Pocket Rocket

Was It A Deam?

My cell phone beeped it was Kara my wife “B late wrkin late” it read.

Kara and I have been married for four years now ,she was a bit of catch shes 24, large firm breasts, flat stomach, tight little ass,dark brown long hair,lovly tan,fully waxed body,beautiful brown eyes and a personality that attracts everyone. She only stands at 5’ tall and in her teen years was a bit of a naughty girl with the boys, and a right goer earning her the nickname “Pocket Rocket” but since we got married he’s stayed on the straight and narrow.

Kara does work late at the office she is employed at off and on so no biggy I thought, as I lay down on the couch and dozed off to sleep,and slipped into a lucid dream.

I was like a fly on the wall in Karas office, there she was sitting at her desk working away on her own wearing that smart yet sexy short blue dress she put on this morning, this dream Kara looked just like mine except she had slightly shorter hair that was dyed jet black.

As she worked on the night cleaner came in, he looked to be in his mid 30’s, number one hair cut ,goaty beard,you could tell he worked out a lot,his muscular arms were covered in tattoos. He politly greeted my wife did a quick vacum round her office and took her bin away for disposal,Kara worked on seemingly ignoring him.

He returned a short time later, no bin in hand and no cloths on either, with Kara’s back to him she never noticed him enter.

Standing there naked I noticed he was a lot taller than me about 6’3” his entire muscular body was shaved apart from a triangle of pubic above where a very large yet still flaccid cock swung lazily. The tattoos didn’t stop at his arms either he had numorous ones up his legs and a large dragon on his chest (Kara has a thing for tattooed men).He walked right up behind her while she sat in her seat and reached around and cupped her breasts. She drew in a sharp breath and spun around. “What the fuck” she exclaimed. Undeterred the man said “You’re the one they used to call Pocket Rocket” Kara blushed “ My little brother told me all about you,at first I wasn’t sure but you are,arnt you?” Kara replied “That was a long time ago I’m not like that any more” By now Kara was on her feet but still cornered at her desk as the man wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close, his once flaccid dick was now standing straight up like an angry serpent it was way bigger and thicker than mine which made me rather angry, but I couldn’t seem to wake up.

He held her tight and started to rub his stiff cock up and down her flat belly “Please stop” she said as her breathing started to get heavy as her chest started to heave up and down “I’m married these days” The man just grinned “Luck guy” as his free hand grabbed her by the back of her head and they locked lips.

At first she tried to pull away then her arms went momentary limp then wrapped around his broad shoulders, as they pulled away slightly from each other I notice her look had changed. Sometime she gets this look in her eyes which I like to call the in heat look, when she gets that you know your going to get the fuck of your life, and she had that look now. ‘Help me out of this dress” She said as she reached around looking for the zipper,he obliged and pulled it down , the dress fell to the floor leaving her in just her high heels skimpy black panties and bra “Take a seat” she said pushing him down onto her office chair he sat transfixed on her body as she continued to disrobe.By the time she was totally naked she was breathing real heavy now not like I’ve ever seen her before she pushed his legs apart and knelt down between him startd to chuckle a bit, opened her mouth and and pretty much inhaled his cock in one go “OH MY GOD!!” he yelled as she cupped his balls in her small hands and sucked his dick,I could hear her slurping and gagging, coming up for air every now and then.

After a while she stopped and held his shaft in one hand while she ran her lips and tounge up and down his dick all the while making inaudible moaning sounds.Her free hand was down between her own legs toying with her clit and snatch.

After this went on for about five to eight minnutes the man pulled her up to her feet lifted her onto her desk while still seated stuck his head between her legs and started to run his tounge up and down her waxed slit.

Kara moaned and arched her back and wrapped her legs around his neck as he began to suck on her clit and tounge her sweet little love hole “Don’t you fucking stop” she said in a threatining voice as she bucked and writhed in what looked like and very violent orgasm. As she started to come down and loosen that vice like grip she had on his neck he stood up and and commanded “Get on your hands and knees Rocket” Without hesitation she was there her tight little butt sticking out her back arching in a right sexy postion. The man moved forward cock in hand and lined it up at the gateway to my wifes glistening wet cunt and started rubbing the head up and down her snatch, Kara rocked backward and forward up agaist it each time a little more of it dissapeared inside her. Suddenly the man gripped her ass tightly and within a couple of quick thrusts was balls deep inside of her, Kara moved position slightly to grip the edge of her desk as this stranger banged the living daylights out of her all little Kara could do was hang on and moan looking back over her shoulder every now and then to smile at him.

Suddenly he withdrew she spun around blew his dick for a minute or so then spread her legs as far as she could and he was back inside her again grabbing her thighs as he thust into her like some kind of sex demon taking his maiden sacrice. Kara came yet again, when she caught her breath she said “Let me ride you” He pulled out lay down on the floor as she mounted him reverse cowgirl he grabbed her hips and started to jackhammer her up and down the only noises you could hear was her going “Ow ow ow ow” and she bounced up and down and the heavy slapping sound of thier bodies colliding. Kara grabbed her tits and started to suck them,

I’ve never got her that worked up the she ever did that with me.

I can’t be sure but I think she came again “Are you ever going to cum” she blurted out he never replied. He just hoisted her off stood up pulled her sweat drenched body to her feet pushed her back on the desk greedily grabbed her by the ass cheeks lifted her slightly and fed his pussy drench member back into her “Oh your so fucking big” she rasped out as he held her still and pumped in and out of her like a piston, his face suddenly got redder than it was he gritted his teeth and let out a loud moan. I’m not sure how much of his semen was released into her but when he pulled out several strings shot out of the end of his dick and sprayed all over her tits and stomach.

He stood there looking tired and Kara looked spent “We have showers here” she finally said they both gathered there cloths and headed to the shower.

“Hey wake up sleepyhead” I woke with a start,it was Kara calling out to me from the kitchen “Coffee” she said “Yes please” I replied.“Wow what a whacky dream I thought” “Here you go” she said as she walked into the living room , my shock must have been obvious, “you like it?, I’ve always wanted to have jet black hair” she said “I got it done at the salon this morning, which is why I stayed late”. “Cool” came my reply “Whys it damp?” I asked “Oh it was raining outside.” without a word I got up to go have a cigerette outside I notice the foot path, it was bone dry and not a cloud in the sky.

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