My Time With Dany Part 2 Dany'S Sister

Gabby Comes Home And Dany Hatches A Plan To Teach Her A Lesson

In the morning I woke up and looked around, I was alone in Dany’s bed. I stood up and put on my jeans and shirt and walked into the kitchen, Dany was making breakfast as I walked in “smells good.” I said, she smiled and said “probably tastes better, she put the pan down and walked over and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeply she separated and continued I sat down at the table and watched her work. When she was done and we finished eating we were about to watch a movie when the front door banged open and Dany’s twin sister, gabby, walked in, now where gabby was dark skinned from track and her time in the sun her sister was naturally dark, taking after their father, her hair was cut short to her shoulders, and she always acted like she was superior to everyone, she hated me the instant she saw me, her chest was bigger then her sisters, she walked in and glared at me “you’re here again?” she said a look of disgust in her eye’s “when will you actually get cool friends Danielle?”

Dany glared at her sister “he’s not my friend, he’s my boyfriend.” She said

Gabby snorted in disgust “that’s even worse for you, and mom and dad told you no boy’s were allowed in the house, your in so much trouble when they get home.” She walked down the hall and went into her room slamming the door.

“God I hate how she is now” Dany said ‘always acting like she’s better then me, I swear I wish I could put her in her place,” she put the pan on the counter and I saw an idea hatching in her head, “maybe I can” she said, and explained her plan to me, it was brilliant in my mind and I agreed readily to do help her with it. After we ate I left with Dany making me promise to come back tonight, I did and left, smiling at what we were planning to do.

That night I came over I knocked on the door and gabby answered it “ugh you again,” she grumbled and walked away from the door “I’ll be in my room” she said and slammed her door

Dany walked out and said “you ready?” she had a mischievous smile on her face

“Oh yeah” I said

“Let me get changed ” she said and jumped into her room closing he door, I waited for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes she came back out in an outfit I knew she had just barely bought, a two piece bikini suit with a push up bra that didn’t really cover her entire boob, showing the tops of her nipples, and an equally revealing thong both were black leather, she also had on knee high leather boots and netting that covered her stomach and arms “lets go” she said and walked over to Gabby’s room, she knocked on the door and gabby answered “what the hell are you wearing!” gabby shouted then I heard Dany push her sister onto the bed and heard the sound of something clicking, I walked in and saw that Dany had latched Gabby’s arm onto the head board with some handcuffs, gabby laid face down

“What the hell are you doing!” gabby shouted but she didn’t sound scared, more curious then anything else.

Teaching you a lesson” Dany said latching her other wrist to the headboard Dany looked over at me and said “take off her clothes”

I walked over and took out a pocket knife and cut through Gabby’s shirt as I did I felt her shutter underneath me as her shirt fell away revealing that she didn’t have on a bra, Dany walked over and pinched one of Gabby’s nipples, making Gabby try to turn away from Dany with another shutter “take off her pants,” Dany said

I quickly undid her pant buckle and slid her pants off I put my hand on her panties “hey look Dany she’s getting turned on by this, she’s completely soaked,”

Gabby had turned red, in truth she had always dreamed of this happening to her, but she never thought her own sister and her stupid friend to be the ones to do it,

“well then “Dany said “lets cut the crap and give her what she wants” she walked over to a bag and pulled out a 24 inch black double sided dildo and walked over to her sister she slapped her sister hard a few times on the ass gabby groaned and looked back at her sister, “nice panties sis” she said and ripped them off “and look your still a virgin, surprise surprise” she rubbed the head of the dildo to her sisters tight slit Gabby looked at her shocked “you’d really do that to me!” she shrieked

Dany looked at her and said “yep” and shoved the plastic cock halfway in,

Gabby almost screamed in pain and pleasure as the plastic toy ripped into her again she wasn’t scared, but was really turned on

“are you going to join in?” Dany asked me

“if you’ll let me’ I said smiling , Dany grinned and said “go see how good she can suck” she said “I’ll take care of her cunt”

I walked over to Gabby’s head and got in between her and the head board and pulled down my pants my cock standing at attention

Gabby looked at it, her eye’s wide “y-y-your not putting that thing in my mouth are you?” she asked

I smiled and said “oh yes I am”

Gabby shook her head “I’ll tolerate my sister doing this to me but if you think for a second that I’ll open my mouth for a nerdy queer like you then you have another thing coming,” she said and closed her mouth tightly

Dany saw her do this and shoved the dildo deep into her sister making gabby open her mouth in shock, instantly I shoved my dick into her mouth making gabby gag she looked up at me in shock but I saw something else in her eye’s: pleasure.

Almost as soon as I put my dick into her mouth she started sucking bobbing her head on my dick

“Wow sis you really are a slut aren’t you?” gabby said laughing she started going quicker with the dildo pumping it in and out of her sisters body

‘MMPFH MMPFH” she gagged out still sucking on my dick I grabbed her head and started pulling her head closer. I kept going bucking my hips into her mouth after a few minutes I felt Gabby tense up then relax with a big shutter “UUNGH” she mumbled around my cock as she peaked, her doing this made me fuck her mouth faster and faster until I felt my balls tighten and I exploded in her mouth. I pulled out and shot a few strands onto her face, she swallowed what was in her mouth and scrape off the strands on her face and ate them greedily

“Who knew you were a nympho Gabby” Dany said going through the bag again “I don’t even think we need the handcuffs anymore”

“No, no you don’t!” gabby said, “I need this, it feels so good!”

Dany smiled and said to me “go try out her pussy” she said and kissed me I nodded smiling and walked over to her sister “get underneath her” she told me undoing Gabby’s handcuffs gabby got off the bed and waited for me to sit down, Lust burning in her eye’s

I sat down and brought gabby up and put her down on my newly erected cock she sat down on it and gasped ‘oh god yes!” she said and started bouncing on top of me, I grabbed her hips and brought her down quicker and faster while thrusting my hips up, as we went I heard a gasp from the corner of the room and saw Dany shoving half of the dildo up her cunt and tying a strap on to keep it in place, the other ten inches of the dildo stood straight at attention and Dany walked over to the bed and got on,

Gabby was still having the ride of her life when she felt something prod her back entrance she looked back and saw her sister right behind her, poking her tight asshole with the thick head. “Hey sis” she said and shoved the dildo into her ass

“OH MY GOD!” gabby shouted at the top of her lungs as the dildo went halfway in, Dany slowly worked the last inches in and when she got it all the way in started to thrust into her sister, started bouncing gabby on me again, still thrusting and bringing her down hard Gabby was gasping for breath at the amount of pleasure she was getting by getting double teamed she reached another orgasm and blacked out, I thrusted into her, the extra lubrication making me go quicker then before, and before I blew my load I pulled out and again shot it in her face

Gabby didn’t even try to lick off the cum on her face, she fell to her hands and knees and grunted as she got fucked by her own sister,

I walked around and watched Dany fuck her sisters ass I stroked my dick until it was erect again and got behind Dany and whispered in her ear “can’t let you have all the fun” and lodged my cock into her ass, Dany gave a loud gasp as I entered her anus and started slowly working my way in soon I got all the way in and started ass fucking her relentlessly making her plow into Gabby quicker, gabby put her fingers between her legs and started masturbating going as quick as her hand could go, we all worked in sync until both gabby and Dany let out a gasp and shutter and collapsed onto each other, I pulled out of Dany and put my dick into Gabby’s mouth and exploded inside of her mouth, I collapsed next to Dany and we laid on the bed for a few minutes too tired to speak, Gabby was the first to talk

“Oh my god…that was amazing!” she said clearly thrilled “I can’t believe you guy’s knew my fantasy” she started talking rapidly how we did everything she wanted us to, I just smiled and held Dany, gabby looked at us and said “I’ll sleep in the living room tonight” and put on some clothes and left

I looked down at Dany “so you think it worked?” I asked

“Oh yeah” she said sleepily, “I guess things turned out just right,”

‘Yeah” I said “Just right” and both of us fell asleep clutching to each other, under the covers.

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