Mouth For Rent

I was excited when when Kerry, a former work colleague, phoned me to ask if I would got to an office friday night christmas drink and meet up with everyone I used to work with from the office.

Apart from seeing them all again and reminiscing on the laughs and fun we had there, my hubby would be working at the London site and said he would stay over to watch his footy team play on the saturday. I was a bit annoyed at the time but then thought how fortunate that he needn’t know that I would be out getting drunk with all the girls, he never did like me going out with them when I worked there as he knew they could be a bit bawdy and he didn’t want me being influenced or acting like them!

Kerry told me it was ‘dress like a tart night’ which didn’t really surprise me but I told her I wasn’t sure and that my hubby would go nuts if he found out, she assured me he wouldn’t find out as we would be in a neighbouring city thirty miles away and that it would be so much fun and everyone would be dressed in sexy outfits, I was very excited at the thought of being in public in my skimpies,I love to wear them, not just for hubby in the bedroom but when he is at golf at a weekend in the summer and I do my chores in them with the chance that passing traffic and the few pedestrians that go by could look in and see me half naked.

I took the friday afternoon off and had my hair done then went and had a hot bath and a wine to give me a bit of courage to wear my sexy stuff in public, I was still nervous but excited at the thought, I played with my pussy a little as I thought about what to wear, I got out of the bath, dried and put on a black lacy sussie belt and newly bought black seamed stockings, pulled on my see-thru knicks and my see-thru bra that still let my aroused nipples poke out a bit!

I put on lots of make up and lots of mascara and bright red glossy lipstick that I had bought that day and stood back to look at myself in the full length mirror and looked and felt like a different woman and giggled to myself at how much of a tart I looked, I went downstairs and across the uncurtained lounge dressed like that and wriggling my bum to the kitchen for another wine - my heart pounding with excitement.

I phoned hubby just to make sure he was still staying over so he didn’t return and surprise me! and told him I would probably watch a film and have a glass of wine and told him not to drink too much - knowing he would! - I went upstairs and pulled on a tight black PVC skirt, which took time as it kept pulling my stockings and sussie belt out of position!

I put on a frilly but see-thru blouse and although my nips weren’t readily seen, with the right light behind them they would be seen, I had dared myself to let my nips be at least partly seen.

I was light-headed with drink and sexcitement when Kerry knocked at the door, I opened it and kerry flashed her coat open to reveal a short, red PVC dress unzipped to below the bustline to show a lot of her very ample cleavage, red fishnets and high heels and red fishnet elbow gloves, she looked stunning - and tarty! and she told me that I looked fantastic which gave me a bit more confidence, I put on a long coat too and got in her boyfriends car and chatted like excited schoolgirls all the way and I said that Mike was good to let her go out like that and I had to keep it from my hubby, he said he knew he could trust her and that he would get the benefit later! I said “If only my hubby had that attitude, - I would probably go out like this every friday!”, we all laughed and Mike asked to see what I was wearing when we stopped at lights, I opened my coat and he gave a low whistle and told me I looked great and I felt my face flush with sexcitement.

All the women I worked with were at the busy pub and some new and younger girls too who had lovely figures in very skimpy outfits and hadn’t even brought coats, as we chatted, joked, drank and gossipped incessantly we became braver and took our coats off completely and received more whistles and comments from some men there which made me feel wonderful and I enjoyed being chatted up by a couple of twenty year old lads as the othe ‘Tarts’ encouraged me to ‘take them out the back for a double fuck!’. I certainly felt like it as I was really horny with the whole situation of being a tart in public and the amount of wine I had.

We talked about Fiona, the boss, who was late and I said I can’t imagine her dressing up - always seemed a bit of a prude, the others said they think she never got sex which is why she is sometimes a bit bossy with them but then Fiona walked in still on her phone but dressed in her office suit.

She apologised for working late and not being able to change and bought us all drinks and chat got on to the usual subject of sex and inparticular - oral sex and who does and who swallows! the three young girls done everything of course but I was surprised that only four out of the remaining eleven of us said they enjoyed giving blowjobs and only three of us admitted to swallowing semen; we jibed Fiona for an answer and she said that personally she thought it was quite a dirty thing to do but each to their own.

We joked and chatted more and got quite squiffy and Fiona talked to me and asked how I was getting on and told me about her big house she has now and I should see it sometime and I thought how friendly she was being now and different from when I was working under her; and then she asked if I really enjoyed oral sex or if I was joking, I told her I really liked it as it gave me a sort of power over hubby and I can see how much he enjoys it and it makes me horny to think I can make him feel like that and it feels naughty to swallow so I become the tart in the bedroom!, Fiona told me that her hubby, Peter has wanted her to do it in the past but couldn’t bring herself to perform the act, I told her maybe she should try when she was drunk and horny which is what I did.

I was on quite a buzz by the end of the night and a few wanted to continue at a nightclub, and Kerry said she would quite like to and the young girls said they would get me a big black man to get off with! I laughed and told Kerry to go and enjoy herself but I would get a taxi back as any more drink would probably knock me out! Kerry said she would come back with me but Fiona stepped in said as she hadn’t been drinking, she would give me a lift home and asked if I would like a quick look at her place as we could go that way home so I said bye to the girls and also to a couple of the lads who had tagged on to us gave me a big hug and groped my bum as they did which made me think twice about going but Fiona had just got off the phone and grabbed my arm to go to the car.

As we drove, Fiona talked again about blow jobs and whether I had done anyone other than my hubby, I told her no and she asked if I ever would, I said I didn’t really know and then Fiona said to me “Jan… could I ask a huge favour of you?”

“Whats’ that Fiona?” “Erm…well…it’s just that Peter is quite keen on the oral sex thing… and I won’t , but I thought….as a gift…well, I wondered if you might perform oral sex on him Jan, it wouldn’t be like being properly unfaithful or anything… and I would be so grateful if you would… I would pay for the gift of course and it would mean so much to me if I could give him this present but you would have to promise never have to tell anyone”

I laughed out loud in shock at her proposal but I was already aroused by the night and had planned a lovely dildo session when I got home and found myself blurting out “How much”, “I thought fifty pounds, what do you think?” “Alright Fiona, your’e on, why not?”, Fiona seemed to get more excited and chatted constantly until we arrived at a big country house and I told her how lovely it was and she was so lucky.

It was kind of surreal walking into her big house and about to give mouth sex to her husband, Fiona strided swiftly into the lounge - lit only by a fire and went over to a cabinet and poured two wines and a whisky, I followed her and noticed a man sitting in an armchair next to the lovely big log fire, Fiona gave me a glass and walked over to the chair handing the whisky to her hubby who was in a dressing gown, “Peter, this is Jan who I phoned you about earlier and is helping me with my gift for you”, He stood up to say hello and shook my hand as he looked me up and down and grinned.

Fiona was acting impatiently “Right, shall we give him the gift Jan, are you ready, oh, maybe you should take off your blouse and skirt in case they get messy?” I think it was more Fiona who really wanted to see me in my skimpies but I found myself stripping to my undies anyway!

Fiona put her arm around Peters waist and both faced me as she untied the gown cord and opened his gown to reveal a semi-flacid penis that was already bigger and fatter than my hubbys erect cock! I gasped and giggled, Fiona frowned at me “Jan?”

I said sorry and that I wasn’t expecting such a big one and they both grinned at me.

I dropped to my knees and put my wineglass beside me and Peters big cock was being wanked by Fiona inches from my face!

it was already glistening and sticky with cumm, “I phoned Peter to masturbate before we got here so that he wouldn’t ejaculate too soon and miss the enjoyment”

I put opened my mouth wide and put my tongue out for Fiona to feed his cock inside, he tasted like he had wanked the day befor as well as today so I took a quick swig of wine and got his cock into my mouth again and swirled my tongue around his growing cock helmet and sucking up and down his shaft, leaving my lipstick smears on it and having the cock tip touch the back of my throat.

Fiona was looking down, watching intently and holding Peters balls and the base of his shaft, I tried to ignore her and concentrated on slurping and sucking the now fully erect, impressive cock in my mouth, Peter and Fiona started kissing each other as Peter was thanking her for his present, Fiona kept furtively looking at me as she kissed and wanked Peter

and then held the back of my head and gently pushed me more onto Peters cock like she was trying to control the blowjob!.

I felt like I was in a kind of a sex film and was enjoying making another man moan and groan in pleasure. “Do you like the mouth tart Peter?” fiona asked, “Mmm, very much, thank you Fiona, it’s a lovely present, I love you so much” I began to feel kind of secondary but I did like holding such a strong, big penis and performing oral on it.

I kissed, sucked, licked and tasted Peters cock for what seemed ages as the pair kissed and smootched passionately until Peter said “Fiona, I think I am ready to cumm” and he started thrusting, mouth-fucking me and trying to push all his cock in and down my throat, I gagged a bit and then held his cock tightly so he wouldn’t push too hard.

His breathing became more rapid “Oh Fiona…Fiona … oh…oh”, “Do it Peter, fill the sluts mouth” said Fiona to him and he did just that, he filled this little sluts mouth, his cock throbbed as sperm pulsed in jets into my mouth as he pushed his hips forward to thrust his cock in to my slut mouth, his warm spunk tasting spicy on my tongue as Fiona looked down at me with wide triumphant eyes and wanked her husbands sperm into my willing mouth and peter ejaculated more and more and my mouth was full.

I could see that Fiona was watching - waiting for me to gulp the sperm down and I was acting and feeling like a cheap slutty prostitute, but it was the most wonderful, erotic feeling and I tilted my head back and opened my mouth to show them both how much semen was in there being mixed aroud by my tongue and then I suddenly closed my mouth and gulped twice and hard as Fiona gasped at me and said “Oh, you dirty whore”, I laughed and she wanked Peters cock a bit more for last drops of spunk “Here you are” she said and I put my tongue out to lick up the drops from his bulging bell-end and Fiona reached down and scooped up a line of spunk that had dribbled from my mouth corner and pushed her finger into my mouth so I sucked on it and swirled my tongue vigourously around it to show her exactly what I had done to her husbands cock and Fiona had a look of lust in her eyes.

Peter became a bit embarrased and done his robe up and thanked Fiona for such a considerate, lovely present and walked straight by me out of the room! It was like Fiona had done all the work! Cheek! but Fiona was obviously very turned on still, as was I, “You were very good Jan, thankyou” and she helped me on with my blouse and pulled my skirt up for me touching my breasts and bum like she enjoyed it, I really thought that she was going to propose a lesbian encounter with me but she went and got her handbag and handed me fifty pounds and I just thought ‘what an easy way to make fifty quid!and how horny am I?’, “I can get you a lot more business deals like that Jan, I know a lot of wives who would be more than willing to pay for your mouth because they can’t, it’s a lovely gift for a husband” I thought about that and maybe I could do that full time and earn a fortune!

It was past 2.30 am and Fiona chatted all the way home, telling me about different people she knew who would employ and enjoy me(Or rather my mouth!)and made me promise to do it again for her on their wedding anniversary and Peters birthday! Fiona thanked me again and gave me a peck on the cheek and said she wouldn’t give me a kiss on the lips as they were still smeared with Peters semen! so I grabbed her head and and gave her a big wet kiss on the lips which surprised me as well as her!, I felt quite attracted to her sexually and if she had suggested it I think I would have had my first lezzie sex with her, but she grinned and said “Bye slutty tart” I laughed and stumbled up the path and stripped to my undies at the front door and then went in and turned the lounge lights on and fetched a cucumber from the fridge and stripped to sussies and stockings and then went to the front door and looked up and down the road to see that it was totally quiet and I ran naked to the road and back which really made me want climaxing so I stood on the coffee table in front of window in full light and fucked myself with the cold cucumber wishing I had an audience and I climaxed noisily and gushed my orgasm all down my stockings and fell back in an armchair exhausted.

I woke up freezing and naked at 5.30 am with a pounding headache and the lights still on and I don’t know if anyone had seen me, maybe early morning van drivers or farmers! I went to bed and woke up in the afternoon feeling very guilty and very embarrassed and very dirty and told myself it was the booze but since then I have thought about it all the time and how sexy and wonderful it was, and yes, I will do it again, - and I bought hubby a nice christmas present with the fifty quid!

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