My Sex Encounter With Female Car Customer

I was working as a sales manager at a car dealer shop. On this day, a young and smart girl, probably in her 30’s came into the dealership to buy a low-priced car for getting her to and from her job at a motel where she worked in housekeeping. After a quick presentation of an older model Ford Escort, she agreed to a price on the condition that the car drove alright. I got in the car with her, Jaya was her name, and we headed out onto the highway.

Jaya was pleased with the car and besides it was the only one I had that she could afford with the small amount of cash that she had. Yeah, she exclaimed, I think I like this and I know it would get good gas mileage. I’ll take it. By the way, Vijay, are you married? No, I’m divorced. I replied, “How about you?” “Oh, I’ve got a live-in, but I’m sort of getting tired of him, and he won’t work to help pay expenses. He’s on the way out but doesn’t know it yet.” I was surprised at her frankness with her personal life at this point, but I let her go on. “You know, I kind of like you, do you think we could get together for a little fun?” “What did you have in mind?” I asked. “Well, I work at a motel and clean rooms. When I change the sheets on the beds, you almost always smell the scent of sex in the sheets; it’s a real turn-on sometimes. I’ll bet we could mess up some sheets together.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was suspicious that she was setting me up for a sexual harassment charge and would claim that I offered her a better deal on the car if she put out. The temptation was there, but I couldn’t take the chance. We headed back to the lot and completed the deal in a few minutes. When it came time for her to take delivery, I had just completed putting the temporary tag in the back window, when she asked again, “Well, Vijay, what do you think about going over to the motel, where I work? I can get a room for an hour or two for no charge.”

I was the manager, so I could leave pretty much whenever I wanted so I got Jaya to tell me which motel it was, and I agreed to meet her in one hour. Not to leave any detail unattended to, Jaya said, “I’ll park my new car in front of the room on the main level, so that way, you’ll know which room I’m in, and don’t be too long; I don’t think I can wait much longer.” I’m 45 years old and I had never had such a brazen proposition in my life. As a matter of fact I guess I was always the one who had to proposition the opposite sex, usually to be turned down, you know, the way it is in the real world. My heart rate had picked up considerably and I could feel my heart beating faster by the minute. I could also feel the throbbing in my dick also getting faster by the minute. I didn’t want to wait much longer either.

I arrived at the motel inside of an hour and had no trouble finding her car, and the motel was almost deserted at 1:00 in the afternoon, since it was after check-out time. Jaya answered the door immediately and beckoned me inside. She closed and locked the door, as I turned to face her. Jaya walked up to within inches of me and said, “Vijay, I’m so glad you came, I was afraid my forward manner might have scared you off. I’m sorry about that, It’s just that, well, I haven’t had any loving’ from that jackass boyfriend of mine in a month, and I’m not in the mood to fool around. And besides, I think you’re kind of cute. I got my car, and now I’m going to get something else I want. You got any objections; I don’t want to rape you or anything. I’m not that bad to look at am I?” No she wasn’t bad to look at. She wasn’t anybody’s fantasy woman or anything, and she wasn’t much in the chest department. But, fortunately, I’m not that much of a tit man. I like them, but I can make do with whatever they’ve got to offer. Jaya’s forward attitude was turning me on. “NO, Baby, you’re not bad to look at, and I’m about to find out how you really look, when I get these clothes off of you. And, oh yeah, your direct approach is working. I’m going to be direct with you. Get out of those clothes and get yourself ready for a good, hard fucking. That’s what you want isn’t it?” I was getting the impression she liked it quick and to the point.

Jaya stepped back a foot or so and reached down and grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head in one fluid motion. “Well, now you know I don’t have big tits, are you sorry you came?” No, Baby, you’ve got nipples, that’s all I need, now what else have you got?” Jaya answered my question by undoing her jeans and sliding them quickly down her slender legs standing there only in bikini panties now.

Then Jaya moved closer again and started unbuttoning my shirt. Then went for the belt buckle and had my zipper down in seconds. She reached into my briefs and pried my already hard cock out into the open. “Now, you know that I don’t have a big cock,” I said. Jaya dropped to her knees and ran her hand up and down the entire six inches and she made me feel better about my average cock just the way I did about her lack of endowment. “I don’t know, it looks better than what I’m used to and, what the Hell, I’m here and you’re here. I think we can work with this. What is it you guys always say, ‘Any more than a mouthful is waste’. Let’s see if I waste any of this cock.” With that she slipped the head into her mouth and started to suck in her breath as it slipped further into her mouth until her lips reached the bottom of the shaft. After her mouth and tongue made about a dozen wonderful trips up and down my hardon, she let the head slip back out of her mouth and a stream of precum and saliva left a trail straight from the tip back to her lips. She sucked her breath in and the stream disappeared into her mouth to be swallowed effortlessly, no gagging, and no hesitation. Jaya smiled up at me, “Now we know it fits in my mouth. I wonder where else it would fit. I don’t know why you men are so hung up on size anyway. Any woman will tell you the best fucks are the ones that feel comfortable inside.”

I took hold of Jaya’s arm and guided her to the bed which had already been turned down. I guess that was part of her housekeeping service. I suppose she had turned down a lot of beds. Jaya lay back on the big double bed and smiled seductively as I jerked my shirt off to be followed by the rest of my clothes. I could have let her take them off, but I thought I could do it faster and I wasn’t wasting any time now. Jaya raised her arms up to meet me as I crawled on top of her slender frame for my first close-up of her snatch, after removing the bikini panties and throwing them in the floor with the rest of my clothes. “I should have shaved it for you, shouldn’t I?” I replied, “Oh, I don’t know, I kind of like ‘me with hair, it’s so natural”. I brushed my fingers through the blonde curly hairs and breathed in so as to catch any aroma from her cunt. She had just the faintest pussy smell even with my nose close to her snatch. I continued crawling up until we were face to face and kissed her for the first time. We went straight for French kissing and I sucked her tongue as deep into my mouth as I could. She had a relatively long tongue that seemed to reach the back of my throat. She would make a good lesbian I thought; some girl would love that long tongue.

I then moved my attention to her relatively flat chest and sucked on each of her erect nipples. She had nice nipples that you could flick easily with your tongue. Jaya arched her back and turned her head sideways, “Oh, Honey, that’s it, suck on that nipple, I love that. Oh, God, yes do the other one too.” I responded by sucking the other nipple as hard as I could without hurting her. “Yeah, that’s it, not too hard, ummmhh, you’ve done this before haven’t you?” Jaya breathing harder moaned with pleasure, “That’s enough tit sucking, I can’t take any more, please fuck me now. You don’t have to eat me, I’m already wet and you don’t know me very well. Just fuck me dam it! I looked up through her erect nipples to reply, “No way, you’re not leaving this room until you’ve had the full treatment, so just lie there and take it. Just remember you asked for it.” Jaya was still gasping for breath just from having her tits sucked, “Oh fuck, Ok, show me what you can do.” Not to deny her any of her fantasy, I dived into her snatch like we had been lovers for a year. It tasted like most other pussy, no better and no worse. I found her clit with my tongue and pressed the tip of my tongue hard against her hot spot and massaged it as Jaya moaned, “OHHH Dammmm, you fucker, you’ve done this before…..haven’t you?” Jaya had one hand on the back of my head pressing it even harder into her pussy, while the other hand grabbed hold of a bunch of sheets and almost pulled them loose from the mattress. “You’re going to make me cum, I hope you ahhhh, ahhhhh

like the taste of aghhhhh pussy juice, and you’re uuuuhhhh going to get some. OOOOHHHHH, EEEEEAAAAAHHHHH, fuck yes, yes, yes!! Jaya was a highly vocal lover, and I was glad there appeared to be no cars parked at the adjacent rooms. As Jaya screamed her way through an intense orgasm that made me proud of myself, I finished by running my tongue a couple of times in and out of her cunt finding it relatively tight for a 30 year old woman. I didn’t even know if she had any kids, but it seemed that not much of any size had ever passed through this hole, I thought. She was right about one thing, she gave me an impressive load of pussy juice which was now smeared all over the sides of my face and the insides of her thighs making them glisten provocatively. Not one to be selfish I shared the juice with her by giving he another really wet French kiss, making sure she tasted her juice, she responded by rubbing her face against mine as if to wipe the juice off onto her face. This gal did everything right.

Jaya was not satisfied yet, “OK lover you ate my pussy, now fuck me! No more fooling around, I want that cock, make me feel it.!” I positioned the head of my throbbing cock against the opening of her wet pussy hole and pushed against her lips; Jaya lifted her knees and spread herself wide like she was taking a monster. Her eyes rolled back in her head as my shaft sank ever deeper into her love hole, as she moaned, “AAAHHHHH damn, that’s bigggg, easy Lover, let me get used to ahhhh

the size of that thing. UUUMMMM OK, you can do it now. AAAAHHHH fuck meeeee!!!!!

Throw my legs over my head, OOHHHH”. I obliged her by grabbing the backs of her thighs and literally pinned her to the bed and pounded her small frame as hard as I could as her legs thrashed in the air above my back until she came again, locking her ankles above my ass and hammered my ass cheeks hard with her ankles. “Fuck yes, yes, yes, oh don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, and that’s it, yeeahh, right there!!!!! Damn you, damn you!!! I don’t know why she was cursing me, but what the hell. She was enjoying it and so was I. I released a load of cum into her and collapsed on top of her. Jaya was still gasping for breath and I was too. Jaya gradually got her breath back, “Now you’ve done it. You made me cum, now I’m gonna want that all the time. I hope you’re not a one timer.” I rolled off of her to allow her to get her breath. “I can usually get it up for another session with a little help from you.” My cock was softer but still somewhat erect as she moved over top of me and lowered her face to my dick and let it slide into her mouth, sucking aggressively on the head and drawing the full length into her mouth only to let it slide back out almost all the way and then back down again. I was getting the impression she liked it a little rough and so I yelled, “You Bitch; you’ve done this before haven’t you?” Jaya replied just by smiling at me as she dipped her head down again for another go at my rod. I wanted to give her some of the same encouragement she had given me, “That’s it, yeah, OHHHH suck that dick, you know how, show me how much you learned from your other lovers damn it. Suck hard if you want some more!” Jaya was making sucking and slurping sounds now as she devoured my cock like the whore she probably was. Whores do have their place and this was certainly the time.

When my cock reached the back of her throat again like our earlier oral sexcapade, she rolled off and got on all fours. “Alright, get back on, I want it, you know how I want it! I know what you’re thinking, but not in my ass. I don’t do that, I could never take that big cock in that hole, don’t even think about it.” I hadn’t really thought about it, but I was thinking about it now that she had called my attention to it, but I settled for her pussy one more time as my swollen, throbbing head entered her again to her moans of ecstasy. “OOOHHH, you feel bigger than before, I like, I love it, oh damn that’s good, it’s even deeper than before, don’t hold out on me baby, give it all to me, hard now. Son of a Bitch!!!!!!!! Jaya was shrieking as I picked up the pace and hammered her ass with my hips, my cock reaming her pussy, I didn’t care if I ripped her wide open. I was able to keep this up for a good while since I had already cum once before. Jaya was almost out of breath again, “OOOOHHH yeah, you’re a good fucker! Let me up, ahhhhh, I want to get on top, I want to fuck you gooood! I want to cum when I’m on top of you so I get all that juice on you; I want to mess you up good!” I couldn’t argue with that so I let her have one last hard thrust. “UUUUHHHH that’s enough of that, now let’s see what I can do to you,” Jaya exclaimed. “On your back stud, let’s see you take it now.” I couldn’t believe the aggressiveness of this little gal, she had the attitude of a man when it came to sex. I’ll bet she lost her virginity when she was young and just never got enough. It must have changed her life forever, no more dolls, just dicks.

Well, that sounds good anyway.

I rolled over on my back with her on top of m almost instantly. She looked almost angry as she stroked my dick in her hand, getting it ready for another ride. I was glad I was able to give one of my better performances; I would hate to have to deal with this girl if I had been unable to perform for her. She scrutinized my cock and, when satisfied that it was as big as it was going to get, she climbed on. She threw one of her skinny thighs across me and positioned her cunt lips on either side of my cock and then sank down all the way. When seated firmly on my hips, her head fell back all the way, and she started rocking back and forth on my shaft, jerking her hips harder and harder, grating her hips as though she almost wanted to break my dick off inside her, so she could take it home with her and use it later. “Easy, Baby, not so rough, my dick’s too hard to bend much, thanks to you.” “Shut the fuck up” Jaya moaned, “This is my turn and I’ll tell you what’s too rough. You fuckers are all alike, you like it your way. Well, take this!” Jaya started raising up off my dick almost to the point of separation and then slamming down hard on my rod. “Yeah, I like it rough, now you know, so hate me!!!!

I’m still giving you the best fuck you ever had and you know it! Just enjoy it!” She was right about that, this was the best fuck I could ever remember, maybe even better than my first. If you could pick the last fuck you would ever get in your life, you’d want it to be this one. Jaya looked as though every muscle in her body was tensed, “I’m almost there, don’t cum yet! I’m almost there…..get ready for it……I’m going to mess you up.

AHHHHHHH, EHHHHHHH, AGGGGHHHHHH,” her eyes rolled back in her head again and I knew this was the time. I lifted her up off my cock and thrust my hands behind the cheeks of her ass and let her entire weight slam down on my nose and mouth, all I could see was pussy hair as Jaya let out a shriek and gushed warm tangy juice all over my nose and mouth, drenching me with it. She liked the taste of her own juice, evidently, since she collapsed on me face to face and started French kissing me again. “OOOOHHHH, you Bastard, you see what you made me do? I told you I’d mess you up, now do you, AAAA HHHH, and believe me?”

She had cum before I could orgasm, so I still had one trick up my sleeve. “You know what you said a while ago, about not being able to take it in your ass? How do you know, have you ever tried?” Jaya, gasping for breath replied, “Now, don’t start that, just because you fucked my pussy twice, that doesn’t mean I owe you a piece of my ass too, I told you I don’t do that!!” I wasn’t to be denied so I keep insisting. “I’ll be gentle; I’ve done a couple of gals in the ass who didn’t think they could do it, now they beg for it. You gotta try. Jaya gave in a little easier than I had suspected. “Alright, but you have to stop if I say so. I swear, if you hadn’t just given me two screaming orgasms I’d tell you to fuck off, but I’ll try it just this once. But stick it in just a little at a time until I tell you to stop, and if it gets messy, just remember, ‘It was your idea’.” Jaya got back into the doggie style position and turned her head back toward me to see what I was doing. I positioned my cock against her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down to get some of her pussy juice for lubrication. I rose up slightly and positioned my cockhead against her asshole. Jaya started moaning, “I can feel it, I feel it…..easy…..I can feel the head in my ass. Damn, how did you get it in there so quick? AAAAGGGHHH, not much more, not much, I can’t UUUUHHHHHH take it! HUHHHH, HUHHHHHH, OOOHHHH, ” I knew she was liking it more than she thought, so I started to move back and forth slowly, letting the length penetrate her a little more with each stroke. I’d have given anything to be able to see the look on Jaya’s face as she took my six inches deeper with each thrust. “I guess you’re glad I don’t have a big cock now aren’t you?” I grabbed her hips and thrust a little harder now, picking up speed until my entire length was disappearing into her rump. Jaya was gasping for breath now, “OOOOHHH, NOOOOOOO, and OOOOOHHH YEESSSS! OOOH FUCK, THAT’S BIGGGGG!!! Hurry up and finish, I AHHHHGGG can’t take much…..more of…..this ass is starting to get sore. If you want to cum in my ass, do it now, DOOOO IIITTTTT NOWWW! “What else could I do? I let go with a load of sperm into Jaya’s ass, letting my limp cock slide out a lot easier than it went in, and then collapsed onto a gasping Jaya. “OHHHH you kinky fucker, my ass had better not be bleeding, or you’re in trouble. I couldn’t have taken another quarter of an inch… help me…..OOOOHHHH!! I’m glad that’s over, even if I did enjoy it a little. I hope you’re happy now. I guess you know you’re not sticking your dick back in my pussy now, don’t you? I reassured her, “You don’t think I could get it up again after that do you?” Jaya got up off the bed and headed to the bathroom to check out her ass for damage. To her surprise, there was no blood, just a healthy flow of cum dripped from her asshole.

I was still lying on the bed when Jaya came out of the bathroom; she had regained some of her composure. “Well, this has been some day; I get a new car and a terrific fuck all in the same day.” I told her it was a session I would never forget and that was for sure. We dressed and left the motel with both being satisfied.

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