My Life As A Prostitute (The Beginning...)

For a long time now I wanted to open up and share my past life. I don’t have many friends, nor family, and as time goes by I feel this urge to tell my story.

I am not ashamed of my past. I know I am a prostitute and was used in ways no wife or girlfriend would ever imagine existed, nor would they ever think that men could degrade women in such ways! But I want to go forward with my life, to open a new chapter and go on.

I was a very young teen when I had my first man. I was living with an aunt at the time, since my parents were divorced and did not have much time for me. I could practically do as I pleased with my aunt; she did not care what I did as long as I didn’t bring her any problems. She was ok, but never gave me much money to spend. I always looked in envy at my school friends who dressed in such stylish clothes, which I could not afford.

One night, shortly after my birthday, I was hanging out by myself at the mall, when this man came up to me and started talking. He was tall and handsome, and was dressed in expensive clothes. We laughed together at some jokes and invited me to the food court. I was surprised that such a man would show interest in me, and felt flattered. So I said yes and we had a bite to eat. As we talked he told me I was very cute and what was I doing by myself at the mall. Well, I told him about me (I lied to him about my age; told him I was 18 since I was ashamed of my age as I talked with him!). He said I looked so attractive and older than 18 (I was laughing inside as he said this…if only he knew my real age!). He was a business man and 38 years old, but he really looked great; wide shoulders, thick dark hair, deep eyes!

Well, a couple of days later he called me for lunch. After eating, and hearing how my aunt hardly gave me anything, he insisted in buying me a beautiful jacket. I felt in heaven and I guess I started to fall in love with him at that moment!

Two night later we went for dinner, and ended up at his place. I felt so excited feeling myself in his arms, his tongue deep inside my mouth, kissing passionately! It was the first time I was kissed, and although some of my school friends boasted how their boyfriends made out with them, here I was with an adult who I was sure could kiss better than any kid from school!

I hesitated a bit when his lips kissed my nipples, and told him I never had a boyfriend before. He promised he would be gentle and that he would not cum inside me.

Well, I just melted in his arms! I felt myself wet for the first time in my young life as he kissed my naked body! When I saw his cock I almost fainted…it looked so big and thick! He asked me to suck it, and soon my tongue was licking him all over! I loved the feel of his thick cock in my mouth and was soon aching to have him between my legs!

It hurt at first, and I moaned in pain, but he was gentle, just as he had promised. Soon my legs were wrapped around him, as I pushed him deeper and deeper inside me, and I was suprised at hearing myself moan and scream both in pleasure and pain! For the first time I was having sex and every inch of my body was screaming with pleasure! I never imagined that such a fine line separated pleasure from pain, and how my body could easily switch back and forth between them as he pounded my virgin pussy with his bloated cock!

As he had promised, he did not cum inside me. When I thought I could not take his pounding any more, he withdrew and placed it inside my mouth, which was soon filled with his cum! I swallowed as fast as I could, and, for the first time, I found out how a man tastes! I loved it and squeezed every drop with my young lips!

We lay exhausted in each other’s arms and, as we talked about ourselves, my true age came up! At first he couldn’t believe it, but when it dawned on him, he hugged me and started kissing me all over! He said nothing turns on a man than having a young body to make love to, and that although I was so young, i was so beautiful and looked much older!

Much later I realized how he had duped me, and he knew all along how old I really was, but at the time I felt in love with this tall man, who was really a stranger to me.

We made love all night and every day after my classes I went to his place. I didn’t realize at the time how he was seducing me. I felt in love with him and did anything

he wanted me to. Over these days he introduced me to many different sex acts,

including anal and golden showers. Looking back I could not believe I was so blind that I willingly knelt every day in the bathtub, with my mouth open, so he could piss inside my mouth and watch as I swallowed. I became his sex slave, ready to do as he wished!

I just felt so in love for the first time and he was always telling me how much he loved me! I feel so stupid looking back, seeing how I was being used by a man old enough to be my father!

I was so naive that one night, when he had a couple of friends over for drinks, he easily convinced me to make love to his friends, that it would show them how much I loved him. Stupid as I was I agreed, and that night, and many others that followed, I spent the night having sex with him and his friends! I guess deep inside me I felt like a dirty slut as I saw how they used me and called me ‘hot little bitch’ as they all fucked my mouth, my pussy and my ass and then pissed into my mouth! As I look back now I can see myself, this thin, small, teen girl with budding tits, in bed with three grown men, each lustfully shoving their cocks in every one of my holes and having me swallow their cum and piss! I confess that part of me really enjoyed it, and I was turned on by having my boyfriend and his friends taking turns with my body and doing with me as they wished!

But little did I know that things were turning for the worse, and what my boyfriend’s intention really were!

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