Pleasuring The Professor

She had a huge chip on her shoulders. You got into her good books, you are saved. Otherwise it was well nigh impossible to get out of her course unscathed. There were a lot of us who had flunked her exams, but most were expected as they were people with whom madam could not see eye to eye. The surprise, even though I say it myself, was that I lost out. I studied hard, was always polite to her and had never given her any cause to dislike me. Anyway I needed those marks badly and she was not willing to even listen to me let alone consider my case positively.

She was a hard lady all planes and aggression. Thin, man-chested, short, with thick straight dark hair and flashing eyes. The eyes were always full of fire and she was always restless, twitching and darting her eyes here and there. Generally she was careless with her dressing, but always severely garbed in skirt and suit. If you could go beyond her hardness maybe you could find some nice things about her face and body. Like the high cheekbones, smooth flawless skin, round, small ass and nice calves and thighs, that is what part you could see through the skirt. But I was least bothered about how she looked.

I wanted to have her undivided attention. I wanted to get her to agree. And I had a plan. In fact two plans. The first was to try and appeal to her female side - sweet talk her into listening to me. The second was, well, to appeal to her female emotions - which by now I had grave doubts about. She was usually the last professor -and most probably person - to leave the college premises on Wednesdays and I waited for her to go into the ladies rest room to freshen up. I entered the room after her and found her wearing only a slip having got out of her suit to change into a track suit and t-shirt for the aerobic classes she attended on Wednesdays.

“What the hell are you doing here?” the voice which sounded very masculine in class took on a different feel with the husky timbre at close quarters.

“I came to talk about my paper”

“Sorry, that is a closed chapter” she was emphatic.

“But madam,” I began and she turned sideways away from me to pick up her t-shirt. The top of the slip shifted and I could see inside and that she was not wearing a bra. She had two small boobs, gooseberry like but her aureolas were well defined and the nipples were standing out.

“No buts” I heard her say as if from far. I was wondering whether she was wearing anything underneath at all and surprisingly my member started to harden.

She turned around and her molten eyes were very near and the beautiful pouty lips inviting. My Plan B seemed now very enticing to execute. It was so very easy to just dip my head and lock her lips with mine and crush her slim figure to my six foot figure. She tried to break free and twisted her head around but I had crushed much bigger figures in my life in the football field with ease.

“You won’t do it?” I asked softly nipping at which ever part of her face was visible with my lips “But you want me to do this?”

She didn’t say anything, but suddenly changed tack, twisted around in my embrace with a tremendous effort and crushed my lips against hers. While our tongues did a tango my hand was roaming around her body, pressing her little boobs and pushing up the slip. Her right arm within my crushing hold snaked its way down and began to rub against my member which was straining to get out of the confines of my tight jeans. I turned around and hoisted her roughly onto the wash stand, still with my lips locked on hers. I removed it for a moment only to pull her slip over her head. I moved my hand down her bare back to her ass. My hope was wrong. I encountered a resistance in the form of a very brief. I caught her under her bums and lifted her up and disposed off the piece of cloth in a trice with some help from her. Then I left her mouth and moved my mouth down past the long thin beautiful neck to her round pink areolas and nipples to which I paid due homage. By now she was panting and was pushing my head with her hand for closer contact, if that was possible. When I reached lower I found that she had a clean shaven pussy and a pierced belly button which I wouldn’t have imagined of her for the world. As I licked at her navel she arched back moaning with her eyes closed. She started pinching her own nipples, playing with it. As I reached the space between her legs she spread it wider giving me more access. But the moment I touched her clit she gave a groan and wrapped her thighs around my head to push it deeper and keep it in place. I played with her pussy and clit for a few minutes before she came in a rush. I was fascinated by the load she squirted out with her orgasm which I lapped up.

I removed my head from between her legs and in quick time removed all my clothes. She watched with glazed eyes which came alive once again when I positioned myself against her and took her lips once more in mine. Her pussy surprisingly accommodated my huge dick very easily. In fact it was a perfect fit. As I humped in and out of her she first pulled me to her, then started moving her hand over my back feverishly. Soon both of us were coming together in an orgasm. I licked our combined juices from her pussy and stood up to find that she was pooped out after her efforts. I pulled on just my jeans and without bothering to dress her up lifted her and took her out to deposit in my car which was parked right in front of the rest room.

Even now she is very cool to me in college. She still behaves as though she hates my guts. She keeps failing me in the exams. But at home even though she still never smiles, she is a different person altogether. When she opens her door for me she would usually be wearing a sheer negligee, which hugged her body like molten lava, which she loves me taking off her. And pleasuring her to a favourable result in the exams.

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