Lady With A Twist

Not Just A Twist Of Lemon

I remember when Cindy, my wife, long time wife with a huge appetite for cock, had wanted to go to a hotel bar, pick up a guy, a complete stranger, and fuck him. Boy is that ever a short synopsis. I wrote a story about one of those adventures, something about wives who fuck other men. But not all sex stories in my world are about Cindy. Hey, I’m not a bad looking guy, I dress nice, talk nice, I get my share of attention. She just gets a lot more cock than I get pussy. But, that’s the way it works. I even think she got more pussy than I did.

Anyway, I was out of town on business, nice hotel-convention center actually, and depending on the convention, a certain kind of “girl” showed up. But most of the conventions in this hotel were not the cheapie kind. The best conventions, like this one about to start, were with petroleum industry people. All cash, beautiful women, who came from around the world. I hated to be there then, but my trip was a few days before and I would leave the day the crowd of big hatted Texas oil men showed up. Some of the girls had come early.

These women were “escorts” or “call girls”, rather than whores and prostitutes. I’m not really sure of the difference, maybe like the difference between a taxi and a limo. But some were housewives who might drop by after putting the kiddies to bed and cleaning up the dishes after feeding hubby. Some were ordinary housewives who came from far away, telling hubby that they had gone to see their sis. Sis was probably here too. For all, the lure of thousand dollar fucks and half that for a blowjob were irresistable. No need for that part time job at the grocery store. Most were in their thirties. Mature enough to say “What the hell, this could be fun.” It would more than pay off the boob job.

I’m not sure what their husbands and boyfriends thought, many might not even know. They might think their wives were off to Vegas, blowing their money, not here blowing some guy. When they came home flush with cash, they could claim they won, tax free, no one ever got a 1099 for sucking cock.

So when I went into the bar, I knew full well that the classy looking women there were pay for play. And, I didn’t do that. I have never paid for it… not directly anyway. I have spent a fortune chasing the free stuff. I knew I really didn’t have the type of game, that could get one of these girls who wanted a thousand for a quick fuck to do me for free. But hey, no harm in talking to them. I soon found out that there was.

Most women were all business.

“A thou big boy, cash up front”

If you didn’t immediately start pulling out the bills it was:

“Hey leave me alone… move on, I’m not here to chit chat.”

So, I went back to my seat at the table near the bar, and nursed my drink, and my pride a bit.

The second night it was pretty much the same, except there was this one different woman there.

Her little black dress was not the cheap shiny one the other girls wore. It was a V neck and did reveal a little of the curvature of her tits, but tastefully. The heels were regular sized, not the bling bling platforms. The purse was not a cheap knock off of a Louis Vuitton, it was a Louis Vuitton. Did you ever price one of those? The decor on her hands, around her neck, and wrists smelled of real gold. She didn’t have that hard look. Her look was a little sad actually. A brunette in a world of brassy fake blondes. A real B cup in a world of fake double Ds.

She twirled the ice in her drink for something to do. It was only water I later found out, fancied up a tad with a small twist.

Pros tend to look like pros on purpose, they are trolling for paying customers. They want to be approached by a guy who is looking for a pro. She wasn’t.

Now I am a real nice guy, soft, kind, caring, sensitive, all that, but when I spot a possible fuck, I am like a shark on a prowl for a meal. This woman qualified, she was the last item on the menu, the one with a little asterisk rather than the price which you dare not ask.

I walked up to the bar next to her, pretended to try to get the bartender’s attention, I didn’t sit down. I smiled at her, she smiled back. By the time I ordered my drink, got it, and paid for it, I had initiated a light chat. It was enough to ask if I could sit next to her. She said I could. At least she wasn’t scowling at me for a grand, then telling me to get lost lest I cost her business.

She told me her tale. Husband had lost his good paying job, nothing was working. Her own job didn’t pay that well. She too was looking for business, but, the convention hadn’t started yet, so she didn’t expect anything this early. She knew the other women were better at advertising. She welcomed just being able to talk to a nice guy, she told me her name was June. So we chatted.

June’s an odd name for a woman her age, I thought, maybe it’s her “stage name”.

She had been married five years, a good marriage. Her husband once talked her into giving his best friend a blowjob which he watched and videoed. They had been a little drunk. She had gotten a thrill out of it, enjoyed it. He had cum on her tits. Soon, he would be masterbating to the video of that cum on her tits, while more cum was squirting into her mouth and pussy. She wanted to destroy the video, but he enjoyed watching it, and playing with himself when he did. He had pointed to an empty shelf once and said he wanted to fill it with her videos. She had once fucked an old boyfriend, because her husband had forgotten her birthday. She hadn’t told him, but had made sure he knew it.That was it for adventures after marriage, other than this. As she told her tales, the sadness fell off of her face, she smiled as she remembered that blowjob wistfully. Hubby had just about talked her into fucking the friend, in fact she would when she got back. At some point she had blurted out to her husband while under the influence of some vodka that:

“Hey, if I’m going to fuck someone else, I might as well get paid for it.”

There were lots of bills that needed to be paid, and vodka, a lot of it, allows you to think outside the box, or inside her box, depending on how you look at it.

She felt comfortable enough with me to tell me stories of cum on her tits but not her real first name? Odd.

Hubby wasn’t too happy about her new part time job thing, but the idea of 10 grand tax free from a one week end convention was too much to overcome. They had gone to a hotel near their home and sat in a bar watching and studying how it was done. They had gotten so horny, they ended up fucking in the parking lot before going home. By now she was laughing.

They decided to try it again, but this time for real. It wasn’t quite like this place, hubby had found out that a fuck was $200, a blowjob one hundred and if you swallowed, $150. She sat at the bar, he, at a table near by. A man had approached, the conversation was quick, she went with him. Less than 10 minutes later, she was back at her husband’s table and before sitting down showed him the $150. In case he hadn’t gotten the point, she sat down and started reapplying her lipstick. She had dipped a napkin in the glass of water and wiped off part of her chin and a corner of her mouth, before reapplying a little powder. I told her I was sure he had gotten the point. She agreed, once again laughing. She had put the money in her purse and didn’t even offer to pay for his drink. He had been annoyed by this point, an intense jealousy had set in, and had wanted to take her home. She however said that she wasn’t finished for the evening. She had walked back to the bar, leaving him to finish and pay for his “well” drink. He had watched another man approach her, she was smiling. He had stormed off and left her there after she told him she could afford taxi fare home.

By the time he got up the next morning, her purse was on the kitchen table with close to a grand in cash sticking out of it. There was also a receipt from an upscale limo company marked paid in cash.

They didn’t speak that day.

Shortly before coming here, he had told her again he didn’t want her to do this. She had gathered up some bills including a less than pleasant note from the mortgage company with bold red letters all over it, and asked him if he had another idea, like getting a job maybe.

That had to hurt. She said he was silent after that.

“Fine!” she had said, “I’m going”

I told her I was interested in her… but. I even considered for a brief moment actually paying the money, then concluded, no. She told me she was attracted to me too, but business was business. She even told me that if her husband’s friend had been as cute as me, she would have fucked him by now. That was sweet to say. If she had dropped the price to $200, I would have done it but that was disrespectful to ask, and she had too much pride to offer.

I had a quick thought, that dress, that purse, the bling, all that cost way more than an evening of “work” at a local hotel, but I let that thought fly away. It wasn’t something an unemployed hubby would buy for his wife so she could go fuck other people. Besides this job didn’t require that.

I knew it was time to let her be. I went back to my table.

I was just about to leave when I saw an older guy sit beside her. I wanted to watch this. They started talking. For some reason, she looked at me, nodded, almost pointed to me. He turned around and looked at me. Their conversation continued. I was puzzled but I wasn’t moving. They chatted for a few more moments, then I saw him pull money out of his pocket, and hand it to her. She ever so briefly looked at it, put it in her purse and smiled. She got up from the bar and walked over to me. She could have ordered me to do anything right then, and I would have done it.

She explained that the nice gentleman had just given her $1000 for sex. Ok I thought, thanks for coming over to tell me this. I was almost pissed. But then she added:

“He cant do it anymore, so he wants to watch you and I fuck”

Holy shit, I thought.

I said: “Wow”

“Should I go over and say “Hi”. thank him, smile, nod”. I truly had no idea.

“No,” she said, “Just follow behind us.”

“Tonight, you are nothing but his cock.”

Ok, that was a little cold, but, who was I to complain. At that point I didn’t realize I would not say another word to her nor would she to me. She figured I knew what to do without instruction. Ok, I probably did.

When we got to the room, she disrobed him from the waist down, sat him down, played with his teenie weenie a tad, even kissed and licked it. He helped her remove her clothes. A quick zip down the back and the dress fell off. He pushed a button between her bra cups, off that came. She picked it up and gave it to him. As wierd as this was, I was getting an erection. Lord this girl was cute naked. Perky tits that had not even started to sag in the slightest, perfect sized areolas, nipples that looked like they were fun to play with and twirl in your mouth like, oh I dont know, there is nothing like twirling a nipple in your mouth. She was facing me, looking at me, had that enigmatic smile as the gentleman started tugging down her panties. A small triangle of very short hair appeared followed by very clearly visible pussy lips. She didn’t seem the least bit self conscious. I wanted to grab my cock and play with it as I was watching this, but I was frozen there awaiting my next instruction. She picked up her panties, her butt in his face. He had grabbed her butt and kissed something back there. She never took her eyes off of me.

A nod to me and I disrobed, another nod and I knew to get on the bed on my back, she lay across me, facing him, playing with my cock with her hand, licking the end with her tongue, even briefly, way too briefly, putting my whole cock in her mouth going up and down on it, her lips wrapping very tightly around it.. The process of getting an erection was complete, hopefully she stopped soon, I could feel the eruption already building up at the base of my cock. He could watch everything, but I was definitely not thinking about him. She mounted me, her back facing me, she put on a show for him. Hell, why not, it was his money. He could fantasize that it was his cock lubricated by her ample juices, sliding in and out of her. She went on her back and I took my cue to mount her, she wrapped her legs around my lower back allowing me to go deep into her and although I wasn’t thinking of it at the time, it was allowing him a better view of her pussy lips wrapped around my cock. All too quickly I had ejaculated, erupted into a sequence of spurts that seemed to never end. The second it was clear to her that the last drops of my semen had transitioned from my cock to the inside of her vagina, she gently started pushing me away to get off of her. I tried to kiss her, she didn’t want to. I tried to speak but she put a finger over her mouth as if to say “Shhhh.”

She did give me a smile and reaching over to the chair, she handed me my shirt. The gesture said: “leave”… I did.

From a conquest stand point, from a love making standpoint, even from a raw fuck standpoint, it was disappointing. I dont know why, it was. It was colder than any party fuck.

She wasn’t getting up though and I suspected that the gentleman might be coming over to lick her pussy when I had left. After all, if he could fantasize it had been his cock that was pounding away inside her, he could fantasize it was his cum he was licking off of her. I wondered whether or not she would get her O tonight.. I didn’t think so, but I as left and walked down the hallway to the elevator, I really didn’t give a shit.

I thought to myself, for someone who is having one of their first paid fucks in a wierd game, she sure knew what to do, not a word, all choreographed. Whatever, I got my rocks off. I would go back to my room, have a couple of drinks, fantasize about how I wished the evening with her had gone, get naked, turn out the light, and slowly make myself cum again. The smell of her pussy was still on my cock. It helped a lot. At least I didn’t need to rent a $9.95 fuck film.

The next night, I was in the bar again, so was she. I approached her, she said “Hi.” She thanked me for last night. I told her she was welcome and that “No really, thank you.” She said that that gentleman was thrilled and would I be available again? I said yes, but I told her that I would love to have her once in a regular way, just her and I, make love, fuck, whatever. She mumbled something, I didn’t think it was: “Yes”. She asked me how many times in a night I could do it.

“Like that, like last night, just a cold fuck…less even than the famous zipless fuck, twice.”

She seemed disappointed. About what? Jeezus, I thought,how many old guys with soft dicks does she know? Or was she disappointed that I hadn’t had warmer feelings about our fuck?

I moved away, sat by myself for a while at a table, ordered another drink, some guy approaches, asks if he can join me for a minute. Curious, I said yes.

“I see you’ve met May”

“May?… who’s May?, that woman?”, pointing to the one I knew as June, the one I was expecting to fuck twice more.

“Yup… another guy knows her as April.”

I started laughing.

“You are kidding… right?

“Nope, she give you that story about a laid off husband, mortgage payments etc. first time?”


“It’s all bullshit, the guy with her when she fucked you is her husband, at least her fourth, and trust me, that guy has no problem making the mortgage payment.”

He continued: “The guy she told you about was her first. He didn’t last long after the first pay fuck she did. Numbers two and three are dead”

“Dead because they were much older, like her current beau?”

“One was, the other No”

This time I actually said: “Holy shit!” I know I said it more than once.

More twists in that girl than in that mineral water she drinks.

Before I could ask any of the thousand questions rushing through my head,there she was, she looked down, and said:

“Oh my, I see you two have met… good, tonight might be fun.”

I knew it was time to leave, leave town even, come back later to conclude my business.

Time to go back to my room and this time rent that $9.95 fuck film, and finish off the mini bar.

But I didn’t, I had to stay. I had to see this through.

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