My Audition

I was a country boy come to the city for the first time in life, in search of a career. The first job I landed was in a design firm. I breezed through the interview getting a salary much more than I expected. Right from the first my boss seemed to like me and he helped me find an apartment at a very cheap rate. He was very kind to me taking a personal interest in helping me familiarise on the job and learning all aspects of it. He was though a bit on the short side, well built and handsome. A very masculine figure in spite of the pierced eyebrows, single earring, thick gold chain and golden bracelets. I felt proud walking with him when he took me to meet the clients. I was always ready to cater to all his wishes.

One Saturday evening he called up to ask whether I could come to the office on Sunday morning to finish some urgent work. I readily agreed and reached there ahead of time. I had the spare key of the office with me -a sign of his trust in me and I let myself in.

I found that one of the computers was on and I went to shut it down. Then I realised that a number of files were open and it was all photographs of couples in different compromising poses. As I went through it my pecker started to straighten in response. There were photos of young men with older women, older men with younger women, old couples making love, young ones doing 69s, lesbian sex with the girls eating each other’s pussy, a young boy sucking a well built guy’s pecker, the works. Without realising it I had opened the zip of my pants and was pulling at my cock through the confining underwear. Suddenly there was a ring of the telephone and I picked it up. It was the boss.

“Sam? I am very sorry that I am late. I will take another half an hour to reach there. Meanwhile you can relax.”

“Yes, Bob. Definitely” I said and there was a click of the receiver. I thought that he must be calling from home. For if he was in his car it would have been his mobile and that meant it would definitely take him another 45 minutes to reach the office. I went back to the computer and it was then I saw that there was a DVD in the drive. I clicked the autoplay and soon the screen was filled with the sight of a monster cock entering the asshole of somebody. The camera panned back to show that it was the cock of an older gentleman entering the ass hole of a youngster. I put the film on pause, went to the door, locked it from the inside and came back to watch the film in a relaxed mode. Since I was unlikely to be disturbed for the next half an hour I pushed down my pants and cock and started masturbating in earnest. My t-shirt was up my armpits and I was playing with my now hard nipples when the older person’s face became visible and I got a shock. It was that of my boss. But that fact made me only more horny if that was possible and I was trying to yank my cock off when somebody caught hold of my hand and gently removed it. I tried to turn around but the hand adorned with a golden bracelet started massaging my raging hard on. The nails scraped the knob and I shivered. A smooth shaven face descended on to my shoulders, the breath feathering it and the tongue started licking at my neck slowly moving to my ear. It sucked at the ear lobes and the tongue darted into the ear. I didn’t know that the ear was so sensitive, erotically.

“You like the film?” the soft voice of my boss asked.

“Yes” I gulped

“Would you like me to make love to you?” he asked

“Yes” I groaned.

He rounded the chair in which I was sitting and kneeled on the floor, naked as a jay bird in front of me his hands massaging me all the while and then taking my cock into his mouth. He was an expert at what he was doing and all I could do was lean back and enjoy the sensations. He had pulled the foreskin back with his hand and his mouth was doing a job on the sensitive red skin exposed. At times I couldn’t but help groan, like when he sucked at my balls and nipped and scraped at the cock head with his teeth. Meanwhile I was watching him do similar things to the luscious youngster in the film in the computer. His mouth was now acting like a suction pump on my cock and soon I couldn’t hold it any longer. As I unloaded my jism he took out the cock from his mouth and let it splash on to his clean shaven chest.

“Do you want to lick it off?” he asked and lay back on the plush carpeted floor. I readily complied but not before I removed my t-shirt. I wanted to feel his muscled body under mine. As I removed my t-shirt I could enjoy an uninhibited view of wide shoulders, deep chest, narrow waist and hips, rounded ass and muscled legs and arms. I started by licking my cum off the smooth golden skin, then sucking at his now erect nipples, moving slowly down his muscled stomach to the clean shaven vee between his legs. I reached his pecker which was a bit shorter but thicker than mine. It was circumcised, the first time I was seeing one and it made me more excited. I engulfed the thick head with my mouth and did unto him what he had done unto me. He obviously liked what I was doing for he encouraged me by pushing my head closer and running his hand through my hair. I had to work for more time on him that he did on mine, but soon he was also cumming, but this time into my eager mouth. I was able to swallow most of the load. I liked his taste much better than mine, but I would be hard pressed to explain to you the difference. Once he had finished he sat up took my head in his hands and kissed me deeply licking his cum from my lips and cheek and neck where it had spilled over.

As I sat there in my birthday suite he got up and started working on the computer standing in front of it without bothering to wear his clothes, his member now flaccid and tired. In fact I could not see his clothes anywhere in the vicinity. As I watched appreciatively his taut buttocks, muscled thighs and calves as he worked on the computer I also realised that he must have been in the building all the time since I came in and must have been waiting for me in one of the side rooms without making any sound.

He turned around and smiled at me, a beautiful smile which sent my temperature soaring again. “Come and watch this” he said. I moved towards the computer table and put my arms around him pressing myself against him and started nuzzling his neck. Then the window popped up and there we were making love in the office. As I watched thunderstruck my flagpole started going up again and he turned the chair around and sat on it so that he could take the cock in his mouth.

When he came up for air he said, “Do you know you are going to become a star! You have such assets and talents. Meanwhile let me enjoy you myself” and went back to his work

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