My Friend'S Wife

And My Other Friend

I have a wide variety of friends. Some, real nice, sweet, kind, conservative in dress and manner. Others less so. Some just recently met, others go back a ways. Sometimes these friendships intersect unexpectedly. There was a couple, Mike and Sue, really nice. She worked at the same bank, not in the same area, so we rarely saw each other. But we would arrive and park a few blocks from the office, so we met, and occasionally walked together. She was sweet, bubly, full of happiness, maybe about 15 years younger than I.

She was just what I needed to boost my spirits when facing another day of meetings, reports and grousy confrontations. In Sue’s job, she was the planner for company picnics, parties and the endless business dinners with the movers and shakers. So I would see her from time to time at a function and met her husband. She would wear a black dress, pearl necklace, very nice, very pretty, but I never thought of her in a sexual way. Mike was a nice guy but not at ease in the world of suits. He owned an AC repair company and I had an old AC. We became good friends. We socialized a bit, they would invite me “and a date” to one of their barbeques. I got them tickets and at times went with them to concerts they enjoyed, or sports events.

Then, I had a friend named Frank from college days. He was now a banker too, and managed to come to town occasionally. We would get together, have a few drinks and retell old stories. I had been a best man or an attendant at at least three of his marriages. He always came out of divorces with more cash than he started, so he tells me. And, he seems to live better with bigger homes, cars, boats, even an airplane for a while, than I ever could at about the same salary as mine. Frank was a pussy chaser.

Don’t get me wrong, I chased pussy too, but. I would have never tried anything with Sue. She would have been hurt that I was being disrespectful of her and her husband. It would have ruined our little mini friendship. Maybe she would have thought of me as too old. During our walks to the office, she would show me pictures of her kids, her Mom, tell me about pies she made or things she did for the church, never anything remotely sexual. Then one day, she arrived wearing a little edgier outfit. This was not something from Dress Barn, no flowery prints and collars up to the neck. The heels were a little higher. She wasn’t wearing anything inappropriate, but there was some cleavage, the skirt a little tighter. She blushed when I looked at her. She had cute tits, nice butt. It was the first time I had looked at her that way. She told me she was having lunch with a friend.

Now then…

You know where this is going… Right?

This is a sex story after all, not a romance novel of unrequited love, not a murder mystery, not sci fi. I had no idea at the time. I would have never guessed in a million tries.

The idea that those cute smiling lips of hers ever wrapped themselves around Frank’s cock, that Frank’s cum had gushed by them into her mouth and dribbled back out coating them….No way.

But, I did think she would have never dressed that way to meet a girlfriend.

Anyway, that day I got a call from Frank, he was in town. Never in my wildest dreams could I have put two and two together. He said he had a busy schedule but he was staying the night and we could do breakfast at his hotel in the morning. I said: “Fine”

We met for breakfast. Typical Frank, he was looking to build a bigger house, buy a newer car, had an ever more glamorous and rich girlfriend, and was sure he was up for a great promotion. It would have been easy to hate Frank. He was always full of shit but in a fun and entertaining way. He told me he didn’t really have any business in town, but he had this little friend he liked to stop and fuck from time to time. We laughed. For a short guy, he got more pussy than any guy I knew.

And yes, way back, he and Cindy and I and some chick he was doing spent a week end together. And, yes of course he had fucked Cindy, and I had fucked his “girlfriend”. Later, he tried everything to repeat parts of that week end. At least repeat the parts where he sticks his cock into one of Cindy’s holes, gyrates wildly and spews out a load of warm cum. That part. I don’t think he did, but with Cindy, you just never knew. Maybe at some point, somewhere, that cock, her cunt and/or mouth reacquainted. It had happened before, if Cindy was fucking or sucking someone I had known about that she had done in the past, then it wasn’t cheating.

As we talked at the terrace breakfast bar, as I looked out the front of the hotel and I could have sworn I saw Sue exiting, tugging at an overnight bag and jump into a taxi. No, it couldn’t be.

Frank then told me he had met one of the girls that organizes the get togethers at our bank functions, and that he saw her from time to time and that she was one wild fuck.

I thought… “No … cant be”.

Later that day, although I had no reason to visit Sue in her work area, I found some excuse to go see her. Yup, she was wearing the outfit I had seen coming out of the hotel.

Holy shit…. Holy shit, I thought.

I decided to go for it.

“Hey, saw you coming out of the Hyatt this morning. I was having breakfast with an old friend, Frank”.

Her face went white, her eyes as big as saucers, glaring at me, I could hear her heart thumping.

She was shaking a bit and her voice trembled as she asked me to go into one of the conference rooms, she closed the door.

She told me: “I met him a few years ago, when his wife had died. He was so kind, so nice, still hadn’t met anyone . Said he wanted someone like me. I don’t know. It’s fun. I love Mike, I would never hurt him, but.”

I smiled understandingly. Frank has never had a dead wife, they all kicked his ass to the curb when they found him fucking or trying to fuck everyone they knew. I didn’t tell her that. I did tell her I would never ever tell anyone, and that it was ok, that everyone I ever knew had a little side life. It put her at ease.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t get shit done.

Over the next few weeks, Sue and I would arrive to the garage at the same time. Ok truth be known, I would arrive there ealier and wait, then pretend to have just arrived. She kinda knew it. We had a second little secret. Still our conversation went back to pies and church outings. Never a word about Frank. She could tell I wanted to bring it up. She was also a bit afraid that now that I knew she was a player, I might press her. Ok, I would have, eventually I did.

Then I got a call from Frank, he was coming to town, he wanted to have dinner. Then I met Sue the morning he arrived. Again, she was wearing a really cute bordering on sexy outfit. This time, I looked a little longer at the significant part of her tits that was exposed. This time she didn’t blush, she knew I was looking. She smiled.

That whole day, I don’t think I got shit done.

At six, I walked into the hotel lobby, and there he was in one of those big leather chairs and next to him in another big leather chair was Sue. There was a big leather chair for me too.

Holy shit, holy shit I kept saying to myself.

I ordered a double something. I needed to relax and process this moment in my mind.

While Frank and I could talk easily and Sue and I could too, and I’m sure Frank and Sue could as well, the three of us were just stammering to get the conversation going.

I started by telling Sue that I remembered the tough time Frank was going through after his wife had died. It was also a way of telling Frank I wasn’t about to give him up. The conversation got easier, we had a nice light dinner. Frank charged it. Frank didn’t pick up tabs normally. This was a thank you for the “dead wife” support.

But, there was something about Frank and Sue. Frank wouldn’t fly halfway across the country to fuck someone he had done before, unless. Well maybe he was getting older, women his age looked a tad worn and maybe the young ones were not as reponsive to the receeding hairline, greying temples and slight paunch, as they had been when he was a young fit and trim military officer. Many of the new conquests might be after the money he probably didn’t have, and as the women aged, they got smarter.

Frank said: “Lets go have a drink in the bar.”

When we got there, it was packed, not a chair to be found. Then he said: “Hey, lets go up to my suite, has a balcony overlooking the bay, great mini bar.”

No one said anything on the elevator ride.

We walked into his suite, the bed had been tidied up and turned down but not in the way professional staff would have done it. Frank and Sue had been up here before we had met in the lobby. She still avoided looking at me in the eyes.

Frank prepared drinks, Sue and I looked out over the bay.

I finally told her that she had taken me by total surprise, but I didn’t say it accusingly or disparagingly. I smiled at her when I said it. This time she actually looked at me and smiled.

We were all drinking, getting into the third one before the conversation stopped being stilted and awkward, then out of the blue Frank said: “Sue told me she has never done a threesome, but wants to.”

“Frank!”, Sue said, loudly, almost protesting but not convincingly. “I just said I hadn’t, not that I wanted to.”

I was speechless, but smiling, big grin, ear to ear.

I was thinking: “Holy shit, holy shit.”

“This is your chance Baby.” Frank said.

Sue looked at me, somewhat afraid of what I was thinking. I smiled and told her I would love to.

“Go put on something a bit more comfy Baby.” Frank said.

Sue said: “Ok.” then left the balcony.

Frank said something about the time he had gotten to fuck Cindy and that he felt he owed me one.

Did he say time or times?

He had a point. Yes he did owe me one, at least one.. That chick he had brought to the weekend fuck fest was not really inspiring. Cute but without much personality. By the time she left early on Sunday morning, I knew I was going to get bigger hard ons watching Franks cock pounding into Cindy than I had fucking his squeeze. Cindy by comparison had been an outstanding fuck, she always was. An outstanding cock sucker too. Frank had told her that in front of me. He complimented on training her well. I didn’t go into the fact that I had only been a small part of her cock sucking excellence and that much of it had been picked up from older guys, before we met and during the times we had broken up. Cindy kindly did not correct Frank’s misconception. I appreciated that about her.. Frank was handing me now a piece of pussy that was special to him. He knew he risked losing her. Frank was really a stand up guy when it came to sharing pussy.

It wasn’t long before Sue came out of the bathroom totally naked, a bit self conscious, but smiling. She said something about there being no point in playing peak a boo with some lingerie. She lay on the bed, legs still crossed but her cute little tits were fully awake. Frank and I undressed. I lay down next to her, We kissed, there was a little tongue, I played with her breasts. I reached down and stroked her pussy, reaching in between her legs. She was wet. Very wet. She knew that I knew that she and Frank had sex earlier in the evening, and managed to quietly tell me that she had cleaned up. The message was that I could tongue her pussy without worrying about Franks cum. That was nice. It also told me that that was what she wanted from me.

So I did. Her pussy was very trimmed, clean edges, short hair, pussy lips prominent, still red and puffy from the afternoon. I wondered how she did that with Mike around. He didn’t seem like a trimmed pussy kinda guy. Anyway, while I was thinking of all that and finding her clit with my tongue, they kissed, he played with one tit, I the other, she played with his cock.

The last time I saw that cock it was just coming out of Cindy all full of cum and pussy juice. Or was the last time, when it was coming out of Cindy all full of cum and saliva with lipstick marks all over it. I’m not sure it matters. They were amoung the many but enjoyable visuals I had from time to time when I was chocking the chicken to memories of Cindy.

It wasn’t long until Sue moaned, tensed up, started breathing hard enough to need to take Frank’s cock out of her mouth, and tried to push my head away from her pussy. She had gotten her O. In a few seconds, my cock was entering her very wet, very receptive yet tight pussy. I know I might have waited a bit, her vagina, clit and pussy lips were very sensitive, but I wasn’t going to wait. She looked up at me. She went back to sucking on Franks cock. Frank just wanted a load of his cum to flow into her mouth. I wanted to savor the moment. In accordance with each of our wishes, Frank came in Sue’s mouth. It dribbled out. She was not a swallower. It was not the huge loads I had seen go into Cindy’s mouth and cunt, and probably not the larger load that had pierced into Sue’s pussy earlier in the evening. She wiped her mouth off on the sheet. She focused on me and I on her. I still could not believe I was fucking this sweet thing, We looked into each other’s eyes, I watched her tits rock back and forth, I went as deep into her as I could, she helped by lifting up her legs and at one point she had wrapped them around the small of my back. So it wasn’t long before I felt the pressure building up inside me, the tingle that runs all around the head, the shaft, the balls. I held off as best as I could but I exploded into her. Sue smiled. I stayed inside her as long as I could.

All three of us lay there for a few minutes, saying nothing in the fading daylight in the room.

Sue didn’t have a “pass” to stay the night. So we got dressed, Frank put on a pair of shorts, we shook hands, she kissed him goodbye and Sue and I walked all the way back to our cars.

During the walk, I tried to talk to her, she said very little. I told her I wanted to see her again, just the two of us. She smiled, told me that she would enjoy that, but it wasn’t a good idea. I pressed my case a little. Finally she just said: “No.”. We gave each other a peck on the cheek, as I opened her car door. I’m kinda glad she didn’t want a deep passionate kiss with tongue, Frank’s cum was still around there. It was bad enough having it on my cheek.

I guess on some level, I should have just been happy. I was. Yet, she had never touched my cock, never taken it into her mouth. We had a lot of unfinished business, in my mind at least.

A few weeks later, she told me that she and Frank would not be seeing each other anymore. She asked me if he had ever had a dead wife,

I said: “No.”

I stopped trying to arrange to meet her at the garage, so we saw each other infrequently. On the few times we did, she went back to talking about pies and cookies and an invite to a BBQ that I would likely never get. Mike’s new assistant started returning my calls about AC service. Would she have finally confessed to Mike? Had Mike gotten suspicious about the occasional pussy trims. She asked a little about my new girlfriend. I wanted to ask her if she had ever thought of a two girl one guy threesome, but I didn’t.

Her style of dress had changed, sexier, classier, a lot more expensive, hair done at an upscale salon, fashionable streaks of color, the kind of do that costs $150, plus tip, and is done by a gay guy with a french accent, french nails, again profesionally done. Her make up had gone from Avon to Aveda. A few weeks later, I heard through the water cooler gang that she and some young senior VP had something going on. I expressed doubt and shock. I’m not sure I was that convincing either.

I was going to bring it up to her, but I didn’t. Being the one night stand of a top guy’s new toy isn’t exactly a career builder.

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