking my clit into his mouth his tongue swirling around it. Sucking it gently, he pulls my lips between his teeth. His tongue sliding all over me. He slips his fingers back into me finding my g-spot again. He goes back to sucking on my clit. Playing with my pussy like this until he feels my pussy start to contract around his fingers. Just befor I cum he stops an gets up he slips his cock between my lips teasing me with it. Rubbing it on me until he hears me whisper “please” 

 ” look at me” he demands again. An just as I open my eyes he slams his cock deep and hard into me. My eyes open wide, my breath catches in my throat, my pussy getting even wetter. His rough hands gripping my waist. I cum instantly on his cock. He holds deep inside me as my orgasm squeezes around his hard throbbing cock.

I scream! “Oh fuck, give it to me. Fuck me hard!“ 

 Now he really starts to fuck me faster and harder making my pussy squirt all over his cock an stomic. Screaming, I beg him not to stop. 

” fuck me!” I’m screaming over an over. 

He pulls out of me an pushes me back down onto my knees, he wants to cum in my mouth. Watching me swallow it. 

 I take his cock into my mouth an suck it like it’s the last cock I’ll ever have. Bringing him to his own orgasm, I feel his cock throbbing and expanding, growing even harder. Pushing deeper he explodes in my mouth, his seed so hot shooting down my throat. I swallow , taking every last drop into me. His orgasm is so intense his body curls around itself, around me as the last waves rock his body….. 

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