Over the months following her initial online debut Kelly was becoming very confident with herself and her abilities to entertain and to a certain degree control men.  She was also coming to realize that there were ALOT of men who wanted to see her in leather and latex in addition to her usual lingerie. She decided to add some pieces to her wardrobe and they were well received. It seemed that this group would just shell out the coins if she barely touched herself and they liked to be told what to do.

Over time she found herself mainly wearing latex gloves & stockings, pvc corsets and leather of all designs. It also seemed that while wearing this garb she was more confident, her pussy was always drenched, she had much more intense orgasms and had a tendency to be fairly aggressive with her followers online. She really liked the new side that was coming out but wanted to do it right.

She decided to talk with some of the other girls she had become friends with especially anyone that specialized in domination. They explained that the niche had a large market and following.  She also learned that she could make more from an hour long private session than 3 hours in the public room. Most importantly it was also something that she could take offline and make a pretty penny off of.  

Over the next few months she polished her skills. Eventually men were practically begging to get one on one time with her. It seemed that she was able to blend Discipline with just enough compassion that was very appealing.

She was finally ready to single someone out to see if she had what it took to be a true Dom. There was one guy in particular named Craig, who appeared to very handsome from his profile picture, that caught her eye since he would have a weekly session, paid extremely well and do whatever she said. During their next “get together” she went against protocol and asked for his cell number which he gave up willingly. At the end she said “I’ll touch base during the week” and he responded with “I’ll believe it when I see it J”. Kelly thought “oh you’ll believe it….especially when you’re my sissy bitch”.


True to her word Kelly texted the following Thursday (which Craig was absolutely ecstatic about) and they had a casual conversation for about 30 minutes which involved absolutely nothing sexual. The next few times they spoke were the same. After about a month the weekly text ended with Kelly sending a picture of her pussy nicely filled with a dildo with the caption “wish you were here ;)”.

The casual everyday texts then began to incorporate sexual implications:

K: “I see your face online but what does the rest of you look like: Are you built, are you stocky, are you chubby etc”

C: “ I guess you can say that I’m athletic. Mostly solid but a slight belly. Can I text you a picture?”

K: “Sure”

C: “Here you go”

K:  Hey…. you do yourself an injustice, you’re pretty hot.  I have been waiting for one thing though. I never got an in kind response to the picture of my pussy. Send me a picture of your dick.”

C: “Come on I can’t do that. There’s not much to show.”

K: (He’s shy, I’ll keep that in mind) “Let me be the judge of that. If you like our talks you have to send me a picture. Those are the rules. I might even have some nice comments to make.”

C: “OK, here it is.”

K: “Wow, you might only be about 7 inches but you’re THICK! I would love to wrap my lips around you.”

C: “Really, I thought women didn’t care for thickness. I feel a little better now. Either way it feels good when I jerk off “

K: “Now that’s what I like to hear, Meet me online in 10 minutes. I just go a new outfit.”

C: “Hell Yeah!!”

Kelly had a slightly sadistic smile on her face as she thought about what was going to happen next. She proceeded to powder her legs, torso and arms to make sliding into her latex stocking, gloves and waist cincher easier.  Before she logged on she looked at herself in the mirror and reveled in the way that the stockings hugged her legs (and pinched a bit at the top so she could wear them with or with garters), the gloves made her hands slender and sensual and the way the waist cincher accentuated her hips and slightly supported her breasts that had gotten swollen and tender from her talk with Craig. Finally she stepped into her favorite pair of latex panties that had a dildo built in and pulled them up. She didn’t even need to stop for the penetration, she was so wet that her lips just parted and engulfed the dildo.  With the familiar “full” feeling she got from a dildo the computer went on.

K: “So, what do you think?”

C: “OMG!!! You look incredible.  I jerking my dick already”

K: “Uh-Uh….you’re going to stop and do what I say. We’re going to take this relationship to the next level. You are my TOY to see if I have what it takes to be a true Dom “

C: “What? This isn’t really my deal. A little bit is fun but I think this is a little crazy”

K: “Ok but if you leave I’m banning you from my page. I just need you to say two words…Yes Mistress.  Do you understand?”


K: “Last chance”

C:……..“Yes Mistress”

K: “Very good, let’s get started.

She couldn’t believe it but she must have gotten to Craig…a load of coins just hit her account.

K: “well,well (she said with a smile)”, and began to rub her hands up and down her tits and pinched her nipples. “So tell your mistress how you would pleasure her”

C: “Mistress….I would begin by suckling on your breasts and enjoy the fact that you are allowing me to do it.  I can only hope that you would reward me by running your gloved hands over my head and down my back.”

While he was saying this Kelly continued to slide her hands around her body. Each round ended with her hand on her pussy slowly rubbing her crotch which resulted in pleasure from the dildo.

K: “Very good, you may give yourself five strokes on your dick, no more. Then continue to pleasure me.”

C: “Thank you Mistress. Following this I would suck your fingers and worship your feet. Then I would ask you please stand up. If you did I would rub my face up and down your stockinged legs always ending with a kiss on your feet then”

K: “Wait!!….you are a good slave you may have five more strokes”

C: “Thank you Mistress. I see that your pussy juice is flowing from the sides of your panties so I would slide up your body and lick you dry. While I’m doing this I will play with your panties to bring you to an orgasm using the dildo inside you”.

Kelly was trying to hold her composure and in order to stay in control said..

K: Make your Mistress cum..NOW”

She threw back her head and with one last play with her dildo had one of her most intense orgasms ever.

After recovering she saw…

C: “Did I serve you well my Mistress?”

K: “Yes slave. As a reward you may pleasure yourself and ejaculate into your hand.”

After a minute….

C: Thank you Mistress, I enjoyed that very much. My load is in the palm of my hand”

K: She smiled and said “Now should you lick your hand clean or massage it into your body like lotion? I know, raise your palm and…

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