My Encounter With Landlady & Her Daughter

I went on a business trip to a small town. I had a lot to do and my stay there was going to be about five months long. When I arrived the company lodged me at a room in the apartment that belonged to a woman. She lived there with her daughter. It was three-bedroom apartment, that’s why we could live all together without hampering each other. Moreover, the woman was happy to have another source of finances as she worked hard for little money.

My landlady was a 35-year old woman, a widow, rather pretty. Nice figure, very energetic and interesting to talk to. Her name was Gauri. Her daughter, Renu, was just irresistible. She took after her Mom in face and shape, too.

Since early morning to 6 p.m. I was at work but evenings I spent with my ladies. It was obvious that Gauri hadn’t had a man for a long time. She liked chatting to me. We used to speak about everything in the world. We went for a walk in the park a few times.

Once when we were at one of those walks we started kissing. Gauri responded very passionately to my caress. The woman’s body was really hot. She unzipped my fly and began stroking and squeezing my penis. My hand slid under her skirt and was stroking her pussy through the flimsy fabric of her panties. Suddenly Gauri kneeled down sharply, took the phallus from my trousers and pushed it into her mouth. I even shuddered from surprise. She licked my head, then foreskin, sucked the shaft deep into her mouth. She made funny sounds as if she was a dog eating a sweet bone. Her fierce caress made me excited as never before. When the woman felt how aroused I was she squeezed my buttocks and began impaling on my cock. She fucked her mouth herself. Each push moved me deeper into her mouth. Soon my head set against Gauri’s throat. She kept on fucking herself and my penis was already inside her throat. The woman choked but continued moving her head. The amplitude was just incredible! The head of my cock stopped at my lips and then rushed into her throat and her nose pressed against my belly. I guess it isn’t worth mentioning that I ejaculated soon pressing Gauri’s head to my belly tightly. She set her nose against my stomach, and was moving her tongue along my shaft at the same time swallowing huge gulps of my semen to prevent her from choking. My cock was in the woman’s throat until I was empty. At last she pushed me aside slightly and began breathing convulsively.

  • How are you??? Are you Ok? - I asked her.

  • Yeah… - She said huskily rising from her knees.

  • Why didn’t you let me know I should stop? I could suffocate you!

  • It was so nice!!! My last blow job was about a year ago. I was close to madness when you started coming into my mouth. Let’s go home. I want you to develop my other holes.

  • And what about Renu?

  • She will be out until 10 p.m., we’ll have enough time. Let’s hurry up!

We joined our hands and rushed to Gauri’s apartment. As soon as we entered we tore the clothes off and collapsed on the bed in my landlady’s bedroom. Storm of caress, my cock is in the woman’s mouth again, but this time her clit was in mine either. After a short stimulation Gauri climaxed. She gave a scream and arched her back. Her legs squeezed my head tightly and belly muscles twitched convulsively.

When she released me a bit I went on the top of her and entered her pussy deeply. Gauri moaned and embraced me with her legs. She was moving in pace with me. I fucked her in a missionary position for some time and then turned the woman on her belly. Now she was growling being pressed to the pillow and moved her butt towards me. I raised Gauri on her fours and kept on thrusting my penis into her squelching vagina. She was moaning and wheezing. Her vagina muscles were squeezing my phallus tightly. But when I started pinching and tugging on her nipples she screamed again and began coming.

At this moment I felt the power of her pussy muscles. They were squeezing my shaft so tightly that I ejaculated immediately. Her sweet vagina was drying the semen from me and I tried to thrust as deep as possible. We collapsed on the bed exhausted. Gauri was panting and kept on moving her thighs. Her climax was getting weaker and weaker, then clammy sweat covered her body and hair stuck together.

I pulled my cock out of her reluctantly. Gauri was lying on her belly tired, with her legs widely open. My semen was flowing out of her opening. I went to the bathroom to smarten up myself a bit and met Renu in the corridor. She looked at me with interest and I looked at her in surprise.

  • You’ve fucked my Mom very well! I haven’t heard such screams even when she used the dildo.

  • How long have been standing here? - I asked her, though I realized it was a silly question.

  • About fifteen minutes, I followed you. It’s Ok, I’m a big girl already, don’t worry! I’m glad for Mummy. She’ll have a real man for a couple of months, that’s good.

  • Let me go to the bathroom.

Renu moved aside to let me pass by. But when I was going past her she suddenly stretched her hand and took my cock. I turned to her feeling taken aback but she didn’t pay attention at me. She was examining my cock with her eyes wide open and even bared my head.

  • Your penis is bigger than my boyfriend’s. I guess it’s even bigger when you’ve got an erection.

  • Don’t you feel ashamed gripping another man’s cock?

  • Wow! It’s so hot. Oh, it’s getting stiff! - She wasn’t listening to me.

  • It’s not amazing… A young girl is holding it in her hand…

And here something happened that made me astonished. Renu bent sharply and took the head into her mouth. I made an attempt to release myself but she kneeled down and gripped my hips. Her tongue started sliding along the head moving the shaft from one side to another.

  • Stop it! What on earth are you doing?

  • You taste well, - Renu said tearing away from my little friend, - and it’s probably the mix of your semen and my Mom’s juices.

  • Stop it!!! She can enter at any moment! I think she won’t understand you.

Renu took the phallus off her mouth reluctantly, rose and disappeared in her bedroom looking at me with a smile. And at this moment Gauri went out of her room. We went to the bathroom together and I told her Renu was at home. Gauri was surprised but soon forgot about everything as my tongue started working on her slit. Her long pubic hair made me uncomfortable but I was able to stimulate her to orgasm.

Then I told Gauri I wanted to shave her pussy. She resisted at first but I was persistent and a minute later began the process. I tied the woman’s eyes, spread some shaving cream on her crotch and got busy with shaving. Five minutes later I took off the blindfold and Gauri looked into the mirror. She was amazed… I’d shaven off everything and she looked very helpless and at the same time so lustful.

After the bath we went to her bedroom and made love. I drove her crazy with my fingers and a cock, she climaxed twice. Then I started working on her anus. When I was spreading her hole with the lube I’d found in the bathroom Gauri stuck out her butt and was impaling on my finger. It was clear anal sex wasn’t new to her. When the anus ring was rather developed I put my phallus inside instead of the fingers. The coitus was furious. Gauri came and allowed me to ejaculate.

Since that day I became her permanent partner. Her holes were inviting and sweet. We fucked every evening and Gauri’s screams and moans were heard all over the apartment. Soon Renu got irritated by that. She told us off for being so unrestrained but she was getting more and more interested in me. She would enter the bathroom when I was having a shower. In the morning she liked to go out of her bedroom to the kitchen wearing just a robe on the bare body and stand near the window. Of course, this closing couldn’t hide anything…

Sure, it couldn’t last for long. Once when I arrived home Gauri was at work. I decided to have a hot bath. I sat into the hot water and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt some cool wind blowing. Of course, the door was opened and Renu was goggling at me. I closed my eyes again for I was fed up with these teen games. But I had to open them again when heard the rustling sound. Renu took off her clothes for the exception of tiny lacy panties. She was standing in front of me and waiting for permission to join me in the bath.

  • Why are you standing? - I asked lazily. - If you did that why don’t go on? Pull off your panties and jump into the bath.

  • Is there enough room for both of us? - The girl asked pulling off the last piece of clothes.

  • I’ll run some more water; - I said staring at the girl.

Renu was very pretty: slender legs, nice small breasts with hard nipples, hairy pubis. The girl put one foot into the water demonstrating me her pudgy vulva lips. I couldn’t restrain myself, stretched my hand and touched them. Renu stopped still enjoying the sensation of men’s rough fingers on her pussy. Then she put her other foot onto the water and sat between my legs leaning against the wall of the bath. We were sitting opposite each other looking into each other’s eyes.

The hot water made us relax and we started talking. Our conversation was about the most intimate things. Renu told me about her life, her sexual experience and boyfriends. In the middle of her story she began fondling herself. She told me how she had fucked at the college with one guy. At the end of her story she had an orgasm. She remembered what had happened to her and it provoked the storm of emotions and led to her climax.

I pulled out the plug from the drain and rose to get the water running. The girls kneeled down and took my cock into her hand. Then she put it into her mouth and started caressing it. She gave head worse than her mother due to the lack of experience. But the view of the young girl sucking my penis made me excited very fast. I pulled my phallus out and started shooting my semen onto her face. She tried to catch those spurts with her mouth open but I wanted to splash her face. I succeeded more than she did and when I finished her face was covered in sperm.

  • Nobody did that to me before, - she whispered.

  • I know. Stand up, let’s have a shower.

But before rising Renu collected all the cum from her face with her fingers and licked them. Then we washed making a lot of noise splashing the water. At first she soaped me paying special attention to my cock. Then I started washing the girl’s body with a soft sponge. Her breasts and crotch I rubbed with my hand, fingering all the folders and nubs. The girl was extremely aroused. After that we dried ourselves pushing each other in a small bath. We left the bathroom naked.

Renu went to the kitchen to make tea. The girl’s buttocks were moving when she was going, that made my cock erected. I followed her and wrapping my arms around her on the kitchen porch I pressed to her back. My palm squeezed her elastic breasts, other palm slid to her crotch. Renu let out a moan and spread her legs wider. My fingers sank into the depth of the girl’s pussy. All three fingers entered her and she moaned again. Her knees gave way.

I picked her up and put her on the kitchen table. Renu parted her legs allowing me to see her vulva lips that were glistening with her juices. I saw the moist opening that attracted me a lot. I raised her knees and parted them even wider. The head of my phallus set against the wet passage. I moved my hips forward and penetrated the young body. Renu moaned, seized the edge of the table and moved towards me. The cock went deeply inside and our bodies joined. The elastic vagina squeezed my cock. The girl closed her eyes and began moaning when I thrust very deep. The position was very lecherous. I could see my cock, glistening with her juices, went inside and then appeared at the entrance again. The moist vulva lips followed the cock to the depth and then jumped out. Renu’s small breasts twitched each time I rushed into her. The nipples turned wine red. The clit was swollen…

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