My First Time

John And My Wife Tease Me That I May Be Bi As I Liked MFM Sex A Lot

I just liked to make sure my partner was satisfied. Since I wasn’t that well-endowed I would add a little extra to our love making. Yet here they were teasing me to suck John’s cock. Well that evening ended and my wife and I talked. She told me it was turning her on and keeping her wet thinking of me with a dick in my mouth making it hard for her pussy. She understood that at the present time John was out of the picture. But she asked me to think about it. I told her I would. Well we had increased our toy collection since but hadn’t had another human in bed with us again. John and I were still friends but he understood I was not comfortable going that far with him. My wife would only watch Bi porn since that night and would narrate it was me and her in those scenes. Well this one Friday night I went to the porn store to see if anything else would catch my eye for us. The dude working that night was new. We talked about the newer ones that had just come out they were molded from Porn stars.

He noticed I had purchased Bi videos. I explained my wife got turned on by watching men have sex. And loved two dicks deep in her at the same time caused her orgasms to be stronger and longer. But as of now that’s how far I would allow it to go. Jake asked me if I sucked any of the dildos yet. I said no but they didn’t look like the new ones they just got in. They felt more like a real one it was latex, a softer more pliable material. I asked Jake if he was Bi he said no. but if a chick as sexy as the one I was married to asked yes he suck dick as we laughed.

He thought John should have grabbed my dick and showed how it was done. Instead of putting me in a defensive position, He should have coaxed his dick in my mouth and turned my wife on to a couple dudes who just like to sex it up. The longer we talked the more I was thinking how he might be the first dick I could suck. He was tall blond and blue eyes my dick was getting hard as I fantasized how nice his dick must look. I asked him what time he got off he said depended on how good I was at blow jobs. He said they close at eleven but to help a couple bring something from fantasy to reality and since there was no one in the store anyway he showed me the key’s and said time to lock up.

Jake said he found me as attractive as my wife and couldn’t wait till he could have us both. To him it was just sex between open minded people and even though he never gave a man a blow job. He has sucked the realistic penis as the one I just bought tonight and his girlfriend loves to watch him blow whatever color his girlfriend was In the mood for and after she was juicing all over she would fuck him and then he would fuck her or she would make him watch as she got off with the toy. He would tell her he loved those big dicks fucking her and then sometimes she wants both in her.

They love all kinds of sex in all kinds of ways. Well he followed me back to my place. My wife smiled and licked her lips when we told her our conversation and we had a couple drinks to relax the three of us before we moved the party to the bedroom were Jane whispered to me that looking at these two viral men was turning her on and ask me to put in the porno video I bought. As we watched the Bi one I bought she asked me if I was ready to make her fantasy a reality as she began to kiss and remove Jakes clothes.

When she removed his underwear she liked what she saw as his 10” dick sprang free and looked at me and said looks like you know how to pick your men baby as my eyes took in what was in store for me to suck on. Jane said I hope you do him right I want him good and hard so I can fuck his big one after you make him cum down your throat I want you to watch as his thick dick makes me juice and Jake can come again this time inside of me and then you can eat me clean of his cum and my juices.

Jane then turned her attention to me and let my member out even though not as long or thick it was just as hard. Jake came over to me and placed my hand on his manhood and said you want to make your wife happy and my dick wants a hot mouth around it make me hard so I can fuck your wife she wants a big one I bet she’s tight I’ll make her come good for you to see. Jane watched intently as she removed her clothes and started to play with her pussy telling us it was already getting wet and flowing with juices.

As I started to play with his dick and jerk him I got up my nerve to take my first dick into my mouth and throat as I looked at my wife she took the dildo I just bought and started to play with her pussy with it getting it hot so she could fuck her pussy as she watched me suck Jake. He put his hand on my head as I moved closer and closer to his dick I reached out and placed my hands on his butt as I prepared to put his penis in my mouth I opened up and took my tongue and started to lick him from his balls to the head of his dick I licked all around it I finally placed the head between my lips how soft It was how good it tasted as my wife said oh baby your making me hot that’s it suck it good as I started to take him deeper and deeper down my throat to satisfy Jane’s request as I pleased him orally. Jake was telling her how good it felt and how I sucked a dick well and how beautiful her pussy looked as she was fucking herself so he had a good view of it

I would make him hard for her and watch as his large dick enters her pussy and gives to her the pleasure I was getting by sucking him off. He moaned in pleasure as more of it went in as I became use to its size he urged me on telling me how nice it felt deep down my throat and how he was going to fuck my throat till he came as Jane also voiced her approval on what a good cock sucker I would be. She told me how good her pussy felt with her new toy cock already fucking her I bought her the 9” one instead of 10” so Jake would go in a little deeper. With me then being able to fuck her ass it would feel great to feel the dick of another man fucking my wife to orgasm.

I finally had him 8” then 9” down my throat I finally started relaxing my throat then his balls hit my chin as he was fully down my throat my eyes watered as my gag reflex lessened as I slowly became adjusted to having a dick down my throat. Jake enjoyed fucking my throat he was gentle but firm on his thrusts of his hips to meet my bobs. Jane was coaching me on what to do. I started playing with his ass-hole and Jake moaned and said how good it all felt just then Jane brought out one of our toys and lubed it up saying how good Jake would feel to be fucked in the ass she finished up the prep by rimming him then she started to push the dildo in as I increased the tempo on his dick I was so turned on sucking his big dick I wanted to bring him to orgasm and that I could suck a cock good. He was telling me how hot he was and how he was going to fuck Jane for me and how he was going to make her come all over his dick and she would beg him for more.

Jane said how hot he made her while she watched as his big and thick dick fucked my throat. Jane knew he was getting to the point of orgasm. She urged him but I could only nod my wanting his nectar to flood my mouth and tonsils. I started to feel his dick pulsing as he was getting ready to explode with the pleasure he was feeling as Jane was fucking his ass and I was sucking his cock.

Then he grabbed my head and told me to drink his cum as his ass cheeks tensed he came so hard it shot all the way down my throat but he kept coming and I kept swallowing then after he was spent for the moment I released his dick from my mouth as Jane slowly pulled the dick out he turned and buried his head into her hot pussy and licked her nectar he was still hard when she told him it was time he put that big dick in her so she could feel and me watch as he fucked her with his well sucked cock she told him to please fuck her with that big dick of his. After some time they shifted positions she got on top so that I would have a good view of his 10” dick fucking her and to see how wet she became as her pussy gripped his dick and could almost sense how great it felt to be pleased like that.

Then I started to lick her ass as I watched his dick tugging on her lips and the fluid was oozing out as my tongue was happy to lap at her juices as her pleasure continued to grow. Jane said how good he felt inside her and how he was bringing her to multiple orgasms. This meant she was ready for me to fuck her ass while being fucked with a larger dick in her pussy at the same time. I could tell that even though dildos helped Jane and me most of the time there was nothing like the real thing. Especially that we were free to enjoy the sex without one of us always being two people at once now there were three of us with a real dick that was long and thick. Allowing my wife the pleasures of getting fucked by his dick after I made him cum down my throat he loved the feel of her very excited wet pussy.

He was getting my wife to fuck him to orgasm while I watched them after she watched us while he was fucking my throat. Like a good husband I should get her lover ready for her. I wanted her to help her with what turned her on. If it was me sucking a dick I would do it. Jane was ready I moved myself higher and saw how wet Jane’s ass was. She sighed and waited as my rock hard dick pressed itself inside her well lubed ass. Jake said oh yeah now it’s even better it was the first time I felt a dick besides mine in her pussy I was ready to come Jane was sobbing from all the pleasure as Jake and then I came in gushes. To realize that I was going to drink cum from her pussy and her ass had me turned on like I had never been before.

I was going to taste mine and Jakes cum as well as Jane’s love juices. I put my face into her pussy and licked her like it was my first pussy I ate her like she loved to be eaten. Her clit exploded as another rush of her juice shot into my mouth and down my throat. I locked eyes with my wife who had the satisfied for now smile on her face. She blew me a kiss. We both looked at Jake who said wow what a couple you two are. We smiled and Jane said What time do you have to be home Jake said it was ok as he talked to his girl Andrea on his way here and she was fine with Jake coming to my place and hoped she could join us in the near future. We said lets freshen up for a second round. We showered together and the three of us kept our hands busy on each other’s bodies. We toweled each other dry and I went to fix us another round of drinks.

When I got back to the bedroom Jake got off the phone and told me his Girl Andrea was on her way over. She said she had to meet us and if we didn’t like her or her us Jake could stay to fuck us both. I looked at Jane who said she was open for Bi herself it was sex and it was fun to cum. We both smiled as we all went downstairs to the den so we could wait for Andrea. Around a half hour and three drinks later there was a knock on the door. Boy did I get shy it was one thing to have sex with a man in front of my wife but to a women I was just going to meet well I wasn’t sure. Jake assured me Andrea would ease things as she was very outgoing and loved sex.

In fact Jake said she was almost insatiable and had been dying to bring another male and female into bed. They used toys and videos as we did. She also had some strapon’s for when she wanted to fuck Jake. Jake said she was bringing a bag with some play things for us all. Jake answered the door and I was liking what I saw Jake introduced Jane and I to Andrea I asked her what she would like to drink and she asked for a double shot of tequila I had lemons and salt for her in no time. We sat around the den getting to know each other and I and Jane liked her and she seemed to like us to.

She was around 5’4 in perfect shape with a C cup I was happy they weren’t bigger as to big a tit was a turn off. Her ass was proportioned just the way I liked. Jane liked what she saw to well the four of us were getting a good high on. Jake said put on a video and I put on a bi couple flick. Andrea said we should role play the movie so we all took notes and we pulled names of the four characters from a hat. Andrea got the dominant female and we three the submissive ones. She smiled and said I’m going to like this role.

After the movie she excused herself and said she was going to dress for her part. She told us to strip and we headed to the bedroom. When she entered she looked 6 feet tall she had on high heels and a push up sexy girdle that pushed up her breasts and the bottom was attached to crotch less stockings. She laid out her toys and she had a variety she had me and Jake put on cock rings and told us we better be good and she wouldn’t put the extra-large butt plugs in. Jane was red for she was the main toy for us to please. She told Jane to crawl over and lick her pussy Jane did as she was told.

Next she had Jake lick her asshole and he better do it right. Andrea was fast getting aroused and she smiled and told me to lick my wife’s pussy and I crawled and dug in to please her toward an orgasm before they could bring Andrea off. She had me turn toward her so she could play with my asshole to make it wet for my butt plug. This was also a first as I had never been done anally before Jane would rim and put a finger in but that was all. Well she got to work on me and was quite good at anal play.

She had me moaning and my butt took one then two then three fingers as my sphincter became relaxed as my excitement grew. Well it was time for me to get plugged. She removed her fingers and lubes me up for my first plug. Jane was looking with an interest of new ways to enjoy sex more toys to buy. She worked it in slowly and my hole fit well around the plug. It had my dick raging hard as I kept licking Jane. Well Jane and Jake Had Andrea close to coming as I was told to make Jakes hole wet for his insertion I got behind him and pulled his ass open as I licked around and as far in as I could go. Jake was squirming on my tongue as Andrea put on a 12” cock for Jane’s enjoyment she had Jane blow it and Jane did a great job of opening her mouth and took half in and she blew that fake cock as if it were real.

Jane also fingered Andrea an had her coming in no time she told me to stop licking Jake as it was time for his plug. She lubed it up and Jake took it well and now both men were impaled with butt plugs. Next she had Jane get on the bed on all fours as she was going to fuck Jane doggy style. Jane said fuck me mistress please fuck me. Jane was plenty wet but this was by far the biggest dick Jane had seen so far and Andrea was going to be the one to fuck her. Andrea was ready to bring us all pleasure and had us all aroused for what was next. Well she placed the realistic dick to Jane’s waiting pussy she worked it up to a frenzy I could see the fluids flowing down her inner thigh. When the head popped through she nearly came then.

Andrea worked it in little by little as we were coaxing Jane to take more and more. Her hole was opened by the largest dick ever I was afraid to get anything that large but Andrea was a pro at it. Jane loved it she was crying more more put that big fucking dick in me fuck me with that beautiful dick. Andrea kept up the pace fucking her with the skill of an experienced man. She had Jane’s ass in the air and she was dripping her pussy fluid and had the dick shinny with it. Jane came again Andrea knew what spots to hit.

Andrea worked it in little by little as we were coaxing Jane to take more and more. Her hole was opened by the largest dick ever I was afraid to get anything that large but Andrea was a pro at it. Jane loved it she was crying more more put that big fucking dick in me fuck me with that beautiful dick. Andrea kept up the pace fucking her with the skill of an experienced man. She had Jane’s ass in the air and she was dripping her pussy fluid and had the dick shinny with it.

Jane came again Andrea knew what spots to hit. Andrea looked at us men and told us to play with Jane’s ass I asked the mistress if I could lick Jane’s clit, she said yes do it well I said yes man I will. I had a bird’s eye view of that big cock fucking my wife. Her moans got louder as her ass, clit and pussy were being stimulated at the same time. It was awesome watching my wife getting off she was having multiple orgasms and was yelling how good it was and begging Andrea to give her more. My lips and tongue were licking up as much nectar as I could my face was soaked from the pleasure my wife was receiving from all of us now.

Then the big O over took her and she came so hard and long she collapsed on top of me as she was spent from all the orgasms she had. Andrea slowly pulled out and had me lick it clean. I did what I was told and was ready for what would happen next. Andrea removed hunk as she called it and had me lick her clean as she had a few orgasms herself. I cleaned her well and she had another one on my tongue. I was as hard as a rock and when I looked so was Jake. Andrea got out her favorite strap on for it was Jane’s time to fuck Andrea and for the men to get it on so the girls could watch their men to get it on. Jane was ready to return the favor and told me she had the most and strongest orgasms ever.

I was pleased that our love life was moving in a direction that sex with two was good but four was twenty times better. We started massaging each other as the girls got into position to watch as they fucked. I was finally going to feel a man’s mouth on my dick. I was ready to suck one again. Jane went down and licked her first pussy and seems to like the way it tastes Andrea gave her a vote of encouragement as her orgasm hit her and she said well-done girl. Well Jane was ready to fuck her pussy the dildo Andrea picked was only 9” but it was larger in circumference. She liked them fat, she was ready for it as her pussy gets engorged and flexible and was also getting turned on watching the men getting into each other and she couldn’t wait to see her man with a real cock down his throat.

She was enjoying how Jane was moving the dick around making the hole start to grab the cock when the head slipped in she squealed and pushed back as Jane pushed forward in it went a little more Jane pulled it almost out and then worked it in again just a little bit extra each time teasing her with it making her beg for it. Give it to me Jane Andrea screamed. There was my wife fucking another woman and loving every second of it. Andrea was enjoying every stroke my wife was giving her. Jane looked at Jake and me and smiled as if saying which one of you boys are next. Well Jake was as turned on as I was and he said I love one up my ass let’s see how one tastes.

Without any more stalling I laid down and Jake opened his mouth and put the head of my dick in his mouth and started to lick and suck it with more and more going in as he did. I knew he was enjoying sucking on one as much as I had. I was just glad it was me as he was doing a really good job on mine. I swear it seemed to get longer and harder than it had ever got before. I reached out and took a hold of his raging hard on and started to masturbate him. As Andrea started screaming as a very large and strong orgasm took hold of her and she came for at least a minute.

Before she fell back on the bed as Jane slowly pulled the dick from her quivering pussy. Jane went back and started to lick her clean she finally rose from between her legs with a satisfied smile on her face. The girls cuddled and watch Jake as he continued his mind blowing sucking of my dick. My level of arousal arose to such a level that I knew I couldn’t hold back my coming down his lovely throat any longer and come I did. And as me Jake kept my dick in his mouth as wad after wad of come filled up his mouth he kept up sucking me as I finally softened and he let it fall out of his mouth and licked his lips. Wow we said at the same time and we all laughed.

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