New Mother

My name is Kaitlin Mundy. I am 23 years of age. I had been Mike (Mr Carter’s) secretary for about 3 years now and really enjoyed the job. The pay wasn’t all that brilliant but it did get me out the house routine and did make a difference to our budget. In fact truth to say without this little job James (my husband) and I would be on Poor Street.

The difference wasn’t huge but allowed a little more freedom and as we did not have children even after 6 years of marriage there was no one at home that needed my attentions and I got to meet some interesting people. I also got staff discount at the store which helped.

I often did some overtime to help if things were bad Mike understood my situation and would try and give me the overtime he could afford but trade had been slow recently and everyone was pulling in their belts.

It’s since they re-routed the highway he would curse and it did seem to have the affect a lot of the traders in our small town relied on the passing trade and now it had gone. Some had even gone bankrupt and the boarded up shops were proof of the pudding. Mikes department store had only survived because he had taken over the hardware store as it closed and incorporated that into his own as well as allowing the Barber to rent a space, this gave folks more reason to visit and would browse while waiting for the haircut.

The town councillors’ of course had not seen this coming in their lack of judgement had not objected to the highway’s department plan. As our town leaders they let us down badly and were now paying the price. In return for the highway being re-routed they had been granted permission to build a plant on the edge of town which meant more houses to be built for the workers and the extra inhabitants would have made the scheme viable except when the plant bosses heard the highway was being diverted they withdrew their plans and our little community was left high and dry.

I looked out the office window and surveyed the parking lot it was the same as usual barely a vehicle in sight which meant yet another poor trading day. As well as secretary I now did the wages and the tills that had been Dora’s job until she retired and as things were Mike could not afford to hire anyone else so my role was getting busier.

Finally the end of the day came and Mike breezed in after counting the tills I could reason why he had such a long face. He ushered me into his little chamber he laughingly called his inner sanctum and told me had something to say.

“I’m sorry Hon” he started “But as things are I have come to a decision”

“Oh!” I exclaimed “About what?”

“This place” he continued “At this rate I shall go the same as the others in 6 months”

This was not good news I had thought we could breeze through and things would settle but the thought of Bankruptcy would mean all 6 of us working here would lose our jobs. As I mentioned earlier things were already tight and if I lost my job we would most likely have to move for most our sakes I hoped not. This was my Town I was raised up here I knew nothing else. A lot of my friends had already moved on after College but I came home and stayed.

Mostly I had stayed to help my parents my father was not a well man and mother had to take over the farm. I met my husband this way. Mother hired a young and handsome man and though he was 4 years my senior I knew I had to marry this Adonis.

And married we were on my 17th birthday. Friends and family came and we had a splendid time. My honeymoon was the night I lost my virginity. Yes I know its old hat these days but I was proud to be a virgin on my wedding day. Thus when he broke me I was in shock at first but soon the pain was gone and the thrill of my husband making love to me was wonderful.

We regularly had sex at first every time we could Momma would comment on hearing our bedsprings, James would get embarrassed but soon got used to momma’s ways. We tried to have children we really did we never took precautions. Momma would have a go at us every month we failed she really wanted grandchildren but it never happened. We eventually had the test done and found out it was my fault I was born barren and that was that. James was disappointed too I could see it in his eyes but we both resigned ourselves to what was to be.

I cried for months knowing that I would never conceive and it sent a pang down my spine when my friends would drop by with yet another child in tow just like shelling peas. James took it a different way he would disappear for hours into the machine shed even though there was nothing to do in there nothing was needed mending that was his solace so I let him. Our lovemaking got less frequent and now is virtually nonexistent.

Mike continued his conversation “You OK Hon”

“Yes Fine” I lied

“You seemed a little preoccupied there” he said “Did you not take it what I said”

“Yes you are going bankrupt and closing the store” I looked at him and waited for his reaction

“So you weren’t listening then not to all of it”


“I said and pay attention this time if we continue as we are in 6 months I will be bankrupt however I can beat it if we make a few changes and a possible relocation”

“Oh!” I had not heard him properly my thoughts had wandered

“Down the road about 6 miles there is a parcel of land that is closer to the highway I have planning to build a similar place to this but smaller the town-folk will have to travel but I am putting in a Truck-stop and Motel and wondered if you were interested in running it for me”

“This was a lot to consider but he offered me a better package plus benefits and I just said yes straight away”

“Settled then” he said “You were the final piece of the plan I can now go ahead”

I sat back taking it all in I had to travel further to work but the extra money was worth it and James would be pleased. As I drove home I was full of hope for the first time in ages. I entered the house as usual and called out but no one was there. Then I spotted his truck he is probably in the shower I assumed and set about making dinner. All of a sudden I thought I could hear a noise coming from the bedroom so I went along to check and boy did I get a surprise. There was my husband humping a young girl of about 12 yrs of age and in our bed. I wanted to scream but the sight of what was happening before me had me feeling between my legs.

I checked myself silly woman I thought she is too young and that is your husband but the sight and sounds were intoxicating. Once more I reached a hand to my skirt and this time I lifted it and my hand was in my panties and soon found my vagina. I was getting turned on by this. Soon my fingers were thrust in my pussy and I was writhing away getting wetter and trying to keep quiet whilst watching my husband fuck this girl who was shouting obscene words. Fuck me, fuck me; she was saying gimme that big cock, fuck your slut whore.

Soon I had come myself at the sight of these two in my bed. I managed to get away without being seen. I had to stop this even though it had just turned me on. I made my way back to the kitchen and after making myself presentable I started back down the hall shouting Honey it’s me are you in there. I heard a rustling I knew what was happening the two of them were hurriedly getting dressed. I continued my way down the hall and found my husband naked in the shower. Curious I went into my bedroom but there was no sign of the girl but the window was slightly ajar.

I could tell my husband had tried to mask the smell but her scent was still there in the background I sniffed the bed sure enough there it was the musk of young girl on my sheets. My husband walked in as I was sniffing the bed-sheet’s I was getting aroused again but I was not going to let him know that I had seen him I wanted to be in control when I confronted him and now was not the time. He looked white as a sheet

“What ya doin Hon” he asked

“Nothin Hon” I replied “You had a good day”

“No was a bit slow again I get let off early so I came home had a sleep and took a shower how about you”

“Oh I had a good and a bad day” I said “Let me fix dinner and I will tell you all”

I busied myself making dinner while James busied himself getting dressed and I heard the phone ring. James went to answer it and suddenly his voice was quieter.

“Who is it?” I enquired

“Just business Hon how long till dinner”

“Five minutes”

“OK be there in a moment”

He continued his conversation and came back into the room just as I was about to serve up. We continued to make small talk through dinner and then we cleared up.

We moved into the living room and I began the tale of my day. I had hoped he would be pleased for me.

“But Hon that means more hours”

“Yes and more money” I replied “God knows we need it”

“If you sure Hon then go ahead”

I knew he was only pretending to be concerned I formulated at the back of my mind he would have more time now to fuck his whore the 12 yr old tramp. I wanted to confront him at this point but I decided to hold back I was gonna make him pay but as yet I had no idea how.

I decided to take my shower and left him to it. In the shower my mind went back to what I had witnessed earlier and I found myself once again playing with myself. I spent a lot of time soaping my breasts and tweaking my nipples and my pleasure was immense. I soaped between my legs and as I did my hands moved over my pussy rubbing and I inserted a finger and rubbed my clit at the same time. It felt good but something was missing. The feeling of something hard up there and then I spotted my hairbrush I pushed the handle as deep in as I could the feeling was sensational and as I pushed it in and out of my pussy I started to orgasm for the first time in years.

My pulse racing I was swept up in my orgasmic pleasures the hairbrush doing its work and my legs were trembling beneath me I had to stop at the point where I could hardly stand up and take stock. I could not believe that I had done that but the effect was apparent. My juices were flowing all down my legs and making a sticky mess. I had heard about girls doing it but I had never tasted my own juices. James always used to lick me clean after my juices flowed and he said I tasted sweet so here goes I thought and wiping some onto my fingers I bought them to my nose to sniff. The smell was intoxicating and soon I had those fingers in my mouth.

Mmmmmmm I thought this is nice what have I been missing all these years and greedily fished for every bit I could and licked every drop. I continued this till I realised there was no more and continued to clean myself down with the soap and water and finished my shower. I suddenly remembered the brush and licked that clean before washing the handle and replacing it back on the stand.

Refreshed I dressed and re entered the living room

“You were a long time Hon”

“Sorry” I replied “Just washing away the day it has been a long one”

The evening passed without incident we settled into television and at the appointed hour 10 o’clock we retired to the bedroom. The usual story there we undressed hardly looking at each other climbed into our pyjamas into bed kissed and said goodnight backs turned and light out.

Chapter 2

It may have been because I had pleasured myself in the bathroom or the day itself but I soon fell asleep. The next I remember was my husband’s space was empty as I awoke. It was a Friday and I did not start so early Fridays so I did not get dressed immediately as was my habit and I sauntered into the kitchen to make breakfast. As I approached I heard a whispered voice then the phone being put down. I would have made a comment but let it pass.

I made the breakfasts and James ate his telling me about his day to be planned. Usually I listen with avid interest but today I let him rabbit on and cleared the pots. He left at his usual time and I was again alone. I had the urge to play with myself again and soon found myself in the living room my Pyjamas on the floor naked as the day I was born my legs splayed and my fingers once again exploring my pussy.

Wow this was good. I remembered from my shower how I had used the hairbrush and went into the bathroom to retrieve it. It was then I spotted a piece of material on the floor. It was part hidden as I pulled it out I was shocked to find it was a pair of panties. But they were not my panties they were white cotton with a teddy bear motif. The slut had left her panties, I gathered them up as evidence I was building my case and I wanted to make sure it would hold up.

But other urges drove me on and back to the living room where I assumed my posture and began playing with my hair brush Jesus this was good as I worked my brush in and out my pussy I was thrashing around like a wild woman. My desire was so intense I did not notice anyone come in and as I opened my eyes after the umpteenth orgasm I looked up and there was my Boss.

Blushing I tried to cover my pussy and tits but which ones and I grabbed the cushion and sat up placing it over my pussy and covered my tits with my hands. What could I say how long had he been there how much had he seen OMG I had never been so embarrassed in all my life.

“Mike!” I stammered how long what how when

“About two minutes”

“I’m sorry”

“What for it is your home and I knocked but no answer I phoned but it was engaged”

I started to stand up to retrieve my pyjamas but the cushion slipped and he had a full on view of my pussy but if he had been there a minute or two he had seen more already. I began to feel less naked and just shrugged the cushion off and sat up as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

“Nice Tits” he commented

“Thank You”

“I never noticed them before” He joked

“I would not of worked for you if you had or been a pervert”

We laughed and suddenly he remembered why he was here and we started having a conversation me sat naked in my own house with my Boss. He had stopped by to tell me not to come into work today he had some things to sort out about the new store and I had the day off with pay.

Suddenly as he spoke I saw him as a man not a Boss and I was horny still so I brazenly walked over to him and knelt before him my hand playing with his bulge through his trousers. All the time he had been staring at me, pretending he wasn’t but I could see his bulge getting bigger. I could no longer resist and he offered no resistance as I took it from its restraints. I played with the cock head gently rolling it around in my hand. I motioned him to stand and I undid his trousers and pulled down his shorts and bade him sit back.

I played with his cock for a few minutes with my hands all the while I could hear his heavy breathing

“Mmmmmmm Oh baby”

“Is this good?” I asked

“Oh Yes Hon wonderful”

I continued my labours and as I did I suddenly remembered

“Did you say you had a meeting?”

“Urrrrgh Ahhhhhh Yes” he stammered in about an hour

“Plenty of time then” I answered just you let me get at that cock

“Nnnnnng Aggggggh Geeeeezus”

I stopped rolling his cock and placed my mouth on it rolling my tongue over the head and taking it in my mouth till it reached the back of my throat. I sucked hard and then began to bobble my head so I was fucking him with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and held me still and he fucked my mouth harder and faster. Sometimes it was in so deep I almost choked and he started to remove it.

“I’m gonna cum” he gasped

I held onto his cock in my mouth I wanted his seed I wanted to taste it and swallow it. I urged him and he gushed his sperm into my mouth I tried to swallow every drop but there was so much of it. Some ran down my chin and onto my tits I licked clean what I could and when there was none left I released his cock from my mouth.

He was exhausted as he fell back into the chair even deeper I rubbed the sperm onto my tits and licked my lips to get the remainder from my chin. I sat there not moving for what seemed ages.

I looked at the clock and motioned to him that he had his meeting and he should go. I showed him the bathroom and he cleaned himself off further and suddenly he said

“Would you like to come?”

“I just have” I laughed

He smiled “No to the meeting”

“Oh OK just give me a moment to dress”

I went into my wardrobe I wanted to find the sluttiest clothes I had but not much of it was too slutty as most of it was for work so I picked the dress that I thought best showed off my tits. I decided that I would go without wearing my panties that was slutty enough.

As I reached the front door he was already standing by the car making a phone call. I locked up the house and walked over. As I reached the car he opened me the passenger door hardly giving me a glance and continuing his call. I sat in the car a further two or three minutes before he climbed in and we set off.

He commented on my dress how I looked and how pretty I was and that he had never really paid me that much attention before and I responded by kissing him on the cheek. But after all he continues it was your typing I hired you for and we both had a laugh. The journey seemed short and we ended up at a rundown building just about a 400 yard drive off the highway.

“Well what you think”

What was there to think all I could see was this rambling shack and dirt. I had no vision of what it would be like. But I bolstered his spirits

“Yes” I said “Has potential”

“Exactly I knew you would see it my wife has little concept she calls it a dump but wait till we through girl we will show em”

Where was this we all of a sudden I am a secretary not a builder or architect I saw what his wife saw a rundown shack a dump as his wife called it

“Come on in” he motioned “We are a bit early I will show you the plans”

“In there” I pointed “Is it safe?”

“Quite so my dear it is I would not put you at risk but you better wear this”

He went to the trunk and got out two hard hats. I had no clue as how to wear one and he had to adjust it for me as he did his chest pressed into my tits and I felt a pang go through me. Hat adjusted he stepped aside and took my hand carefully helping me past the piles of rubble. Once inside I noticed the dust and began to splutter. He handed me a cloth to put over my mouth and I breathed better, He walked over and opened a window that felt much better.

On the bench in the corner I could see a cloth had been placed over some object but the cloth was cleaner thus I concluded had not been there long.

Once establishing that I was alright he removed the cloth and there was a model of the plan he had made.

“Wow” I gasped “Is this what it will look like I am impressed?”

“You are the first to see it completed”

He was pointing out some of the features when a small white van drove up. Leaving me in the building to look over the model he went outside to greet his arrival. The handshaking and gestures of goodwill I observed were amicable and soon the man was bought inside. Noticing me the man looked at Mike who gave him the nod that I was alright.

I was introduced to Ken the builder and was introduced as project manager. I was taken aback by this but tried not to let on that it was news to me. I went up in the estimation of Ken who then involved me a lot more in the conversation and at each statement he would first look to Mike and then to me as if seeking that what he was saying met approval.

Of course I had no idea what the hell they were talking about but I kept my cool taking my cue from Mike. Ken continued for over an hour before shaking Mike’s hand and then he gestured to me. I took his hand and shook it. Satisfied that he had completed his task Ken then left and drove off.

As soon as he had gone I asked Mike what the hell that was all about. Don’t worry he said with a smile you had him eating out your hand. Promising to explain all later I accepted the situation.

“I think we should seal our partnership” He declared

I stood there transfixed as he reached behind some rather rusty looking shelves and pulled out a bottle of champagne. This was for the topping out he explained but we deserve it. I was in no mood to argue and soon we had a glassful each and made a toast to Mundy’s rest he raised his glass I followed suit. A glass became two and three and suddenly we were kissing.

He reached behind me to unzip my dress and it fell to the floor his eyes were transfixed as he saw I had no panties on and my bra was soon undone. I kicked off my shoes and I now once more was naked before the gaze of my Boss. He began by kissing my neck cherishing me with every kiss. I responded by placing my hand on his crotch and rubbing the outside of his trousers. Now moving his attention to my tits he began to suckle on then and the sensations made the nipples stand proud and my spine tingle.

I had to remove my hand from his crotch as he knelt before me his hands exploring my pussy and as if my magic my legs parted to let him further his endeavours. He made my Goosebumps stand on end as he fingered my pussy and started to play with my clitty. After a while he laid the cloth that was covering the model down on the floor and I laid back and opened my legs for him as wide as I could given the space available. His head moved towards my pussy and then I felt his tongue I started to writhe around but pushing my pussy to meet his advancing tongue.

He licked me hard and deep and with each motion I was in heaven. I came several times and then he stopped to let me get my breath back. I motioned for him to come closer I wanted his cock but he moved away and motioned me to get dressed. I felt disappointed I wanted that cock in me and here I was being ordered to dress.

“Sorry” He said “We have to go we have more people to see and I promise if you will let me I will fuck you later”

“Oh Yes I do” I screamed “You bet I do”

I scrambled to my feet and put my dress back on

“What about your Bra” He enquired

“Save time later” I smiled

He winked understanding the message and helped me back over the mounds of earth but this time occasionally lifting my dress to look at my ass.

We climbed back into the car and set off once more as we drove he explained we were going to see the architect a man called Bill he had some alterations he wanted to make and he told me what they were and that I was to explain to Bill what we wanted and why. By the time we reached Bill’s office Mike was satisfied that I had my reasoning down pat and assured me it would go OK.

Bill greeted us at his office and again I was introduced as the Project Manager. We were led into an inner office and the two began talking.

“Actually Bill” Mike started “Katrina here has a few queries and modifications to run through”

I started my speech that Mike had guided me through. As I was talking Bill was listening intently and rubbing his brow. When I had finished I sat back and as instructed I placed a little leg on show.

Bill was not happy at the changes muttering he would have to be up all night to re draw the plans but my shapely legs won his argument plus the sweetener I had to offer.

As agreed Mike left the room to go to the bathroom to freshen up this was my cue and I inadvertently allowed my panty less pussy to be seen just a flash but it was enough. I waited till his eyes were fixed on my lower regions and I slowly lifted my dress so my pussy was now open to his gaze. I motioned him to take a closer inspection as I spread my legs apart and he moved nearer and started rubbing my pussy I let him know I was enjoying it and he got bolder and started to finger my pussy his hands were smooth as he touched me and I let out a low slow moan in appreciation of his work.

I allowed this to continue for a moment or two before as planned Mike flushed the toilet and we jumped apart as Mike walked in I was smoothing down my dress and Bill was sat at his desk.

The two made pleasantries and we left Bill to his work.

“Did it work” Mike asked

“Like a charm” I answered “Squeezing his butt as we walked back to the car.

Chapter 3

The journey back to the office was pretty formal Mike asking what I was gonna say to my husband and I wanted to know more about his wife. We reached the store and most were surprised to see me as Mike had told them I was taking the day off. I smiled back replying

“You know me I am bored at home I couldn’t stay away”

This satisfied them and we went to the office as we got through the door I had my ass squeezed as payback for earlier.

“Ok ” Mike said “Now its business we need to formalise a few things I have had some documents drawn up if you care to read them and if you agree sign them and I will get them legalised”

“Where do I sign” I asked

“No” he was quite adamant “Read them first I don’t want you making any decision you are not fully aware of”

God this was gonna take all afternoon and all I wanted was to fuck the man, but I duly complied and read the papers asking the odd question here and there and getting the right answers moving on. While I was at this task the phone was ringing which was usually my job to answer but Mike was doin all that and shuffling a few papers of his own.

Come my usual home time I was just getting through the final document and Mike noted the time. Wishing to complete I continued reading then signed the documents. I left them on Mike’s desk and went for my car. Driving home I went through the events of the day and feeling a little horny I had to play with my itchy pussy while trying to drive which proved impossible so I pulled over and lifted my dress and fingered myself. The result was I was a mess by the time I had finished and my juices were sticking to my thighs.

Reaching home I headed straight for the bathroom ignoring James sat in the kitchen and washed myself down and straightened my hair and just in case I went into the bedroom and put on some panties. Walking into the kitchen I casually asked James how was his day he replied he had had a busier one and we talked in general while I made dinner. Not once did he question why I was late but he was used to that as I sometimes did overtime.

Meal over and I started to explain my day of course I left out about having sex with my Boss and letting another guy feel my pussy. This time James was more interested and I told him the whole deal and how I had signed the contracts that virtually meant I was a partner in the new venture. I told him about the plans for the site and how it would affect me directly and of course I mentioned it meant I would be away more from home and I suggested that he learn to cook. That last part did not go over too well but if he chose to argue it I was prepared to play my trump card.

Bedtime came soon enough following the same pattern but this time I could not sleep and I went over and over in my mind how I would feel when I final got that cock that I had sucked into my pussy those thoughts were on my mind as I drifted off.

“Honey wake up”

“Eh what”

“Honey your Boss is here”

“It’s Saturday” I called out “Can’t I be left in peace”

I pulled on a housecoat and went into the kitchen to see my Boss talking to my husband chatting away and drinking coffee.

“Oh great” I said “And where’s mine?”

Much to my surprise James got up and made me a coffee while I sat trying to look comatose in my housecoat sat across from my Boss. After a few sips I began to register and asked why he had called on a Saturday.

“We have work to do young lady” Mike smiled at me


“Yes you signed the papers did you not read them as I asked”

“Errrr yes”

“Then get dressed and hurry we do not have all day”

I was struck with awe what had I let myself in for yes I had read the damn papers it was all about me being in charge of the project and material control as well as fiscal but it never mentioned working Saturday. I sloped off to get dressed I couldn’t wear anything too slutty with my husband about so making sure I was decent and had panties on I hurriedly got ready.

Once we were out of sight of the house I reached under my dress lifted my bum off the seat and removed my panties. Mike whistled as I did so. I called him a pervert and we laughed.

“Are these clothes suitable for where we are going?” I asked

“They are fine Honey perfect”

I smiled and sat back enjoying the ride. We went a completely different route to the one previous and I started to wonder where we were going

“The site is that way” I pointed out “And this is not the road to the store”

Mike never answered just smiled and kept driving. I gave up hope of getting an answer and just sat back. It was a lovely day and I was with my Boss and lover nothing else mattered. After about an hour of driving Mike said we had arrived. We had reached a large house and as we pulled up a young girl of about 12 came out to greet us. There was something about her that I could not place. We went inside and he introduced the girl as Amy and she skipped off and his wife who I knew was called Cynthia came into the room in a wheelchair. I was prepared as Mike had told me about her accident and so I did not dwell on her state.

We went into what was the second living room and Amy came in with drinks. She hander her mother a large Gin and her father a Whisky and asked what I wanted. I asked for an orange juice her face looked disappointed.

“Oh something stronger than that” Her Mother said “Bring another Gin. “

I tried to protest but she would not have it and as I was a guest I felt it rude to argue. I sat there as Cynthia was talking to Mike and suddenly she came out with

“So she is the one a wise choice darling”

This confused me I would have to ask Mike later but for now I was enjoying the company and the drink. I had never had Gin before and as it first went down I coughed. This seemed to amuse Cynthia and Amy. After a few sips I got used to the taste and when another one was proffered I duly accepted. Mike was first to state

“Right dear we have to go we are on a schedule”

Cynthia nodded and Amy smiled. I thanked them for the hospitality and said we should do this more often

“Oh we will dear, we will” Cynthia replied and Amy still had that grin.

Once outside in the car I remarked to Mike how charming his family was and he smiled. I remembered the remark about his wife saying wise choice.

“Well” he said “I have a confession here”

I was open mouthed but let him continue

“As you saw my wife is wheelchair bound and is incapable of having sex”


“So” he continued “We discussed about my needs and she suggested I take a lover”

To say I was dumfounded is an understatement

“And you chose me” I asked

“Well not exactly” He continued “I had tried dating a few ladies but I never felt comfortable with them and I never had any physical contact either”

“Ah “I said

“So when I saw you naked for the first time and you sucked me off I told my wife. She was happy I had found someone and wanted to meet you”

“Does she know I am also your Secretary?”

“Not at first but she does now and it was her idea to offer you a partnership did you read all the documents?”

Mike then explained that as well as his partner in business I was to be his lover and mother to Amy.

“My wife has cancer” He stated “She has 6 months left and wishes me to be happy after her death”

This was all a bit of a shock and I could not take it all in.

“I have not formalised the documents yet “He continued “If you wish to back out say so”

“No” I stated “It was just a shock”

“There is one more thing”

What else could there be

“My wife wants to watch us having sex it will give her great pleasure something I cannot do for her alone”

Mike looked at me and I looked back. I need time to think I stated. That is fine Honey he replied and kissed me on the cheek. We drove some more my mind pondering the events that had led to this. My husband was useless he prefers 12 yr old girls. My sex life has improved but do I want to have another woman watch me fuck her husband even if she is dying.

As if he understood my dilemma Mike never said another word until we reached our destination. It was then I suddenly shouted out in a public car park with the windows wound down.

“OK the answer is yes”

I had suddenly realised this was how I was going to payback my husband and have fun at the same time. Mike kissed me full on the lips but this kiss was not as I had expected it was a lip trembling Kiss it came from within a true lovers kiss. We sat tongues entwined for what seemed like hours before Mike realised we were here for another reason.

We left the car and walked over to the little diner where a very smart waitress came up and took out breakfast order. After we had eaten we were shown into the kitchens. This is what I had in mind Mike was explaining but ours will also have a bar at one end and he was asking my opinion at the same time watching how things operated.

Leaving the kitchen and going out the back we were shown the storage areas and coolers and Mike was taking notes I was too. We thanked our host and Mike offered to pay the bill but it was refused and we thanked the guy.

“Just be grateful you didn’t need to suck him off” Mike laughed

“I will if it helps” I replied

Walking hand in hand back to the car Mike whispered in my ear I LOVE YOU

Chapter 4

We drove back to Mike’s house and found it empty. Amy must have gone out Mike observed and Cynthia will be at the clinic having more drugs for the pain. I felt an unease walking in the door with Mike holding my hand and kissing me as we walked in. Being silent the house felt eerie. Mike gave me the grand tour and it was huge a massive kitchen, five bedrooms, three lounges, a music room and Mikes study. After a while I felt a little more comfortable maybe that was the fact of Mike’s presence or the Gin I was offered.

Feeling relaxed and drowsy after my second Gin of the session and fourth of the day I was comforted when Mike sat beside me and I snuggled into his arms as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

I was woken by a voice

“Nice to see you again Kaitlin”

There was Cynthia I tried to rise from Mike’s arms but she just smiled at me

“Relax child” She said “You look tired”

I was a little but I said I was fine

“Mike” Cynthia started “Show our guest to the bedroom”

I was too overcome to argue and Mike picked me up in his arms and carried me off I was aware that Cynthia was following but too tired to care.

Mike laid me down on the bed and was about to leave the room

“Put her in properly” Cynthia snapped “Let me see you undress her”

My eyes were half shut as my clothing was removed and there I was now laid out on the bed totally naked with Cynthia gazing down at my body.

I felt her hands as they started to play with my nipples and her breath as she leaned in and kissed one of my tits. One of her hands was moving its way down my body rubbing my belly and I murmured my pleasure. I had never had another woman touch me before and it felt good. At school and in my early teens we had masturbated together within our clich?ut we never touched each other.

“Mike she has a lovely pussy spread her legs for me”

Mike did as his wife asked and I felt her rub my clitty mmmmmm this was nice. I was enjoying the feeling of another woman touching my pussy.

Mike then helped Cynthia lie down on the bed beside me and while she played with me I noticed Mike was undressing his wife. Soon she was totally naked by my side in response to her ministering I reached out and touched her pussy.

“Thank you dear” Cynthia said “But I have no feeling don there but thank you all the same.”

I was beginning to enjoy this more and waking up a little as I sat up and started to suckle on her breasts which were larger than mine. She moaned in response which told me she had feeling in those at least.

“Oooooooh Yes “She responded “Play with mommy’s tits”

I continued and as I did Mike had taken his cock out so I asked him to put it in my mouth I stopped sucking on Cynthia’s tits but continued to tweak her nipples. I had a cock in my mouth and a nipple in my fingers and I loved it. This continued for some time until Mike said he wanted to cum. immediately I removed his cock from my mouth and rubbed his shaft up and down. His moans were getting louder and as he was about to cum I aimed his cock at Cynthia’s breasts and his cum splattered all over them. I licked Mikes cock clean.

Mike got off the bed to give me room as I rolled over I started to lick all the cum from Cynthia’s tits and belly. Her pleasure was plain to see and I made sure that not a drop was left.

By this time Cynthia was tired so Mike rolled her over and under the covers where she promptly fell asleep. Mike rolled back on top of me and we kissed and cuddled for ages. When Mike got his stamina back he finally shoved his cock into me. I offered no resistance as he pumped in and out his piston movements sending waves of pleasure through my entire body. I felt the tremor as my orgasm came and I clung tighter to that cock with my cunt muscles squeezing him into my very insides. With a grunt and an Aghhhhhh he unleashed a load of cum inside my cunt walls and he lay there for a while before he went limp and withdrew as he did the sperm oozed out and began dribbling down my legs.

“Pity Cynthia fell asleep” Mike said “She would have loved to clean up that mess

“No bother” I replied and with deft hands I began to scoop the oozing cum out of my pussy and licking it off my hands. And I cleaned his cock by licking that too.

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms lying naked on top of the bed that his wife was sleeping in. When I awoke the sun had gone down and neither Mike nor Cynthia was in the room. I quickly got dressed and wandering through the house I found them in the living room. Amy was there too and smiled as I walked in.

“We didn’t want to disturb you dear” Cynthia said “You looked all but done in and thank you for making my day”

“My pleasure”

Mike handed me a coffee and I drank with pleasure Amy went to fetch her father another one. As she arose I noticed a motif on her panties OMG it was the same as the one I had found in my bathroom. Now was not the time to confront her but I would as soon as I got a chance.

My thoughts were somewhat muddled by my realisation that my lovers daughter was fucking my husband.

“I hope we do this again” Cynthia said “You have the most wonderful pussy”

“And you have magnificent tits” I replied “And yes we will do this again as often as you want”

“You may live to regret those words” Cynthia chuckled but I could see by the gleam in her eyes it was all for a laugh

“You are very lucky having such a virile husband” I replied

“Thank you my dear you will take care of him for me”

“Oh yes I will I promise”

Cynthia sighed with relief and Mike shrugged his shoulders he knew his fate was sealed his wife had spoken and he loved his wife I could tell.

Realising the time I suggested that I be run back home but Cynthia said it was all taken care of and I was stopping the night a bed had been made and that was that. I accepted the offer and we talked some.

Cynthia had cancer it was discovered when she had her accident falling off a horse. She was resigned to her fate knowing that her husband would always remember her but his needs would be met before and after her passing. Also there was Amy to consider and whilst Mike was a good father he had no idea of how girls behaved

“She needs discipline” Cynthia said “I cannot do it because I cannot see what she gets up to and her father is too soft on her”

I knew full well what little Amy got up to but was not going to tell a dying woman that instead I agreed to be a surrogate mother both while Cynthia was alive and after passing. Amy had already gone to bed and so it was agreed that I take over as parent straight away Amy would be informed in the morning. Cynthia wished us both goodnight and went off to her room.

“Mike” I said “Don’t you have to go see your wife into bed

“No” he replied “She sleeps in her clothes I go in the morning and wash and bathe her and change them but she can get on the bed and off by herself”

“Well you better show me to my room then”

“Our room” He replied “When you stay here we shall share the same bed”

That idea sounded fine to me I would get more of his cock. We went to bed and got undressed.

“Oh by the way” he said “I sleep nude hope you do not mind”

I had no nightie so I told him I sleep the same way and we crawled into bed. For once I was glad we did not have sex I had just about had enough for today and my pussy was sore from his cock earlier. He kissed me goodnight but he did not turn his back on me he fell asleep facing me.

I soon went to sleep and slept soundly

Chapter 5

As the sun shone through the window I looked across at my lover who was still asleep. I kissed him on the cheek and left the bed to go the bathroom. As I had no nightie and it was only across the landing I decided to chance it and making sure no one was stirring I made my way across. I had just about reached the bedroom door on the way back when a voice said

“Good morning”

I looked back to see Amy on the landing making her way to the bathroom completely starker’s I drew a breath as I watched her no wonder my husband fucked her she was beautiful her small titted body her hairless little slit wow. Then I caught myself I was getting turned on by a 12 yr old girl.

I checked myself said “Good morning” and went back into the bedroom shutting the door. Mike had risen by now and was stretching out to welcome the new day. I walked up to him and kissed him and he hugged me back. I suddenly had a thought I had no change of clothes and so I reluctantly had to put on yesterdays dress. Mike didn’t notice men never do. Dressing himself he told me to help myself to breakfast while he administered to his wife’s needs.

I offered to help but he politely told me it was not needed and maybe one day but not today. I did not argue but made my way to the kitchen. Amy was there eating Cereal she was still naked.

“Should you not get dressed” I asked her

“No I always eat like this anyways dads sorting mum out I will be out the way by the time they get down”

I let it pass after all I was the interloper and it was her house. I had the opportunity to ask her to explain about her relationship with my husband but seeing as I had just had sex with her mother and father thought better of it. I found what I was looking for and sat and ate breakfast. Amy finished well before I did and left next time I saw her she had clothes on and a few moments later Cynthia and Mike appeared. Amy hung round long enough to get some money from her father and left.

“You spoil her” Cynthia said

Mike shrugged and I saw the merest hint of wickedness as he looked at me and then back to his wife. Cynthia asked me if I slept well and I said I had. Mike came over and gave me a full on kiss with his wife watching and I responded. I saw Cynthia smile. Mike made a play for my ass and I pretended to be shy and we chased around the table like two school-kids until I gave in and he lifted my dress and slapped my bare ass in front of his wife.

“Today being Sunday we will be going to church” Mike informed me “You are welcome to come or wait here till our return”

There seemed little point in sitting alone so I decided to join them then realised I had nothing to wear I was wearing yesterdays dress and it smelled of pussy and cum hardly something to wear to church. Cynthia noticed my dilemma

“Mike goes get her one of those dresses I can’t get into any more”

Mike scooted off and as he did so Cynthia lifted my dress up and started to rub my pussy. I just stood and let her I even opened my legs wider as her hands stroked.

“Remove the dress child” she asked

I did so without hesitation and stood in her kitchen naked with her feeling my pussy and admiring my body. She commented on my young skin and how she wished she was young and beautiful. I told her she still was and I loved her body especially her tits I was so jealous of those. She thanked me for my kindness and continued rubbing my pussy. I felt a nice warm sensation a place of belonging and I let her continue.

Mike was soon back and his jaw dropped watching me standing naked being worked on by his wife. Cynthia never stopped just motioning to Mike to put the dress on the table. When she was finished with me I picked up the dress and put it on. It fitted fine and by the clock on the wall it was time to start for church.

We didn’t use Mikes car to go church he got another one out the garage and I saw why it had adaptations to assist Cynthia in getting in and out and had room to put the wheelchair. She sat in back and I rode up front. Nothing was said on the way to church. We passed a few folk on foot as we reached the church and Mike drove almost up to the door and Cynthia climbed out to be greeted by the minister and a few other folk.

Some I recognised from town and others I had seen in the store but there was one I definitely recognised it was my husband and he was standing next to Amy as his eyes met mine he moved away from her and she scowled. Coming over he asked what I was doing here I replied going to church. He knew I never went church but now I knew where he skulked off to every Sunday. I was greeted by the Minister and I followed Cynthia and Mike inside.

James did not follow us in and looking round I saw no sign of Amy either that was if any was needed the final proof of their liaison. Service over we drifted out gradually no one seemed in a hurry to leave and I mingled making small talk with the people I knew. Reaching the door I saw no sign of James but Amy was there waiting for her lift home as was the custom. Cynthia noticed her dishevelled state at the same time as I did and turning to me she said

“You will have to discipline her when we get home”

Having no ideas how I was to undertake such a task I just agreed and Cynthia seemed pleased.

The ride home was in silence I sat in the back as Amy automatically assumed the front seat.

We reached the house and as mike put away the car Cynthia took me aside and told me the first thing I need to do was assert my authority on Amy or she would run wild since her accident she was unable to and Mike was unwilling to discipline her. If I was to take over as mother I needed to learn. This made sense to me and I concurred. When Mike was in the house Cynthia called for Amy and she came down from her room.

Cynthia explained to Amy that I was to be the new mother and I had to teach her some respect and the lesson was to start immediately. Amy was none too thrilled at hearing this but Cynthia shut her up.

“Since my accident young lady you have not had the correct discipline that you had before do you know what I am talking about?”

Amy nodded her head in sorrow.

“From now on” explained Cynthia “You will obey Kaitlin and take punishment from her and not answer back understood”

Amy nodded

“Very well” said Cynthia “Go prepare yourself”

I wondered what this preparation involved and was about to question Cynthia when Amy came back in her hands cuffed behind her back totally naked and a belt clenched in her teeth. Surely I was not expected to hit the child. As if in answer Amy knelt at my feet Cynthia motioned for me to take the belt and as I did so Amy stood up and place herself over the kitchen table her legs splayed open and her bottom in the air. I looked at Amy then back at her mother.

“You may begin in your own time” Cynthia remarked to me “And do not be gentle”

Amy was beginning to whimper as I raised the belt and bought it down on her ass cheek. Cynthia seemed satisfied that I had applied enough force. I was resigned to stop but Cynthia told me to continue I was instructed to give her 19 more to make 20 in total. As I continued to strike first on one cheek then the other as instructed I could visibly see her cheeks getting redder and redder.

At each stroke the girl would chant thank you mummy. If she failed to say thank you she had to have one more. Satisfied at her daughter’s punishment it was her father’s job to apply the ointment to his daughter’s buttocks which he did with relish and I swear I saw a slight erection. Amy stood still while her father applied the ointment and after he was done she did not move but continued to bend over the table with her ass stuck out.

I wondered why this was until Cynthia started fingering her daughter’s ass. As she played with her I was told that this part was voluntary on my part but Cynthia always did it and I was welcome to continue the custom. As she spoke Amy whimpered at the assault being made on her ass. Cynthia took no notice of her crying and compounded the situation by opening her ass cheeks and inserting a dildo she had in her handbag. As I watched Amy being pounded I could feel my arousal and had to lift my dress and shove a finger in to quell my thirst.

Cynthia noted my state and motioned me to move toward her as I did so I continued to finger my cunt. Amy was allowed to stand back and I was instructed to lie back on the table and spread my legs wide. Amy knew what was required and she bent down once more and started licking my pussy as her mother continued to assault her with the dildo. Mike was not left out he climbed up on the table and I was able with some adjustment in posture to make my mouth available for him to fuck.

Amy was as expert a pussy licker as her mother and soon I began to climax and I felt the first wave take and shake my body. Cynthia had finished her assault on Amy and had moved around to watch Mike fuck my mouth. A second wave hit me and I was out of control I gushed fluids right into amyls face and mouth and I felt good. Not so long after Mike shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could. Amy then stood up leaving my pussy and moved toward her father where she proceeded to lick his cock clean to the satisfaction of her mother.

Sated we all needed to take a breath and Cynthia took the keys out her bag and unlocked Amy’s cuffs. It had been an amazing time and as Mike’s cock slipped out of Amy’s mouth she had a grin on her face. Mike kissed his daughter then his wife then me in that order. We all got dressed except for Cynthia who never undressed and Mike got his keys and went to the garage to get the car ready to take us all to dinner.

This time Amy took the back seat as we drove off and as I turned round she was leaning into her mother’s arms. Cynthia gently kissed Amy on the forehead as we drove and I reflected on what had happened and a satisfied grin came to my face. Feeling a little more confident as we waited for Cynthia to get out the car I took Amy to one side and asked her if she knew who I was. She nodded yes I was James wife. I asked her why she was going out with a married man and she looked at me and said well you are. I had no answer to that.

Amy went on to tell me that James had told her I was frigid in bed and did not like sex. At first she was scared because he took her virginity but after that she loved it and because she was doing him a service it was fine. They had been seeing each other since she was 11 and it became a habit when I was working late she would come into the house. James would pick her up and bring her home and they had sex in every room including my bed. At least she was open about it and considering what we had just done I could not be mad at her.

We had dinner and talked about stuff in general and we drove back to my place after depositing Cynthia back home. Amy came with us and as we drove we hatched a plan. James was not home yet and as we waited we put the plan into action. First I packed a few clothes in a small case and Mike took it out to the car. When he came back in I was ready for him I was tied to the bed which Amy had expertly done but if I wanted I could easily free myself. I was completely naked and Mike soon stripped off. He started by fingering my pussy and eating my cunt out I was wriggling like I was afraid but this was all an act and I played the frigid part to perfection.

Mike was yelling at me to shut up bitch and slapping my tits and pussy Amy was out of sight We heard James car pull up and we went to town on our performance as I heard James enter the kitchen I let out a scream and Mike yelled take this whore at me and James walked in on the scene. He was about to hit Mike when all of a sudden from her hiding place out popped Amy completely nude as planned. James was stunned at the situation he found himself in. I had my chance and I grabbed it.

Before he could utter a word I told him yes I fucked my boss, his wife and daughter and if he didn’t like it I could order Amy to stop fucking him, but if he cooperated I was happy for him to continue fucking Amy as after all I was her new Mother.

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