My Boyfriend Takes A Trip To Boston

With Her Boyfriend Away, Deanna Becoems Fair Game

“But we had plans to go out tonight. You promised!!!” Deanna was furious.

“You don’t get it, babe, this is the a chance to see the Celtics. You know they’re my team. I gotta see my boys on the court.”

The argument was so typical of their arguments lately. Deanna and Paul made plans to go out and Paul would make other plans with his friends. Today was no different: they had made plans to go to dinner and dancing tonight and now he was going to Boston with Derek and Evan instead. Deanna was livid. He already had packed an overnight bag by the time she got home and Derek and Evan were in the driveway waiting.

“I promise when I get back, we’ll go dancing.”

“You promise?” She asked, sincerely believing him again, her big green eyes pleading.

Paul thought to himself, “Yeah, she’s easy. She always believes me.” To her he said, “I totally promise. This weekend will be all about us. Promise.” His hands held her head as he kissed her lips. Then he swatted her ass hard. “Ok, gotta go…see you tomorrow afternoon.” And he was out the door.

She flopped on the couch and started watching some TV. Aimlessly surfing channels as she sat there disappointed. She was wearing tiny little shorts that barely covered her firm round ass. Her thong was wedged up tight into her ass crack. Her tits were held in a tight little crop top. She was only 34b so she rarely wore a bra at home. As she laid back on the couch relaxing, her crop top rode up a bit and the bottoms of her tits peeked out. She cupped her tit gently. Her hand slid under her top. She fondled lazily. Her finger sliding back and forth over her nipple. Her nipple poked up hard and long. They were so long compared to the size of her tits and they got hard so easily. She played slowly as she watched TV. Her eyes closed as she thought about Paul and the fucking she had wanted to get tonight. He had promised to take her out and he was going to get so lucky. She had decided she was going to give up her ass to him tonight. She had thought long and hard about that; she had always said no to every guy, but tonight she was going to let Paul have her ass. He just loved her ass so much. He was always fondling it, swatting it, licking it during sex. He really did deserve her lil ass’s virginity.

Her hand slid over her shorts and felt her slit through her shorts and thong. MMMMMM god that felt nice. She slid her shorts off and tugged her thong over. Her finger made lazy circles over her puffy clit. Her legs opened wider as her finger explored more. Her juices started oozing out in a gentle stream; rolling out of her slit and down her ass crack. Her finger followed the flow of those juices. It slipped over her ass crack and over her hole. She pushed her finger slowly into her ass. She had been working it for weeks, getting it ready for Paul’s beautiful 7-inch cock. Tonight it was going to be his. Her free hand held her ass cheek open as her finger pushed in deeper. Her lil ass started slowly bouncing on her finger. God this felt nice. Her pussy started quivering as she fingered her ass. She let go of her ass cheek and slid a finger from that hand into her pussy. OOOOO shit…she had never done that before. Both of her little holes had fingers in them. She was thrashing on the couch purring loudly.

She was bucking hard on her fingers in both her holes. She squealed loudly as her pussy convulsed hard. Her eyes closed tightly as her pussy exploded. Her orgasm gushed out all over her hand. Her juices soaked the couch cushions under her. Her fingers slowly slid out of her holes as she lay there panting and gasping for air.

“God, he can fuck my ass when he gets back tomorrow afternoon.”

Just then her phone buzzed. She grabbed it and saw a text from Paul. “Hey Derek’s brother lives in Boston and is having a party tomorrow night so we’re gonna stay over an extra night. Totally will make this up to you!”

Deanna screamed in frustration.

She sat up and started to text Paul back. She re-wrote the text several times, not wanting to sound as angry and frustrated as she was. Before she could send her text, her friend Emily texted her, “Hey if you don’t have plans with Paul, a group of us are going to Hot Shots tonight.” That was their regular hang out club, but Deanna was not feeling up to going out.

She texted back, “Kinda can’t tonight. Maybe another night.”

As she sat on the couch and texted, she felt her pussy still quivering and feeling so empty. Her fingers just weren’t enough. Wearing just her thong and crop top with one tit peeking out under, she got up to take a shower and clean herself after that hard orgasm. As she stood in front of a window her phone buzzed again. She didn’t recognize the number but opened the text anyway.

“A girl with an ass so fucking hot as you have shouldn’t be left alone.”

She gasped and immediately snapped her head up. She was staring out her window and saw a car very, very slowly driving past her house. She couldn’t see who was in the car but the horn beeped. She looked down to remember her tit was hanging out and her thong was tugged to one side exposing her freshly fingered pussy. “OMFG” she gasped.

She texted back to that strange number, “Was that just you outside my house?”

The response, “We saw him leave with a bag and some friends. He’s gonna be gone overnight, isn’t he? Your lil smooth cunt shouldn’t be left alone.”

She texted fast, “Who is this?”

No response. This was weird and a little unnerving. She hurried upstairs and got in the shower to clean herself up after her hard orgasm. She washed her long blonde hair thoroughly. Her hands fondled her tits again as she lathered them with soap. Her fingers trailed lower and slid over her clit as she lathered her pussy. She rinsed in the hot water. She lifted her foot and leisurely started shaving her pussy. She loved keeping it nice and smooth. She had a neat landing strip when she first started dating Paul, but he said he preferred it smooth so she had been shaving for over a year now. He really loved her pussy. He fucked it so slowly, so gently, so lovingly. She almost always orgasmed when he fucked her. She just wished, sometimes, that he would lick her pussy for longer periods of time. She just wished he’d be more attentive to her pussy and her clit.

She took her time drying her hair. Her little tits jiggling as she brushed and blow- dried her long hair. She sat in front of her mirror naked as she started putting on make-up. It was an absolutely unconscious action as she did her eyes and her lips. Then she sprayed perfume all over her body before she realized.

“Why am I doing this? I’m just fucking sitting home tonight?” She was hurt by Paul’s callous action. She was frustrated because she had wanted to fuck tonight. She was disappointed because AGAIN he had put his friends in front of her. She slid a lacy red thong up over her freshly shaved pussy. It was a tiny thong that barely covered her thin lips. She could clearly see her puffy little clit through the lace. She pulled a black mini skirt up. It came to her upper thigh and just covered her delicate ass. She picked out a tight button down blouse that exposed just a peek of her tummy. If she moved the right way she knew that tattooed butterfly on her lower back would wink at guys. She smirked, “Well I can’t go to Hot Shots, but how about that new place, The Rail.” She put a little bit more lip-gloss on and smiled. “Why the fuck not?”

It was already around 9 at night when she stepped out of her house. There were a couple parked cars on the street. She drove slowly to the club, still a little unsure about this. Her phone buzzed. That strange number again. “That ass looked amazing in that black skirt.”

How did he know she had a black skirt on? Maybe a lucky guess. She texted back, “Who is this?”

“Just a guy looking out for a hottie all alone tonight.”

“Whatever.” She thought to herself as she pulled into the parking lot. She walked into the club. She had never been here before. There was a dance floor surrounded by a low wooden railing with lots of spotlights swinging over the floor. Behind the bar there were colored lights casting a romantic glow. Other than that, there were no other lights. It was such a nice place. She made her way to the bar to order herself a chocolate martini. As she reached in her purse she heard, “That will be on me. Two beers here as well.” And she saw a $100 bill slide onto the bar. She looked to her right. WOW. Next to her was a major hunk of a man. He had to be at least 6’4” and built like a monster. He wore a tight t-shirt that showed off a huge muscled chest. His arms were bigger than her thighs.

“I’m Jeff.” He smiled at her.

“Yeah, he’s my friend visiting from Texas.” Deanna turned to her left. It was Chad, Paul’s friend from college. Deanna always thought Chad was kind of hot. He was almost as tall as Jeff and, Deanna noticed now for the first time, he was built pretty big too.

She smiled at these two men. “Thanks for the drink. You two are sweet.” Chad reached over and dragged a stool over for Deanna to perch on. Even sitting on the stool her head was not level with the heads of these two guys. They both turned to face Deanna. They cheered her up, made her laugh, made her forget how mad she was at Paul.

“Wanna dance,” Chad asked her.

“Sure,” she said before she could stop herself. To her surprise both men led her to the floor. They slid around her as she started dancing and wiggling on the dance floor. These men danced well. Unlike Paul, they got into their moves and slid their bodies around hers as they danced together. She had her back to Jeff and was wiggling her little ass when she felt his big hands on her hips. He pulled her back gently to his chest. She felt his bulge press to her lower back.

“Holy Shit,” she thought to herself, “that thing feels fucking huge.”

His hands gripped her waist tightly. Without warning he lifted her off her feet. Her little feet playfully swung before Chad grabbed her ankles. He pulled her ankles open and wrapped them around his waist. He slid in tight. She felt his bulging jeans press to her thong. She gasped as her hands slid over his shoulders to support herself. Jeff’s hands were still on her waist as he used his hands to make her hips grind back against his bulge. Chad’s hands replaced Jeff’s on her hips to steady her. She raised her arms rocking out to the music as it thumped. Jeff’s hands slid up her sides and lifted her shirt until both her braless tits were out jiggling gently out on the dark dance floor. She felt Jeff move back away from her as Chad let her body fall back gently, supporting her as she leaned back. She felt Jeff’s hands supporting her shoulders. Her thong was pressed tight to Chad’s groin and he was dry humping her so obviously on the dance floor. Jeff lowered her back until her face was level with his groin. He had an enormous bulge and he opened his legs to slide her face under his groin. Without thinking she kissed his groin and licked his jeans before he brought her back up. Everyone on the floor was cheering.

The men set her down on her unstable legs as they laughed. “Need another drink?” Chad asked.

She laughed, “Sure.”

Jeff smirked, “Well I’m sure Paul has enough to drink at your place. Let’s fucking get out of here.”

When they left, Chad snatched her keys from her hand and playfully pushed her into his car as Jeff slid in the driver’s seat. “You’re too wasted to drive. Jeff will drive you home and I’ll drive your car.”

The cars were rolling before she could say anything. She felt Jeff’s huge hand on her bare thigh, “You’re a pretty hot fucking dancer. Does your boyfriend take you dancing much?”

“Not enough,” she smirked as his hand slid higher on her thigh.

His hand tugged her thigh open, “He leave you alone a lot?”

“Some.” She whispered nervously.

“So you go out hunting for cock a lot?” His hand was on her head now insistently bending her head forward toward his lap.

“I’m not….a slut. I don’t cheat…and I’m not gonna tonight.” But she didn’t resist as he slid her face to his groin. “Its just…..I…” Her words trailed off.

He was stroking her long hair as she started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. She gasped as his dick sprang out. It was bigger than she could have imagined. It was an easy 9 inches, but what made it even more intimidating was that it looked as fat as a red bull can.

“Just relax.” He whispered as he grabbed a handful of her hair and started sliding her face up and down that cock. Her tiny pink tongue slid out and flicked the head once. Her hand gripped the base as she started licking around the head. She opened wide to engulf his enormous cock head. She sucked slowly. She drooled all over his shaft. She bobbed up and down his cock. She could only get 4 inches in her mouth, but she was loving how it stretched her jaw. He started jerking his hips up hard, face fucking her as he held her head down. He wasn’t forcing more cock into her mouth but he was nudging it deeper a little at a time.

She heard him groan, “You fucking lil cock sucker.” That’s when he shot his load hard into her throat. It shot deep like a geyser and seemed to be an endless stream. She swallowed as much as she could. When the heavy stream of cum stopped it became a series of hard spurts before he was done. He held her head down. She tried raising her head. Then she saw the mess all over his groin. Without being asked, she started slowly licking his dick and balls clean. When he was nice and clean she zipped his semi hard cock back up.

She sat up to fix her lip-gloss and said, “Don’t tell Chad I did that. OK? Cause he is friends with my boyfriend.”

Jeff didn’t respond as they got out of the car. She led them inside, “Two beers for you men?” She said as she bent over in the fridge. They eyed her ass as it peeked out at them. They looked at each other and smiled. “Jeff gonna be gone til tomorrow right?” Chad asked.

“Yeah,….how did you know?”

“Well he isn’t here so I assumed he left you alone overnight.” They stood on either side of her as she leaned against the counter sipping her own beer. She felt Chad’s hand slide to her lower back, he gently caressed. Jeff’s hand slid over her tummy and quickly went under her shirt to caress her stomach. Deanna couldn’t help herself, she felt her pussy start to moisten, soaking her thong. She turned to Chad to plead with him to stop, but instead his mouth closed over hers. He kissed her deep, his tongue pushed over her lips and slithered over her tongue. Her hand went up to stroke his chest as she leaned into his kiss. She felt Jeff’s tongue curl around her earlobe, sucking lightly. She was fighting a losing battle and was quickly surrendering.

Chad’s hand slid down her lower back and made its way under her skirt to fondle and cup her ass as it hung out around her thong. He pulled back to smile at her, catching his breath. His free hand moved her face toward Jeff, whose mouth closed over her mouth quickly. Like everything else about him, his tongue was big, thick and long. It wedged into her mouth. As Chad fondled and groped her ass, Jeff’s hand slid under her skirt to the front of her thong. His finger started swirling over her puffy clit as it protruded from the lace of her thong.

Chad was licking her ear as he hissed to her, “You sucked off Jeff, didn’t you? I could taste cum all in your mouth.”

Her eyes flew open. She pulled her face back from Jeff’s probing kiss to look at Chad. He had started unbuttoning her blouse as she stared at him. She whimpered, “But you kept kissing me anyway.”

Chad laughed, “I’ll even eat your pussy after Jeff cums in it. He’d do the same after I came in you.”

Chad pushed his mouth over her’s again and they pulled her blouse off and threw it aside. Jeff pushed his mouth over her tit. His mouth almost completely engulfed her little b cup tit. His hand pulled her thong roughly to one side ripping it as he did. His finger moved from her clit to her pussy hole. It swirled around as it searched. Chad’s finger had already found her ass hole and was gently nudging in. Deanna’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt a finger finally plunge into her ass as Jeff’s finger pushed up into her cunt. She screamed into Chad’s kiss as her first orgasm ripped through her body. Her legs went weak, but their fingers and hands under her ass and pussy kept her up.

“Too much for you?” Jeff snickered. Together they slowly let her slide down to her knees. They pulled their shirts off as her hands caressed their bulging groins. They stepped out of those jeans and pushed both their cocks into her face. Her hand gripped Jeff’s dick and stroked slowly before she really looked over at Chad’s. His was big too although not as big as Jeff. He was maybe 8 inches long but he was considerably fatter around than Jeff’s.

THUMP. Jeff smacked her cheek with his dick. She looked up in shock. She was not used to that. THUMP. Chad smacked her other cheek with his dick. They meant to play rough. She grabbed both dicks tightly. Opening as wide as she possibly could she sucked Chad’s cock head down into her mouth. She bobbed down and got barely 4 inches in her mouth. To stop Jeff from dick smacking her anymore, she held his cock tight and stroked him. She was wedged against the kitchen cabinets as Chad started slowly face fucking her. She moved off his dick and pushed her mouth over Jeff’s meaty dick again. He was less insistent now and let her bob over his cock at her own pace. She even managed to work another two inches of his cock into her throat.

“Oh, Chad I can’t tell you she gave me a blow job in the car cause you’re her boyfriends friend. She told me that.” They both laughed.

“I’m not a slut.” Deanna whined as she pulled her mouth off Jeff’s cock.

“Of course not,” Chad snickered as he pushed his dick deep into her throat. “But Paul shouldn’t leave your sweet fucking ass alone.” He picked up his speed and started face fucking her hard. She was gagging as he filled her throat with his cock head. Her jaw wedged open wide. All at once his cock let loose and shot a wad deep into her throat. She gagged on the suddenness of this huge gush of cum. She tried pulling back but she was wedged too tight to the kitchen cabinets. She had no room to pull away from his cock.

When he was done shooting his load they lifted her to her feet. Jeff pushed his mouth over her’s. Her jaw was sore, but it opened to let his tongue in. She felt Chad pulling her mini skirt off her hips. She stepped out of it. Jeff lifted her easily and tossed her over his shoulder. Chad smacked her bare ass as they carried her up to her room. They dropped her on her bed and immediately tore what was left of her thong off her hips.

Chad dove hard between her legs, kissing and licking her pussy. He stopped suddenly and looked at Jeff. “Totally shaven smooth. I told you. You owe me $50.”

Jeff smirked at Deanna, “I figured you’d have a landing strip.”

She laughed and opened her legs wider as she felt Chad’s tongue swirl over her clit. Jeff layed on top of her to join Chad in licking her pussy. She felt Jeff’s tongue take over licking and swirling over her clit as Chad’s tongue found her pussy lips and hole. Together they held her legs wide. Jeff hoisted one back behind his shoulder, while Chad had the other one over his shoulder. She was splayed open.

Their tongues mauled her pussy. She felt hands groping her ass and her tits as those two tongues swirled all over her cunt. She was losing control. She started orgasming hard. Still they went on licking her pussy. She was scratching at them and thrashing all over the bed. She was squealing as her orgasms ripped through her. Finally, she actually started begging them to stop licking her.

First Jeff moved off her. Then Chad moved away. She felt her weak body being turned over. Then the tongues were back. Someone had moved under her and was licking her pussy from underneath. Another tongue started probing her ass. She laid her head down on someone’s thigh. She didn’t know who’s at first. Then she saw the hard cock. Incredibly thick. She knew that had to be Chad. Weakly she kissed it lightly. She flicked it with her little tongue. She opened her mouth wide and slurped the head into her throat. She loved the taste of this hunk of meat. She was slobbering and bobbing. The men continued licking her cunt. It was too much. Before long she was again begging these men to stop licking her. Her pussy was too sensitive. She couldn’t take it anymore.

Chad’s tongue was busy licking around her slit. His tongue fucked her cunt as one of the men held her pussy lips open. Jeff’s tongue was mauling her ass. His big hands were holding her ass open wide as his tongue lathered her hole. She had never received such oral attention. Her hips were thrashing madly. She had to stop this oral assault. She little pussy couldn’t take anymore. Her pussy was too sensitive.

Her body was moved around. She felt Chad’s cock pushing up into her pussy. She was so wet and her pussy was so opened that his fat cock started sliding right in. After a couple inches resistance started. It was too fat and her pussy was too tight to take it. Paul was nowhere near this fat around. She felt Jeff’s hands on her ass. He started licking her ass again as his hands started pushing her ass down. He was pushing her cunt down over Chad’s dick. She whimpered as he pushed her ass down harder. She felt her body trembling. Her pussy was quivering over this enormous cock. She sat up and squatted down hard. In one push she got his entire cock into her hungry cunt. God that felt great. She needed this fuck. She deserved this fuck. She started bouncing slowly on this cock. Wiggling her hips around as her pussy engulfed this cock, her head fell back as she started squealing wildly. This fat cock filled her so full. She had never felt so full.

Jeff smacked her ass hard. She felt the sting from his hand. Chad grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down to kiss her mouth. Jeff held her hips steady. Chad’s arms wrapped around her shoulders and held her tight to his chest. Her eyes flew open wide as she felt Jeff’s cock wedge against her ass. She tried pulling her mouth off Chad’s. She tried breaking out of Chad’s embrace. She was too weak to really extract herself from his grip. She felt Jeff spitting on her puckered ass. She screamed into Chad’s mouth as Jeff’s cock wedged in past her ass opening. She felt his cock head pop into her ass.

Jeff smacked her ass hard. “There you go. I knew your ass could open enough.” His fingers dug into her hips as he held her hips down firmly to Chad’s cock. Jeff worked his cock in slowly. Pushing deeper. He would pull out a tiny bit then wedge even deeper into her ass. She struggled to relax her ass as he went deeper and deeper. Deanna felt his cock hair tickle her smooth little ass. With one more hard thrust she felt his balls smack her cunt where Chad’s dick was planted. She knew they were both in to the hilt.

She slowly lifted herself up on her hands. Jeff and Chad immediately got into a rhythm of fucking her holes. Jeff held her hips steady as they alternately went in and out of her. Her pussy and her ass slowly started loosening and opening around these fat dicks. She started panting and gasping as her pussy quivered. Jeff smacked her ass again as their speed started increasing. Her hips started bucking back to their fucking motions. She screeched wildly as her cunt exploded around Chad’s dick. Her orgasm was violent. Immediately she felt Chad grab her hips hard and pull her down tight to his groin. She felt his load shoot up deep into her cervix. God she felt the gushing into her body. Her eyes rolled back from the heat of his cum load.

She felt Jeff pushing her hips. She whimpered as she felt his cock pop out of her ass. Chad gently pushed her limp body off his cock. She flopped on her back on the bed. She was only half aware as she felt her legs being pushed open and pushed back. She felt her body being folded in half. She opened her eyes and saw Jeff hovering over her. He held both of her wrists high over her head. Her ankles were hoisted over his shoulders.

She smiled up at him, “You’re being really bad.” She giggled.

Her back arched hard and her head flew back as she felt Jeff ram his entire 9-inch cock into her cunt with one hard thrust. He buried his dick to his balls in her without giving her any warning. He plowed hard and rough into her used pussy. His balls crashed against her little upturned ass. His cock head split into her cervix. His dick hammered at her worn out cunt. She felt his dick throb and flare larger in her hole. It was too much. Her orgasm ripped through her cunt. Just as it started, Jeff’s load gushed into her. His load burned and seared into her tunnel. Her orgasm brought her body to a new high. She screamed and fell back on the bed.

When she opened her eyes the sun was streaming in her bedroom windows. Every muscle in her body ached. It hurt to try to close her legs. Her pussy and ass were both sore. Even her jaw hurt. She rolled out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She parted her legs. Her pussy was hanging open so well fucked. Her lips were red and puffy. She turned and looked over her shoulder. Her ass had a definite O shape. She walked to the shower and washed herself thoroughly. Walking back into her bedroom she saw that her bed sheets were covered in cum stains. She had really been ravaged. She smiled and felt her pussy. MMMMM they really had been big cocks. She liked how that size had felt. She wondered if she was now hooked on big cocks only.

She sat down on the cum-stained sheets and looked at her phone. Two texts. One was from that strange number. She opened it. “Hope you enjoyed the fucking we gave you. Chad said he’d show me a good time. We’ll be over again the next time I am here from Texas. You might have issues with Chad. He’s disappointed he didn’t get in your ass last night.” She smiled to herself. They had been texting her all along from Jeff’s phone.

She opened the second text. It was from Paul. “Change in plans. The party was cancelled. I’ll be home around 3.”

She looked at the clock as she heard a car pull up. Shit. It was 3 now. Quickly she threw on a crop top and pair of shorts. She raced downstairs as Paul came in. “Hey babe.” He kissed her hard. Then he handed her a $100. “Here go buy yourself something sexy at Victoria’s Secret that you can wear for me. I really wanna fuck that virgin ass tonight. Please. You promised me.” He smacked her ass hard. She winced from the pain of last night’s ass fucking.

“OOOO I’m sorry. I expected you home tomorrow. I promised to go help mom and dad. I’ll be home around 9 or 10 tonight. Promise. And if you’re not too tired then maybe you can have my ass.” She smiled as she left. As she drove down the street she texted a strange number. “Heading over to Chad’s place now. How about Chad gets my ass while your get my pussy today. You two have to promise to eat my pussy like mad dogs again.”

That strange number texted back a smiley face.

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