Ride To A New Life

It was great news when Tina got the offer to move to Texas for a job that paid almost double what she made. She just had to be there by the following Monday which gave her five days to get there. Buying a bus ticket due to her fear of flying and making reservations at a motel near the her new job, Tina felt she was ready for her new life. Even though she was going to be on a bus for two days she was excited and ready for the new future ahead.

The first few hours on the bus went smoothly and she was enjoying seeing the countryside. After a quick bite and a bus change she sat in the back and went to sleep. Waking up in the middle of a very erotic dream she realized someone had their hand in her panties and she was close to an orgasm. Looking over in panic she saw a beautiful woman sitting next to her and there was a blanket covering them both. The woman leaned into her ear and whispered “I’ll stop if you want me too” then pinched her clit causing Tina to bite down on her lower lip to keep from moaning. After she stopped shaking she watch as the woman put her wet fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. “You taste wonderful. I’m Lisa by the way” is all she said before kissing her deeply. Tasting her own juices and this strange woman just made her want more. “I’m Tina and you are beautiful” is all she could say when they broke their kiss. Tina was surprised when Lisa slid down onto the floor and pulled her panties off before sliding her to the edge of her seat. Biting her lip to control her moans she grabbed the back of Lisa’s head as she buried her tongue into her pussy. It had been nearly a year since she had had sex and her body was loving the lustful attention. Lisa started sucking Tina’s clit while reaching up under her shirt and pushing her bra up over her tits and started squeezing her tits hard till she came again soaking Lisa’s face. Pushing two fingers into Tina’s dripping pussy while twisting her hard nipples with the other, Lisa continued making her cum over and over. Each cum was more intense than the last until she finally stopped and climbed back into her seat. Lisa brought Tina’s panties to her face and after wiping the juices from her mouth and chin she inhaled the fragrance and smiled at Tina and told her “get some rest baby because at the next stop you will need it.”

Several hours later the bus stopped and they were told that they would be leaving again in 45 minutes. Grabbing her purse and Tina’s hand she said “come on baby this stop has showers.” Paying for 30 minutes worth of showertime they went to a locked shower stall and put in a code and entered. Both of them undressed quickly and Tina just couldn’t believe how beautiful Lisa was. Perfect firm C-cup breasts, flat stomach, curved hips and a firm round ass. Tina followed every move Lisa made and when she pulled a long two-headed dildo out of her purse Tina gasped. Looking into her eyes Lisa softly said “I’m going to fuck you till you can’t move.” Putting some lube on one end she shoved about 6 inches into her own pussy then curving it up she told Tina to bend over. Rubbing the head up and down lubing it with Tina’s own free flowing juices she slowly started pushing it in. Moans of pleasure escaped both their mouths as the dildo was being forced in and out of both of them. Lisa kept changing the speed and depth making both of their pussies quiver. After about 15 minutes Lisa pulled the dildo out of Tina’s pussy and told her to suck it clean. Getting on her knees she started licking her own juices off before sucking it into her mouth. She kept eye contact with Lisa as she cleaned the rubber dick of all her juices. Grabbing the dildo, Tina started shoving it in and out of Lisa and sucking on her throbbing clit bringing her to a very noisy orgasm. Getting dressed in a hurry they hurried back to the bus hand in hand before it continued down the road.

They talked for several hours getting to know each other. It turned out Lisa was fresh out of college and was moving to a town only an hour from where Tina was going. Tina admitted she had a female lover when she was in college but it had been a few years now and it was great enjoying a woman again. Lisa was always the submissive type growing up and discovering and excepting she was a lesbian gave her the freedom and strength to being held down. By the time they got to Tina’s stop they decided to get off together and enjoy the hotel together for a few days. After checking into the hotel they went to the room and both wanted the same thing. A hot shower and real sleep in a bed. After both were showered they curled up in bed together and passed out.

Several hours later they got up and agreed on a little relaxing at the pool before getting something to eat. Both put on a couple of bikinis and headed to the pool wrapped in towels. When they got there it was late and only a mother with a couple of kids and a teenage girl were at the pool. Putting their towels down and jumping in the pool they both enjoyed the feel of the cool water on their bodies. Swimming a couple of laps, they loosened up from the long bus ride. By the time they finished laps the mother and kids were gone and all that was left was the teen. Standing in shoulder deep water Lisa decided to put on a show for the girl and stood behind Tina and pushing her tits into her back she reached around with one hand and started squeezing one of Tina’s tits and put the other in her bikini bottom and started stroking her clit. As much as she knew they shouldn’t she just leaned her head back and stared at the girl standing in the pool only a few feet away. The excitement of watching this strange girl staring at them as Lisa fingered her pussy under water was too much and she was soon moaning softly as she came. After she settled down they both noticed the girl had her eyes closed and she was rubbing her own pussy. Slowly they waded up to her and Lisa whispered to the girl “would you like some help with that” and covered the girls hand with her own. All the girl could say was “I never” as Lisa kissed the young lips passionately. As Lisa was enjoying the taste of the teens mouth and rubbing her tender clit Tina untied the girl’s top and holding her breath stuck her head under water and started sucking her nipples. Moaning into Lisa’s mouth the girl came from the wonderful things happening to her body. Tina came back up from under the water and both women took turns kissing the girl as they ran their hands over her well stimulated body. Lifting the teen out of the water and sitting her on the edge of the pool they spread her legs wide and pulled her bikini to the side as both of them started licking her pussy. Soon the taste of the pool was gone and all that remained was the sweet flavor of the honey flowing from her pussy. Rolling the girls legs back Tina started licking the girls asshole while Lisa sucked on her clit. The teen was twisting her nipples and moaning as the new sensations overwhelmed her body and she started cumming uncontrollably. Soon she just laid there breathing hard as her body twitched. Lisa grabbed Tina’s face and they kissed enjoying the taste of the girl on each others mouths. Smiling at each other they just got out of the pool and left the girl there completely spent.

As they walked hand in hand giggling over the fun of seducing such a sweet young delight the elevator door opens and out steps the mother from earlier. “I watched what you two did to my little sister from my room and unless your willing to do the same for me I will call the police.” Tina and Lisa looked at each other and when Lisa smiled with that devious smile that Tina was growing to learn well Lisa said “it will be our pleasure to give you what your sister got and more.” When they were all in the elevator Lisa pinned the young mother against the wall started kissing her passionately while Tina stripped the woman of her dress and panties exposing a thick body with amazing DD-cup tits with hard thumb sized nipples and a neatly trimmed cunt. While Lisa continued kissing the mother and now twisting her hard nipples Tina lifted one of the woman’s legs up onto the elevator bar she started sucking on the reddest and largest clit she had ever seen. By the time they had made it to the 20th floor the young mother was cumming on Tina’s face and moaning into Lisa’s mouth. When the bell chimed for their floor Lisa picked up the clothes on the floor and letting the mother wrap herself in her own towel they walked down the hall while Tina enjoyed smacking and playing with the mother’s round ass. Once the the door was open Lisa tossed the clothes on the floor “ok slut you think you can control us with what your curious little sister gave up you are badly mistaken. When we’re done with you the only thing you will be doing is begging for more pleasure and the nastier the better.” Lisa laid the woman on the bed and tied her wrists and ankles so that she was spread wide and inviting before wispering in Tina’s ear “go get that little minx from the pool while I enjoy bringing mommy to pleasure she has never known” then kissed her and turned back around to enjoy the sight before her.

Lisa smiled down at her new toy “well my sweet little slut I think it’s time to make this body shake for me. What do you think?” Please don’t hurt me. I have a husband and two small children” is all the woman could muster before Lisa started slapping her large tits and twisting her nipples. With each smack on her sensitive nipples the young mother moaned in pleasure and whimpered with lust each time her nipples were roughly twisted and pulled. Lisa could smell the excited cunt as the woman was dripping onto the bed showing just how much she was enjoying the abuse to her tits. “I think that husband of yours has been neglecting this body and you just couldn’t handle knowing your little sister was getting what you so badly needed” was all Lisa had to say before plunging 3 fingers deep into the lust ridden woman’s cunt. It only took a couple of slow deep strokes before the room was filled with orgasmic screams. Without let up Lisa fucked her new toy with force until she had 4 fingers slamming into the young mother till they were both surprised to discover that she was a squirter. Liquid shot out around Lisa’s hand over the mother’s belly and legs until the bed was soaked beyond belief. This was only the second time Lisa had been with a squirter and the thrill was too much to slow down. Shoving her now extremely soaked fist into the mother she fucked her hard and almost cruelly as squirt after squirt pushed past her wrist bringing inhuman screams of ecstasy from the whithering woman until she finally passed out from the intensity of it all. Knowing Tina would be back soon Lisa blindfolded the woman and cleaned her up some to be ready for the next round of fun.

Tina got back to the pool to find the teen sitting in the spa relaxing and looking like a sweet tasty treat. She figured Lisa was having fun with the girl’s sister so that gave her time to have a little fun her self. Checking to see that they were alone Tina removed her bikini bottoms from beneath her towel and quietly walked up to the sweet candy soaking her needy body. “Hello again sexy. I thought I would come back and let you return the favor from earlier” and before she could answer Tina straddled the girls face and smothered her lips with her wet cunt. It took no time for the teen to start licking Tina’s warm cunt lips and hard clit with clumsy desire. Tina was enjoying the mix of pleasure and the knowledge that she must be the first cunt that the girl had ever tasted on her young lips. After a short amount of time Tina grabbed the back of the girl’s head and held her tight to her cunt as she came hard into the teen’s eager mouth. When she was done Tina removed her towel completely and climbed into the spa to enjoy the taste of her own cunt on the girl’s tender lips. “My friend and I would like you to join use for more fun in our room if you think you can handle more” Tina said as she stared deeply into the girl’s glazed eyes. The girl answered by grabbing Tina’s nude cunt and stroking her clit while kissing her again like a hungry animal.

On the way up the elevator Tina discovered the girl was 18 and her name was Misty. When they got to the room Tina was ready for anything when she opened the door and led Misty inside. There in the middle of the bed was the young mother still tied and soaking wet with sweat and what looked to be the most cum Tina has ever seen. A corner of the sheet hid the woman’s face which let Tina know that the games were going to get very interesting now and she could feel her pussy twitching with excitement. Hearing a sound both women turned around to see a nude Lisa exiting the restroom with a very wicked smile when she saw Misty. “I’m so happy to see you again young lady and I know you are going to enjoy what I have planned for you” almost oozed from Lisa’s swollen lips as she grabbed Misty and kissed her while removing her bikini top and the towel around her waist. “Now young lady let’s see how good your cunt licking skills are as we see how many times you can get my little friend on the bed off” is all Lisa said as she led Misty to the bed and both Tina and Lisa watched in lustful delight as the teen Went to work on her sister’s wet pussy like it was a dripping ice cream cone. Soon the older sister was moaning as another orgasm overtook her body while Misty licked and sucked on her clit and pussy with know idea it was her own sister she was pleasuring. “Oh God please don’t stop! I havn’t came this many times in my entire marriage and what your doing to my body is beyond belief” were words that brought the knowledge to Misty’s ears that she was enjoying her own sister’s cunt and the realization that she wanted this more than she had ever thought possible. Misty became obsessed with bringing her sister to orgasm after orgasm as she fingered both her sister’s cunt and asshole while sucking and licking her clit as the room filled with sounds of passionate lust. Lisa helped Misty move into a 69 position so that she could enjoy the pleasure of her sister’s mouth on her teen cunt while she fucked her older sister’s asshole with a dildo that Tina handed her. The show the two sister’s were putting on was too much for them not to do it and Lisa grabbed a cam out of her bag and filmed the women as Tina removed the blindfold from the mother’s eyes. Still not realizing she was licking her little sister’s young cunt the woman never let up from pleasuring her as everything was filmed to it’s taboo entirety. “Mary I have wanted this longer than you can imagine. Please make me cum in your mouth again while I fuck your asshole like the nasty little lesbian slut that I am for you” brought first a gasp of surprise then moans of nasty lust as both woman came with pure ecstasy.

Lisa was in awe as the sisters fucked and sucked each othe with complete abandon as she video’d every juicy moment. Tina couldn’t believe how turned on she was watching the taboo act and sat on the bed beside them putting on a strap-on. As soon as she was ready she stood up behind Misty and over Mary’s head and shoved the rubber dong deep into Misty’s young cunt and fucked her hard as mary tried to keep up her licking of her little sister’s hard clit. In only seconds Misty was screaming as she came hard on the fake dong and dripping all over Mary’s waiting tongue. “I think you can enjoy the freedom of no restraints as I break in your little sister’s tight asshole and Lisa fuck’s yours” Tina stated as she released the restraints and both women say Lisa putting on a second strap-on. Bending both women over side by side Lisa easily shoved her dildo in Mary’s already open asshole while Tina slowly worked her heavily lubed dong into Misty’s virgin asshole and slowly both women fucked the sisters’ assholes until they were both screaming “fuck our nasty assholes. Make us the nasty lesbian ass sluts we truly are” until they both collapsed onto the bed convulsing. “Now get you nasty asses out of our room you cunt licking sluts so we can sleep” Lisa demanded as she tossed the women’s clothes and swimsuit at them. As the sister’s were leaving “just so you don’t get any ideas this video will be easily uploaded to the net if either of you ever feel stupid enough to say anything to anyone” Lisa warned and shut the door behind them. “I don’t know about you but I need a shower and sleep” Tina said as she walked into the restroom and turned on the shower. A few minutes later both women were showered and sound asleep curled up in each others’ arms.

A couple days later Tina had to say goodbye to Lisa for a few days so she could go and get her stuff and let her family know she was moving in with Tina into a house they found only minutes from Tina’s new job. Tina knew she would miss Lisa but work would help occupy her time until Lisa got back. The office she was given was large and the view was amazing over-looking downtown but the best part was the assistant that was hired just for her. Her name was Maria and she was about 22 with long black hair, perfect c-cup tits, a round tight ass and perfect brown complextion. Maria still had a strong accent but Tina could easily understand every word she spoke. Tina knew that she had to have her and that Lisa would want her just as badly. As Lisa settled in to her new position with Maria’s help she took every oppertunity to learn as much as she could about her. Maria had been born in Rio to a poor mother and an American sailor who never ever knew she existed until she was 16. When she was 18 he finally travelled to Rio to meet her and after a couple of weeks agreed to get the needed documents to let her come to America to live and go to school. Everything was wonderful until her father discovered that Maria had a defect and although he still paid to send her to school Maria never saw her father again. Tina tried to find out what defect Maria could possiblly have because as far as she could see the young woman was perfect but Maria refused to tell her. After asking several times over the next 2 days Maria agreed to come and enjoy a home cooked meal that weekend after Lisa had returned.

Saturday finally came and Tina was excited about Maria coming over that evening which made Lisa laugh to watch her acting like some giddy little school girl. Lisa had been home since Thursday and all of her stuff had been unpacked. The extra time Lisa had was spent decorating their new house and spending quiet evenings on the back porch enjoying the Texas nights. Because of Tina’s income Lisa didn’t need to rush to get a job so she enjoyed making a beautiful house into a wonderful home for the two of them to life and entertain as often as they could. With the discription that Tina had given her of Maria, Lisa was a little excited too about the prospects of seducing a Brazilian beauty. The time flew by as Lisa continued decorating and cleaning while Tina prepared an amazing home-cooked meal. Finally the doorbell rang and Tina opened the door to her young assistant and gave her a smile and a hug before introducing her to Lisa. They all sat in the living room enjoying some small talk when Maria asked “so you two are roommates or lovers?” Tina actually blushed a little and said “we are so much more than both of those things. We are soulmates with the same desire to enjoy all that this world can give with each day we have together.” Maria looked somewhat confused when Lisa asked “have you never met lesbians before Maria?” “It’s not that. I had know idea that lesbians could be beautiful unmanly women. You two are so beautiful and I had been told by my father that only the ugliest of women of defective freaks like myself could ever be lesbians.” Both Lisa and Tina were near speachless with the last part of what Maria had said. It was true that some still believed in the steriotypical butch only lesbians existed but the defective freak part was something that both needed an answer for. “This is the second time since we’ve met that you have referred to yourself as defective but I must say you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met other than Lisa of course” Tina said with a little concern in her voice. “I was born as a freak as some have said but my mother always told me I was born with an added blessing that few could ever understand. I have both a vagina and a full sized penis with one testicle and one ovary. The doctors told my mother when I became a teenager they would decide then whether I would be a man or a woman and do several surgeries to correct my defect. My mother never took me back to the doctors after that and has always told me I’m special and until my father called me a freak I never believed otherwise. I tried to date but the only time I let a boy touch me he also called me a freak and I haven’t dated since” Maria finished in near tears. “You mother was correct Maria. You are a rare and special girl who so few could ever understand but we do understand just how special you truly are and I think after dinner we will show you other special people just like you who have found and enjoyed love with other’s who know just how beautiful your special gift is” Lisa softly said as she held Maria’s hand. Shaking her head in relief the 3 women went to the dining room to enjoy dinner and to talk more.

After dinner Lisa went and got her laptop while Maria and Tina sat in the living room drinking wine. “I know you have probably heard the term before but what you are is a hermaphrodite and although it’s rare to find and adult born and raised in the U.S. who hasn’t already had the operations you talked about earlier in other parts of the world there is a larger number who have been allowed to be untouched and live a wonderful life free to be anyone they choose” Lisa stated as she came in the room and sat in between both women with her laptop. After pulling up several different pictures showing different degrees and varieties of hermaphrotites Lisa decided to push Maria a little to see if the wine and the video she pulled up would allow both her and Tina to see and enjoy what they both were curious about. The movie depicted a young woman being scared of undressing in front of another woman when she was assured that there was nothing to be ashamed of. When the young woman admitted she was different it only emboldened the other woman to insist on showing her and after she saw both a thick cock and a pussy she couldn’t help but suck the woman’s dick as she fingered her cunt until the young woman came from both her cock and her cunt. Maria was mesmerised by what was of the screen and taking her chance she whispered in her ear “may we see just how special you are Maria? We both want to see your amazing beauty and how you have been gifted.” Between the wine and the video Maria was both relaxed and feeling extremely horny sitting between 2 beautiful woman wanting to see her nude body. She stood and slowly removeded her top and bra exposing 2 perfect firm tits with milk chocolate nipples turned slightly upward on each. Next she slowly removed her loose fitting silk skirt to reveal lace boy cut panties with a rather large dick straining inside. Both Tina and Lisa were fighting back the urge to rip the panties off to see the gifts that lay beneath. Finally Maria slowly removed the panties and stood there as both women marvelled at the amazing beauty of the young woman and the unreal size of her 9” cock standing hard and high above a pair of glistening cunt lips.

Lisa stood and softly said “your the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life” and kissed Maria passionately. Maria welcomed Lisa’s tongue with eager delight. She had never beed kissed like this in her life and her entire body seemed to be completely in tune with Lisa’s tongue and lips. As Maria was enjoying her first passionate kiss with a woman, Tina started giving her a completely new experience by licking the length of her hard shaft while running her fingers across her soft moist cunt lips. The feeling of a warm tongue running up and down her hard shaft and flicking at the mushroom head was causing the juices in her virgin cunt to flow like never before. Maria was lost in a world she only dreamed of as Lisa broke the kiss and started sucking on her hard brown nipples and softly squeezed her breasts. Lisa’s soft hards worked her soft flesh as the very skilled lips and tongue made her nipples ache with a new and amazing pleasure. Tina took as much of Maria’s cock down her throat as she slowly finger fucked her tight virgin pussy grazing her hymen while humming on the engorged cock in her mouth and throat. The addition of the vibrations of Tina’s humming was almost more than Maria could handle. The moans of lust signalled how close Maria was to cumming so Tina sucked her thick cock in and out of her mouth with more speed and suction while Lisa started biting her nipples and spanking her round ass. Maria started screaming as her orgasm took over her body causing near spasms of uncontrolled passion. Tina was surprised as her hand was covered in cunt juice and her mouth filled with cum. Maria had to sit down before she fell down after the mose intense orgasm of her life. Both Tina and Lisa sat beside her while she just smiled at them both. “I’ve never asked this of anyone before but may I take that sweet cherry of yours and be your first fuck” Tina ask while still cleaning off some cum that escaped her lips? “I never thought a woman would be my first but you have both made me feel like I could only imagine and I would love for you both to be my first” Maria said as she gave them both a look of need.

Lisa got up and went to the bedroom while Tina and Maria kissed on the couch. When she returned Lisa was wearing a strap-on with a cock just as big and thick as Maria’s. The joy and fear in her face was almost to Lisa as she realized that most girls would have been much younger their first time. “Don’t worry Maria. I will be very gentle with you and when I’m done you will have the pleasure of using that amazing cock of yours on both me and Tina” Lisa said assuringly. Laying a towel down on the couch then helping Maria to lay back with her head in her lap Tina said “when you’re ready Lisa is going to pleasure you in a way that will amaze you and you will understand what every woman enjoy’s. The thing that set’s you above every woman is you get to also enjoy what every man does when with a woman when you use that beautiful cock of yours on our willing and wanton cunts.” Lisa climbed onto the couch and helping Maria put one leg over the back of the couch she started rubbing the head of the plastic cock up and down her cunt lips till it glistened with her juices. Slowly Lisa pushed the head into Maria letting her relax and enjoy the feel of her cunt opening to thick cock. Working in and out with slow thrusts to ready her cunt for the complete insertion was helping Maria to completely relax when a sharp pain then a full feeling like no other overtook her body. Lisa stopped and let Maria relax as she settled down from she pain then looking her in the eyes and smiling she slowly started pumping the dong in and out of her cunt till Maria was moaning with pure pleasure. Tina then started rubbing both of Maria’s tits while she watched her dick start growing again until it was full length and bouncing on her lower abdomen as Lisa fucked her cunt with full force. Lisa couldn’t help reaching down and stroking Maria’s cock as she continued fucking her pussy which had Maria making the most passionate sounds. Tina couldn’t take it anymore and helped Maria lay her head on the couch as she then straddled her and took the full length of Maria’s cock into her hungry cunt. Lisa started sucking Tina’s nipples as she was bouncing up and down on the thick cock between her legs until Maria screamed “I’m cumming!” The feeling of hot cum shooting into her cunt had Tina cumming as well and she had to hold onto Lisa to keep from falling.

Lisa removed the strap-on and sucked Maria’s cock clean of both dick and cunt juice till she was rewarded with the feeling of warm flesh growing in her mouth. Since deciding to give up men years earlier this was the first cock Lisa had put in her mouth and knowing it was Maria’s caused her to hunger for the taste and feel of it. She sucked on the head as her hands stroked up and down the shaft till all she could her from Maria was a faint “please.” Turning around and leaning over the leather armrest of the couch, Lisa looked back as Maria “ok beautiful, it’s time you take control of that cock and fuck my like you want it.” Maria needed no more invitation then that as she got behind Lisa and gasped at the feeling of Lisa’s hot cunt stretching around her cock while it slowly entered her. Lust took over as she grabbed Lisa by her hips and started slamming her cock in and out of the most amazing cunt she could imagine. Tina was wonderful when she rode her cock but Lisa was so tight and wet that it was a dream for her cock. The slapping noise of ramming into Lisa’s ass was only out done by the screams of passion from Lisa as she felt her first real cock since she was 18. Suddenly Maria felt something new and unusual as Tina started pushing a plug into her ass which only made her fuck Lisa harder until both women were exploding cum from their bodies. As Maria was cumming into Lisa’s well fucked cunt her own cunt oozed juiced down both of her thighs till it pooled onto the leather cushion. Tina wasted no time licking the cushion and Maria’s thighs until she had her laid back on the couch cleaning her cunt and dick of all signs of cum.

After cleaning the couch and removing the towel with traces of blood from Maria’s well torn hymen they all sat and had some more wine and discussed what had just happened along with how much they all loved it. After a few hours it was suggested that Maria stay for the weekend so that they could further explore her new found sexuality and hopefully get some rest. Around 2 a.m. Maria woke up moaning as Lisa and Tina were taking turns sucking her cock and licking her cunt till she grabbed them both behind the head and came with such intense joy that she never thought possible.

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