Our First 3 Way

Husband Invites His Friend For Fun

I don’t know if I’ll get any “style” points for grammar or punctuation for this story because I’m not a story writer, but it is 100% true and I wanted my wife to see it so that she is reassured that I had a great time last weekend. It started out a few years ago when she and I (for all practical purposes and to protect the not-so-innocent, we’ll call my wife Baby, and I’ll be….Richard) were watching porn, like we love doing. We started getting into a lot of anal videos, she was really liking that, and that lead to double penetration videos. The anal videos, we lived those out pretty quickly and we like doing that pretty often. The double penetration, well that was a different story. We didn’t have a hard time fantasizing about it and talking really dirty about it, but actually going the next step and asking someone to join us was something we just didn’t do because there wasn’t anyone that we knew that we could trust with being clean and being discreet. That went on for a few years.

We are both on our second marriage and both have children from our previous marriages so there are weekends that come up for us that we have no children and we get to get away for a little time for ourselves. Last weekend was one of those weekends. Instead of going out of town like we usually do, we decided to stay in town and just get a luxurious hotel here. I had the day off on Friday and the room was ready for us at noon so I went ahead and checked in. Baby had to work but she got off at 2:30, but what she didn’t know was that while she was at work, I had been texting my friend about joining us a little later for a beer and a little fun with my wife. He (we’ll just call this guy John) didn’t believe me at first but once I convinced him I was on the level he was very excited at the thought of the evening that was coming up.

Baby and I went to an early dinner at a delicious steak house, because hey- my wife loves meat. While we were finishing up, taking down our last drops of our drinks, I talked to her about her fantasy that we always bring up, because I had brought a DVD player and a nasty 2 on 1 DVD to the hotel for us to watch that night. I asked her what her thoughts were on making that dream come true. She almost immediately turned red. My wife is 5’5” wears a size 36D and is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Seeing that innocence from her at that moment sent butterflies in my own stomach. She told me, “I don’t know, I’m not sure.” I asked her, “What if I told you the ‘invite’ is already out there?” Still giving her an “out” I let her think about it. After one last swallow of her favorite beer she softly said, “Ok, let’s do this.” We went back to the hotel and a couple of hours seemed to last at least 5 hours trying to wait for John to come over. Nerves and butterflies were flying ALL OVER that luxurious suite. She started getting up tight about it so I reassured her that I wasn’t going to let anything hurt her and that I would guide her though it, directing the whole act that night.

Knock, knock, knock. I thought that was NEVER going to come. John came in and I offered him a beer. I lead him to the bedroom of the suite where Baby was in her favorite white lace see-though baby doll. I get blood flow every time I see her in it. She and I were watching our porn so I laid back down beside her and John sat down in a chair by the bed and watched along with us. We cracked a few jokes about the movie, kind of lightening things up, but then there was that moment of uncomfortable silence. Baby looked at me and whispered, “This is feeling a little weird.” I was thinking we are pretty far into this, I need to see if I can smooth things out or if I need to just ask John to take off. I began to kiss her softly, then she responded by softly offering her to tongue to mine. She was loosening up. My hand slowly went down her neck and chest and I untied the top of her baby doll. I’ll pulled down the top of it exposing her D cups with nipples about the size of nickels (God I love them). I looked at John and said “Come give me a hand with these.” I put her in the middle of the king size bed, I laid on her left side and John laid on her right side. He began softly touching her right nipple, moving around in small circles, giving little pinches while I was massaging her left nipple and kissing her soft open mouth. John began kissing and sucking on her nipple while massaging her D cup. She let out a few sighs with the touches. My hand ran down her baby doll and down to her panties. I rubbed her pussy in little circular motions from the outside of her panties then I told John to grab the other hip of her panties and we slid them off her toned tanned legs. My fingers made their way to her clit while I licked and sucked on her nipple.

While this was going on John kissed his way up to Baby’s head and started to put his mouth to hers and then she stopped him. She told John, “I don’t think Richard would like that. It’s too personal.” Ok, this is where some of you that have mustered enough strength to bare this long in this story say, “WTF??!! You are going to let him do all of these things with her, but a kiss on the lips is out??” A kiss on the lips is out. What we are experiencing tonight is sex. A kiss is about love. Tonight we are fucking. It is one night out of our lives that we can trust each other to have fun and leave it as a memory. But we didn’t have to tell John that, and he didn’t bother to ask why.

BACK TO LIVE ACTION. John proceeded with kissing and sucking on Baby’s nipple while I was enjoying my own hard nipple and having my hand go from inside her pussy to her clit. Baby then guided John’s hand down to join mine between her warm smooth thighs and inside her waiting pussy. Her pussy soon was dripping with her silky juices so I told John to stand up and take everything off and stand on the side of the bed. I told Baby to lay on her back next to the edge of the bed so that she could have access to do what she wanted with his cock while I got between her legs to lick and devour her (my) pussy.

Ok. John is a lot taller than I am. John also wears a lot bigger shoes than I do.

Ok. So. John stood by the edge of the bed with his manhood hanging down while I started licking Baby’s pussy. She started liking that I guess because wanted something else to do as well. She took one of her hands and cupped it under his balls and gently lifted everything in the air toward her mouth where she greeted the head. She kissed it softly then opened her mouth to guide his meat into her mouth. After a minute I glanced up and saw that she had her lips all the way to his balls, yet when she pulled his cock out slowly his whole 7-12 to 8” was completely hard.

Take a deep breath. Jealousy…inadequacy… stay out of my head.

She stroked his hard-on with her mouth more as I kept licking her clit and rocked her to an orgasm. I told John to go to the corner of the bed and for Baby to get on her hands and knees at the corner of the bed while I positioned myself under her so that she could give me a blow job.

Now, I’m fixed, snipped, had a vasectomy, whatever you want to call it, so my wife isn’t on any form of birth control and even though I know I trust my friend to be clean, he’s still got little tadpoles swimming around so he had to button up the raincoat. Too bad dude. Take it for the team. (My Baby is)

She started sliding her lips down my cock when John began sliding his manhood into a slot that has meant to be opened up for a lot smaller occupancy for very many years. I watched her eyes and they went from a look of concentration, to pleasure, to slight pain, to ecstasy. She then resumed on my cock, running her tongue down the length to my balls and licking them.

John’s rhythm started getting faster and I started to hear skin slapping so I knew that his thick cock was all the way in pounding her cervix. After some hard strokes rocking her tits back and forth she stopped sucking me and looked up in the air with a grimace and let out a whimper as she came to his pounding, not stopping for her he kept going and I could tell he was getting close. I told him to stop. I had him lay on his back on the bed and told Baby to squat on his cock. As she slid down his pole to his balls, I got the KY and started teasing and playing with her ass, fingering with one and then two fingers.

I then stood up on the bed and stood in front of her to have her suck my cock while she glided up down his rod. After a while her legs started getting sore so I whispered in her ear to give him a hand job. She smiled and told John “Take that off.” He wondered what was going to happen next so I just told him, “John, you’re going to like this.”

My wife has this ability to give the best damned hand job in the universe. So she leaned over the side of the bed with her legs apart, got some KY on her hands and got between his legs while he was laying back on the bed. She started stroking that cock and massaging those balls like it was her husbands. I stood behind her fucked her hard while she was going to work on him. Within a minute he started moaning and then shot his load all over his stomach, her hands, and all down his balls. That got me really going and a few moments later I lost my load inside my wife’s hot wet pussy.

That was our night. That was our fantasy come to life. Will it ever happen again? Maybe not, maybe so. All I know is I made my wife the center of attention that night. And I love her with everything I have.

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