My Fiance'S Friend

It Was Suppsoed To Be Only One Drink

Cassie was blow-drying her hair, getting ready to go to a birthday party with her fiancé, Pete. Her long blonde hair was tossed by the action of the blow dryer. She stared into the mirror at her body wrapped in a towel. At twenty-five she was quite a hottie. Her blonde hair hung down to her mid-back, her eyes were a sparkling green, her tits were a perky b cup with pink nipples that were notorious for getting hard and wickedly long. She knew even if she wore a padded bra that if she got excited her nipples would still poke out and be noticeable. Since her teen years she had known that was a sure way to get male attention. And she loved male attention. She had started fucking when she was fourteen and she had never tired of getting plowed by a nice fat cock. This had led to one of her dirty little secrets, something only her closest girl friends had ever known: She had been unable to stay loyal to any boyfriend. No matter how great the guy had been, she had always ended up fucking around behind his back. That is, until Pete; she had not cheated on Pete in the year they had been dating. Now she was engaged to this incredible man. She looked down at her big diamond engagement ring and thought about how well he could take care of her, both her material needs and her physical needs.

Pete walked in the bathroom and moved behind Cassie. He slid his big hand down over her lower back to cup her tiny ass. His lips kissed her exposed shoulder as his hand fondled her ass. Cassie loved when her ass was fondled. She loved having it cupped and patted and squeezed and caressed. It was her weakest spot in foreplay. That had always been her issue. At a party or at a club or at home, if Pete, or any other boyfriend, or if any guy groped her ass in the right way, she would get wet and needy - needy for fucking. Pete had learned that on their first date. He had mastered her ass. He knew just how to touch it to get her pussy worked up. And he was wicked that way. He could be merciless the way he would discreetly fondle her ass in public, then make her wait hours to get fucked.

Tonight his hand cupped her ass; letting one cheek fill his hand so perfectly. Cassie tried so hard to ignore his fondles and continue blow-drying her hair. Pete slid the towel up enough to expose her ass as his lips slurped on her earlobe. She looked in the mirror at him. He was naked except for his boxers. She felt his big cock press through his boxers and her towel against her hip. As he palmed her ass cheek his finger slid along her crack. His fingers delved lower and found her already wet slit. Cassie set the blow drier down and leaned forward. She arched her hips upward to expose her ass and pussy to Pete.

He moved her around gently and pushed her down to her knees. She smirked to herself as she knelt and pulled open the slit in his boxers. Like every man, Pete needed his cock sucked often. She swirled her tongue around his cock head. Her tongue flicked lightly down along the underside to his heavy balls. As her hand stroked his fat cock, her mouth sucked one ball then the other. She slurped each ball noisily. His balls hung nice and low, they were so heavy, and they were covered in that wiry patch of dark hair that covered Pete’s entire cock area. She slid her tongue up along the vein running under his cock until she came to his purple cock head. Cassie opened her mouth wide to engulf that head. She bobbed down, working his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, then into her throat. She sucked his amazing eight-inch dick. Her nose nestled into the hair at the base of his cock. She bobbed slowly on his dick, savoring every taste of meat and pre cum as it oozed out of his cock slit.

Pete’s hands gripped her head as he started pumping her face. He knew she worshipped his cock. This girl sucked cock like no one he had ever dated before. She was a perfect lil bedroom slut for him. She would do anything he wanted and she never asked for anything from him. Unlike those other girls, this one didn’t whine about him not licking her cunt. He was not into licking some smelly pussy; he never had been and he could not understand men who did. It was just nasty. And now he had a girl finally who never asked for that. She would let him fondle her anywhere he wanted on her body and anywhere they happened to be. She seemed to really get off when his hands wandered all over her body in public. Then he could get her home and fuck her hard in private. Like a good slut she was always willing to suck his cock and take his fucking no matter how hard and rough he was with her.

He knew about the rumors when he started dating her. He had heard that she had a reputation for fucking around. Pete was not stupid, though. He was not going to be made a fool. His friends watched out for him and his money. He had too good a job to waste his time and money on some cheating whore. He wanted Cassie despite those rumors. His insurance had been to convince his friends, good friends that they were, to watch Cassie when he was not around. To make sure she never cheated, to make sure no other guy got into her pretty lil pussy, that was all his. And damn did he love her pussy. If this girl had been a cheating lil slut, she had certainly found a way to keep her pussy nice and tight. Every time he slid his cock into her, he could feel her pussy walls stretch and open around him. She was just an amazing fuck.

Pete pulled her to her feet and turned her around. He bent her over the bathroom vanity and gave her ass a hard smack. She squealed under that smack. She felt her pussy give a little gush of pussy juice over that smack. God she loved the way he treated her and her ass. Pete absolutely knew her ass and knew how to exploit her weak spot. She bent over, parted her legs and lifted her ass high. Without hesitation, Pete rammed his entire cock into her pussy hard. His hips crashed into her ass. Cassie screamed as her orgasm spewed all over his cock on that initial thrust. This man knew how to fuck her.

Pete’s hands gripped her hips and ass as he rocked and thrust into her hungry cunt. She was lost in pleasure as she felt every inch of his cock penetrate her pussy. He hammered away. His cock felt her pussy walls stretch around his vein. He heard her purrs and moans; she heard his grunts. They each turned animalistic as they fucked. She screeched and orgasmed hard as his cock head swelled in her and started spurting its heavy cum load into her. He rolled his hips as he finished cumming. He pulled his dick out, spun her around again and pushed her to her knees. He expected her to lick his cock clean and she was going to comply. Her tongue licked and bathed his girl-cum covered cock. She licked his cock and his balls. Getting every inch of that now limp cock clean before Pete pulled back to slide his boxers back in place.

As he turned to walk into the bedroom to finish dressing he looked over his shoulder, “Hey, babe, the office called about an hour ago. I have to fly to LA tonight. So I won’t be able to go to that party. Thanks for the fuck. I’ll be back in three days.” He smiled that hot guy smile he had.

“I guess I’ll just re-shower and hang out home, then.” Cassie called to him as she slid back into the shower to re-wash.

When she got out of the shower, Pete had already left for the airport. She looked at the new dress she had bought for this party. It was a red, tight, short, off the shoulder dress. She eyed the new heels. She shrugged, “He won’t mind if I go out to this party for a while. Its all his friends anyway.”

She slid her lacy thong in place. Every bit of her tiny ass hung out around the strap of the thong. She considered putting on hose, but decided against it. She slipped on her new dress. It looked even better than when she had bought it. It perfectly outlined her braless tits. It nestled tight around her hips and hugged her cute lil ass perfectly. It was short, barely covering her ass. She bent over to check. Yeah, bending over too much and her ass peeked out. “What the fuck.” She smiled. “He has all his friend watch me so I may as well give them something to watch.” Cassie knew that Pete had his friends keep an eye on her. She did not mind, though. It allowed her to tease them. She was not about to cheat on Pete anyway. He made too much money, treated her too good, and fucked her too great. She eyed herself in the mirror. Her b cup tits did not need a bra to stay perky. She could see the slight point of her nipples in the dress. She smiled and shrugged, “I don’t care. His friends will all be with their girlfriends so all they can do is look.”

As she drove to this party, she thought about the nice fucking she had just gotten at home. She thought about the feel of Pete’s dick pushing into her. His cock was so wonderfully big, it got so hard, it was just such a strong cock. It was everything a cock should be. She stopped at a traffic light. The party was about a mile straight up this road at Pete’s friend, Dale’s house. Cassie pressed her thighs together. She felt moisture on her pussy lips and on her thong. All this thinking about Pete’s recent fuck had gotten her wet again.

“I can’t go to this stupid party. I’m just gonna have a quick drink then head home.”

Her car made a right-hand turn, making its way to a club she used to frequent called The Rail. It got its name from the railing that circled the dance floor. She and her friends used to always hang out at this club. They had all loved dancing. It was mostly a singles club. Cassie smiled, “Yeah I can get a couple guys to maybe buy me some drinks then head home for the night.”

That had been her line of reasoning in the past. Even she did not realize she had already gone from thinking about just one drink to now thinking about having a couple drinks.

She smiled again, “OK, if I meet someone and get fucked, Pete will never know cause all his friends are at this party. He doesn’t even expect me to go out tonight.” Her pussy quivered at the thought.

As she walked into The Rail she could not hold back her smile of satisfaction. The place was so crowded. There were lots of guys here tonight and they were all in that college to thirty-year-old age bracket. Cassie slowly worked her way to the bar. Twice on her way over her ass had gotten groped. One guy had even gotten an “under the skirt” grope. She smiled, “This could be a fun night.”

At the bar she made sure that she wiggled between two big tall guys. She was so petite along side these men. She immediately felt a hand from the guy on her left slide up along her ass. He gave a little tentative squeeze, but before he could say anything, the guy to her right said rather loudly, “What are you drinking tonight, Cassie?” She looked over in shock to see Pete’s friend Jeff standing there.

Jeff was a big guy, where Pete was 6’2”, Jeff was at least two inches taller. Jeff also clearly outweighed Pete, and he was all muscled. He was wearing faded jeans that held his man ass and package so nicely. They did not reveal everything about his equipment, but it showed enough to make a girl wonder how much was really there. Cassie was too busy taking in every inch of Jeff to see the look he gave the guy on Cassie left. She did feel that wayward hand slide off her little ass, though.

“I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea.” She smiled up at Jeff. Then she asked, “I thought you’d be at Dale’s party with Amy.” That was Jeff’s long-time girlfriend.

He smiled down at Cassie as he dropped a $50 bill on the bar to cover the drinks. “Amy had to go to her parents to help them pack for some trip and I’m not really into Dale’s lame parties.” He handed Cassie her drink, “I’m surprised Pete let you out of the house alone.”

“He had to fly to LA tonight, so I’m just here for one drink before heading over to Dale’s party.” She was so obviously lying and, even though Jeff saw that, he did not let on. Cassie slid her little ass up onto a barstool. Her one leg was on the lower rung while her leg closest to Jeff was up on the higher rung. She kept her thighs close together. Jeff slid his arm along the back of the barstool and turned to face Cassie. They talked about general stuff as they made their way through that first round of drinks. As Jeff ordered the second round, Cassie peeked down. Jeff’s “off-limits” dick was making a definite bulge in his jeans. If they were not both taken, if he was not Pete’s good friend, then that cock would have real possibilities. As it was, if Cassie was going to get fucked again tonight, she would have to find a way to get away from Jeff.

Jeff saw Cassie’s wandering eye look down at his groin. He knew the rumors too, about Cassie being a cock hound, about how she had always been a cheating little slut. He knew more than that, though. Pete was a bragger. He had told Jeff and who knows how many other guys about how Cassie loved to be spoiled with money and gifts, about how she was putty if he fondled her ass, and about how she just loved to suck dick. Jeff slid his foot onto Cassie’s lower barstool rung so his knee could discreetly nudge her thighs open. It was a test to see if she would open. And she did. Her thin thighs parted more than wide enough to accommodate Jeff’s muscled leg. That was Jeff’s signal. He let a finger from the hand that hung on the back of Cassie’s barstool start tracing little lines and circles on her exposed shoulder. He could see way up her legs. He could see enough to know that Cassie was wearing a black lace thong. He smiled at her. She saw a hot guy smile and thought he was just being cute; he gave her a smile that said, “I’d like to be in you babe.”

Cassie turned more toward Jeff. She let her thighs open a lil more. She sipped her second drink. Her free hand lightly slid along Jeff’s side. She gave her eyelashes a flutter. She felt that familiar tingling in her nipples. Cassie knew they were getting hard and she knew they would be so obvious soon. They were obvious. Jeff’s eyes both focussed on those nipples. These things were long. All Jeff could think about was wrapping his lips around those long hard nipples and sucking. He admired her tits. He loved that they were small. His girlfriend, Amy, had large d cup tits. Those were lots of fun, but floppy. It had been a long time since Jeff had enjoyed a pair of small perky, cone-shaped tits.

“Wanna dance?” He asked, tilting his smiling head toward her.

Cassie gave out an eager, “Sure!” and slid off the stool. Jeff walked behind her gently wiggling ass toward the dance floor. He gave her ass a gentle pat as she turned on the floor to face him. It was the kind of pat that sent shock waves and lust-filled ripples through Cassie’s body. She felt her pussy and her nipples tingle. As her hands stretched up over Jeff’s shoulders she thought to herself, “This really could be trouble.”

Jeff pulled her close. Cassie let out a gasp as she felt his hard cock press against her tummy. She laid her head on his shoulder as his hands circled her waist. His one hand slid up to her upper back. Its fingers rested along the upper edge of her dress so his fingers could trace more lines and circles along her back and shoulder. The other hand planted itself flat at the curvature of her ass where it met her lower back. Cassie inhaled Jeff’s cologne. God he smelled nice. Her tongue slid out and almost flicked over his neck. Her tongue slithered back into her mouth. She was going to be good. She was not going to fuck Pete’s best friend. Cassie knew this was a dangerous dance.

As they swayed to the music, Jeff’s hand made little circles on her lower back. She felt her hips sway gently with his large hand. Jeff was moving slowly. This was his best friend’s fiancée. He knew Pete said she liked being fucked fast and hard with no real foreplay other than some ass fondling. That surprised Jeff, he felt sure every girl liked long foreplay. He had wondered about Cassie. Then again, he believed the rumors about her being a lil cheating slut so maybe all she liked was a hard, fast fuck. Still he wondered, doesn’t every girl like having her cunt eaten?

Without really thinking, his hand slid slowly down over her pert lil ass. It was just a slow soft movement of his hand over her one ass cheek. As he did that, though he felt her breath against his neck as he heard her let out a soft gasping purr.

“This girl really did love her ass fondled,” Jeff thought to himself.

Cassie felt Jeff’s hand slide down over her ass cheek. It was a big hand, a maw of a hand, so much bigger than Pete’s palm. This hand cupped her ass. It cupped more than just one cheek the way Pete did. This hand cupped almost her entire ass. Cassie bit her lower lip hoping Jeff would leave his hand still. She could, maybe, hold back if that was all he did. She let out a long low purring noise as she felt Jeff’s hand slide gently up and down her ass. He would move his hand up, then slide it down, then give a little squeeze and pat, then a little circular motion. Cassie’s nails dug into Jeff’s shoulders, she bit her lower lip harder. This was bad. She felt her pussy juices oozing into her thong. She was soaking her thong.

Jeff pushed her over the edge. His hand gave her ass a light little pat. Then his big hand gripped her entire ass. He squeezed that little ass tight. With her ass flesh held firmly in his hand, he gave her ass a jiggle. As he did all this he whispered so softly in her ear, “You have the hottest lil ass I have ever seen.”

Cassie’s tongue flicked along Jeff’s neck as she purred, “Pete is gone for three days.”

Jeff’s hand slid down to the edge of Cassie’s dress only to slide up under her it. He fondled her bare ass cheeks. Pete was always more discreet. Cassie knew other people could surely see her ass now but she did not care. She was just loving the way this man seemed to adore her ass. Jeff let his finger trace the strap of the thong as it wound its way down between her ass cheeks to her pussy. His thick finger wedged against her lil ass hole. It did not penetrate, it just teased. She lifted one leg up along his side so she could tilt her thighs outward more. They were merely swaying on the dance floor, like so many other couples around them.

Cassie felt Jeff’s fingers tug her thong to one side. “OOO GODDD.” She gasped to herself. She was torn between wanting to stay good and loyal to Pete and her soaring passion that Jeff had unleashed. Jeff’s finger slid along her bald smooth slit. It teased her pussy hole. Cassie tried to move to get his finger in her. This was a wicked man. He would not let her get his finger into that hole. She looked up into his eyes with a desperate pleading look. Jeff just smiled down at her. His fingers kept wandering over her pussy. His other hand came around and cupped one of her tits brazenly. His thumb strummed at her hard nipple as it poked through her dress. As the fingers of one hand teased her pussy, this other hand slid her dress down far enough for one tit to slip free. Cassie moaned as Jeff’s big hand covered her tit, fondling it gently, teasing the nipple mercilessly, all right there on the dark dance floor.

Her hands reached down to Jeff’s jeans. She felt his bulge. It was so much thicker around than Pete’s. She could tell that immediately. Her fingers started tracing the length. Her eyes got wide. She knew Pete’s cock very VERY well. She knew what his eight inches felt like. She knew this cock was more than eight inches. It was a lot more than eight inches. Her fingers started sliding his zipper down. Jeff quickly stopped her, “How about another drink?” He smiled devilishly as he led her back to the bar, while Cassie fixed her dress, concealing that one tit.

Cassie slid back on the barstool, disappointed that she did not get to explore that cock, but feeling good that she had been good to Pete. She had not cheated, even if it was Jeff who had stopped their playing, she could still say she had not cheated. Jeff’s hand slid behind her shoulder as he ordered another round. As she took her third drink from him, Jeff’s fingers toyed along her tummy. Every once in a while they would slide up just enough to run along the underside of one of her tits. Jeff was getting to be too much. Cassie wondered, was this a trick that Pete had put him up to just to see if she would cheat. She was not going to fall for this trick.

She quickly finished her drink. “Jeff, thanks for everything. I’m going to head home, though. Thanks for everything.” She leaned up and gave him little kiss on the cheek as she slid off the stool. Her resistance even surprised herself; she was actually walking away from this man and his incredible cock.

“Let me walk you to your car.” And he followed her outside. He left his hand on her ass gently fondling the whole way out to her car. Cassie’s thong was a soaking mess, she was trying to be good but she felt herself on the verge of giving in. Once at her car, Jeff turned her around to face him. Before she knew what he was doing, he planted a hot, open-mouthed kiss on her mouth. His tongue flipped around through her mouth flicking at her tongue. Her breathing got heavy as his hands worked her ass. One of his hands worked down the front of her dress and up to her thong as the other kept squeezing her ass. He pulled the thong over and swiped his thick finger over her clit. She melted against him.

“Best friend’s girl or not,” Jeff thought to himself. “Pete brags that she gives great head and my girlfriend doesn’t give head. What the fuck.” His hands both went to her shoulders. Before she knew what he was doing to her, he had her on her knees in front of him in the parking lot. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick. Cassie stared. This thing was more than nine inches and about as fat around as a red bull can. She had never seen anything so big. She wrapped two hands around the base and started licking around the head. She licked down one side, up the other, opened her mouth and slurped the head once, then flicked her tongue along the underside.

“That’s it girl. Just like Pete says. He says you love sucking cock.”

Cassie was shocked. Pete had been telling his friends about what she liked. He had been talking about her like she was some whore. Telling all his friends how she liked sucking dick. Then she realized, Jeff knew all about fondling her ass because Pete had blabbed about that too. “Fine,” she thought to herself. “If Pete is going to talk about me like some cheap slut, then that’s what he’s getting.” Jeff growled deep in his throat as Cassie opened her mouth wide and sucked in half of his enormous hunk of meat. She slobbered all over his cock. She loved it. Jeff’s dick had a fresh, clean meaty taste. The thickness made her jaw hurt as he stretched her mouth so wide. It had been so long since Jeff had been sucked off, he was in heaven. Amy, his girlfriend, just would not put her mouth anywhere near his dick. Now his cock was oozing buckets of pre-cum into this hot girl’s eager mouth. He felt his cock head nudge into Cassie’s throat.

Cassie was bobbing wildly as Jeff face fucked her. Both of her hands were around his cock base as she bobbed on half his cock. Her saliva covered his dick. Her drool covered her chin. She was purring on his dick. Jeff bucked into her mouth hard. His beautiful cock gave a hard spasm before it started shooting thick ropes of cum into Cassie’s throat. Jeff was amazed as Cassie just kept slurping. She sucked and swallowed every bit of his cum. It was a big heavy load. It coated Cassie’s throat. She kept swallowing. Finally, she pulled off Jeff so she could start licking his dick clean. She licked and slurped until his cock was perfectly cleaned. She stared amazed, unlike Pete, Jeff did not go limp after his cum. He was still semi-hard. Even semi-hard, Jeff was almost as big as Pete when Pete was fully hard.

“I can’t…,” she murmured as she got up and starting fixing her clothes. “I have to get home.” She turned, got in her car and quickly drove off. She was both shocked and disappointed with herself for having cheated. She tried to console herself by telling herself that she only “almost” cheated. After all, she did not fuck Jeff.

She pulled into her driveway. As she got out of her car, she saw bright headlights pull into her driveway behind her. Jeff stepped out of his car. He walked up to her smiling. He slid one hand along her side gently caressing. “I just wanted to be sure you got home safely.” His smile was so sweet looking. Cassie rose on tiptoes and kissed him to thank him. His smile got bigger. “I don’t suppose I could get a cup of coffee…or something.”

Before she could stop herself, Cassie invited him in “just for a cup of coffee.” She knew she was in trouble. As she fumbled with her key to open her door, Jeff’s hand was lightly caressing, working, her ass again. She was melting and caving in.

Once inside, Jeff pulled her petite body to his. His mouth devoured hers. His big hand covered her ass, squeezing and groping. Her pussy was on fire as his hands started pulling off her dress. She let the dress get slipped off her body to be tossed aside, discarded. Jeff stared at her amazing braless b cup tits capped with those pink nipples. Here was the most beautiful set of tits he had seen in a long time. Like a hungry man he opened his mouth wide and sucked one tit into her mouth. He sucked, his mouth tugged at her tit, he pulled her nipple with his lips. Cassie had her arms draped over his shoulders gasping and moaning in ecstasy. Jeff moved to her other tit. His thick tongue flicked her nipple, letting it jiggle gently on her tit. Her knees were getting weak but Jeff kept his arm around her waist to hold her up. His tongue slid down the base of her tit, flicking along the underside. He started sucking along the base of her tit. Jeff loved this manoeuvre, he could feel the weight of her tit on his face as he sucked her flesh.

With one arm wrapped around her waist holding her up, his other big hand slid down her bare tummy. Cassie lifted one foot up high as Jeff’s hand slid between her legs. His finger traced her pussy lips as they pushed out and were outlined in her lace thong. Then, his finger worked tiny circles around her clit, swirling over her clit, teasing her clit through her thong. Her hips were bucking involuntarily to his manipulations. His lips and tongue were heaven as he sucked the base of her tit. Cassie felt Jeff’s fingers push her thong to one side as his fingers finally made contact with her bare cunt. Just as his finger found her hole and started pushing up into her slowly, his mouth came up and engulfed her nipple. He bit at her nipple as his finger worked deep into her eager cunt hole. As her pussy opened around his finger she felt those convulsions ripping through her. Her pussy felt alive as she felt a wave or orgasmic joy sweep over her. Jeff smiled as he felt her juices gush out over his finger and hand. He thought to himself, “this girl is a heavy cummer.”

Even as her orgasm was bursting around his finger, Jeff eased her back on the floor. He pulled her thong off roughly, tearing it in the process. The delicate lace gave way and was shredded by his eager hands. Without the slightest hesitation, Cassie pulled her legs back to her chest and spread them wide. Jeff smiled down at her bald cunt with its puffy glistening lips. He stepped back to tear off his shirt, two buttons popped off. Both of Cassie’s hands were fingering her pussy as she watched him slide off his jeans and boxers. She gasped seeing his cock standing tall. It was so hard, so long, and damn was it so fat around. His balls were dangling low and were shaved neat and clean. The only hair he had was a little tidy patch above his dick. Cassie stretched her legs wider, inviting, as her hands slid up over her head. She was totally surrendering to this man’s cock. Jeff snuggled between her legs and just laid his cock on her slit. Gently he slid his shaft along her pussy lips, letting her lips kiss the underside of his dick. She could feel the cock head leaving a puddle of pre-cum all over the diamond stud Pete had bought her for her belly button.

Jeff smiled down at her as she swivelled her hips up against his dick. He felt his balls nestled against her ass. She was purring. Then, he heard her start begging. “Please, please Jeff, please fuck me with your cock. Please fuck me good and hard.” Jeff pulled back and slid that enormous cock head up against her hole. His hands held her hips tight. He pushed the head in. Cassie cunt started quivering. Her tight cunt opened around Jeff’s cock head. He felt her muscles tremble. To her clear disappointment, Jeff pulled his cock head out of her pussy.

Jeff hooked his hands behind her knees and before she knew what was happening her legs were splayed wider still and pushed as far back against her chest as they could be. Jeff leaned down and kissed her pussy right above her clit. Cassie’s eyes flew open wide. She felt his rough tongue swirl over her clit. She felt her clit being flicked playfully side to side by Jeff’s tongue. It had been years since her pussy had been licked. Most guys just wanted to fuck her hard after she blew them. She truly loved fucking so she never minded, but she had forgotten the pleasures of being eaten. Using one big hand, Jeff held her legs together, but way back, as the fingers of his other hand spread her pussy lips. Her hips thrashed wildly under Jeff as he licked and sucked her clit while one finger started easing into her hole. He pulled his finger out only to replace it with his tongue. As he tongue fucked her, she lost control. She started screeching, her nails gripped into Jeff’s shoulders, her hips bucked wildly. It was too much for her. Then, just when it couldn’t get better, Jeff’s lips encircled her clit again and that finger pushed back into her cunt. She lost total control. She felt her orgasm explode. She screamed. Jeff locked his mouth over her clit, tugging, as Cassie let loose her first squirting orgasm. Her juices arced up out of her pussy covering Jeff’s hand and face and her thighs.

Cassie felt her pussy spurting that third gush of cum. She was lost in her own orgasmic joy. Just at that moment, lost in her bliss, she felt Jeff stab his enormous cock deep into her cunt. Without warning he had speared her with his cock. Cassie screamed, her nails tore into Jeff’s shoulders as she felt his fat cock rip her pussy walls open wide. Her pussy stretched to its max as she struggled to take in his cock. She felt his cock head wedge her cervix wide open. Her entire body arced. Her eyes flew open wide. Her ass tilted upward as Jeff’s ball bag slapped at her ass. Their hips crashed together.

Cassie’s legs stretched out over their writhing bodies. Her legs formed a wide V. There was nothing more she could do with them, as Jeff slammed his entire body against hers, as he slammed his entire cock into her cunt. She felt fuller than she had ever felt before; her pussy was stretched more than it had ever stretched before. Jeff was in heaven. His girlfriend could barely accommodate three-quarters of his cock before she begged him to stop, but Cassie was under him taking his entire dick. Even with him pounding the hell out of her pussy, she was taking everything he had for her. Cassie was hanging on to Jeff as tight as she could. All she could do was cling to him. He had lost total control and was just throttling her. The thrills in her body were exquisite. Every downward thrust of Jeff’s cock tugged at her clit and sent quivers through her body. Her body convulsed into a rigid arc as her pussy exploded again around his cock. She could not stop herself. She came in a torrential explosion that covered Jeff’s cock and balls.

Jeff griped his waist hard. He rolled over onto his back. Cassie’s hands pressed to his shoulders as her hips started bouncing on his cock. Her small tits bounced as she slammed her pussy onto his dick. Jeff smiled as his eyes saw the huge hickey he had left on the underside of her tit and the teeth marks that surrounded her nipple. Cassie’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on fucking herself with his cock. She was lost in her pleasure as she rode him. Jeff’s cock was pulsing in her tight pussy as she slid up and down, bouncing on him. His hands reached around and grabbed her ass hard. He was taking control now. Gripping her ass hard enough to leave finger marks in her flesh, he started directing her movements on him. Cassie relaxed her muscles as Jeff took over driving her up and down on his cock. She felt his cock head swell in her womb. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt a searing burning spurt of cum gush into her. She was on fire. Another orgasm washed over her body as Jeff came deep in her. Spurt after spurt filled her.

She collapsed from exhaustion on top of Jeff’s muscled chest. Jeff’s cock was overly sensitive from this fucking and he gently slid her off him. His dick made a soft popping sound as is snapped out of her pussy. Cassie laid on her back with her legs wide, her hips were sore from that fucking and she could not close her legs yet. She felt their combined juices oozing out of her and covering her ass. Jeff’s cock lay on his stomach glistening, dribbling cum. It pulsed gently as it softened.

Cassie whispered to Jeff, “God, Amy is so lucky to have that cock to fuck.”

Jeff leaned over on his elbow, his finger traced Cassie’s pussy. Her lips were red and puffing. Her hole was still gaping open were his cock had pummelled her. He smirked down at her, “Amy doesn’t have to be the only lucky one. I intend to fuck you a whole lot more. You’re too good a lil fuck doll to be Pete’s alone.”

“He’s gone for three days,” she laughed.

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