Photographic Memories

Remembering It All

A couple of years ago, it became time to get rid of all of Cindy’s sexy pics. I guess I should call them sexually explicit pictures, or fuck pix. Sexy pictures are of a girl in a bikini. Cindy was not wearing a bikini or anything else in most of these photos. If anything was worn, it didn’t cover the view of either her tits, nor her pussy. Those pictures, at times, also involved a cock or two buried in her . I know that Cindy started to enjoy putting cocks in her ass too, but given that was not my thing I didn’t take any pictures of that. I’m sure other people did though especially when there was one cock in her ass and another in her pussy. Cindy’s pictures were definitely sexually explicit. They weren’t porn. Porn is commercial sex where the action isn’t real, real in the emotional sense that is. It’s just paid for, an act. Fucking, and sucking cock was fun to Cindy. She enjoyed just being naked, exposing her very private parts, and I liked to watch, and photos allowed me to watch those certain special moments over and over again and enjoy them.

Gone were those polaroids that served me well on that overseas military assignment.

They were taken with a friend’s new polaroid. He had lent it to me to take some nudie pix of her to take with me, in return, I gave him a few as a thank you. But I dont think he was all that pleased with the more demure and modest ones I gave him, so he got Cindy to pose for “better ones” after I left. She doesn’t quite remember. But there is no doubt he still has them all. I know he fucked her and got blow jobs off of her. Cindy finally remembered that, and she seemed close to remembering fucking his friend too. When discussing this time period, she did ask me if a DP meant both cocks in the pussy or was it still a DP if the cocks were in two separate places. I think she remembers more than she admits too. Given what Dave fucks today, assuming he does at all, those pictures are still in use. I can visualize them tucked away in a secret compartment, in that groddy bathroom of his basement mancave. I would rather masterbate to a faded polaroid nudie pic of Cindy than fuck that beast he is married to now.

His first wife was gorgeous and I got soooo close to fucking her. I had played with her tits and her pussy and even had pictures of her naked, She had played with my cock a bit, including flicking her tongue over the head, and ever so briefly put the head in her mouth. But just as I was about to close the deal, she announced she had found someone else and was leaving him. She asked me to throw away her naked pix. Like a nice guy, I did. I should have bartered for at least a blow job, but sometimes it just pisses me off what a nice guy I can be. Years later, she visited Cindy and I after we had moved far away. The three of us got in the hot tub. We all laughed giggled and drank. She gave me a hand job. Cindy to her credit did try to encourage her to give me a blow job, but she was still trying to patch up her new relationship and felt that giving some other guy a blow job didn’t fit into that. Well no!, not if you tell him. I wondered if she was going to tell him about the hand job. Probably not. It really wasn’t sex, so what was there to confess to? Cindy used that reasoning for a time even when it involved her lips, even her tongue touching a cock. I would refer to it as a blow job. She would claim it really wasn’t unless he ejaculated onto or into her mouth, face, tongue etc. Oh well.

I am still pissed at him. If he had treated that woman halfway decently, she would still be married to him. I would have fucked her, a number of times. I would have gotten that blow job. He could have continued fucking Cindy from time to time. He came pretty close to telling me that Cindy gave a much better blow job than his wife. He missed out on more of that too, I think. That’s the way our world worked. He fucked it up.

Then came the black and white photos I could print myself. A neighbor, sorta friend, Ed, would come in to pick up our mail and water the plants while we were on vacation a couple of times. He knew I had a darkroom, and he knew how to make prints himself. I found that I had hidden my prints fairly well but not the negatives. I could tell he had rifled through them, and printed himself a few.

The early artsy ones I would develop and print in a closet initially, slowly gave way to more risqué pictures. The legs were not crossed anymore. In fact in some photos, the legs were spread pretty far apart. The forest of hair down there gave way to trimming, the labia appeared. The lips of her pussy were so prominent that it really didn’t take that much trimming. Soon the pictures showed those lips parted, the clit clearly discernable. Those are the pictures that got sent in and published in a couple of those swinger magazines along with our profile that specified that the young cute naked girl in the picture loved sucking cock. The combination resulted in a lot of responses, more than a few getogethers, and a lot of fucking and sucking. Cindy said that since I wrote the profile, she had no choice but to demonstrate her love of sucking cock. Sure, I believe that.

Cindy’s face in the pictures, once discreetly turned away or hidden with hair and or a hat, started to look more directly at the camera. The hat was discarded and sometimes the hair was pulled back, so the pic of a cock in her mouth could be taken from a number of angles. Slowly that stern artsy look in her face turned to a smile.

I think that once you have seen a pic of a woman’s pussy, maybe even her tits, you look at her differently. Cindy never knew I had left the negatives out, and that I thought he had gone through them, but she did notice that Ed looked at her differently. Knowing him, he would have made blow ups of just her pussy. If he hadn’t been so goofy, he and his sweet looking wife might have been amoung our early adventures in social fucking. Instead of masterbating to a grainy blow up black and white image of Cindy’s pussy, he could have fucked Cindy’s real three dimentional multicolored one. I know his wife was up for an adventure. What an idiot. I would have really liked to fuck his wife too. I can see her eyes, her smile, just cant remember her name. Cindy would not even consider fucking him. He really was a douche. Not only did he have pictures of my wife’s tits and pussy, but he used my photo paper and chemicals. Plus, we had given him a bottle of some Caribbean rum for his “services”. Thankfully, that stuff is pretty foul and can really make you sick. I know that some of my film developing chemicals were gone too. I suspect he took, developed and printed pictures of his wife too. He could have left me a few of those prints. I would have enjoyed seeing pictures of her naked.

In one of those great missed moments of life, I now know I should have confronted him about the pictures and demanded some of his wife. I should have followed up with his wife and seen if I could have fucked her anyway. I’m sure she would have said: “ok.” But, I didn’t. I should have told her I knew about the pictures of her that he had and that I wanted to see them. She was shy, but I think she would have shown them to me. I know that if I told her he had taken some photos of Cindy, she would have responded in jealousy by letting me have some of hers or even by letting me fuck her.

But, I didn’t.

Neither of us were into these gynological pix, the ones too close up of her pussy. We never thought of that as sexy. Close ups of a cock head touching her lips, thats another thing. So were pictures of cum dripping down her chin or beading on her tits, or…. Cindy was not as much into the pictures as I.

After I found a place that would develop slides without questions or issues, (Well ok, a couple of the guys working there had smirks on their faces, and i’m sure they made a few extra copies for themselves.) I had a couple trays full of those.

I had lied and told Cindy that I was developing them myself, I actually could and actually did a few, so she felt a little freer posing for some of those shots. If she had known the truth, she wouldn’t have posed for 90 percent of them. If she had found out after I took them, she would have been really pissed. Sucking a total stranger’s cock, fine, having a total stranger see a picture of her sucking on another stranger’s cock…..NO WAY!

These slides included the first pictures to feature a cock somewhere near her mouth her tits and or pussy, and eventually in her mouth or in her pussy and also squirting cum onto her tits..

Then those digital cameras came along, a bit fuzzy at first… but as the mega pixels increased, the quality was astonishing. Now no one else had to process the pictures, so the subject matter could go as far as we wanted. The profiles once in print were now on line.

Then there were the videos…. VHS.. then video 8, then digital.

On line posting became braver and bolder. Other men started showing up nearby in the pictures, their cocks flaccid at first, then more aroused, then fully erect, closer to her body finally touching her hand, her breasts and getting their cocks ever closer to her open mouth with that cherry lipstick I may have mentioned. Some of them were kind enough to take pictures of Cindy and I together, and my cock was sometimes pictured in the photos of their wives sucking or fucking cock.

Finally one night, the photo showed her kissing a cock, another had her placing another one on her tongue.

Needless to say there were pictures of her tits. Her tits being touched, being held, being cupped from behind, being kissed, her nipples played with, sucked on, pinched. I did mention being ejaculated onto didn’t I? Later there would be pictures of the nipples pierced, and with clamps on them.

Six months later, at least that’s what the little date stamp showed, the cock, not the same cock, a different one, it was always a different one, was fully in her mouth. It took another few months before the cum transferring from cock to tongue was shown, but once done that act occupied many frames of stills and video. The same process was going on with pictures showing her pussy, until the whole cock was buried inside her, some whitish fluid oozing out, and a smile on her face. I never forgot the face in those pix.

Then there were the pictures of Cindy and more than one cock, photos of the spurts of cum on her face, her body.

It is still a good idea that those pix are gone, but I still miss them.

But I wasn’t the only one who took sexy pix (oops, sexual) of Cindy and I can only guess at some of the stuff that is out there. I remember one guy who couldn’t stop taking pictures of Cindy. Cindy naked, Cindy sucking cock, Cindy fucking cock. It was starting to tick me off, especially the night she blew three guys to ejaculation one after the other. He must have taken a hundred pix. I know he is still masterbating to those pictures. If my cock hadn’t been fully buried in the hostess’ really nice cunt at that moment, I would have thrown his fucking camera in the pool. I guess what I’m really pissed about is that he promised to send me a set of those pictures and never did. He did send some to the other three guys she sucked off. His wife would never allow pictures of her. She did public relations for some senator or such. She later dumped that weasel (her husband, not the senator weasel) and married a pretty wealthy guy and found Jesus. I wish to hell I had sneaked one picture of her, cause she loved to have cum sprayed all over her face and tits. Hallelulia!

Cindy would also send pics of herself on line to some “friends” of hers. Usually she avoided sending face pics especially when she had a cock in her mouth. But, she did cam people and some people recorded those moments, and after a few drinks, lord only knows what she sent or posed for.

Even now, every once in a while, an ex fuck buddy of hers emails to say: “Hi”

One did today and attached was a picture of Cindy and him. It was one she had sent him. I had taken the picture. That’s what caused me to remember all this stuff, and decide to write about it.

In this picture, she is naked sitting on the side of the bed. The bed is a bit messed up, disheveled, so this probably is not her first adventure of the evening. Her head is turned to the right looking at him, looking at his cock, her longish blond hair hides any details of her face. He is sitting on her right, one leg on the bed folded at the knee behind him, the other still on the floor.

He has an erection, and Cindy is holding it in her hand, cupping her hand around it, she was probably stroking his cock.

You can see her tits. Wow. But you can’t see her pussy. His hand is curving down to cover it, his fingers no doubt in the wet slit. Chances are there is cum in that wetness he is using to lubricate her clit. It’s not his cum, but that doesn’t seem to bother either of them, nor I. Soon though, his cum will mix with it Cindy’s legs are wide enough apart to encourage and enjoy the access she is providing.

In less than a minute, she will reach over and put his cock in her mouth. At some point, she will take it out of her mouth and put it in her vagina where he will thrust and pump until cum start to spurt out of it and into her. It will then go back into her mouth to be completely licked clean. I had those pictures too. She didn’t send him those, not that I know of. Sometimes after a few glasses of wine, Cindy pushed her own boundaries back a bit.

I remember it.

I remember the sequence that started out with a french maid outfit she had made for a costume party at one of our play clubs. The pictures went on to show her removing parts of that costume, one piece at a time until finally only the thigh high fishnets stayed on, the legs were in the air, she was on her back a cock was plunged deep into her cunt, and only a small part of another cock still not fully in her mouth. Those photos are gone too. I should have kept one of her in the original french maid outfit. I loved that picture. She was smiling. She knew what was cuming soon.

I did keep a couple for a while. They werent particularly sexual. One was of us and a couple sitting a a picnic table enjoying dinner. It’s actually hard to tell but we are all naked. I had asked another guest at the park to take the picture for us. He didn’t seem to mind. Shortly after that picture was taken, the other guy’s wife told me that she had just sucked a guy’s cock and let him cum in her mouth. She was in her late 40s, had fucked a number of people and had never done that, not even to her own husband. No one had done that to him and she had told him that she had finally done that to someone else. It just didn’t seem right. She asked me if it would be all right for Cindy to do that to her hubby. I didn’t need to ask Cindy, I knew the answer. She seemed surprised and asked me: “Would Cindy actually do that?”

“Sure,” I said, and soon told Cindy the story.

A few hours later, as we gathered at the table again for a nightcap, I asked Cindy: “So, did you?”

“Yup,” Cindy said.

“And?”, I asked.

“Oh God, he is in heaven.” she said and laughed.

Isn’t it nice when you can bring so much joy to a friend by having your wife suck his cock and allow him to spurt a load of cum into her mouth. That’s a story a picture brings back to you.

But, I made a promise to myself, I will gaze at the picture I received today for a while, I may do something to relieve the pressure from those thoughts, then I will delete it.

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