My Time With Dany (Part 1 Revised)

Two Long Time Friends Discover Some Feelings For Each Other

Me and Dany go way back, we met when we were in Kindergarden and have remained close for who know’s how long, this year was when I really started to get interested in her, I noticed she had developed more, her chest jutting out, her butt getting bigger, she was skinny, but in an attractive way, kept fit from her years in track, her raven black hair reaching to the middle of her back, and her skin dark and tan from the time out in the sun. watching her run always’s made me wanna jerk off but I always’s fought those thoughts, since she was one of my best friends, but that temptation was there, and it was met one night when we were having a movie night,

That night we were sitting on the couch as usual watching some movie she had wanted to watch. as we watched she started talking to me “you know I just broke up with my boyfriend,” she said “he was being such an asshole.” I looked at her and said “well, he’s always’s been an asshole you just barely noticed it now,” she looked thoughtful then nodded her head “yeah, but he wanted me to do it with him, and I wasn’t ready for that.” On hearing this I almost jumped up to go find this guy, but dany stopped me grabbing my arm and pulling me close to her “it’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just didn’t want to do it with him” she said softly,her face’s inches away from mine, “so-so who did you want to do it with?” I asked stupidly,she smiled and gave me a long, passionate kiss, “does that answer your question stupid?” she asked smiling, I looked at her stunned that she had done that, she realy felt the same way, I leaned in and kissed her again and we were off, the movie forgotten we sat their for half an hour making out on the sofa we stopped when she tried to take off my shirt and said “my parents are out of town for the week, and my sister’s at her friends house til the morning”her saying this made me want her so bad, so I picked her up and carried her into her room

I’d been their before but not like this,I put her on the bed and quickly took off her shirt exposing her C cup breasts, she hadn’t worn a bra that night, she unbuckled her pants and slid them off showing her big round ass in a tight red G string, this made me loose it and I got on top of her kissing her neck and collar bone working my way down to her boobs,I put my hand down between her legs and into her panties, I started slowly rubbing her wet hot pussy and sucked on her tit, “yes” she moaned “yes just like that, keep going” not needing anymore encouragement I put two fingers into her soaked twat and started going in and out, “YES” she moaned louder and pulling me closer, as I went she suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled it out of her thong and said “I want you in me, NOW!”

She unbuckled my pants and let them fall to my knee’s, I took off my underwear, showing my seven inch rock hard dick. She looked at it and put a hand on it “It’s so big” she said and started licking it “can’t wait to feel this inside me, but first lets get it ready” she put my cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head,shoving my cock deep into her mouth until she had the entire thing in their, I groaned in pure ectasy and put my hands on her head pulling her closer to me and having her engulf my manhood, making my balls slap onto her chin, after a few minutes of this I felt myself starting to lose it “oh shit” I said “I’m about to…” I stopped as I exploded shooting my hot cum down her throat she stopped and stood up whipping some drool off her chin “well now it’s time for you to return the favor” she said and took off her Thong and exposing (finally) her bald teen pussy, she sat down on the bed and spread her legs open, I knelt down and started eating her out “yes, yeah keep going, just like that” she said in pure ecstasy, she started playing with her boobs, twisting her own nipple, I kept going and jabbed my tongue in and out of her soaking wet twat, “oh my god!” she almost screamed as tongue fucked her I kept going until I was almost certain she was about to peak then I stopped. She groaned and looked at me, her eye’s pleading, I straddled her waist and said “now it’s time to finish this” and lined up my rehardened dick with her Pussy “please be a little gentle” she said “I’m still a virgin,” I nodded and entered her slowly, she grimaced in pain and cried out when I broke through her wall, she cried a little and I almost pulled out but she said “no keep going” I slowly started to move in and out, then picked up my spead after awhile her look of pain turned to a look of pleasure,and I went faster and faster, my balls slapping against her ass,“YES! OH YES KEEP GOING!” She screamed holding onto the sheets of the bed as I buried my cock balls deep into her sopping cunt, I kept going and she finally peaked “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” she shouted and I felt her juices coat my cock and she collapsed on the bed breathing hard,before she could say anything I turned her around and had her get on her hands and knee’s, then I entered her cunt again and kept going “oh…my…god…” she said saying each word as I thrust into her, she held onto the headboard as I picked up speed, she looked back at me with lust in her eye’s and she said “keep thrashing me baby, I’ve been a bad girl,” I kept going and said “you have been a bad girl, and bad girls need a spanking” as I said this I gave her left ass cheek a stinging slap, she yelped and moaned, I kept going until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I buried my cock into her pussy and shot a load of my cum into her, at the same time she peaked again and collapsed onto the bed, I laid down beside her, my cock still buried in her cunt, “I love you” she said softly “ever since we met” I smiled, having always’s wanted to hear her say that, I kissed her and we fell asleep holding each other

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