Jia'S Awakening Ch 2

I woke up the next morning with a raging hardon. As I lay in bed, I remembered how I had gotten this 15 year old Brazilian neighbour drunk last night, how she had begun dancing seductively for me, eventually getting naked and squirming in my lap, and how we had ended up with me giving her an orgasm while licking her teen pussy and then another as I fucked this horny girl.

Damn it was like a dream come true in some ways! I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it all, but nope it had all happened. It was Friday morning, and I had to go to work, unlike Erica and the other high school students. But it was still early so I went to my computer to surf and see if any buddies were online to chat with. I saw my friend Tim online who has a real fetish for teens and even younger. I started telling him what had happened last night and he was loving it. He was showing off on his cam wearing some of his own daughters panties and jacking off as we chatted.

Watching him and some of the porn vids I was playing on the side, I was getting even more arroused. I decided I’d do one of my customary video shows too, and I went and got my favourite pair of sheer red panties along with my cock ring and medium size buttplug. I put on (or in!) all of this and began showing my pantied cock on cam as I sat squirming on the buttplug. Tim and several others, including a few women, were quite enjoying my video cam show as they often do. I was having quite a horny morning jacking off and showing off.

The time was around 8am and I was going to have to start thinking about shooting soon so I could get ready for work.

Suddenly the doorbell began ringing. It made me jump as it surprised me.

I panicked for a moment trying to figure out what to do. Then the doorbell rang 5 more times quickly, someone quite urgently wanting to talk to me.

So I turned off my video cam and screen, threw my robe around me while still wearing my panties and buttplug and went to the answer to see what the emergency was.

I have a small private half flight of stairs leading from my apartment door to the outer door. When I got to the outer door I looked to see who was there, and standing waiting for me was Erica! She was wearing a simple black tshirt and white pants and sandals, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

She saw me and smiled. I opened the door “Morning Erica, how are you feeling?” I enquired. “I was thinking I’d check on you before I left for work to make sure you didn’t have a bad hangover”

“A little groggy in the head, but I think that’s from the booze. And a bit sore ‘down there’” she answered and giggled.

I swallowed hard as I wasn’t sure where this was leading. Maybe she had regrets now and was here to confront me, but something in her body language told me that it probably wasn’t the case.

“Want to come in?” I asked her as I wasn’t sure what my neighbours would think seeing this teenager standing outside my apartment while I’m talking to her while wearing a robe.

“Sure” and she bounded in past me.

Once inside and I had closed the inner door too, I offered her a seat and some orange juice.

“I hope it isn’t spiked. It’s too early in the morning for me to drink I think” she laughed. I handed her a glass and I had one too.

Suddenly she got up and came to me and hugged me tight. I was kinda surprised by her move, but went to return the hug. Then I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra!

She backed away and said “Jeff, thank you so much for last night. I really haven’t enjoyed sex with boys very much, but you don’t just fuck me, you made love to me and it felt sooo nice”

“Well, you are quite welcome. I have to confess that I enjoyed it too. Maybe too much in fact, as you are less than half my age, and I could get into trouble from what we did last night. Though I have to confess I’ve always had a fetish for younger women and never had a chance to explore that since most of society would call me a horrible pervert for ‘molesting’ young girls. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Erica seemed kind of interested in this confession of mine. “So you are more of a ‘dirty old man’ that likes young girls? she asked. I thought maybe I had said too much and now she was going to freak out on me. Then she said “Coooool! But you are so good with me, you don’t rape me or anything like they always tried to teach us growing up as to why we have to stay away from men older than us”

Erice then got up and came over to sit in my lap. As she did, she gave me a big kiss, and my hands ended up one on her ass and one on her firm teen tits. We kissed deeply, tongues exploring each others mouths and my hands roamed over her teenage body, caressing and massaging and teasing. Then i pulled off her tshirt to reveal those firm tits and I dove in on one with alot of enthusiasm, tonguing her nipple and licking all around that firm cone of teenage flesh.

I was rock hard again and squirmed a bit and realized I still had on the panties and buttplug. As I was continuing to lick her tits and run my hands over her ass and back, I was desperately trying to figure out how to excuse myself to ‘get changed’. Finally I decided I’d say I needed to use the washroom and get changed.

Then before I could so that she pulled away and pulled my robe open, wanting to feel my hairy chest on her skin, but she caught a glimpse of red down between my legs. I tried to cover myself again and was going to get up to go to the washroom but she grabbed my robe and pulled at it again saying “What are you wearing?” as she got a second look.

“Ummmm, shit, I didn’t want you to see that. I kinda have a few other fetishes too besides teenage girls.” I was turning about a dozen shades of red.

“Show me, tell me, I’m really curious!” Erica exclaimed

I took a deep breath and opened my robe to expose my panties to her and said “I kinda enjoy women’s panties and sometimes like to wear them”

“Oh my god, that is sooooo cute!! And very sexy too” as she looked at my rock hard cock through the sheer red panties. “Turn around, I want to see it all!”

I didn’t know if she’d notice the buttplug and how she’d feel about it, so as I turned, I tried to leave my robe covering some of my ass. But Erica wasn’t taking that and told me “No no, take off the robe, I want to see all of it”

I swallowed hard again and did as she asked. As I turned to show her my pantied ass again, she asked “What is that?” I knew she meant the end of my buttplug nestled between my ass cheeks.

“Ummm, yeah, I also enjoy the occasional toy in my ass. It’s a buttplug” I confessed to her.

All of a sudden I felt her pushing on the end of it, making it go deeper into me a bit. I gasped out loud and moaned at the thought of her teasing and pleasing my ass with it.

“Are you gay?” Erica asked me.

“No, I’m not gay, trust me on that, i love your little body and I love women too. I guess I’m bisexual, as I do enjoy sex with men as well” I didn’t know if this might gross her out and end our session.

“Really? Very cool” Erica answered, and her hands turned me around so I was facing her again, and I saw that she was kneeling right in front of me facing my raging panty covered cock. Then her hand went up and began rubbing my dick, and I clearly enjoyed it.

“Jeff, I’d like to suck you and make you cum in my mouth, which is why I came over here this morning, and now seeing you in panties and having a dildo in your ass it’s got me soo horny” she told me.

I decided to see how far I could push this. “Erica, will you suck me off and fuck me with a dildo at the same time?” She got a glint in her eye and smiled and purred for me. “Show me the dildo” she said.

I went and got one of my favourites, a 9 34” cock shaped pink jelly vibrator. I’ve enjoyed it many times on cam and privately, but never with someone else. My cock was leaking in anticipation of what would come next.

I handed Erica the dildo and a bottle of lube. I laid down on my couch after I removed my robe, wearing only my panties now. I spread my legs wide and said “Come get it” and Erica was over to me in a flash. She started by licking my balls and cock up and down through my panties. I was breathing heavily, enjoying every moment. She used her fingers and pushed some more on the buttplug, pushing it in further and then letting it go back out to where it was previously. I was soo incredibly turned on. She reached inside my panties and grasped my cock and stroked it as she played with my balls and the plug in my ass. The front of my sheer panties had several wet spots on it, as my precum leaked out over it.

Then she pulled my panties aside and slowly removed the toy from my ass. It was incredible to see her young face so fascinated by seeing this happen. In fact she liked it so much that she pushed it all the way back in and then pulled it out all over again. Erica did this several times. I was gasping as the pleasure of having someone else do this to me, as she was ooohing and aaaaahing.

Finally she put the buttplug aside after slowly extracting it from my ass again and looked at my ass and told me “Your ass is gaping open!” I was not surprised, but what she did next really shocked me. She leaned forward and started to rim my open asshole! I nearly exploded right there. Feeling her tongue play over my sensitive ass was amazing.

Then she began pushing my pink cock dildo up my back door. At the same time she turned on the vibrations as she worked it deeper in and out. It was absolutely incredible. Erica was smiling so widely, enjoying making me so happy and pleasuring me.

She then leaned over and with her other hand guided my cock into her mouth. She stroked me up and down as she sucked and licked my cock head. At the same time she worked the dildo deeper and deeper into my ass. Finally I think she was pushing all the way and and out and was going faster and faster on my cock. I could feel my orgasm building inside of me, wanting to make my entire body explode out through my cock.

As I got closer, I reached down and grabbed her head with both hands and started pushing her down further, fucking her face. I began to feel my balls boil with my cum, and I began to cry out as my cock started to swell in her mouth.

“Shove the dildo all the way in Monica” I cried. She surprised me by pushing it even deeper than I expected. And I shoved her face down on my cock one last time and I blew my load inside this sweet teenagers mouth as I shouted wordlessly. My cum blasted into her mouth as I kept pumping my cock. Eventually my cock slipped out as she choked and a few spurts got on her face and hair.

I felt so relieved, like I’d just had a 12 hour massage. I looked at my sexy teenage cum slut and smiled and said “That was the best blowjob of my life! Thank you”

Erica replied by showing me a cummy smile, used a finger to scoop some off her face and putting to her lips and cleaning it off with her tongue, and then swallowed. “Yummy, and quite a big load. Thank you!”

Then Erica got a devious smile on her face as she stood up. “So you like panties, eh? Take a look at these” and with that she pulled down her white pants to show me a tiny sheer white g-string she was wearing.

I just smiled and stuck out my tongue and waggled it at her. “Can I have them?” I asked her.

“Who’s else’s do you have? Show me your collection” Erica inquired.

I pulled the dildo out of my ass and adjusted my panties to cover my wet cock.

I took her to my bedroom and opened up my drawer where I kept my collection. I pulled them all out and she inspected each one. Some were covered in cum, but others I had only admired. Some were from ex-girlfriends, some I bought, some I found in laundramats, and a few I stole. Eventually Erica and I worked out a trade, and she took a cute white thong that said ‘Sexy’ at the back holding the 3 strips together.

Then Erica asked “So what other things are you into?”

I figured there was nothing to lose, so I told her about how I enjoyed webcamming, showing off on it and using toys, how I liked shemales and cross dressers and lesbians, that I had a huge porn collection of all types. Erica smiled and asked if we could watch some of it together.

We spent about an hour sampling various video clips until she was overcome with her own horniness and had me fuck her right there in front of the computer and I filled her little pussy with my cum. Then we relaxed and had some lunch and then watched some more videos as we used dildos on each other. She seemed to like the orgies and lesbian videos the most.

When I asked if she was interested in girls at all, she just smiled and giggled and said that was a question she’d answer some other time.

Eventually we were both exhausted and couldn’t continue and she went to leave to go home and sleep for awhile. I asked her if she still needed her bottle of peach schnapps for the party the following night, but she said she’d rather party with me! I sure wasn’t going to complain.

And so we began fucking almost daily, usually when I got home from work. And I bought her some lingerie and some more sex toys. We even tried getting my cock into her ass but she was just too tight, but we did have lots of fun.

Then one day she knocked on my door as usual after school and when I went to answer, I saw she was with a friend. Erica jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.

“Hi Jeff, this is my girlfriend Jia. I hope you don’t mind me bringing her over. I’ve told her about how amazing you are, and since she’s never had a cock before we thought you’d be perfect. So, you want to take her cherry?”

I took a long look at this slim phillipino girl standing there shyly as my mouth hung open, and finally found the words to answer with…“Absolutely, come on it”

And that was when life got even better!

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