My Beautiful Nuighbourer

I was the student of Engineering a few years back. I was 18 at that time. Normally I used to come home at weekend means coming home on Friday evening after attending my classes and leave from my home on Monday early morning for my college which was approximately 100 km away from my home. During my stay in hostel of the college I was famous for the best pornographic material available with me which normally are the magazines like Fantasy, Debonair and Playboy etc. I used to fantasize a lot about young ladies but unfortunately I could not get any till date.

I was confident that I would be able to have any lady to make love with me before marriage because my personality was I think better than average and I could easily flirt young girls and ladies. My dream come true when a young newly married couple took a house on rent in my adjacent house.

The lady was extremely beautiful having a very fair complexion and sharp features. I think her husband was in late twenties but the lady was approximately 20-22 years old just 2-3 years older than me. The lady name was Nancy which was very modern in comparison to her husband. She was having good height more than 5.6 feet, silky long hairs, very good figure, beautiful eyes and most importantly which attracted me the most- her very pink excellent shaped lips.

As soon as I saw her first time I was just amazed to see her beauty and started fantasizing about her. On seeing her beautiful lips I just imagined a lot how her vaginal lips would be. Would those vertical lips would be so sweet as like her horizontal lips as I have heard from my friends that if a lady has good beautiful lips then her vaginal lips are also like heaven on earth.

Then after a few days after her stay in home she started coming our home for some so called neighborhood requirements like milk, sugar and many such things. But I did not get any chance to see her in my house due to my stay in hostel. Luckily on one Saturday, I happened to meet her when Nancy came to my house and just get introduced with her. Nancy told me about her husband job and said that he goes for office in the morning and returns back in the late evening and she feels very bore whole day. Nancy told that her marriage held in August and it was the month of November but Nancy did not have much enjoyment due to busy schedule of her husband.

Now I happened to meet her every Saturday and Sunday for 2-3 weeks regularly. Nancy invited me to her house just to pass time and said She is normally alone the whole day.

On one rainy day I made some courage to enter her house in the evening when nobody was there in the street. It was approx 6.00 P.M. time. When I entered her room Nancy was lying on the bed in rest position wearing a tight pink top and black skirt. Her hard erect tits were clearly visible from her top along with the full shape of her boobs and her perfectly shaped beautiful long legs were in cross position.

As soon as entered the room Nancy told me to lock the door from inside. I was very surprised but I did the same instantly. Then immediately Nancy stood up from the bed and hugged me tightly. I was just astonished because I was not expecting all this to happen so suddenly. I thought in my mind the extent of her hunger for me.

But I deliberately said - Oh Nancy I was expecting and fantasizing this.

Oh my darling, you are extremely beautiful and goddess of beauty.

This words melted her and she kissed me madly on my lips and took my both lips in between her lips. Nancy was excited very much and kissed me even more passionately with her tongue deep inside my mouth.

I removed her pink top and sucked her tight beautiful erect boobs by removing her black bra. Nancy guided me to continue the same which I did for a long time. Then she raised her right arm wanting me to lick her beautiful clean shaved armpit which I licked with enjoyment then I tried to remove her black skirt after lying her on the bed. Nancy just raised her skirt up to her waist instead of removing it while lying on the bed.

Initially starting from her feet I pressed her feet fingers gently with my both hands which was highly relaxing for her which I noticed from her face. I continued to press her all fingers of foot for 2-3 minutes and then massaged her foot with my strong hands for some time. Then I removed my shirt and rubbed her feet on my chest. Now she started to rub her feet on my chest by herself with much force and friction and she was enjoying it very much.

Then I started to lick her from her toes to thighs all through her long and beautiful legs and reached her inner thighs soon. She was red with enjoyment and immediately pulled her skirt and panty down her legs and threw it bedside which showed her strong desire of my wet tongue for her juicy pussy.

Then the moment came for which I was always fantasizing. I was the the happiest man on earth at that time when I saw her lovely cunt having very small beautifully trimmed pussy hairs. I started to lick and tease her with my tongue down the vagina from perineum. I put my both hands under her butts by slightly lifting her and pressed them gently. I made small circles from my forefinger exactly around her small asshole. Then I reached her outer labia and licked her making alphabets from A to Z with my tongue for nearly 20 minutes. Her vulva was swollen in enjoyment and I took one of the vaginal lips tightly in my lips and sucked it and then took other.

I observed that she raised her hips from the bed slightly so as to get my tongue closer contact to her inner lips of vagina. Those were fully wet with her nectar which I licked and sucked her vaginal juices. The smell of the pussy and her nectar was so intoxicating and arousal for me that I parted her outer vaginal lips by my fingers and put my tongue deep inside her wet pussy and moved it to and fro very fast. I inserted my two fingers deep into her vagina and started to tickle her G spot with small pressure. I observed her reaction that she was enjoying it very much and started to rub her small pussy hairs with her fingers rapidly down to her outer vaginal lips.

Nancy - Oh Raj, you are great. Just great. I had not received such a oral never before in my life.

I continue to lick her pussy from deep inside up to which my tongue could go then I took her swollen red clitoris in my mouth and licked it gently. She started to mourn in ecstasy and shouted that she is just to orgasm and ready to cum.

She then exploded some pussy juice in my mouth. This was in much noticeable quantity and my mouth was filled with that which I drank completely. I was really enjoying all this very very much such that I am in heaven and drinking nectar of a beautiful princess.

Then she stood up from bed and asked me to lay down on the bed and unbuttoned my zip and took my underwear out. My dick was hard like a iron rod and its length was much longer than average size.

Nancy - Oh my God, your size is very much bigger than my husband. She quickly made her legs apart my hips and stood over such that her cunt was right above my hard dick and then with one hand she guided my dick towards the gate of her vagina and it was just deep inside her.

Then she made very fast and powerful strokes such as to produce full insertion of my long penis into her. She made all kind of moves up-down and sideways sliding of the pussy. She was in full commanding position and was enjoying and making sound of ecstasy. My enjoyment was just beyond imagination and I have no words to express it really. She again reached orgasm and we both cum together. Her pussy was filled with my semen then she stood and and hugged me tightly.

It was the most pleasurable day in my life and surprisingly for her also. It then became a normal practice for me every Saturday and Sunday. But after 6 months her husband was transferred to some other location. But I still remember that golden period of my life and I feel strong desire to get a lady like her back in my life.

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