Park Patrol

Far from the battle fields of the desert in Iraq , I had made it back from hell only to find out that there is a hell of a different kind waiting for me . My young bride had gotten a better offer and hit the road for greener pastures. The war had left me with a permanent limp and so my budding career in law enforcement had been stopped cold before it even started. So here I sit , campus cop at some ag tech college in the middle of some cornfield in Ohio. My nights once clearing streets in Bagdad where now spent breaking up noisy frat parties and coeds screwing in some of the most peculiar paces. But it was a paycheck and along with my disability I was able to live okay.

Before a shift , a report had come in from the local PD about some kids that may be students turning tricks at a local park and the powers that be request that we do something about before it becomes a big public scandal that neither the town or the school wanted . So for the next few nights I would be lurking in the bushes trying to catch what ever was going on .

It was a late July night and I was skulking around one of the trails leading up to the picnic shelter areas down by the duck pond . Ran across quite a few young people in various stages of undress fumbling and pawing at one another. didn’t see any money changing hands but all the groping and humping was really starting to get my blood moving south. This one couple were really going at it hot and heavy and I just couldn’t take it much longer. I reached down and unzipped my fly and flopped out my swelling man meat into my sweaty palm and began to slowly stroke it.

The young man had the girl bent over a picnic table and was brutally slamming her ass. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh were getting loader and more as he almost lifted her well rounded bottom in the air several times .

” Ohh yeah, fuuck me hard like that Yeah” she moaned while the energetic young boy plowed into her over and over again. I spit in my palm to help my match strokes with him and I cold feel my balls start to boil .

” Ohh yes , her I cum” the boy screamed as his body began to quiver. Almost the same time I shoot a huge load up in the air and nearly feel back on my ass. The couple took a quick minute to catch their breath and then quickly got redressed and disappeared up the hill back to the main part of the park. I collected myself and turned to go back up the hill and call it a night when I noticed out of the corner of my eye two more people where headed this way from the pond side across the bridge.

They both came up and sat down on the table and the were talking softly so I really couldn’t hear what they where saying to each other . They where defiantly waiting on somebody though.

Just as I got my see legs back , someone else came across the bridge and made his way up to the shelter . This guy was in his late thirties to early forties , well dressed and had a very nervous look on his face . He greeted them both and they smiled back at him almost trying to reassure him that things were cool. The girl was very friendly and when he reached into his pocket of his shorts his was wearing and headed them a wad of cash. This perked both of them up and they went to work on this guy.

The girl dropped her tube top revealing very large breasts and she led his hands right to them. He began to squeeze them while she undid his zipper and slide her hands into his pants. He bucked a bit while she pulled his dick out through to the open air.

” what the hell kinda freaky scene is this” I thought out loud . The guy was hanging back kinda just watching when the girl got the older guys belt undone and then his shorts hit the floor of the shelter . Another tell tale sign that he had set this whole thing up was the fact that he was going commando.

The girl squatted down on her knees and started to run her tongue all over his growing shaft. She slowly let it deeper and deeper into her mouth while slowly stroking on the other end. The guy moved up behind the older “ Trick” and began t probe the crack of his ass . He licked his index finger and started to push his ways up the Tricks Asshole .

” Whoa, easy” panted the trick while the finger slide further up his ass. He soon started a rhythm between getting fingered in the ass and getting deep throated in the front by the girl.

The girl was gagging a great bit so the guy let the trick up and then he pulled his spit soaked cock out of her wide open mouth and stepped back. The young ebony beauty stood up and dropped her tight shorts to the shelter floor . She turned around and bent over the picnic presenting her ass to the trick why he clumsily slid a rubber on his bobbing knob and pushed his way through to her warm , wet pussy and began to hump away like some random dog in heat .

The other part of this little outdoor ménage was behind the trick with his love tool out swaying in the breeze . He quickly slipped a love glove on his pole and started parting his cheeks. It was just about then that I made my move on the whole sconce.

” Well look at what we got here” I boasted loudly as I stepped out of the shadows where all of them could see me . I walked over to the tangled mess of flesh on the table as they quickly tried to untangled themselves.

” Two young folks taking advantage of one of the members of the towns most important families in town” I said in my best Buford T Justice voice. I motioned for the both of them to get up against the wall and they both did reluctantly. He then walked over to the “ Trick as he fumbled with his pants pulling them up quickly .

” sir , you need go now for all I know , these two had someone in the bushes with a camera or a video recorder” I told him making it sound like he may be the target of some blackmail conspiracy when in reality neither one of these two had the brains or the Balls to pull something like that off.

The “ Trick” quickly got himself together and took off up the path. I then turn my attention to the merry band of flesh peddlers before me . They were up against the wall trying not to look like they were scared .

” Okay , look guys, I get that you two have had a good little thing going here, but you cant be doing this shit out in public” I said passing back and forth in front of their naked Asses , “ the good Church going folk of this little spec on the map are going to find out about it and that isn’t going to be good for any one”.

I went over to the girls over sized handbag and took a look inside. I saw a opened box of Condoms , some sort of scented Lube and two pair of padded fur lined handcuffs with some extra chain in the middle of each pair. I pulled the cuffs out and just looked at them for a second . I then moved them both to one of the supports for the shelter and cuffed them both together to the support , his left to her right then her right to his left.

” So what the fuck am I going to do with the two of you , just leave you here and let the cops collect you” I asked them both . They quickly shook their heads no.

” Well I’m going to have to be convinced that not giving you two up is in my best interest” .

” Well uncuff us and maybe we’ll show you some convincing” Said the girl as she smiled at me . I went over to the side that she was standing. I quickly gave her and open handed swat on her very well rounded Ass . Nothing to hard mind you , more of an attention getter then anything else . I undid her cuffs and then quickly cuffed him back to the support. I then walked her around front of her partner in crime.

” Well , convince me” I challenged her and she went right to work . She quickly undid the belt on my shorts and slid them and my boxers down below my knees my cock was about at half staff and rising as she flicked her tongue at the head and then lifted the shaft to run the tip of her tongue up and down it. She then took the swelling head in her mouth and circled several times before starting to take more of it into her mouth.

” Oh yeah , your pretty dam convincing so far” I moaned while I reached behind her head to give her a little encouragement . Deeper and deeper my cock plunged down her mouth until she was almost swallowing my whole . She then eased her tongue out from underneath and flicked at my balls every time she got close to them. The spit and the sweat from all of this activity was collecting between her ample tits so she pulled off of my throbbing lance and then trapped it between her two titanic jugs . She pushed them both together and bounced them up and down my rigid shaft .

” How you like me now, you like titty fucking me now”. she growled as she bounced her boobs back and forth. I knew that I was going to pop soon if I didn’t slow things down so I pulled back and stood there for a second collecting myself . I looked over at they guy who had been watching the whole scene unfold , wondering how convincing he was going to have to be. I went over and got a rubber from the bag and quickly cover my engorged dick with it . I then directed the girl to climb under him and do to him what she was doing to me . She did and while she was busy on his joint, I went around behind him , lined it up and began to push my way through his asshole.

” Ahhh yea, that’s it right their” I screamed as I began to buck wildly , slamming his Ass while my thrust plunged him deeper and deeper down her gullet. I reached around and managed to get my thumb an index finger around his swelling manhood so he was getting throated , Jerked off and fucked in the ass all at the same time.

My time was near at end when I could feel my balls start to pull up inside of me. I blew a big load inside the condom and the collapsed a heap. The girl had switched to her cleavage by now and was waiting for him to blow . He did covering a good portion of her whole torso and getting as far up as her chin. We all sat there for a moment collecting ourselves sand when I explained I was campus security and not real police , they wern’t as mad as I thought they would be I invited them over to my place and we have been friends ever since . I even help set them selves up with a room out on the interstate where they could earn in relative peace….

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