My Lactating Aunt Sailaja

Lactaing Aunt

In the society where I was born and grew up, sex was not something to be discussed but a very private affair between a husband and a wife. When I was [redacted] I discovered my own sexuality by chance. One day while taking bath and rubbing soap all over my body I felt that rubbing my penis with the slippery soapy hand gave me a wonderful sensation. So I continued to rub my penis and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm which was overwhelming. Having discovered the joys of masturbation I became addicted to it when another fine day my penis shot forth my first cum which shocked me thinking that something was wrong and that excessive masturbation has caused it. Later I found out from a family medical book that it was normal for the semen to come out during orgasm. So I was back to square one. By the time I was 18, my penis was 7 inches in length and sometimes I wonder if it was because of the frequent masturbation. However by this time I had learned a lot about sex but all in theory never ever having even seen a real women naked. I did have glimpses of my mother’s breast and enjoyed eyeing her body which make my cock so hard. At this time I got a seat in the engineering college located in the same city where my mother’s youngest sister lived with her husband and 6 months old daughter. So it was decided that I should live with them so that they could keep an eye on me and also give some company to my aunt Sailaja whose husband Anand was out of town frequently due to his works. At that time my aunt was around 34 years and my uncle 48. Though my auntie was married at 20 they could not have a child due to my uncle’s low sperm count but after a lot of medication and spending a fortune they finally succeeded in having a daughter.

From the time I discovered my sexuality my mother and aunt Sailaja had always been the heroines in my sexual fantasies. Aunt Sailaja was not only beautiful but feminine and very sensual too but so was my mother. Now after birth of her daughter she had become slightly plumb but all the same very desirable with her big breast and base while uncle had become fat, bald and pot bellied. I was thrilled to be living in the city but much more at being able to live in the same house with my aunt. I actually started to court her like I would a girl in a very subtle way not making it too obvious to her and I could see that all the attention I gave her was paying off. At this time auntie was still breast feeding her daughter and I was looking forward to having a glimpse of her breast. But woe me, she never breast fed in my presence so instead I thought of showing my body. I started lazing around the house with only my shorts and showing off my well formed muscles and torso to her. I did see her looking at my body with interest. Three months passed by and I settled down nicely bonding well with my aunt occasionally flirting with her which she did not seem to mind. One day when uncle was away on one of his tours I happened to be sitting with auntie in the den after dinner watching the TV when the baby started crying. So she picked up the baby and after adjusting her sari she opened her blouse, lifted her bra and started feeding her. All these time I was straining to see her breast and I did get a glimpse which immediately gave me an erection so I tried to hide my erection from her. After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. My cock was so hard and about to burst so I stood up to go to my room trying to hide the tent in my shorts but auntie saw it and I turned crimson while she smiled and looked away. In the privacy of my room I masturbated with the images of her breast and I came so hard my cock just kept on jerking remaining hard for sometime. I wondered whether she deliberately showed me her breast as this was never done when uncle was around. The next day when I went for breakfast I realized that she had her sari loosely around her and I could see the shape of her blouse encased breast. Was she trying to show me some sign I wondered. So I took a bold step and made her see the outlines of my erection on my shorts. She blushed and turned away. I went to my room and after pulling my shorts down I laid down on the bed closed my eyes and started to masturbate imagining that I was fucking my auntie Sailaja. Just as I reached my orgasm the door opened and my aunt Sailaja stood there staring at my cock while I ejaculated. She had come to call me for dinner. I was so ashamed and tried to cover my cock when she abruptly closed the door and went away. I could not face her but I had to apologize so I went to the kitchen and told her that I am sorry. She answered that it was okay but that I should behave in future.

Meanwhile Sailaja was dazed to see such a big cock as she had not seen any other cock except that of her husband which was much smaller. She wondered how Varun who is just a boy could have a cock so big when her husband’s is so small, how it would be to have such a big cock inside her and all these thoughts made her nipples erect. She could feel the tingling sensation and the wetness in her vagina. Then she chastised herself for having these incestuous thoughts. I must be out of my mind to think of Varun in these ways she thought. But the sight of Varun’s big and long erect cock ejaculating so powerfully kept coming back to her mind. Her husband had been neglecting her and fucking her maybe once a month with his small cock. She had seen Varun eyeing her breast and buttocks and was almost sure that he desired her. She loved the company and the attention she was receiving from Varun and she had secretly wanted him but she was scared. She remembered the evening in the den during her husbands absence when in an impulsive mood she had exposed her breast to him even if it was just a glimpse and the tent in his shorts which made her so wet that even while her daughter suckled her breast she wondered how it would be to have her nephew Varun doing it and it gave her mild orgasms. She was a very sexual person and had resorted to playing with her vagina many times as she knew that it would be a very big risk trying to have an affair with other some other man. She consoled herself that she could always masturbate and had resigned to her fate untill Varun her nephew arrived on the scene. The thought that if her nephew would become her lover it would be within the house and no one would know gave her some hope thinking that since he was young she could control him. He was handsome and his body was full of muscles. She had secretly watched his body when he was lazing around the house only in his shorts. If they were to become lovers they would have a lot of opportunities as her husband was away most of the time on tour to other cities. She loved all the attention Varun gave her as it was an arranged marriage for her having married very young. She also felt that she was slowly falling in love with her nephew and it gave her a lot of pleasure. She wondered if it was love or sexual attraction on her part as she would always get very aroused.

I came home in the evening to find that uncle had gone to on tour again for a week. I was happy at the thought that I might be able to see auntie’s breast when she breast fed the baby. As if on cue in the evening while we were watching the TV the baby started to cry and auntie lifted her to her lap. I was looking at her actions intently when suddenly she looked me in the eyes and smiled to herself while she opened her blouse, freed one of her breast from the bra and started to feed the baby. Today the process was slow unlike the other day when she did it hurriedly and I caught quite a nice look at her breast which was swollen with the dark brown aureoles and thick elongated nipples. My cock was so hard and the outline was visible but I made no effort to hide it. When I looked up to my aunt I saw her looking at my crotch area and I felt my cock twitch. She must have seen it as she quickly looked away. After sometime when the baby finished she got up and laid the baby down on the crib. In the process I could see her breast clearly. I stole quick peeks of aunt’s bare breast.. I was actually shocked - and excited - at aunt’s sudden casual display of nudity in front of me. My cock had its own mind and was twitching by itself. I thought I was going to come there itself when auntie suddenly asked me “Did you liked looking at my breast?”. I turned red but managed to reply yes. Then she said “Do you also look at your mother like that?” I said no and she continued “ Then why do you look at me? I am your mother’s sister and I am also like your mother.” So I told her I am sorry and will not do so again. She just smiled and left the room. While going to my room I saw her door was partially open so I peeped and saw that she was changing into her night gown. She was standing near the bed with just her bra and petticoat. With a deft movement she unhooked her bra and kept it aside while her breast swung freely. Oh I was so horny by the sight that the moment I touched my cock it erupted while I saw her put on her gown. I quickly went to my room but my cock was still erect. I recapitulated all the images and masturbated again.

The next evening we were watching an English movie that was being relayed by the cable operator. We were seated together on the sofa but not touching each other. The movie was about a woman cheating on her husband and there was a lot of lovemaking scenes. I got erect and she saw it. Her breathing became irregular and I could sense that she was aroused. So while the movie came to another lovemaking scene I leaned slightly and touched her hand. She jerked her hand as if a scalding rod touched her. Shocked she said “Why did you do that? How can you, oh I am such a bad auntie to you and I have not been able to teach you the right things. What will I say to my sister?” You have not,” I said as I took her hand again. “You are a wonderful auntie and I love you.” And added under my breath “more than you can know.” “I’d like to be friends with you auntie and that means being honest. Auntie…uh…this is hard to say but…God…you are the most desirable woman on earth to me and I love you more than you know. I know you will hate me for pouring out my heart to you but I cannot help it. Please don’t tell my parents, they will kill me, and I am sorry that I am an unusual boy, if I have hurt you, I will never do it again”. I don’t know from where I got the courage to blurt all these out but my darling aunt said “I have seen you looking at me specially while I am breast feeding or the other evening when I was changing. But it’s not right you know…you’re like my son. However, I’m not sure you are that unusual. I think many boys have a crush on their mothers or their aunts.” “It’s more than a crush aunt. I…I…I love you.” “Varun, I think you just need finish your studies fast and I’ll tell your mother to get you married to some nice girls, so concentrate on your studies now” She did not seem surprised at my revelation. I replied “Auntie I know I am good at my studies but I also know that I will only love you even when I become an engineer, but don’t’ you have any feelings for me?” “Alright Varun, I admit that I have had feelings for you that…that a mother uh auntie should not have for her nephew. But we have to control them. It’s not right. I am your uncle’s wife and I cannot love another man. We have to live close together in the same house so promise me that you will control yourself and behave properly or else I will have to tell your parents and keep you in the hostel”. So I promised her that I would control my feelings and behave myself.

Varun and sailaja tried to act like a normal aunt and nephew after their conversation. However, there was a sexual tension in the air now because both of them knew how the other felt. They tried to laugh it off, making jokes about it. Unfortunately that just served to remind them of that evening, intensifying the tension. Sailaja started thinking more and more of her nephew. All the attention Varun was pouring on her was not in vain and Sailaja also started to fall in love with Varun. She enjoyed the subtle flirtings from varun specially when she was aroused she would imagine making love to Varun knowing fully well that it would be incest but the thought of incest seemed to heighten her arousal. Her husband Anand was of no help as he was interested only in making money not fucking. This made Sailaja all the more interested in Varun even though he was her nephew. Varun was faring no better, he was so obsessed with his aunt sailaja that he even stole her bra and panties and would sniff and lick it.

A month later Varun’s uncle had to go to USA for a month’s training and that was when Varun decided that the time was ripe. After his uncle left Varun opened the topic of his love to his aunt when they were sitting in the sofa watching the TV. “Auntie, why is it that the more I try not to love you I become even more in love with you? You see, these days I dream of you every night and in my dream we are very happy” Sailaja was sort of expecting this. Deep in her mind she knew that something was might happen. “Varun, I thought that you have got over it by now”. Sailaja teased him “No way! And now I don’t think I can ever get over it”. Sailaja asked “What were we doing in your dreams?” “Holding hands, laughing, hugging etc.etc.” Replied Varun. “Oh, so holding hands makes you happy huh? You can hold my hand”. It was a dream coming true for Varun and he quickly went and sat besides Sailaja and held her hands . At this Sailaja asked “And what else were we doing in your dreams?” “That I cannot tell, you might get angry” Varun replied but at the insistence of Sailaja Varun said “ In my dreams we were hugging”. And saying let me show you he embraced Sailaja and kissed her on the mouth. Sailaja stiffened and resisited but Varun would not let go finally she opened her mouth and their tongues met. Varun was in a daze as he felt her tongue and tasted her saliva. Sailaja felt guilty and pulled away. “No Varun, you must not do that, it is wrong because I am an old married woman besides you are my nephew and you are just a kid”. Varun replied “Auntie that was my first kiss and I will always treasure it no matter what comes I cannot help but love you more and more each day, and no you are not old, don’t ever call yourself old please” “Varun stop it, otherwise I will have to tell your mother to put you in the hostel”. Sailaja said but she knew in her heart that she loved his kiss and endeared it even more. She longed for him to make the move despite her resistance knowing fully well that she would not throw herself at him. If Varun wanted her he would have to force himself on her. Meanwhile Varun could no longer control himself so he once again embraced his aunt and tried to kiss her. Sailaja struggled and tried to get away from his embrace but it was not forceful so Varun kissed and licked her on the neck. Then he kissed her on her lips once again struggling to maintain his hold on her. Sailaja resisted but opened her mouth and kissed Varun back. While kissing Varun slowly moved his right hand and touched her right breast. He found the her turgid nipples and started to fondle her breast. At this Sailaja once again pulled away roughly and started to scold Varun once again to stop it. Instead varun moved on top of her and through all the struggling once again started to kiss her lips and knead his aunt’s breast through the bra and her blouse.

The sensation was too much for Sailaja and she slowly started to relax allowing Varun to play with her body when her milk laden breast started to leak. Varun was so excited and his cock was jutting out under his shorts. The moment he felt his auntie’s breast milk in his hand he lifted the loose end of the saree and started to open her blouse hooks while Sailaja tried to prevent him. Removing the hooks was to tedious so he cought hold of her blouse and tored it. The act shocked and excited Sailaja and she gave a loud gasp. Then Varun pulled the bra up exposing both the white milk laden breast with the dark chocolate nipples and big aureoles. He groped both the breast with his hands and his lips descended to the nipples. The moment he sucked the nipples his aunt gave a groan and milk started to jut out into his mouth. Suddenly the baby started to cry and Sailaja forcefully pushed him away. She tried to cover her breast with the saree while picking up the baby and quickly ran to her room.

I actually cursed the baby as my golden chance was broken nevertheless after giving some time for her to breast feed the baby I went to her room and knocked. She told me to go away but I kept on calling telling her how sorry I was until she came and unlocked the door. Then I pushed myself into the room and embraced her once more. “Oh my auntie, I love you so much and if you don’t love me then I will commit suicide tonight” She scolded me for having such thoughts but when I tried to kiss her she wouldn’t allow me so I pledge my undying love for her and started towards her. As I approached her she turned to run, but I quickly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to me. She struggled with me and that was when I knew things were going to get ugly. I grabbed her by both arms and turned her so she was looking into my face. “Varun!” She yelled, “Stop it right now!!” She looked like she was going to start crying. This roughness with her kind of turned me on even more. Tears were welling in her eyes. My cock was fully erect and poking her in the leg. She tried to pull away but I held her tight. “I want to show you something, auntie…” I said to her softly. She started crying and shaking her head no but I forcefully kissed her on her lips but she kept her lips tightly closed. I tried to make her open her mouth and in the process she managed to turn away. I told her I loved her so much and asked why she couldn’t she just give me one proper kiss? She seem to think for a second when I kissed her again. This time aunt’s lips were much softer and more relaxed, slightly parted. I felt her pointed tongue gingerly touch mine at first, then we began dueling with each other as we embraced intimately. Her warm, soft body was pressed tightly against mine, and my cock, which had been rising for some time, pushed against her lower belly. God, she must feel it! I certainly felt the swell of her tits against my chest. This time the kiss went on and on. My heart was pounding, and my head felt feverish with excitement and pleasure.

Sailaja broke the kiss and opening her mouth to speak, she found that she could not get the words out. Finally she managed to stammer “Pl …………..please, Varun ………………pleaseeeeee! This ……………..this is so wrong! Please ………….please …………you …………you’re my nephew!” With her handsome nephew standing immediately next to her Sailaja shivered as his hands touched her breast. To her shame, despite all this, Sailaja began to feel herself growing aroused by her nephew’s kisses and attention to her breast, she could feel the heat growing in her Vagina as tears coursed their way down her cheeks. Varun would have non of her refusal instead he kept on kissing her all over her neck and face while his right hand palmed her breast. Then varun drew her sari pallu away and pulled her bra up exposing her milk filled succulent breast. At this sailaja attempted to break away but Varun was too strong for her and he pushed her onto the bed. Immediately his mouth latched on to her nipple and started sucking. Sailaja moaned in lust and shame as her milk started to gush out suddenly. For Varun it was a dream come true and for the first time in his life he was actually sucking the milk of his auntie.

The sweet taste of milk coming from the nipples into his mouth and the feel of his auntie’s body as he laid on top of her with his cock wedged between their bodies was just too much for the youngster that his orgasm hit him and he ejaculated inside his shorts. Sailaja could feel her nephew’s cock on her abdomen and she knew he had come as it started to jerk. Somehow she thought it was good that the end has come without her committing incest and adultery despite her excited state. But that was not to be, unlike her husband who wilted the moment he ejaculated, Varun’s cock was still hard as steel. Varun started to pull at her sari to removed them unsuccessfully so he just got up a little and pulled her sari and petticoat up exposing her milky white thighs and her soaking panties. At this Sailaja struggled once more and in the process Varun succeeded in removing her panties. Though she struggled Sailaja wanted varun to succeed and willed him on in her mind. In one swift motion he removed his short and undies and his erect cock sprang free. Now he positioned himself between her legs as Sailaja cried softly with tears rolling down her cheeks. This being the first time Varun found it hard to find the entrance to his aunt’s vagina but finaly succeeded and he started to hump away.

Never had Sailaja felt anything of this size stretch her so widely, having only experienced her husband, who had nothing in comparison to what she was now experiencing. Fear and panic set in as she broke the kiss and pleaded “Ohhhhhhhhh, Varun……………owwwww …………….nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop! Varun …….you …………you’re too biggggg! Varun………… ………. you’re too big!” With her hands Sailaja then tried push at his muscular shoulders, trying to push him off her and prevent this incestuous mating. “Oh, please ……..stop …………pleaseeeeee! Varun …………….stop, Varun………stop …………..we must stop! This is so wrong ………..ahhhhhhhh, no ……….. Varun……………nooooooo!” Sailaja sobbed as the thick cockhead twitched within her.

“Oh, God ………………….ohhhhhhhhh, Varun……..ohhhhhhhh, ………’re so big ……….so biggggggg!” Sailaja groaned as her long trim legs wrapped tightly around nephew’s humping ass. “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhh, Vaarruuuuuun!” she screamed as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her entire body. Never had she experienced such mind shattering orgasm before. She felt her nephew’s cock twitch in her well filled vagina which seemed to be stretched to the maximum as he touched his own orgasm and spurted jets and jets of baby making sperm into her womb. Reality hit her, causing tears of shame to flow from her eyes.

Sailaja realized the awful sin she had just committed, committing adultery with none other than her nephew. She sobbed as she looked at her marital bed, soiled now with the slimy semen and her vaginal secretions that oozed out of her vagina as Varun’s cock kept pumping into her well-fucked slit. The horror then struck her as Sailaja realized that this was quite an inappropriate time of the month. Trying to get out from under his body and rush to the bathroom, Sailaja was frantic as Varun’s strong hands pulled her shoulders and forced her back onto the bed and started to fuck her again.. “Please …………..Varun, I ………..I need to douche! You ……………you didn’t wear a condom! I could get pregnant!” she sobbed. Instead of being released as she had hoped, her nephew doubled in his effort of fucking her. “Oh, Godddddddd …………………nooooooooo!” she sobbed as her lover unceremoniously rammed deep into her vagina touching her cervix and pushing it back with his cock. This time his cock was not so hard but hard enough to move inside her vagina which was dripping wet and well lubricated with his sperm and her secretions. In time his cock swelled to its original hardness and she could feel her vagina being stretched as he moved in and out of her at the same time he latched his lips on to one nipple and started to suck the milk out of her breast. The sensation was just too much for sailaja and she hit another orgasm. Varun had come twice so this time his cock could endure longer. The novelty of his first fuck was just too good and that kept him in excited state. After draining one breast of it’s milk Varun went on to drain the other as he kept up with his fucking. Meantime Sailaja touched orgasm after orgasm as Varun kept pumping his cock all the while sucking and palying with her breast or kissing her. She was so exhausted with so many orgasm that after Varun came inside her again she could not get up feeling too drained from her sexual release that she just laid on the bed. Varun cuddled her and whispered terms of endearment as they rested for the time.

Only after sometime when the baby started to cry she got up to feed her baby only to find that Varun had completely drained both her breast dry and there was no milk. So she went to the kitchen to prepare the feeding bottle while Varun slept on the bed in her husbands place. In the kitchen while preparing the powder milk for the baby sailaja felt the sperm coming out of her vagina and running down her thighs. She was consumed with guilt and she cried out in despair at the adultery and incest she had committed just some time back.. As she fed the baby with the feeding bottle she was filled with guilt that Varun had drank all her breast milk and she had none to feed her own baby for whom she was lactating. In the quietness of the kitchen she wondered why this had to happen to her. She resolved to herself to throw out Varun from her marital bedroom the moment she went back and out of the house the next day. When she went back to her bedroom she found Varun innocently sleeping. As she viewed his taut body and his semi erect cock her Vagina twitched and her resolve to throw him out melted as she was overcome with love for her nephew. Quietly she laid herself next to him.

A few hours ago they had been aunt and nephew. Now they were much more, they were lovers. They were sharing a bed, both sleeping and basking in the musty aroma of their lovemaking. Sweet restful slumber that is available only to those who have performed the ultimate act of love - incest. He stirred sleepily and opened his eyes to see that it was still dark and looked at the clock next to the bed. It was 4:00 AM. He sat up in bed and looked at the lovely figure of his aunt lying next to him, breathing softly, sleeping peacefully. She was still covered partially. He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She moved to kiss him back and then put her arms around his neck. In the stillness of the night, they were kissing deeply, quietly as not wanting to share this moment with anyone else. It was theirs and theirs only. Their tongues loved each other. Their hands caressed each others body, exploring, teasing, loving. Nothing needed to be said, they each knew what the other wanted, needed, desired, and yes, craved. Nipples were erect and hard as her breasts were crushed between their hot bodies. Now the bra which was covering her breast were being pushed up. She thought he has to learn to unhook a bra and she herself unclasped it. The nipples were being sucked and gently bitten and pulled between his lips. She released her milk for her lover and he sucked on drinking every drop of her sweet milk from her succulent breast. She felt his hardness on her thighs and after pulling up her petticoat along with the sari she parted her legs as he positioned himself over her.

Still no words, just the soft sounds of hot, wet kisses. Tender sucking, the rustling of bed sheets as he moved to get on her. She breaks the silence with her soft whimpers as her nephew’s hard manhood gains welcome entrance into her birth canal now giving him the ultimate pleasure. The pleasure that a man feels when a woman totally surrenders to him by parting her legs and allowing him to invade her most intimate recesses with his manhood. But this woman was his auntie. He could see her face in the faint light. He knew she was enjoying the coupling. Her moans and her caresses on his body added to that assurance. He was kissing her deeply. She was sucking his tongue with her mouth and his hard cock with her hot pussy. He had never felt so hard. Her whimpers became louder her nails dug into his ass cheeks as she urged him on and pushed him into her hot pulsating and wet vagina. She was coming! They moaned and thrashed loudly. The pumping became more intense. He exploded in her just as she was reaching her climax, their love juices were mixing again. She moaned loudly as her last spasm hit her body, then she relaxed. Again satisfied. Her lover had taken her again. Her lover was her nephew.

It was the best sex she had ever had. He held her in his arms and gently massaged her sexy ass. She moaned softly as he kissed her eyes and her lovely full lips. She could smell the odor of their lovemaking, she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment when she was overcome by guilt. Never in her life had she ever had such wonderful joyous sex. It seems as if this was to be her wedding night when all her sexual dreams would be fulfilled. She felt love and tenderness for her nephew even as his semen mixed with her own secretions once again flowed out of her vagina into her marital bed. Now though she was a little scared she was beyond care whether it was her marital bed or whether she would become pregnant from the incestuous coupling with her nephew. She realized what she had been missing all these years of her married life and now she wanted to make up for all the lost years.

I woke up the next day to find myself sleeping alone in my auntie’s marital bed with a rock hard erect cock. I remembered the events of the night before and I wanted to fuck my auntie again. So I got up and went straight to the kitchen where I found my auntie cooking breakfast. She was dressed up in a new saree and looked so radiant. As soon as she saw me she blushed and looked down on the floor like a new bride. I went to her and hugged her whispering “I love so much my dearest auntie and I will love you forever.” She would not look up to me so I lifted her face and kissed her mouth in a slow and sensual manner. Immediately she responded to my kiss and our tongues found each other as we exchanged our saliva. I started to feel her back with my hand as her soft breast pressed against my chest I pressed my erect cock into her abdomen. “You are so beautiful and you are the woman of my dreams” I whispered into her ears as I brought my right hand to her left breast and cupped it at the same time trying to rub her now erect nipples through her blouse and bra. Her breath quickened and I sensed that she was getting very aroused as I whispered sweet terms of endearment to her while feeling her body and enjoying the sensations. I wanted to make love to her there and then and she was responding very well as I started to remove the loose end of her saree, and kiss her neck and between the visible portion of her breast. Suddenly the baby lying on the crib started to cry and she broke the embrace to pick up the baby.

She sat down on the chair and turning her back to me she was freeing one of her breast from the blouse and the bra. I went to her side, as she was just about to feed her nipple to the baby’s mouth. She looked up to see me watching and blushed again. I knelt down and freed her other breast. The turgid black nipple of her breast sprang free enveloped by large dark chocolate colored aureole. Even though we had make love the night before I had not examined her breast properly which I was now doing in great details. I felt the texture and the tautness of her breast, which was now swollen with milk. The nipple was drooping downwards. I put my head forward to suck on her left nipple but she pushed me away. When I looked up she turned her face away and told me that I had drained all her milk last night that she had to feed her baby with powder milk so I should not feed on her milk. But I told her that I love the taste of her breast milk and that she should start feeding her baby with powder milk or whatever I leave behind as I am now her lover her breast and the milk within now belongs to me. Saying thus I latched my lips to her nipple and started to suck.

Obviously she did not mind as she gave a loud gasp and immediately her milk started to flow into my mouth as I savored the taste of her sweet milk and started to drink. I cupped her breast in my hand as I sucked on one of her breast while the baby sucked on the other. I sucked hard and drank all the milk that was jutting out of her nipple. At first the flow was strong but after sometime the breast on which I was sucking was getting empty and the flow became a small trickle. I collected her breast milk in my mouth without swallowing and when I had a mouthful I released her nipple and kissed auntie slowly releasing her own milk into her mouth. She realized it suddenly and tried to twist her mouth away but I was ready for that and I held her head firmly until she drank her own breast milk from my mouth. We continued to kiss even after that as she kept breast-feeding her baby. When the breast on which the baby was sucking became empty the baby started to cry. Obviously she was still hungry and wanted more. Auntie then scolded me in a playful manner for emptying her milk and went to prepare powder milk for the baby. She was putting her breast back into the bra and blouse when I told her to leave it open as I wanted to watch the breast sway along with her movement but she would have none of it.

I waited until the baby was fed properly and was back in her cradle and playing by herself. I went to her side again and started to hug and kiss my aunt embracing her fully. Obviously she wanted to make love as much as I wanted for she suggested that we go to her bedroom. In the bedroom I started to slowly undress my aunt as we necked and felt each other’s body. I wanted to see her naked as the previous night she was partially clothed. After her saree, blouse and bra were gone I started to tug at the strings of her petticoat but she asked me not to remove it, as she was very shy of her body. So instead I undressed completely and stood before her with my erect cock standing straight up as she lay on the bed. When she saw my erect cock she blushed again like a shy bride on the first night.

Then I insisted that I want to see her naked also and started to remove her petticoat. She protested again saying that no one has seen her naked and that she was very shy of her body. I said at least uncle must have seen you naked but she told me that they never became naked even when they made love, at the most her breast would be free sometimes and uncle would only lift her petticoat and remove her panties. I insisted that I want her naked and enjoy the act of making love to her like real lovers. She did protest but later gave way to my insistence laying quietly with her eyes closed when I removed her petticoat and then her panties I could smell the distinct odor of sex. When I looked up her eyes were tightly closed and her face was burning red from embarrassment. Her legs were close together tightly and I could only see her thick pubic hairs. So I started to part her legs but she pulled me to her in a tight embrace. I wanted to explore her body but my cock would not allow me, as it wanted to enter her vagina. I kissed her on the mouth and tried to feel her vagina with my hand but she kept pulling my hand away. I was determined to feel her sex so I pushed her hand away and almost forcefully felt her vagina. She was so wet and slippery. First I felt the smooth slippery outer lips. I pushed my fingers further inside and felt the velvety inner lips of her vagina.

Meantime, I was sucking hard on her left nipple and a little breast milk was coming. I got on top of her at the same time I took her hand and placed it on my cock telling her to insert it. She guided me to her hole and my cock went in smoothly. Oh the feeling of her vagina as it wrapped itself around my cock was just exquisite that words fail to describe the feelings. I started to pump in and out, at the same time I played with her breast, sucking her nipples or kissing her mouth or neck. She wrapped her arms around me in a lover’s embrace as we fucked. She was moaning out loud now unlike last night as I increased the tempo. My cock started to jerk as I neared orgasm so I told her that I am going to come. “ Oh, Varun, come, come inside me, oh oh…. ahh…. Oh…I am also going to come, ughhhh……hhhhhh” she cried out as we reached our orgasm and I felt her vagina tighten around my cock as it jerked and erupted a fountain of semen shooting inside my aunt’s womb. Together my aunt and I groaned and smacked our nakedly erupting bodies against each other as we tried to keep our orgasmic frenzy at the dizzying fury we were experiencing, but all too soon. We were forced to slow our movements as we exhausted ourselves’ with the totality of our fucking. Finally, auntie stopped her movements altogether as she regained control of her orgasm-wracked body, her cunt still blazing with the sensitive walls of her vagina pulsing slightly to force the final drops of her cum out through the quivering pussy lips still holding tightly onto my now slowly shrinking penis slowed my thrusting, the final remnants of my sperm collecting at the tip of my Cock, my penis glistening with the thin film of her juices.

For some time, neither of us said anything as we breathed deeply and loudly, each lost in our own thoughts. I thought that this time she did not worry about getting pregnant as my cock filled her womb with millions of potent sperm. After the orgasm I rolled down from her and embraced her and told her “Auntie I love you so much and I am so happy for having the privilege of losing my virginity to you. Now I know that I will love you forever”. She looked up to me and with tears in her eyes said “ Varun, I know it is wrong and I should stop it but I can’t because I love you too! I really love you so much and I feel I belong to you now even though I am married to your uncle. I know that this feeling is wrong and I should have suppressed it when it started after you came to live with us but I was so lonely and I felt so good to have you around.

I wish I were also a virgin so that you could tear into my hymen and fill me up to the brim. I have never been this much happy and I never knew the real pleasures of making love until last night, but I am afraid, really afraid of the consequences if someone came to know about us, I am afraid for you and your future, I am afraid for myself and I am scared that I might get pregnant with your child though my fertile period was two days back you know, I could still get pregnant, Oh Varun, I am so happy but at the same time I am really scared. What is going to happen to us?” So I replied “ Auntie, you know that I love you more than anybody or anything and I will always love you, don’t be afraid, I am not bothered about you not being a virgin or being married to uncle. I only want you and I want you all for myself only, I am with you and together with our love we can overcome all the obstacles, even if you become pregnant we can think of a way out, maybe we can say it is uncles child”. “Oh Varun you do not know, uncle makes love to me maybe once or twice a month only and his sperm is not fertile, that is why we had such a tough time for all these years and only recently we could have our baby. Moreover he has not made love to me for almost a month now so there is no way I could say that it is his child should I be pregnant, hopefully I am not and will not become pregnant, but make sure that this is our secret only and that no one can ever come to know about it otherwise I would die” She told me.

I promised her that this will be our secret and we have now become lovers but only when the two of us are alone, at all other times I will behave like a good nephew. We continued the talk for sometime and as we talked we were feeling each other’s body. She told me that until the day she saw me masturbating she never knew a cock could be so big, that she had never seen any adult cock before except that of uncle’s which was a miniscule compared to mine, that my cock filled up her vagina to the brim. Never had she experienced such total fullness in her life and she felt that our union is a complete one.

After sometime my cock became erect again as my hand roamed her body and fondled her breast. Auntie giggled and asked how I can become erect again so soon? She even told me that uncle’s cock was quite small and that he had difficulty getting an erection. At my insistence she told me that uncle’s cock was just about 3 inches when erect and that she was amazed to see such a big cock on me. I asked her to touch my cock. She said no so I took her hand and placed it on my cock. Tentatively she started to wrap her fingers around my cock and exclaimed, “Varun, it is so big and so long”. She seemed amazed and enthralled by my cock that she was handling it like a china doll so I told her to that she can handle it roughly and she started to increase the pressure on my cock. I placed my hand on her vagina and felt her thick pubic hair slowly going down to her vaginal lips and finding it so wet I started to rub my semen mixed with her juices which was coming out all over her vaginal lips.

I had read my share of porn novels, which normally circulates around at the college. I had also seen a couple of porn videos at the hostel with my friends so I knew what to do while making love. I wanted to try cunninglingus of which I had read so much about so I started to kiss my way down her body. First I licked and sucked her breast and slowly her abdomen and then her belly button. When I started to wriggle my tongue inside her belly button her breath became labored. Slowly I inched my way down to her pubic region but when I started to lick and kiss the area just above her pubic hair she became alarmed and started to say “ Varun, what are you doing?” at the same time she started to pull me up to her so I went up on top of her and told her that I want to lick and kiss every inch of her body including her vagina at which she balked. “How can you even think of such an act? I am so dirty down there and it is full of our secretions cheee !! I am smelling so bad and it is so dirty!” She said and frowned. So I explained that if I can kiss her mouth then why not her lower lips, and the smell is exotic and I want to taste her vaginal fluid. That this is normally done by everyone, who loves each other and that oral sex like this, is one of the ways of enjoying our sexual pleasures. But she did not seem convinced and ask me how I know so much so I told her that I have read it in books and novels and even seen it in blue films. At this she scolded me for being dirty and even called me perverted but I was not to be discouraged. I kept on telling her how much pleasure it would give both of us and that I would also love it if she took my cock in her mouth.

Finally when she relented a bit though not really willing I started my journey down again kissing and licking her body as I went down. I made sure that I played with her breast and nipples for sometime as well as licking her bellybutton in order to raise her levels of excitement. When I reached her vagina she kept her legs together tightly so I had to pry it open. For the first time in my life I saw a real Vagina. As I parted her legs forcefully her vagina opened first the outer lips and then inside I saw the inner lips, which were cringed glistening with our juices opening up like a flower. The smell was strong, exotic and oh so arousing that I thought my cock would erupt anytime. I saw my semen was leaking out of her hole. The whole time auntie kept her eyes closed and her body was tensed. I bent down and licked her outer vaginal lips swiping the whole area with my lips first. The strong smell of sex filled my nostril. She tried to curl up and told me to stop trying to push my head away but I had a firm grip on her and her legs were on either side of my body so she could not escape. Again I licked her vagina and covered the entire vagina with my lips as my tongue snaked out and played with the velvety inner lips. I tasted my own semen along with her secretions. I pushed my tongue inside her vagina and was rewarded with a rich flow of our juices. I savored the taste, which was slightly tangy and swallowed all our love juice. I rubbed her vagina with my face and licked her clitoris.

At that time I was not sure if it was her clitoris but I assumed it to be so from my reading of porn materials. It was a little stub poking out from her vaginal hood. I flicked it with my tongue and sucked it slowly encircling it with my lips. She started to moan and move her hips. Later on she told me that despite the thought of what I was doing to her down between her legs with my tongue was shameful and obscene, but her nerves were ablaze with rising lust and she made no effort to prevent me from continuing to lick her there and give her this exquisite pleasure. Gone was the resistance, now she was accepting my mouth on her vagina and enjoying it. She started undulating her hips to get closer to my mouth and suddenly she started moaning out loud as she reached her orgasm in a very short time. During her orgasm some slimy clear liquid flowed out of her vagina which I licked up enjoying the sliminess in my mouth as it blended with my saliva and then swallowing all of it. I continued sucking and licking her vagina flicking her clitoris with my tongue or using my wet lips to play with it when she went to her second orgasm. This time again her fluid flowed out to my waiting mouth and I licked it up. After her orgasm subsided I got on top of her and pushed my cock inside her vagina. I watched as it slipped inside her hole and her vagina enveloped me fully as I started to pump earnestly. Again another orgasm hit her and she clung to me continuing to moan. I kissed her mouth and our tongues encircled each other exchanging the flow of saliva coming from our mouths.

I kept up my rhythm as I fondled her breast sucking and licking her erect nipples. Her nipples were distended and I was rewarded with her milk. I enjoyed the sweet taste of her milk and kept drinking from it even though the flow was just a trickle. I sucked her breast milk into my mouth, kissed her slowly releasing her own milk into her mouth. This time she eagerly sucked it from my mouth and drank it all when another orgasm hit her. She twisted her mouth away as she moaned and thrashed about. She lifted her legs and entwined them around me trying to get my cock deep inside her vagina. Now I fucked her like a demon, building the sensations higher and higher. This sensation was unbelievable, it was several orders of magnitude higher than I had experienced before, and briefly I wondered if I could stand the incredible feelings that spread out from my groin and wracked my body! I was also reaching my own orgasm so I cried out that I was coming. She cried back and told me to come inside her and fill her up. As my cock erupted she touched another orgasm again and she almost fainted. I felt that my whole being had turned into liquid fire and was flowing out of my prick into my auntie’s womb, nothing existed except my wildly pulsing cock inside my auntie’s spasming vagina, we were coupled by a sense of being one, our arms and legs intertwined, nephew’s cock up auntie’s vagina, boy sperm in auntie’s belly, boy tongue in auntie’s mouth, saliva blending, sperm and pussy juice mixing, moaning and crying out in our passion, my auntie and I were fused together, and at that moment we were one being mated for life! I think I lost consciousness, anyway, I was out of it for quite some time, floating somewhere in a warm golden afterglow, finally coming down to earth to realize my auntie and I were still locked in our erotic embrace, my cock was still inside her, although soft now, her legs were still over my back, and I knew that I had just experienced the ultimate sexual ecstasy in my mothers arms.

She stirred under me, lifting her legs off me, I was so happy I knew that she was mine and mine alone now. After I rolled down from her she just laid there listlessly, too tired from all the orgasms she just had. Almost in a whisper she told me to massage her body. I got up and massaged her body. After sometime she then told me that each orgasm was stronger than the other was and as the last orgasm came, her body seemed to go numb that was why she asked me to massage her body. She had never had such experience in her life let alone has so much orgasm at one go. She even told me that in all her married life she never experienced orgasm during sex. Only when she played with herself she got orgasm after which she would feel guilty and ashamed. I told her that from now onwards she will get all the orgasms she wants from me. As usual we heard the wails of the baby from the other room ending our sexual union. Oh the baby can be really annoying.

I got up and went to the bathroom to brush and go for my morning duty after which I took bath to refresh myself and went to the kitchen. Auntie had finished preparing breakfast and she asked me if I wanted any, I told her that I would have it together with her. She told me that I would have to wait then as she had to bath the baby and then herself. I agreed and jokingly told her that I would like to watch her take bath, at which she laughed and said, not on your life. Little did she know that I plan to make her do whatever I wanted in future. After she had finished the chore of cleaning the house and taking bath she came out of the bedroom dressed in a light blue saree. I told her she looked beautiful, she just smiled and told me to come for breakfast. I went and embraced her, she smiled at me so I kissed her on the mouth, she responded eagerly, I hugged her tighter and crushed her breast on my chest, and she finally broke the kiss and said that we better have breakfast. After breakfast when I stood up and hugged her from behind while she was washing the dishes she said “ Can’t you wait for a while? Let me finish my work and then we can have all the fun you want”.

So I sat on the chair watching her as she went about her work enjoying the sway of her body as she moved about. Finally when all the work was done she fed the baby from the feeding bottle and the baby went off to sleep. We took the baby and the crib inside the bedroom; we embraced and rolled into the bed together. When I started to kiss her she told me to just hold her quietly, she wanted enjoy the sensation of being held and go off to sleep. As I held her I placed my hand on her breast and very slowly and languidly felt them. She just curled up and went off to sleep and even I drifted off to sleep.

After sometime when I woke up, my left hand, which was under her, was numb. So I slowly pulled it out so as not to disturb her and sat up on the bed. I watched her as she slept peacefully. She looked young and so beautiful; I watched the rise and fall of her breast as she took her breath. I wanted to remove her saree and watch her sleep naked. So I tried to remove the loose end of the saree without disturbing her but she woke up. When she opened her eyes and saw me looking at her she smiled at me and lifted her hands to beckon me to her. She told me that she had the most beautiful dream but she wouldn’t tell what it was. Slowly we undressed each other and we made love languidly enjoying the sensations of our bodies. When her orgasm touched its peak she raked her fingers on my back and cried out my name. I intensified the action of my cock on her vagina. She reached another orgasm; oh she was multi orgasmic! Finally when I came inside her vagina shooting my sperm into her womb she already had four orgasms. We made love the whole day. I wanted her to suck my cock but she told me that she would do it later on though she felt my cock and examined it in great details.

The next day our genitals were so raw due to too much of lovemaking but that did not desist us from continuing to fuck our brains out. At one time when I went down on her I collected my semen and her juice in my mouth and kissed her delivering our combined juice into her mouth. That was the first time she tasted my semen though from a secondary source. She became more sporting now and even commented that our juice tasted salty but nice. I loved to suckle on her breast so much that now the baby was mostly on other milk. Coming home from college I would lie down on her lap and auntie would open her blouse and bra to release her breast. She would then lift one of her breast and put it into my mouth like she would breast-feed her baby. I would suckle on it while I played with the other breast. I just loved the taste of her milk, which was sweet. In the beginning it would be thick but thin down as the flow went on to a trickle. I suggested that she should not wear a bra so that I can access her breast anytime but she told me that since she is lactating her breast becomes heavy and without the confines of her bra her breast would sag so much and go out of shape.

We were constantly making love just like newly married couple. I would tease her and say that she is now my wife and that she cannot let uncle touch her. The day when her period arrived I was eagerly sucking on her vagina when I felt the taste of blood. I lifted my head for an instant to see a thin trickle of her period. I licked it up and continued to suck and lick her vagina. Auntie was already feeling so horny that she did not realize I was licking her period. Later on when I came up to fuck her she saw the blood on my face and balked. I told her that I enjoyed it. She found it kinky but did not nag me like she would do in the earlier days. But when the period came in full flow the next day she did not want me to fuck her. Her period continued for four days during which time I kept on requesting her for a blowjob. She relented and finally got down to sucking my cock. I watched her as she took my cock in her lips and started to lick the cock head. I coaxed her to take more of me inside her as I enjoyed the sensation of her mouth and her tongue on my cock. She became aroused and even more daring that she started to take more of my cock inside her mouth. I pushed and she gagged. She told me that my cock went down her throat. That’s the way to deep throat I replied to her without actually knowing. She took me inside her mouth again, I felt my orgasm building up so I told her that I was going to come and I would love it if she swallowed my semen. She pulled out a letting the tip of my cock stay inside her mouth while catching hold of the base with her hand. I shot my load into her mouth, which she gulped down. Finally when my orgasm ended she let go my cock and licked the tip clean. Auntie told me that she enjoyed her first cock sucking and she would now do it for me anytime I wanted.

She found the idea of licking and drinking the gooey slimy salty semen very erotic. At one time when I was going down on her I was pushing my fingers inside her and licking her vaginal lips when I saw that on removing my fingers her vagina gapped for sometime before closing up. So the next time round I withdrew my fingers and latching my mouth onto her vagina blew air into her. It took two full breaths to fill her up and when I removed my mouth the air came rushing out. She found that the sensation was really great so I kept doing it sending her from one orgasm to another. (Actually I have not read about blowing inside a vagina in any porn stories on the web–try it, I am sure all of you would really enjoy it–you can le me know your experience about this act also).

When her fertile time came she did not allow me to fuck her, as she was afraid of pregnancy, so she gave me blowjobs. I brought home a packet of condoms and we tried fucking with condoms but I found out that the sensations of her vagina on my cock were lost due to the condom. The blowjobs were better than the fuck with the fucking condoms. At this time I told her I wanted to try anal with her. She was not the least interested however due to my constant insistence she agreed one evening. I took out the KY jelly and rubbed it generously on her anus with her lying down on all four like a dog. I inserted my finger and pushed the jelly inside her anus. The puckered brown ring was tight. I got a rock hard erection as the thought of taking her virgin anus passed my mind. Like in the porn novels that I had read I had prepared her anus by inserting my finger and making her anus come to term with the intrusion. The anal ring, which was tight in the beginning, began to relax allowing my forefinger to enter completely. I rubbed the jelly all over my cock and then I positioned myself to insert my cock into her anus. I told her to relax so that the pain is lessened during the first entry. I pushed my cock against her puckered anus and at first the cock head entered. She screamed out in pain though only a small portion of my cock was inside, I stood still giving her time to relax and adjust. She kept telling me to take it out but I remained still until she found that the pained had dulled and after coaxing her I slowly pushed inside half of my cock. This time the pain was less though she complained bitterly. Finally I was inside her to the hilt and my pubic hair was mashed against her buttocks. This was unlike vaginal insertions. Her anus was really tight and my cock felt nicely squeezed. I started to finger her vagina to make her relax all the time keeping my cock still inside her anus. I whispered terms of endearment to her all the time telling her to relax and try to enjoy the sensation. After sometime she started to relax again and I began to slowly move my cock back.

She gasped as I pushed it back inside her. She told me it was painful and she did not enjoy it, I kept feeling her body and playing with her vagina moving my cock slowly in and out of her anus. The sensation on my cock was too much and I erupted inside her anus spewing my hot semen into her intestines. After I removed my cock she curled up and began to cry telling me that it was so painful and that she had allowed me to do it just because she loved me so much and wanted to please me. I felt sorry for her and I promised her that I would not insist on anal sex unless she wanted it. When she went to the toilet and sat down fresh blood came out of her anus along with my semen. We were both scared that something might have gone wrong, obviously my cock must have torn the ligaments in her large intestine and we did not try it again. We concluded that the vagina is a much better place to play with.

At one time when I was gong down on her I had this brilliant idea so I got up and went to the kitchen leaving my aunt wondering. I came back with a large brinjal (Eggplant- indian variety which is smooth and long). She asked me what I was up to and I told her to just relax and enjoy. I licked the brinjal and coating it with my saliva slowly inserted into her vagina as I licked her vaginal lips and her clitoris. She got so excited and came again and again. She grasped my hips and pulled me to her side and adjusted ourselves so that we were in 69 position. She started to suck on my cock as I kept on pushing the brinjal in and out of her vagina as I kept licking her vagina and flicking her clitoris. Both of us came together with a mind blowing orgasm, our bodies shuddering as we held each other tightly. Later she told me that to be filled up with the brinjal and my mouth licking her vagina was really mind blowing. Actually we discovered the joys of sex together experimenting with each other and telling each other what each of us want or likes. Since I attend class during the day she would wait anxiously for my return and make love almost through the night. At times I would just be sucking on her breast and drinking her milk with both of us enjoying the pleasures of just breast-feeding. I did love to feed on her milk and got addicted to it.

We were in love and sometime she would tell me that she must be mad to fall in love with such young man and at that her own nephew. After I told her about the blue films she wanted to see one. So I rented a VCR and two films from the local video shop. The first was a lesbian film. The lesbian lovemaking on the screen shocked and excited her. She was surprised to see the strap on dildos that they were using on each other. Until then she never knew that dildos existed. I told her that one of my fantasies is to see her making love to another woman and that she should imagine that one of the women on the film is she and try to imagine how it would feel. The thoughts obviously excited her as she started to hug and kiss me telling me to play with her breast and her vagina. We started fucking as we watched the movie. The next was an incest film of a mother and her son. She enjoyed that one also very much.

After the movie and our fucking sessions, she said, “Varun, your mother and I look alike in many ways, are you attracted to your mother also?” This was the first time she had brought my mother into our discussions. I replied “Auntie, you know I love you so much, why do you want to discuss these?” “No, you answer my question” she insisted. So I told her that I was attracted to my mother. She asked me if I ever tried anything on my mother. Candidly I told her that even though I use to try and see her body I never tried anything on my mother, as I was afraid. She then told me that when they were young, they use to sleep in the same bed and that my mother use to play with herself every night. One day when my auntie confronted mother instead of stopping or being more discreet mom taught my auntie how to pleasure herself. That was when auntie discovered her own sexuality. They had touched and felt each other’s breast sometimes but never got intimate and that she remembered it so vividly today after seeing the lesbian film. I asked her to try it out with my mother when she comes to visit next month. She laughed and said, “Am I not enough for you that you want your mother also? You horny bastard!” But later on she admitted that the thought of trying it out with my mother had passed her mind and excited her.

My mother was a little more plumb but not fat. I found myself very aroused by the thought that started to fuck auntie again. While fucking auntie I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my mother whom I am fucking and the thought was so exciting that I came almost immediately. A month has almost passed by without knowing how fast it went as we discovered the joys of being in love and making love. We experimented with each other to enhance our pleasures. Now she would willingly go down on me unlike the first time when she thought it was so dirty but dreaded the day when uncle would be arriving back from his foreign trip. Auntie warned me that when uncle was around it would be strictly aunt nephew relationship, she was scared. We started discussing on how to seduce my mother. Auntie was excited at the idea of making love to another woman and I at the thought of fucking my own mother if our scheme succeeded though we were scared at the consequences if it misfired. Auntie told me my mother was a very sexy woman and she seems to be always horny when they were young. That will be our advantage I hope.

We had been dreading the day uncle would return, however, we were quite happy when he finally arrived because he came back with a lot of foreign goods and presents for both of us. In fact that day when he was suppose to come we got up early and had a very good love making session starting with oral sex and finally ending up with fucking each other raw. Before we left the house I had my breast feeding session with the baby watching us as auntie opened my pants and played with my cock. Both of us were feeling raw specially auntie who was complaining that both her breast and her vagina was so raw due to our accelerated love making for the last two days thinking that our freedom is coming to an end soon. Then we took bath together and along with the baby we went to the airport to receive him. For now I was fully satiated and occupied with all those foreign gadgets. In the evening I slept in my own room alone imagining what uncle and my aunt might be doing. I felt pangs of jealousy as the thought of them sleeping together in the same bed crossed my mind. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.

The next three days was sheer torture for me as uncle stayed home relaxing after his foreign jaunt making it difficult for me to even be near auntie. After all the intimacy we shared being able to see her but losing all the liberty was frustrating. On the fourth day when I came back from college my aunt was alone with the baby so I went and hugged her. No words were spoken as I started to kiss and feel her body with my hand. As usual I made her sit down on the bed and layed my head on her lap. She opened her blouse and bra and lifting her breast fed the nipple into my mouth. Like a starved child I sucked on her nipple greedily as I was rewarded with a rich flow of her breast milk. I kept up my sucking and drank all the milk that flowed out of her breast as she opened my pants and started to fondle my cock. After three days of abstinence my cock was full of jism and it was so hard. After draining one of her breast I got up and undressed her completely and as she layed on the bed fully naked I undressed myself. I dove right to her vagina and started to lick her. She was wet and her vaginal juice was flowing out like a fountain, aunt kept moaning out loud as I licked her and inserted my fingers to her vagina. Immediately she reached her orgasm as she moaned out loud and her juice came flowing out of her vagina. I licked it up and moved on top of her directing my cock into her vagina. Like a receptacle her vagina engulfed my cock and I filled her up.

She embraced me as I lowered my mouth to her breast. I suckled her breast drinking her milk as I started to pump my cock inside her vagina. She pushed her hips against mine as I rocked her. She achieved another orgasm and raked my back with her fingers. I kept pumping into her vagina as her orgasm subsided and another one build up. I collected her breast milk in my mouth and fed it to her by kissing her. She eagerly sucked it from my mouth and then she went into another orgasm. I was now fast approaching my own orgasm. So I spoke out for the first time since we started to make love telling her that I was going to come and I want her to come with me. All she did was moan out louder and raise her hips to meet the thrust of my cock. My cock jerked inside her vagina and erupted into a fountain as I told her that I was coming. She also cried back saying that she was coming and both of us clung to each other as we revered in our sweet communion. After the orgasm died down I rolled down from her while she laid there limply taking deep breaths. I cuddled her and she cried. She told me she missed me so much. I hushed her and made her relax telling her that I will always be there for her. Finally good sense prevailed upon her and she got up to get dressed saying that uncle might come home early. Then I told her that my semen is still inside her and if he wants to make love then he would know that another man had just fucked her. She started to despair and go to the bathroom to wash up, so I told her that I would clean it up with my mouth sucking out all the semen from her provided she would drink it from my mouth. She smiled and readily agreed saying that she missed the taste of my semen. When I opened her legs her vagina was so soppy with my semen and her own juice. At first I just licked whatever was outside, teasing her clitoris.

She urged me to go faster. Then I placed my lips on her vagina and sucked hard to be rewarded with thick glops of my own semen. I collected it in my mouth and kissed her transferring it to her as she eagerly lapped it up. The process went on until her vagina was cleaned up properly with my mouth and in the process she had another orgasm. I wanted to continue but she told me that it was enough. So we got up dressed and came out from the bedroom. We sat in the kitchen as we had tea. She told me that uncle made love to her twice in the last four days. It seems he had taken some medication in the US to increase his fertility and he wanted another child soon. I became serious and told her that she cannot have his child and if she wanted another child it will be mine. She told me that she cannot conceive right now as her fertile period was not due for another week. I told her she should tell him that her fertile period was now and let him make love to her but when her actual fertile period came she should sleep with me so that when she becomes pregnant uncle would think that the american medicine had helped him to impregnate his wife. I explained to her that I love her whole heartedly and for me she is the woman of my life. Knowing that we love each other so much I want to have our love child. She was scared, afraid but did not know how to refuse me. So she did not reject the idea nor did she give her consent.

Meantime uncle came home and greeted us. I left them thinking in my mind that I must get my aunt pregnant with my child. Having been so intimate with her for so long I knew when her period started and when her fertile egg would come. I resolved that I should talk to her again at the first given opportunity and convince her. I wanted my auntie to sire our love child out of her own desire to do so.

The idea of the possibility of impregnating his aunt was such a turn on for Varun. That night he went off to sleep toying with different ideas of how to convince Sailaja to let him impregnate her. Meantime his uncle found out that breast feeding delays pregnancy so he told Sailaj to stop breastfeeding the baby as he desperately wanted to have another child before they became too old. This bit of news Sailaja told Varun the next day in the morning while he was having breakfast before going to college. Varun was very disappointed but now the baby girl Yashoda was 11 months old and could go on with being breastfed. Sailaja told him to come home early that day as she had things to talk to him.

Varun came home in the afternoon from college to find auntie relaxing after completing her housework. On seeing Varun she smiled and beckoned him to her lap and as soon as he laid his head she opened her blouse, unhooked her bra and offered her breast to be suckled. As Varun sucked her long nipples milk started to come which he drank greedily. “Oh my poor baby, drink all you want while it is there” she said. “Oh yes baby, suck it like that” Varun fondled the other breast and admired her pendulous breast with the blue veins. His cock became erect while breastfeeding from her breast and she started to massage his cock. They went to his room and made love for a long time. Finally she told Varun that they have to stop the incestuous sex and that this was their last time together.

Varun was devastated but she told him that if he loved her as much as he professes he should follow her wishes. She made me swear that he will do nothing against her wishes and that whatever happened should remain a secret between just the two of them. The next day was the most miserable day of his life and nothing seems to get better and a week passed making him feel even more miserable. She was behaving as if nothing had ever happened between them and now she was just down the hall nursing yashoda. His whole body ached with longing for her. His cock was as hard as a rock and throbbing painfully as he pictured the baby nursing on her big, beautiful tits. He could almost taste the wondrous elixir as he recalled the night he had first savored it.

A flash of jealousy and anger shot through him. Jealousy in that the baby had his aunt’s breasts any time she wanted them while he was once again forbidden to partake of their delicious contents. Anger in that he had been allowed to partake in the forbidden pleasures of incestuous love and now he was forbidden to share this love with his aunt. And he had thought they had shared such a deep, enduring love. Couldn’t she see how much he wanted her, he asked himself as the love pouring out of his heart flowed across the room to her like a river? No more, he sobbed. This went on from weeks to months and he knew that his aunt had stopped breastfeeding the baby. It was now more than three months since he last had intimacy with his aunt. Now he had resigned himself to his fate after trying so hard to win back her love and the intimacy they shared. She seemed determined to stop all this.

On the other hand his uncle seems to be trying hard to get her pregnant again but to no avail which seems to make him short tempered. He could see that his uncle was taking out the anger on sailaja and she appeared to be cowering under his anger. She became even quieter and would not even look at Varun when he tried to talk to her. Varun always remembered the hot lovemaking they shared once upon a time. Nursing from his aunt was awesome, but making love to her was so much more. Denying him her body was like feeding crumbs to a starving man. Strangely, it only made things worse having her so near, yet unable to take her into his arms and make wild passionate love to her.

Then one day his uncle left for Europe for two weeks and he thought this was the best time to try his luck with his aunt again. That evening he approached her and said “Auntie, please look at me and tell me that you do not love me nor do you want me anymore. If that is the case I shall go away forever from your life, I cannot stand it anymore with you so close yet so far away” At this Sailaja immediately broke down and started crying. Varun went to her and put his arms around her and said “Shush auntie, don’t cry”

“I’m sorry” she went on. “I could tell how much pain you were in. And my heart was breaking for you. But it wasn’t easy for me either. I wanted to come to you so many times, but I did not want to corrupt you any further.” She said. “The other day you asked me if you could impregnate me and that is not a small thing. I know that if we continue our relationship there is every possibility of you impregnating me and that is not as simple as making love” She went on to tell him that she felt miserable doing this to him but that it was for his best.

Sailaja went on” Every day I yearn for you and I would cry when no one was around but I thought it was better for you to forget me and go on with your life, you are young and there is so much ahead in your life. On the other hand your uncle took out his frustration on me for not being able to impregnate me. I even contemplated suicide also but for the sake of my daughter I desisted from the act”

Between sobs she explained how she endured the agony and mental pain everyday, how uncle mistreated her for not getting pregnant and that finally yesterday when uncle told her that he was going to Amsterdam for two weeks she decided that she will continue her relationship with varun if he was still willing to take her back

“You mean, you mean that, that we, we…”

“Yes, we can, can be lovers again,” she told him as she watched his face lit up.

“God, I wish I had known,” he complained, reaching out and hugging her tightly and kissing her deeply “I’ve been so god-damned miserable all these months, I just wanted to die.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, “but I thought that was for your own good.”

“It’s okay, auntie,” he grinned, “but now we have to make up for it.”

“I have to tell you something,” she said as she delicately fondled his quivering cock.

“What?” he asked

“Something very important,” she smiled innocently.

“What? What?” he implored her.

“I want to have your baby,” she said softly.

“Huh!” he grunted. “What did you say?”

“I want to have your baby,” she said again as he gawked at her, not able to believe what he had just heard.

“A baby? You want to have my baby?,” he babbled inanely.

“Yes, I want to have your baby,” she said again, giving his cock a suggestive squeeze.

“A baby,” he muttered. “A baby.”

“Yes, I want to have a baby,” she said seriously. “Your baby.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. Surely she didn’t mean it.

“MY BABY!” he blurted out in disbelief.

“Yes, I want to have YOUR baby,” she smiled happily.

“You want to have MY baby?” he groaned.

“God, auntie, I love you,” he groaned, gently pushing her down onto her back.

“Wait” she said there is also a condition

“Even before you tell me any condition I agree fully” Varun replied

She smiled at him and said “ This time we shall make love as man and wife not as illicit lovers, I want to be married to you before you come to my body again so that this time you will come to me as my husband”

“Oh auntie, but how? Where will we get married? Who will perform the marriage for us?”

“Tomorrow we will go to the next town where there is a priest in a temple who performs marriages for a fee. We shall go and pay him his fees and get married in his temple” She went on to explain that she would leave her daughter Yashoda with a friend for two days. Since the baby was now almost one and a half years she will not be a problem. Moreover the baby gets along well with her friend as she has taken care of the baby for her many times before also.

Varun was so happy that he kept on pledging his undying love for her and kissing her. He wanted to make love to her but his aunt firmly told him that he will have to wait until they become man and wife. He kept begging her so finally she agreed that they can neck for a while but without any intimate touching. Finally she told him to go to his room and sleep and save everything for the big day tomorrow.

Knowing that he will be making love to his auntie again he was so happy but he had difficulty falling asleep. The thought of marrying his aunt and her permission for him to impregnate her was like a divine gift which made him even more excited.

Sailaja on the other hand was also very happy now that she had finally decided to continue her relationship with varun after duly getting married. She had been apprehensive before because he was still young and may not be able to control himself but now she was certain that he is completely dependable as in the last couple of months he had quietly respected her wishes and never tried to blackmail or force himself on her. She prepared for the trip the next day packing her wedding saree and along with sexy bras and panties not that she thought she would be wearing any of it once they got married. She found herself getting so wet thinking of the making love to Varun. Her nipples were also erect. Poor thing, she thought as she remembered how much he loved her succulent breast full of milk as now she had stopped breastfeeding and her breast was dry. She decided to shave her vagina and as a present for him tomorrow. She took out the mangalsutra that she had bought the other day and packed it along with her wedding saree. Magalsutra being the a necklace which the man will tie around the neck of the woman he is marrying which is the sacred tradition in India.

The next day Varun got up early and went to his auntie’s bedroom but she was also already up and getting the baby ready to be kept with her friend. Varun went up behinf her and hugged her. She turned back and kissed him fully on his mouth and asked “ How is my husband to be today?”

“You go and get ready while I go over to my friends house to keep the baby there” She told him. “In a few hours from now on I am going to be your wife, so save all your loving and get ready”

After breakfast they left for the next town in a taxi which is four hours drive. Before going out Sailaja warned Varun that in any public place they were to behave as aunt and nephew and that he cannot touch her or do any such thing as it would be a scandal if anyone knowing them should happen to see such a thing. Varun behaved well but when they reached the town they booked into a hotel as husband and wife. As soon as they were inside the hotel room alone Varun embraced his aunt and kissed her rubbing his whole body against hers. Sailaja kissed back equally probing her tongue inside his mouth and exchanging their saliva. Sailaja then told him to break the magalsutra which was tied by her husband and his uncle. Varun took pleasure in breaking the mangalsutra from Sailaja’s neck.

They then freshened up and packing their wedding dress they proceeded to the temple which was slightly isolated where Sailaja had made arrangements through phone for their marriage. At the temple the priest was waiting for them and told them that the puja (ceremony) can start as soon as they are ready. Sailaja went to the dressing room adjacent to the temple to get ready while Varun who was already in Kurta pyjama (traditional Indian dress for men) waited outside. After sometime Sailaja came out in her wedding dress and they sat down near the fire for the marriage to begin. This was a place where people eloping would get married so ther was no questions raised. A band was also there to play the wedding music. The wedding took about an hour after which they were declared man and wife. The relatives of the priest and the temple staffs came to bless them and they quickly returned to their hotel by evening with Sailaja wearing the new mangalsutra tied on her neck ny her nephew Varun and kumkum( red colour) on her forehead signifying her marriage.

Since the place was famous for sun aways to get married the hotel staff were not surprised to see them coming back in their wedding dress and the hotel manager quickly sent up a glass of milk to the room. As soon as the waiter left Varun went to embrace her auntie and said “ My wife”

“My husband go and wait on the bed for me”

When varun sat on the bed Sailaja came covering her head with the saree and the glass of milk in her hand which is as per the hindu tradition for a bride to first approach the husband. Varun quickly drank the milk and pulled sailaja on to the bed. There he started to attack her like a starved man attacking his food. He tore away her blouse and freed her breast from the bra…after such a long time he was able to see and fondle his aunt’s breast again. They had become slightly smaller as they were no more producing milk but the long nipples were already erect.

He quickly took one in his mouth and started to cuk on it at the same time fondling the other breast and rolling the nipples in his thumb. Sailaja moaned at the ministrations, there was no time for finesse, they were like animals ravaging each other’s body as they pulled at each other’s clothes with labored breathe. Quickly he pulled her saree along with the petticoat to her waist, pulled down the panty and exposed her shaved cunt. He was delighted to find her vagina already dripping in her own juice in anticipation. Quickly he freed his cock and plunged into her like a knife cutting butter.

“Oh, my darling wife, my cock is back to where it belongs” he cried out as his cock was fully embedded

“Yes my darling husband, welcome home” she moaned back to him

“I am fucking you in your wedding saree, this is the same saree you wore in your first wedding isn’t it?” “Yes my darling, with this act you are defiling my first marriage and legalizing your marriage with me” she replied.

They fucked like animals as if there was no time . He thrust his cock fast and deep into her vagina as he mauled her breast and kissed her mouth. She humped back in equal frenzy as they sped towards their own orgasm. Suddenly they reached their orgasm together when Varun cried out” Oh auntie, I am going to come” “My husband, come to me, come inside me, fill me up with your potent sperm and make me pregnant again”

“yes I will fill you with my semen and cleanse your womb to make you pregnant again” varun said as he came shooting his semen inside her vagina and flooded her. Sailaja also came and she arched her buttocks up to meet his thrust as he injected his semen and filled her womb with his potent sperm.

After the frenzied fucking they took rest as Varun cuddle up his aunt and whispered terms of endearment into her ears. She was satisfied and contended to be in his arms. She had made peace with herself and with him by marrying him and legalizing their act. She did not consider it incest anymore.

After some time Varun undressed himself and became completely naked. Then he started to undress his aunt firstly by removing the saree and the petticoat. Then he removes the torn blouse and her bra which was hanging loosely. Once again he started to fondle her breast at which Sailaja said “I am so sorry that my breast is dry, your uncle found out that breast feeding delays pregnancy and forced me to stop breast feeding because that wimp of a man could not impregnate me.”

“Don’t worry my darling wife, now I am here to impregnate you as many times as you want and your breast will be constantly flowing with milk for me and my babies”

“Oh my nephew husband, I want nothing more than that….I love to breast feed you, I love the feeling of your mouth sucking out milk from my breast…make me pregnant fast so that my breast shall once again fulfill your desire” Saying that she started to slide down to his cock

She took his cock in her mouth and started to lick it back to life with the ministrations of her tongue. Quickly it swelled and became hard filling her mouth. She took it out and marveled it while at the same time she noticed the distinct addtition in size and leght. He has become much bigger she thought. While she teased his manhood back to ripeness, he bent down to the drooling wetness between her lovely legs. Inhaling deeply, he drank in the succulent aroma of her overheated cunt that was now leaking with is semen mixed with her juices.

He loved all the smells of his aunt: The delicate fragrance of her exotic perfume: The lingering aroma of soap from her shower: The scintillating scent of her sex. The erotic fragrances filled his nose and sent a charge of excitement coursing through his cock. Leaning down farther, he stuck his tongue out and ran it up and down the sopping slit of slippery flesh savoring the hot sweetness of her overflowing cunt as she mewed out her approval. Lapping at her pussy, he slurped his way up and down the fleshy gash until he found her bulging clitoris sticking out of its sheath. Suddenly, he attacked the jutting knob of slippery tissue, roughly slashing at it with his tongue as he sucked and pulled on it with his lips.

“Oh, my husband,” she whimpered, humping her cunt up into his face.

Nipping and nibbling on the slippery clit with his teeth, he could sense that his aunt was already on the verge of a cataclysmic eruption of pleasure.

“Yes…my husband yes…there,” she murmured as he felt her whole body suddenly tighten and begin to shake.

Locking his lips down around the slick, little button of flesh, he raked his tongue back and forth across it furiously as she writhed underneath him.

Making his auntie come was so crazy. He was making his auntie come with his mouth. How many nephew could marry his aunt and take her to sexual heights, he giddily wondered as he reveled in the wickedness of bringing his aunt and wife to fulfillment

She thrashed about under his wicked ministrations, Then, finally, he heard her groan loudly and felt her come. Her hips bounced up and down, splattering his face with more and more of her thick, aromatic juices that were pouring out of her pussy as she groveled in the throes of her delight. He found it was impossible to hold onto her wildly gyrating hips as she shamelessly raked her cunt up and down his face, wantonly disregarding her vows of motherhood. That they were auntie and nephew no longer mattered. They were now more than that, he thought as he felt the intensity of her joy overcome her. So very much more than that…

She kept grinding her pussy down into his face until at last he felt the throes of her climax begin to weaken. Then, just as he felt the last throes of her orgasm tickle through his aunt’s cunt, Varun scrambled up to his hands and knees. Hurriedly crawling up her body, he grabbed his throbbing cock and aimed it at the slavering gash of pink wetness between her legs.

Fitting the big, tapered head of his oozing cock into her waiting hole, he felt the hot, softness of her hungry cunt engulf him. Grunting, he quickly shoved all of his aching peter down into the hot, clutching inferno that burned inside her ravenous pussy.

Unable to control himself, he began to rock back and forth, hammering his cock into his aunt savagely. Not only did she want him to fuck her, he thought as he passionately attacked her, she wanted him to give her a baby. The evil wickedness of such a thing was driving him crazy. He was going to make a baby inside his aunt, he groveled, pounding his cock into her as hard and fast as he could.

But despite the ferocity of his onslaught, she took it and begged him from more.

“Yeah…Varun my husband, fuck me hard,” she babbled as she dug her long, red fingernails into his bounding ass, clutching him, pushing and pulling on him, and goading him to fuck her faster and faster. “And give me a baby.”

The fucking sound reverberated through the room as he furiously fucked her. How could they engage in such evil, he wondered, as his brick-hard cock slashed into her cunt, his belly slapping against hers over and over again. Grunting and gasping for breath, he worked frantically as she writhed beneath him. They were animals rutting in the filth of their own incestuous sty, but he was hell bent to fulfil his auntie’s satanic wish, no matter what the horrific consequences might be.

She was his aunt. He loved her so much that he married her and wanted her to have his baby. Jerking his hips back and forth like a madman, he hammered his cock in and out of his aunt’s hot hole,. But she wanted it. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her and make her belly big, he told himself.

They fucked. As man and woman, they fucked. They fucked, not as aunt and nephew but as lovers. They fucked as if they were the only two people left on earth to repopulate it. The fucked as if their lives depended upon generating new life inside his aunt’s womb. No one, or no thing mattered now. It was only the two of them. The two of them alone in their own wicked world. They would make up their own rules now. No one else mattered.

As they fucked, the enormity of their violation came to him and he could feel the molten pool of cum inside his balls begin to bubble and froth impatiently. Now, straining to hold back it back, he could feel the rapidly building pressure inside his aching balls growing greater by the second as he hammered his cock into his aunt’s tight sucking hole.

He had to give her what she wanted. He would fill her with his hot essence and she would take it into her womb where she would make another baby with it. They would make a beautiful baby together.

He knew that he couldn’t last much longer. His muscles were already screaming out in pain, begging him to stop. But he couldn’t, not until he had finished the evil task, finished the depraved rite and planted the unholy seed inside his aunt’s fertile womb. Her hands were all over him, clawing, scratching, and clutching as she urged him on.

Finally he felt it coming. The burning tightness inside his balls was rapidly building toward an explosive upheaval.Then it happened. His giant cock erupted in a fiery explosion as it lurched and spurted out a gigantic gush of his thick, hot, sperm-laden cum into his aunt’s ravenous cunt.

Then a microsecond later it fired again, drenching the clutching, squeezing channel of her cunt with his sticky, hot potency a second time. His whole body was awash with pleasure as his monstrous penis spewed out its toxic semen into the sucking depths of his auntr’s gluttonous cunt.

Crying out in agony and pleasure, he buried his cock deep inside the clutching heat of her ravenous cunt and unleashed its cargo of toxic cum into her as she cried out with joy.

Groveling below him, she welcomed his eruption by pulling and clawing at him, drawing his jerking, spurting monster even deeper into the fiery core of her motherhood. Their lips touched momentarily in a soft, loving kiss before they were crushed together by the passion of the moment. Their slashing tongues only accentuated the violence of the kiss as they intertwined and danced a wicked, incestuous dance of love. The unholy kiss went on and on as he emptied his heavy, cum-filled balls into her ripe, fertile garden.

His giant cock convulsing with pleasure, he felt the spasms of her tight, clutching cunt grip down on him. The scorching sheath of her vagina tightly clung to his cock while the ripples of her orgasm undulated through her cunt. His cock spurted and spurted, shooting out its vile load of thick, venomous cum into her with mighty lurches as they both reached for heaven and found it before they collapsed…

“YESSSssssssss my husband,” she hissed as she pulled him to her and hugged him tightly.He found her lips with his and they kissed hungrily as their orgasms raged through them. But even as they kissed, his cock continued to jerk and send hot, steamy spurts of fiery cum into her ravenous vagina. And as his monster cock emptied its vile load into her hot, hungry cunt, he could feel her squeezing and milking it, sucking it dry with her clinging pussy as they devoured each other’s lips.

Kissing her soft, yielding lips, he could imagine his sperm swimming through the meaty darkness of her vagina. Swimming through her cum drenched cunt, their tails frantically flailing as they searched for her virgin egg. It was as if she were giving up her virginity to him. Giving up her egg. The egg that had never felt the touch of a sperm. And it would be his sperm that would rape the egg and bring forth life from it.

He knew that she must be coming with him as he felt the muscles of her cunt clutching at him spasmodically, clenching the tightness of her cunt down around his erupting cock and trying to suck out every last drop of his precious semen.

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