My Wife Thinks She Played Around

Drunken Wife Gets So Plastered Shes Not Sure What Happened

It was about 1.30am I heard the taxi roll up outside, it was my wife Helen returning.Once a month or so she has a night out with the girls where they usually have a meal a few drinks and hit the nightclubs for the rest of the night.

I was still up watching TV, she walked in absolutly plastered.

“How was your night?” I asked

“Interesting” She slurred back as she plonked herself on the rug on the floor in front of the column heater and went on to tell me how she had met a guy called Mark at the last club they had been to. That he brought drinks and she danced with him and even closley when the DJ decided to play a slow number and about how he ground his crotch up to hers and she could feel his thick erect shaft through his pants and that he had said in his deep voice suggested they return to his place for a “right royal fucking” as he had put it.Which she had declined even though she thought he was a “sexy bloke”.

I got up to put the jug on when I returned she was sound asleep on the floor. She looked both so peaceful and sexy lying there in her strapless black mini curled up, her large firm breasts had erect nipples and her tight little ass wriggled a little when I stroked her long black hair and ran my hand down her back.I looked at her tanned waxed legs with desire. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra and only a lace black g-string under that dress.Even at 25 she still has to carry I.D to get into clubs as shes mistaken for someone younger quite often mainly due to her having a young face and being only five foot one tall. I couldn’t wake her so I left her there with the heater on and retired to bed.

About an hour later I awoke with a start from what I can best describe as an erotic nightmare.The dream went a little like this. I had walked down a hall way to find Helens black dress and g-string lying on the floor I picked them up and continued to the room at the end and opened the door. I stood there in total shock to see Helen about to reverse cowgirl some other man ,who I did not know.He was about 40 years old about six foot five with a muscular body which was shaved except for a triangle of thick pubic hair above his shaved balls and cock shaft his dick looked about 11 inches long and way too big to fit into Helens tight little box.He was lying on his back with his massive erect shaft in his hand guiding it to my wifes shaved pussy as she rocked on the tip of his cock which was glistening with precum spreading her pussy lips for it. She looked over at me with lust in her eyes and said “Sorry love but I got to have Marks cock now” Without another word and like I didn’t exist she lowered herself down on his cock. I could see how it stretched her pussy wide open as he slid in balls deep and grabbed her hips and started to pump her up and down to meet her rocking and grinding. Helen looked to be in both pain and heaven at the same time.As she arched her back in orgasm I could see his balls pulsating as his seed pumped into her womb and dibbled out of her pussy I woke up.

So I sat there for a few minutes getting over the shock and realise I have an erection that just wont go away so I got up removed my boxers and headed out to the living room careful to leave the lights off.

Once there I stood there for a few minutes letting my eyes adjust to the dark and knelt down behind Helen with one hand I carefully undid her zipper on the back of her dress while gently rubbing her ass and riding her dress up at the same time.

She was still out to it so pulled the top of her dress down gently untill her tits popped out licked my fingers on one hand and started to gently pinch her nipples they were erect in a few seconds. I turned attention to her g-string at first pulling down one side, she then lifted herself up a little and allowed me to completly remove them.While I was kneeling there planning my next move I suddenly felt her hand wrap around my cock and started to stroke it, now i was getting somewhere.I bent over and grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her into the doggiestyle position she moved willingly by now she had let go of my dick and I was poised behind her with her ass in the air as she waited for my dick.

I started to rub my cockhead up and down her hole and over her clit, she was wet and ready, I inserted the head of my cock and gripped one hand on one ass cheek and the other on to one of her hips and I was down on one knee (which I don’t normally do) suddenly she murmered “Who is it?” so just for a laugh I said in my deepest voice “Mark”.

With that she started to rock back towards my dick so I obliged by pushing my erect cock into her balls deep, taking my hand of her ass and putting it on to her other hip I started to withdraw until I was nearly out the sank back into her.

Our pace quickened until I was sawing in and out of her like a piston.Suddenly she saying “Oh Mark fuck me,fuck me” instead of stopping I pick up the pace, “Make the most of it”, she panted “I’m married,you wearing a condom?” I my deepest voice again I said “NO” she replied without slowing down “Just please don’t cum in me,OK?” all I said was “Mmmmmm”. “I’m cumming” she blurted out , I couldn’t hold off any more,I shot the first two squirts of semen deep into her womb then pulled out and shot the rest all over her ass.“Oh you dirty beast” she said “I could feel your hot cum filling my pussy” With that she collapsed and went back to sleep.

I grabbed her g-string off the floor mopped a little bit of jizz of her ass, leaving the rest to dry where it had landed and stuck them in her hand bag the pulled her dress back down and pulled it back up over her bresats and zipped her up put a blanket on her and a pillow under her head and left her there til morning.

I woke up put the coffee pot on and went into the living room with coffees in hand “Morning dear” I said “Looks like you had a rough night.You came in ,passed out and I couldn’t move you.” Helen stirred and looked around “I’m home?” she said “Yes you said you’d be in 1.00-1.30 but you didn’t roll up until about 3.30 I think” I said “I found you out here so put a blanket and pillow down for you”

Helen sat up and realised that dried semen was sticking her dress to her ass and her lower back she went bright red “Is everything OK I asked?”. “Um yeah fine- I think” she replied. “I think you must of had a nightware or something Helen, I heard you yelling something about a guy named Mark or something”. “Really?” she said going red again.

She was very quiet for the rest of the weekend but soon got back into life in general, I’ve noticed she doesn’t come home quite so late or drunk these days either.

I supposed I’ll tell her the truth one day.

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