Just By Reputation

It was a sweltering summer day in early July. Little kids holding mommy’s hand crossed streets, clutching on huge plastic sand toys. Beautiful women in skimpy bikini’s strolled the streets, while tough, hispanic looking men whistled at their legs.

Brian had just moved into his new home. It was a rather big place, large enough for him to set up his massage shop. He had been going strong in the massage world, making quite a bit of money. Brian considered himself rather good at what he did, and that was the truth. Of course, every once in a while he would move, to expand his shop. Now, having a four story house all to himself was perfect. He rented the basement level to a Spanish couple that had just got married. The first floor was his massage shop, and the final two stories was his home. This was his dream set-up.

Brian had no trouble getting customers. All he had to do was place a few ads in the local newspapers, staple a few signs to telephone poles, and customers poured in.

He checked his appointment books for the day. Three men who had trouble with their backs, a middle aged mother of four comming in for a deep tissue massage, and…What was this? Brian re-read the appointment again. His secretary had wrote the following:

Ashley Hammerton, age 23. Is having trouble with her Glutes.

In the side, Brian’s secretary had scribbled oo la la! He smiled. Today was perfect.

Brian had always been very professional. Strong, tan and muscular, he often reminded people of the latest Muscle and Fitness cover model. With his dark brown hair and soft blue eyes, he had a warm, welcoming apperance. He remembered when he was 16, a day not very much diffrent from today…

Brian was waiting at the door way for his prom date. Her name was Lilly, and she looked exactly like her name. With white-blonde hair, pale blue eyes and fair skin, she looked like a blue eyed albino. She was rather well developed for 15, and the best part was, her parents didn’t give a shit who she slept with. So, that evening, dressed in a light blue halter top dress, she rode to “Lover’s Lane” in the small town in Montanna.

Brian remembered getting a glance under her dress. His heart almost stopped beating. She wasn’t wearing any panties! No bra either! Brian had never had sex before (although he wouldn’t admit it) and hope that tonight, maybe, would be his chance…

Brian’s flashback was intrupted by his first customer. He blinked, and led the man onto his massage table. The thought of Lilly’s bare pussy kept him going through the day…

The first thing Lilly had done was to give Brian a lip-glueing kiss. Tounge’s swirled, and Lilly’s hand gently massaged Brian’s already swelling errection. She smiled, and broke the kiss. “Let’s get moving, before my parent’s change their mind, stud.” Whenever she called him that, he felt as though he really WERE a stud.

They pulled into Lover’s Lane, and Lilly practically ripped off her dress. Fumbling with his belt buckle, he stood and watched in admiration at her ripe, full, youthful tits. A night wind caressed them, and her nipples stood to attention. Lilly managed to get his belt off and his zipper down. She pulled his thick, meaty cock out of his boxers and gave a hum of approval. Licking slowly at the head of his cock, she drove him crazy. His hand found the back of her hair, and pushed his cock gently in her mouth. She licked, sucked and slurped, backing off every time he was about to cum. In doing such, Lilly kept him hard and horny for the rest of the night…

Brian’s secretary, Laura, tapped him on the shoulder.

“Brian, are you okay? It’s nearly 6:00.” Brian blinked.

“Six o’clock? Jeez…Are you going to stay late?”

Laura sighed and said “No, sorry. Micheal has a basketball game that I apparently HAVE to attend. Have a good night. You just have Ashley Hammerton. She’ll be easy.”

Brian nodded and dismissed Laura. He heard the slam of her car door, and the moter rev up. Brian retreated back to his memory of Lilly…

Lilly was putting on a little show for Brian. Her hand was drifting back and forth between her breasts and her pussy. Finally, she settled on her pussy. First one finger, then two, then three. Oh my god, Brian thought. She’s going to fist herself!

And fist herself Lilly did. Her hand was completely absorbed by her cock-hungry pussy, and she humped herself hard and fast. Her other hand was twisting and mauling her nipples. Everytime she bucked, she mewled with pleasure. Finally, she came. It was a crashing, heart stopping tsusami of pussy juices and female cum. Her pace slowed, and she withdrew her hand with an audible Schlop! Then, she turned herself slowly to Brian with an almost vicious, panting, cock-thirsty rage. Then then pounced on him.

“Hello?” Brian was jerked from his throughts again. But in a second, he was glad he was! Standing before him was a European chick! She had black hair that was cut sharp across her jawline. Her brows were knitted in curosity. Her breasts spilled from a halter top tank top, with the insigna of Smash Mouth on it. She wore black jeans with a few rips thrown in for style. With a perfect ass and heavy eye makeup, she looked like she just stepped off Le Chic’s runway. She might have, for all Brian knew.

Brian must have said something. He must have lead her into the massage room, for in a split second, there they were.

“Hi, I’m Brian. Usually I have a co-worker who does women, but I’m the only one here right now. Is that okay with you?” Ashley flashed him a gleaming smile.

“That is fine, Brian,” Ashley said in a thick European accent. “Should I remove my clothes for you?” She asked almost teasingly. Brian snapped out of it.

“Yeah, sure. Just shout when your ready, okay?” Brian stepped out of the room, and peeked through the slightly opened door. Jesus H. Christ, this girl was beautiful!

Ashley had already removed her tank top, and Brian discovered she wasn’t wearing any bra. Unsnapping her jeans, it was the same thing. No panties or bra, Brian mused. Interesting. Ashley played with her huge tits for a while, as though she knew Brian was watching. Rolling the nipples between her fingers, licking her lips, the whole shebang. Then she lay down on the massage table and said “OK, I’m ready.”

Brian entered, and put some lotion on his hands. Starting at her feet, he slowly worked his way up to her calves, then her thighs. Each time he stroked upwards, his thumbnail grazed her pussy just a tiny bit. She gave a tiny sigh each time, as though this is what she was waiting for. Brian moved on to her ass. Now he was more feeling her up then massaging, as he was slowly working closer and closer to her tiny ass hole. He inserted a finger, and Ashley gasped. He grinned, and contuinued up her back. Then, he got up on the massage table and knelt on her ass, knowing full well she could feel his cock bulge against her butt.

“We have a deep, internal massage that is an added bonus if you wish.” said Brian in his most professional voice. Ashley smiled, and started rotating her ass aganist his cock.

“Hmmm. What is it like?” Ashley asked innocently.

As an answer, Brian picked her up by her knees. She was kneeling now, and he put her elbows down on the table too. Slightly afraid they would both fall off if he started fucking her brains out right away, he put just the head of his cock in her dripping pussy.

“Beg for it, bitch. You didn’t come here for a fucking massage, you came her to get screwed, didn’t you?” Brian snarled, slipping his cock in deeper and deeper. Ashley whimpered, and the final inch of cock was in her pussy. Using her tits as a handhold, Brian began a steady rythem, tugging on her tits with each hump. He bowed over her back, and started licking and nibbling her ear. She shuddered with pleasure, moaning. Continuing his rythem, he pulled her upright. The two of them faced a mirror, and Brian saw the apprehension mixed with pleasure in Ashley’s face.

“You like this, don’t you.” It was a statement, not a question. Brian threw her down on all fours again and began to smack her pretty round ass.


“Oww! Stoppit!”


“Stop, please! I’m sorry!



Smack Smack Smack!

Brian kept up a relentless rythem, tugging, mauling, spanking, thrusting. Ashley was Lilly, then she was Laura, then she was Ashley again. Lilly, Ashley, Lauren, the three women were rolled into one as an explosive orgasm shook Ashley to her very bones. Her scream and her clenching pussy were too much for Brian. He shouted out as he sent wave after wave of his cum deep into her womb. After the bucking stopped, the two of them lay there, panting. Then Ashley’s voice suddenly spoke up:

“When can I get another appointment?”

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