I was at the club a few weeks ago, it was a well milded night, had on some light blue jeans and my favorite yellow and white V-neck. I was with my crew Tyshawn, Jay, Sean, and Big Ben. Don’t know why his names “BIG BEN” he’s only 5’5 and look to weigh no more than 125 pounds. But he held that name as if he was 6’5 and weighed 325. That was my crew, my boys, my gang, we’ve been running the streets since ‘98 and we still doing it big 2011. It’s a little early, say about 12 0’clock midnight and they got Wayne blasting, all the chicks and dudes are breaking up the floor, except for me, I’m at the bar sipping on some rum and coke, my usual. My boys are out there preoccupied by all the fine big booty sweaty tits girls on the floor. A few chicks came up to me, but I quickly shut them down. I just wasn’t in the mood to get all sweaty and nasty, just yet. About another hour in the club and they were bumping some G-Unit shit. I’m still drinking my shit, Big Ben done run off with some midget thunder pussy chick and jay went off with some Jill Scott looking chick, seems like time was flying by and I was just drinking my night away, then she entered…

She was about 5’9 and looked to weigh no more than a buck eighty, had an ass so big a worm wouldn’t mind slithering through and making it its home. Bright yellow skin glistening either from good makeup or sweat. Either way I wanted her, she had to be mines for the night. As I put my drink down, we locked eyes for a split second before she turned away blushing. She knew I was eye stalking that ass, I started to walk closer to her and the music changed to Mary J> Blige and Drake “You Fancy”. She started gyrating her body; the almost invisible black cheetah thong was wrapped between two inflated balloons that sat under, nah more like next to some sky cracking thighs. If she clapped her thighs right at this moment, I know I’ll be struck down for sure. Her hair beat Pocahontas and them remy tracks these other rusty girls were displaying, I needed to feel her between my arms. I needed to be entwined with those thighs. As I came closer to her, still a bit shocked off her perfection I gently placed my hands on her thighs. Just like lightning, I felt a thrill shoot through my body, and I whispered in her ears;

“Damn Shawty” was all I could muster out of my mouth, I wrecked of alcohol and she smelled of HEAVEN. The scent by itself made my dick harden. She whispered back;

“Yea Daddy…..you enjoying the feel?” it felt as if our bodies were the only bodies on the dance floor. Grinding and bumping, no words, no names, JUST BODIES. The mood was quickly crushed when they started playing some retro club music shit. She strutted off, looking back at me just once and winked. I looked down and saw that slugger was on twenty four seven surveillance and he was awoke. I needed to get her, I needed to kiss her, and I needed to taste her, And I NEEDED HER TONIGHT. I walked back to my same spot, once again eye stalking the little dance stranger. She had my drunken attention, and I know I had hers, another song came on and I saw her dancing on the floor with some weak ass nigga. Immediately my jealousy kicked in, and within a few seconds I saw myself pulling the little dancer off the weak ass nigga and taking her into my arms dancing.

“Yo excuse you sir.” She spoke with the sexiest softest voice I’ve ever heard in my life, and I hinted a smell of raspberry ciroq on her breath.

“I’m sorry shawty.” I half whispered in her ear, feeling slugger once again come alive in my jeans.

“I just couldn’t let you dance up on somebody else without me knowing ya name ma.” I said in my most seductive voice, music still blasting in the background. She looked at me still bumping to the music and half listening to me, from what I seen she looked like she just wanted to walk off.

“My names Cameron, you can just call me Cammy.”

“Ok Cammy, my names Tyson, but I go by Sy’. Weird name I got from childhood……” I felt I was just speaking as if she was really listening. I knew she wasn’t, and my liquor level was going down and I knew hers had to be also. So I just walked back to the bar to get myself another drink and to think about miss cammy. She went back to dancing, Beyoncé’s new single “WHO RUN THE WORLD” came on and the club went ham, it seemed as if every girl in the club was throwing everything in the air except their pussy. I took a sip of my rum and coke and caught a peak at Cammy. She was just swaying that fat ass around, could sworn her pussy was speaking in tongues towards me secretly.

“Yo Sy’ who that fine ass bitch checking you out man? My boy Tyree came over, drunk as hell, words slurred together.

“Yo man I’m tryna home that pussy tonight man, I’m just taking my time yo.”

“Yo Sy’ man I got you on that note, ima go smack on some ass in here. Don’t be here too long by ya self nigga.” Tyree walked off and once again I caught myself eye stalking cammy again. This club shit was starting to tired me out and my pockets were starting to get empty, right between my thoughts Cammy came over and ordered a Raspberry Ciroq.

“I see you still got ya cup filled, Sy’.” Cammy spoke lowly, she was real close, still smelling of HEAVEN, slugger awakened.

“Yea but my pockets are starting to get a tad bit empty and this club shit is wearing me out.”

“Damn Hun how old is you?” she laughed with a smile so bright it seemed the heavens were opening their gates. I smiled also.

“I’m 22 shawty. I just don’t like clubs, only came here because of my boys.” Once again I caught myself talking more than usual, it was the cause of the liquor. We spoke a few more minutes before I invited her to my cribs. She declined at first but then she said,

“I’ll come by……as long as you and your BOY are on ya best behavior.” She snickered, and walked back out onto the dance floor. Oh yea I was getting into that apple ass tonight. About a half hour later, four songs and twenty more bucks, we were finally back at my cribs, laying fully clothed on the coach listening to some JZ, while the TV watched us.

“Hmm, I’m so tipsy and this couch feels so comfy. Feel like I’m in bed.” Cameron said, leaning in more closer to me. At this time I was trying to play it off, the alcohol was getting me restless and the smell of Cameron was turning me on super high.

“Yea this couch is type comfy isn’t it?” ‘Damn what type of comment was that?’ I thought to myself. She smiled, looked over at me and kissed me gently. The best kiss I’ve had in a few years, her lips melted against mines and there it was again the smell of HEAVEN.

As we kissed passionately, I inhaled a whiff of her hair ad it smelled of lavender. It moved around so gently like a stream of water, as she gently sided her head to kiss me more. The taste of the raspberry ciroq got my taste buds tingling, as if I was back at the blub, sipping on a drink. Slugger was awakened and so was she,

As our lips cascaded over each other, I touched her thunderous thighs which sent yet another thrill up and down my spine. Clothes were still intact at the moment. As the chills took over my body, Cameron lifted back her neck so I can get a full view of her breast, size 34c. Nice and plump ready to be sucked touched and loved. Kissing her gently all down her neck, I got to her breast and it was as if someone stuff two little Mexican men between her bra, I was indeed in HEAVEN. Loud moans escaped her beautiful lips while only kissing her neck; she tasted of sweat and raspberries. I don’t know why it felt as if the liquor seeped into her bodily fluids. She tasted sweet ad smelled like HEAVEN, and was finer than Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union and Halle Berry. Time to take it to the bedroom, I thought.

“Yo shawty lets move it to the bedroom, its much comfier and more space.”

My slurred words came together imperfectly. As she stood up off the couch she dropped her apple bottom hugging jeans right there. The jeans didn’t do any help with adding shape, her hips and ass alone was the actual shape of an apple. Don’t know how she got in them or outta them. But I followed protocol and dropped my jeans also. With just my green blue and black boxers on, slugger pointing the way to the bedroom, like a flashlight.. When we got to the bedroom, I wasted no time jumping on that ass, touching and feeling up on her from the back ass making slugger jump with convulsions. Oh ima put it hard on her tonight. I layed her down on my king sized bed, comforters sprawn on the floor, clothes spewed through the room, radio playing Trey Song, “Love Faces”. I was in the zone; my mind was all over the place as well as my hands and lips. As her legs cupped around my waist and her lips entwined with mine, I half heard her whisper;

“Have……… fucked………me” I wasn’t listening to a word she was saying, all I was hearing was trey’s voice and Cameron moaning louder and louder. As I was going down to taste her love blossom, I sensed something was odd. She still had on two sets of panties.

“Damn baby you got extra protection down here huh.” She smiled as I looked up to her face; she was biting her lips and looking back at me.

“Sy’ baby I have something to tell you.” She said between breaths and moans, I had went back to kissing on her juicy brown lips tugging on her panties.

“Nah shawty, shhhh…..” I hushed her and finally got her two sets of panties off. I stopped, jumped back in full total shock…

“YO WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE A DUDE?“I halfheartedly screamed, my drunkenness instantly worn off.

“No nigga…..I’m just a person with mommy features and daddy’s pieces.” Cameron said lowly, almost like a whisper. Trey songs was now replaced with Twista’s “Wetter” ‘Damn perfect timing’ I thought.

“WOW” I sat there shock for a good five or ten minutes before pulling myself together, and heading out of the room not looking back. Didn’t know what to do, didn’t know if I should get my glock, and shoot this impersonator. Nah that would be too loud, should I get my knife and just gut the freak? Nah that would be too bloody. I got the most useful thing at that very moment, the one thing that got me into this predicament in the first place, a shot of Bourbon, straight.

I returned back to the room with a glass of bourbon and the bottle in m other hand. Took the half to the head and just stared….blank thoughts run through my skull. Cameron was still sitting there with her hair to the side, lips tucked in her mouth and panties back on. I didn’t know what to do or what to say at this moment. I just took another heads up and walked over to the bed and started drinking slobbering her down, even more than I did before. With each breath I took, I downed more of the bourbon till it was empty, the bottle made a thudding noise as it dropped out my hands to the pinewood floor.

“Oh yea daddy, that feels so good.” Her voice so angel like came to me as I had some way somehow ended up sucking her dick. It wasn’t a weird feeling doing the act; it felt naturel, as if I was meant to do it. As I sucked on her dick which grown in my mouth to be about nine inches, I licked and sucked on her shaven balls. Its weird looking up at her while she watched me mean mug her dick. When I went down for the last gulp she pushed me away, brought me drunkenly off my knees and aggressively tongue kissed me.

“Have you ever….”

“Shhhhhhhhh” I hushed her again, I just wanted to go with the flow. No words spoken, Cameron pulled me up with such force and ripped m shorts down. I stumbled a bit but I kept my balance. She turned me around one eighty, so now my stomach was facing the bed. At this point we both were stripped ass naked, and to my surprise I was the one moaning LOUDLY. “My very first time” by Immature was drowning out my moaning. Cameron had bent me over and started to

roughly eat my ass. I’ve never had it down before but it felt amazing. These women had my toes and knuckles curled up like I had arthritis, she was putting in work. She ate and slurped my dick making sloppy noises and sounds. My body had never felt this much pleasure. Ten minutes later after all the unusual foreplay was done, I dipped in my condom shoebox next to my bed. Layed myself out slowly and whispered in a deep drunk voice;

“Take it easy, it’s my first time.” She took the condom and kissed me passionately and magically slipped into my ass. My body muscles were so tensed and it hurt like hell I screamed;

“YOOOOOOOO” but I never stopped her; she eased gently in and out. I was getting butt fucked, in the background “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland and LiL Wayne was playing. Each stroke was a little harder, my asshole got a little wider and the passion got a little more and better. It was feeling so good; I got some strength to get on my knees and meet her thrusts, throwing my ass back at her. Our rhythm was unstoppable.

“Yea baby throw that ass back at me, let mama milk that shit.” She was speaking to me as if I was the pussy and she was the dick. At the moment that’s just what we were.

“Yea shawty fuck this ass yo….ugh damn yo gimme that dick.” The words that escaped my mouth didn’t belong to me. IMA THUG NIGGA, I throw bricks at crack bitches and sling dope to dope heads, I FUCKS THE PUSSY, I run this shit. The more she talk dirty the more I feel like a bitch and less like a man, but why did I love that feeling?

“Oh damn daddy, this right here belongs to mama.” Cameron voice made me go into convulsions. She was flipping me about like a three ring circus act. The last position she had me on my back long stroking and talking even dirtier. Moans escaped my lips as I jerked slugger up and down simultaneously. Each long stroke of hers was a long stroke of mines.

“Ugh damn shawty, I’m about to nut.” I moaned and cried out as I jerked slugger harder and faster.

“Yea baby nut for mama.” She moaned as she pulled out and started jerking over me.

“UGH UGH UGH HERE I CUM YO UGH……FUCK YO AHHHHHHHHH SHIT UGH FUCK.” I nutted so hard and high it flew into Cameron’s hair and face. She nutted on my chest a few seconds after I nutted. Ten seconds went by and I was sound asleep, naked with nut all over my body.

I woke up a few hours later to a loud phone beeping. I had sixteen text messages and five missed calls. It was five in the afternoon; I was still naked, ass hurting like hell and nut still all over me. Cameron was gone. I just sat there with a blank thought…WHAT THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO LAST NIGHT?

A few weeks later, I was back at the club with my boys drinking on rum and coke, my usual. Offing every girl that came to me, I was looking for Cameron, she was my motivation and I needed her, I needed her that night, and I need her this night, maybe even more.

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