It'S Her B-Day

Party At Friends Home

So I threw my bestfriend a birthday party at my house. Atleast 10 people hand arrived to celebrate my bestfriend’s party. She kept asking me for a strong drink. I opened the refigerator and took the bottle of volka out. I poured the alcohol into a shot glass and sliced her a lemon to have. She took the shot and sucked on the lemon. 20 minutes later she asked for another shot. I already poured 3 shots, so I just handed her the next one for her to have. About an hr into the the party dinner was ready to be eaten. I could tell she started feeling nice from the two shots she had down.

She started talking really sexual. She had everyone cracking up at the table from acting so crazy. Then she started shouting “I want dick”!!!!. She become more crazier by pull down her pants showing us her black g-string and her ass. Everyone was aughing and telling her to pull up her pants. Two hours later she came over to me and asked where the bathroom was. I gladly walked up her upstairs to the bathroom, as we walked upstairs she couldn’t walk a straight. I turn on the light in the bathroom and my friend said to me “Look at this ass” as she sapped hers. I shook my heading laughing and closed the door to give her privacy. As I closed the bathroom door, I said to myself damn that is a lot of ass I’d fuck her. Before I walked away from the door I did not hear any sounds in the bathroom. Curiosity crept into my mind and I turned around facing the bathroom door. “Tiffany are you okay” I called out and then I knocked but there was no answer. I opened the door and saw her sitting on the toilet seat passed out. Her pants and g-string was down to her ankles. I’ve never been with a female but why not try now she won’t remember. I closed the door behind me and walked towards the toilet. I pulled Tiffany’s pants and g-string off of her completely. I spread Tiffany’s legs wide much as I could with her being unconscious. My bestfriend Tiffany was very attractive she had black hair, large ass, and great size breasts.

I got down on my knees and had my face going towards her pussy. I began eating out Tiffany out and enjoying her sweetness

of her pussy juices. I stuck my tongue deep as I could then lifted my head to look at Tiffany and she was still pasted out from the alcohol. I went back to fucking her pussy with my mouth. I could hear Tiffany moaning from the pleasure but not waking up. I swirled the shit out of her pussy with my tongue. I was getting turned on from fucking Tiffany’s pussy. stopped what I was doing and sat up to lift Tiffany’s top up. I unhooked her strapless bra and her breast came falling down. I suck on her breasts for a long time to the point where she had small hickey’s around her nipples. Another moan escaped from her lips and I stopped sucking. Hoping she wouldn’t awaken from what I was doing to her. But Tiffany continued to sleep thankfully but I wasn’t finished yet. I wanted to make her have an orgasm as she sat on the toilet. This time I sped up the pace eating her out. Her pussy was completely soaked and tiny drops of her juices were falling into the toilet. I inserted my fingers into my own pussy to finger the shit out of my pussy. I was thinking about getting the dildo out of my draw in my room.

But I didn’t want to risk leaving her alone in the bathroom. My own cum was all over my fingers and I wiped it on Tiffany’s mouth. I could just imagine her licking her lips and tasting my cum. I was getting even more turned on as I thought about the image. A few more moans escaped out from Tiffany’s lips but this time a bit louder. All of sudden she came on me and into the toilet. Her head went back and I took in as much of her cum before it went into the toilet. She was delicious I sucked on the lips of her vagina walls more, getting all the sticky cum on her inner walls. Then she started peeing and I watched the urine come out of her, watching and tasting her cum was great. But watching her peed turned me on which caused me to drink a bit of her piss. I stood up and took off skirt and my neon green thong. I got on top of her but had my back facing her. I started grinding on her thigh and my cum was coming on her thigh as I slid back and forth. My cum wetness was getting on her thigh and I liked how it smelled and look on her. I sat back

and took my breasts out of my bra to squeezed my nipples. I felt Tiffany’s breasts on my bare back it felt good having them squished from my leaning back on her. My orgasm came and the cum went into the toilet and dripped from my pussy onto Tiffany’s body into hers. I laid my head back on Tiffany’s shoulder, closed my eyes and peed into the toilet. I didn’t I closed my eyes for a long time but I felt fingers going.

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