My First Babysitting Job

My First Time

I was babysitting my young cousins one night at my Father’s cousin’s house. I babysat for them occasionally and was excited about making some of my own money. The kids were in bed and I was bored and tired, watching T.V.. Michael, the Dad came home and said he was just there to change clothes and then go out again to meet his wife. He came into the living room where I was sitting and asked me a few questions about my day. He asked me to play a quick game of backgammon and I thought that was nice of him.

Michael was the husband of my father’s cousin. He always seemed really nice. We played a game and talked. I got up to go get a glass of water and when I got back to the living room, he pulled me over onto his lap. It seemed quite harmless at first, but then I could feel him pull me closer. Closer to his crotch, and I could feel his hardness which made me wet. Really I didn’t know what to do, I knew I liked the attention and wondered where this would go. We talked some more while I sat on his lap. He placed his hand on my leg. It was summer time and I was wearing short shorts. My heart was pounding and wondered if he would move his hand up. Would he touch me? Would he make his way up to my pussy?

I wanted him to touch me, but I couldn’t tell him that. He complimented me on being such a grown up girl now and how he couldn’t believe how beautiful I was becoming. Michael asked me if I was dating anyone. I said no, that I liked a boy in my class. He asked if I had ever kissed a boy. He slowly slid his hand up my leg and my pussy was aching for him to touch me. HIs hand was so close to my pussy. Was he going to touch me? Would his wife come home before he did? Michael then slid his finger over my shorts and rubbed a little. He waited to see what I would do. I pretended not to notice at first. So he touched me further, then slid a finger into my shorts and under my panties. He let out a gasp when he touched me and found how wet I was. He kissed me, so softly. My legs parted further and he played with my pussy and it felt so incredible. I wanted more. He asked “Can I put my finger inside you?” and I murmured “Yes, yes please.”

He slid his finger inside and I came right way. He asked if he could taste me. What did that mean? He said he would show me. He laid me down on the carpet and pulled my shorts and panties to the side, and licked me softly. He softly licked my clit and I couldn’t believe how this felt. My hips were moving and I grabbed his head to bring him closer. He continued to lick my clit gently and over and over. He asked “Does it feel good?”. I said “Yes, please, don’t stop”. I was worried that someone would come in and catch us. His wife could come back at any time, or one of his daughters could come in. But I couldn’t make him stop. He said “You are so incredible, so hot, I want to fuck you so bad.” I said “No, I’m a virgin, I can’t.” But my resistance was fading as he made me feel so hot. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to feel his hard dick inside me, even though I was afraid it would hurt. He continued to ask “can I just rub my cock against you? I won’t go in I promise.” So I said yes as long as he just rubbed. He took his cock out of his pants and it was the first time I’d seen one in person.

It was big and I wanted to touch it. I grabbed him and pulled him up to my pussy. He rubbed against my pussy and I was so wet, it would have been so easy for him to just slid in. But he didn’t. I wanted it but I didn’t want it. He kissed me deeply and rubbed against me. He put is fingers inside me. He whispered how hot I was and how much he wanted to put his hard cock inside me and fuck me. Please could he put it in, just a little he asked. So I said “just a little”. Oh yes, it felt so good. He didn’t move at first. He put his cock inside and lay there still. He let me get used to his big cock and I started moving a little to feel him. He slid in further and let me get used to more. It felt so good, I wanted more of his cock and started to move more and get more of him inside me. We began to move together and I couldn’t believe he was fucking me. How was this happening? It felt so good. He said “you’re so tight.”

“I love your pussy, oh you feel so good, yes, fuck, yes.” I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me and had all of his hard cock inside me now.

“fuck me now.” And he did, he fucked me until we both came hard. We were still breathing heavy, when we heard the door open. We fixed our clothing quickly and resumed playing our back gammon game. His wife asked, “What is taking you so long Michael?”, and he said he just wanted to play a game with me cause I was bored, She said “okay, I’ll go freshen up and then we’ll get going.”. When she went upstairs he grabbed my pussy and hugged me and said “You are so hot, I want to fuck you again.” We heard his wife come down the stairs and he pulled away. They left for their date.

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