My Career Choice

When I was 18 my parents kicked me out of their house with a bag of clothes, a bus pass and $500. I had no idea what to do but knew I deserved to be kicked out I had a bad habit of doing coke and stealing their money to support my habit. As I walked towards the bus stop I knew I was fucked and I didn’t know where I was going. It was 9 pm when I got on the bus and I knew they stopped running at 11pm. I fell asleep in the back of the bus and before I knew it the driver told me we were as far as he went.

The red light district it seemed normal during the day but everyone from around the area knew not to accidentally find themselves there at night. And yet there I was. I got off at the stop and stood there still not knowing what to do. As I stood there in the cold black night all alone I was abnormally at peace when all of a sudden a black sedan pulled up next to me. The window rolled down and I assumed he would be asking for directions. But why would a tourist be lost at midnight I don’t know it didn’t cross my mind at the time.

Then this voice that seemed quiet but confident asked if I needed a ride. I said sure as I thought he must have seen my bag and put 2 and 2 together. This was not the case. Once I was in his next question was “Well how much?” I responded naively “How much for what?”. Well he said What’s on the menu? And I was just lost at 16 not getting what he was driving at at all. He said do you give good head? You have a tight ass?

Now I saw he thought I was a hooker I knew I needed to get out of this situation and said I think you have me all wrong I don’t do that I’m straight. As I went to get out of the car he grabbed my arm and said I don’t think so. Then he started to drive. I was scared and begged him to stop the car and all he said was not till I get what I want we pulled up do an apartment building and he stopped. He grabbed me out of the car and drug me to his place. He told me to undress and when I didn’t do what he said he hit me. I started to undress but left my boxers. He told me not to be shy because we were about to get to know each other a lot better. I pulled down my pants exposing my 3 in soft penis(its about 5.5 hard a little below average).

He barked at me to get on my knees like a good whore and for fear of being hit again I did. He came over to me and told me to take his cock out I did like I was told becoming the good little whore he wanted me to be. When I did I was amazed at his size he had to be 6.5 in soft and really thick almost as thick as my wrist. He told me to say ahhh and as I did he stuffed his fat cock in my mouth. I gagged but kept going. I could barely breathe but was finding that I actually like the taste of his cock and that I couldn’t get enough of his precum. I played with hist cockhead in my mouth as he started to get hard.

As I used my tongue to play with his head I found my self playing with his balls and stroking his cock as well. It was becoming more and more enjoyable for me as I heard him moaning. Then all of a sudden he pulled out of my mouth and I figured he was going to cum so I closed my eyes and mouth but he told me to open my mouth like a good little whore. And as I noticed myself starting to take to the title I opened wide but he didn’t cum he started pissing on me. It made me gag and I kept trying to spit but he barked at me and told me to swallow it like the dirty slut I was.

I felt so humiliated and so dirty and so disgusting and yet my cock was hard, I was aroused. I was piss soaked and dirty when he told me to get on all fours. As I did I felt his cock head push against my asshole and I tried to protest but as his response he stuffed all of his 9 in cock in my ass at once. I was sure he tore my hole it hurt so bad I screamed and started to cry begging him to stop screaming no no no. My pleads fell on deaf ears as he rammed his huge cock in and out of me each thrust with more power than the last.

Then he pulled out and grabbed my head and turned me around still crying and whimpering from the pain he told me to open my mouth and he stuffed his dick inside and I started sucking I could taste my ass but soon that was replaced with the taste of his cum that I knew I had to swallow and I did.

He threw my clothes and a twenty at me and said “Maybe next time someone asks you how much you’ll have a better answer.”

Chapter 2

It was 3 am that night when I was thrown out to the street I had come from by what could only be considered my first customer. I decided I didn’t mind making money this way since I’d already been forced to break all the boundaries I had. I went to find a quiet place to rest for the night.

The next day I went to a public gym close by that had a shower facility and lockers you could rent for $3 a day. It wasn’t a nice gym but I didn’t need a nice gym I needed running water and a place to store my stuff while I worked at night. I grabbed a shower changed and left my stuff I relaxed throughout the day and ate what I could afford to.

Around 9 30 pm the area started to see some traffic. And here it was tonights customer. He pulled up in a toyota camry or something and rolled down his window said he was looking for a date. I got in and then came the fateful question, but it wasn’t delivered as confidently as last night. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me he wanted the whole package. I told him $100 and he said he didn’t have that much cash how about $50 he said. Turns out I’m the cheap type and I took the deal.

As he drove looking for a quiet spot I rubbed his cock through his shorts. He was already hard it seemed and he was quite small id guess 4in at the biggest. We found an industrial park and went to a dark spot. After he shut off the car we moved the back seat for more room.

More comfortable now I moved myself in front of his cock and pulled it out. Like I had thought about 4 in hard but a nice big mushroom head. I teased him by kissing his cock head and flicking my tongue at it. Then I started to stroke him off tell him how nice his cock looked and staring at it like I was in love with it. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my mouth onto his cock. I liked this kind of customer much more than my first.

As I sucked his dick I noticed him leaning back and rolling his hips forward presenting me his ass and then he pushed my head lower. I found my tongue now at his surprisingly clean shaven hole now and being that he was paying I knew I didn’t have a choice. So I shoved my tongue right in really unsure of what to do I just stroked his dick and darted my tongue in and out of his hole and the moans told me I was doing something right.

Soon my finger replaced my tongue and his dick went right back in my mouth. It didn’t take long after I started finger fucking him for him to shoot a load in my mouth and as he squirted I swallowed gulp after tasty gulp and the cum just seemed to keep cumming he must shot 10 good squirts before he was done. I knew he must be sensitive so I never let him out of my mouth I just kept sucking trying to put him through a hellish pleasure.

To my surprise it only took him about 10 min to get hard as a rock again

and soon there after I found myself bent over assuming the position readying myself for the pain. I felt his big mushroom head against my ass but then I didn’t feel the pain I had readied myself for instead it felt great he may have been small but that head popping in and out felt great. He pumped as hard as he could and my dick was throbbing and without even touching myself I shot a load it felt great. Shortly after I came and was moaning in pleasure he grabbed my hips and thrust himself in me as deep as he could go and I felt spurt after spurt of cum fill me up. As he dropped me off and payed me all I could think was what a wonderful start to the night it had been.

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