Indian Princess Comes To America

Discovering Sex In The United States

Ismira left the hotel quickly, not wanting her parents to see her dressed the way she was. she felt excitement, knowing she was breaking the rules, but she didn’t care. tonight she would have actual fun.

she hailed a cab and got in, she knew the cab driver was looking at her through the mirror, she didn’t blame him. she was dressed like a slut, her long black hair was straight with nothing tying it down, her small see-through dress barely went halfway down her thigh, you could clearly see her bra through the see-through material of the dress and the G-string she wore clearly showed through the tight clothing “can you please take me to the nearest club?” she asked the cab driver

“sure thing sweetheart” the man said and started driving, every now and then she saw him looking through the rearview mirror back at her.when they arrived she payed him and got out, walking over to the door. the bouncer lifted the rope to let her in and she walked in, slightly scared but also exited. inside the music was blaring loud, and people were dancing and drinking and having a good time, she walked around looking at the couples dancing, “wow” she whispered.

“what do you mean by wow?” someone’s voice said behind her, she turned around and a woman stood behind her, wearing skin tight jeans and a black shirt with a deep V neck, her hair was tied back with a bandana, “what is this your first time in a club chica?”

uh…” Ismira said stuttering ‘Y-y-yes my name is-is-uh Ismira.”

“well Ismira what bring’s you to these side of the tracks?” she asked “cause. you’re Obviously not from around here.”

um…i…i wanted to have some fun…” she said in a small voice”

“Hmmm, well mija you look ready for some fun,” she said walking around her looking at her up and down, Ismira stood their uncomfortable “my name’s Chachi” she said holding her hand out to Ismira, Ismira shook her hand and Chachi smiled and said “come on I’ll go buy you a drink.”

a few hours later<<<

Ismira giggled a little as Chachi led her out of the club, “Man Chica you really know how to party.” she said “you sure this is your first time?’

“yes” Ismira said Hiccuping

“well come on, you’re way too wasted to go back to your hotel” Chachi said opening her door for Ismira,Ismira got in still giggling a little” Chachi got into the drivers seat and started driving “so what did make you come to the dance tonight?” she asked

“ parents are real strict” she said “they won’t let me do anything. and i wanted to see what it would be like just for a night of partying…” she looked over at Chachi “thanks for watching over me.” she said

Chachi smiled “us ladies got to stick together Niña,” she said and very slowly put her hand on Ismira’s thigh, Ismira just smiled nodding.

Chachi pulled up to her house “well here’s home” she said getting out and opening the door for Ismira,

“it’s very nice” Ismira said, she had sobered up a little

“eh not much, but it’s home” Chachi said, “come on lets get inside,’ she led Ismira inside and sat her down on the couch, “i’ll get us some drinks,” she said and went into the kitchen.

as she walked away Ismira watched her walk away and looked at her ass, She felt a weird sensation go through her body, and she gasped a little.

Chachi heard the gasp “is something wrong?” she asked

“Nothing” Ismira said, turning a little red “it’s just a little hot,”

Chachi thought about it and shrugged, and took out a wine bottle and poured some wine into two glasses and brought them back over to the catch “here you go mija” she said

“thank you” Ismira said and took a sip,

Chachi watched her and smiled “you look so sexy” she said

“um…thanks” Ismira said blushing,

“bet you’ve never had someone say that.” chachi said, Ismira shook her head “no one’s like that where i come from,” she said,

“hmm,they should,” chachi said “cause you’re a fine piece of ass” she said as she put her hand on Ismira’s thigh again, Ismira felt something like electricity go through her spine. she gasped again

“i’m guessing no one’s ever touched you right there?” Chachi said, Ismira nodded “how about like this?” Chachi asked putting one hand onto Ismira’s boob, and the other hand down towards her panties,”

“i have to go to the bathroom,” Ismira said quickly,

Chachi stopped, “oh. right down the hall” she said

Ismira nodded standing up, “thank you” she said and going into the bathroom, and closing the door and locking it, she went over to the toilet breathing hard, she felt like she was on fire, she slowly put her hand down to her panties and felt them, she was wet. how could she have gotten that turned on from a woman doing that? she thought n her head, then thought of Chachi again, and slowly reached into her panties and started rubbing her clit.

Chachi went into her bedroom and was about to change her shirt when she heard something like moans on the other side of the wall, she walked over to the wall and saw the small hole she had accidentally made when she was cleaning, she looked through it and saw a sight that almost made her faint.

Ismira was quickly rubbing her pussy, moaning, she slowly inserted one of her fingers and gasped and reached through the dress to one of her boobs and started massaging it

Chachi watched for a little while then stood up and changed her shirt into a white tank top, then went over to the bathroom door and knocked on it, “Ismira?” she said “Mija are you hungry?”

Ismira stopped quickly ‘Y-yeah” she said her voice a little stuttery, “food sounds great,”

“alright” Chachi said “i’ll make something” she walked away from the bathroom, Ismira stood up and quickly wiped off her hands and walked outside,

Chachi was in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil “you alright?” Chachi asked her “you were in there for a while.”

Ismira nodded “I’m fine” she said “my stomach was upset”

“was it?” chachi asked walking over and putting her hand to Ismira’s stomach, rubbing it softly “too much to drink?” she asked

“y-yeah” ismira said tensing up a little at the contact

“there’s an old remedy that i know that might help,” she said slowly moving her hand down Ismira’s stomach.

“r-really?” Ismira asked noticing how close Chachi was

“yeah” she said “It usually works,” she said “but you have to be willing” she said putting her hand up the indian girl’s skirt

“oh…i don’t know” she said hesitant

“Come on chica it’ll help,” she said putting her hand into Ismira’s soaked Panties and rubbing her wet lips”

“mmm” Ismira moaned backed up against the wall

‘is that a yes?” she asked and kissed Ismira,

Ismira tried to resist but slowly leaned in returning the kiss, Chachi broke away and said “I’ll take that as a yes” and started rubbing Ismira’s Pussy quicker

Ismira moaned a little louder as Chachi went faster and faster, then Chachi pulled her hand away and Ismira Groaned at having to come down from her quickly approaching Climax, Chachi licked her finger and said “you taste good Mija” she said and put her fingers to ismira’s lips, Ismira licked her lips and nodded, “follow me,” Chachi said and led Ismira by the hand to her Bedroom, when they got in she closed the door and pushed Ismira down onto the bed and got on top of her, kissing her, Ismira returned the kiss, still a little hesitant, chachi kept kissing her and grinded her hips into Ismira’s, Ismira moaned again against Chachi’s lips,

Chachi smiled and said “lets remove that dress” she said, grabbing the edges of Ismira’s dress and pulling it off of the young girl, leaving her only in her bra and G string, Chachi took off her shirt and leaned down to Ismira’s boobs and put her hands on them “these are big” she said pulling them out of the cups and lightly kneeding them, Ismira moaned again as Chachi licked one of her nipples and put a hand down her panties again “i can just imagine you pleasuring yourself and playing with your boobs like a little slut” Chachi said sucking on Ismira’s boob.

Ismira moaned louder putting a hand on the back of Chachi’s head,

Chachi moved down to the soaked G string “this’ll have to come off,” she said

“wait!” Ismira said, a little embarrassed at letting the older woman see her Pussy

“don’t worry Mija” Chachi said taking them off and tossing them to the side, “you’ll like this” she layed down and put her mouth onto Ismira’s opening and licking, Ismira shuttered a little at the contact Chachi kept licking, jabbing her tongue out into Ismira’s hot sex, she kept licking slowly fingering herself, Ismira moaned louder and louder and finally cried out as she reached her climax, Chachi stood up licking off Ismira’s juices from her lips then took off her bra, jeans and panties and said “now it’s your turn to please me” she said and got into the 69 position.

Ismira looked up at Chachi’s trimmed pussy not sure on what to do,

“lick it mija” Chachi said to her “like your licking a lollipop”

Ismira hesitantly put a tongue out and put it onto Chachi’s Clit and licked

“yeah…yeah like that” Chachi said “a little faster”

Ismira started going a little faster and started getting into the rhythm,

“Yes..yes like that!” Chachi moaned tongue fucking Ismira

Ismira moaned into chachi’s opening and pushed her tongue into Chachi

“Ay Dios Mio!” Chachi shouted pushing her pussy back into Ismira’s face, as she climaxed

Ismira pulled away from Chachi’s pussy her mouth and chin soaked in her juices, she licked a bit off “Mmm” she said “that’s good’

Chachi got off of Ismira and said “and we’re not even done” she stood up and walked over to the closet and opened it, she took out a strap on and a double sided attachement, she attached the double sided dildo onto the strap on and inserted one side into herself then walked over to Ismira, who’s eye’s widened at the toy “w-wait,” ismira said “I’m….i’m a…a…” she turned red, a little embarassed

“oh i know Mija” Chachi said, “but by the end of this, you won’t be” she got onto the bed and put her hands onto Ismira’s hips and brought her closer

Ismira looked down at the toy a little hesitantly “are you sure?” she asked

“it’ll only hurt for a second” Chachi said and slowly inserted it into Ismira, halfway in Chachi reached a barrier and said “ready?”

Ismira nodded

Chachi pushed her way through the barrier and Ismira cried out in pain, tears springing out of her eye’s, Chachi put the entire six inches into Ismira and started to slowly move in and out, after a while the pain turned to pleasure and ismira moaned again, Chachi picked up the pace, fucking Ismira as fast as she could

Ismira moaned and wrapped her legs around Chachi pulling her closer with every thrust, her hand grabbing onto the matress “oh my god!” Ismira shouted at the hard fucking,

Chachi kept going playing with Ismira’s Boobs as she went, she turned Ismira around so she was on her hands and knee’s and fucked her from behind, delivering a stinging slap onto her ass

Ismira let out a little yelp at the slap

“i bet you like it like that huh?” chachi said

“y-yes” Ismira said holding onto the headboard,”

“what?” Chachi asked and slapped her ass again

“yes!” she said a little louder

“I still can’t hear you” chachi said thrusting harder and faster ‘Yes WHAT!” she said slapping her hard agian

“YES!!!” Ismira shouted and came, after she climaxed she collapsed on the bed breathing hard

chachi pulled out and laid beside her “how was that for fun mija?” she asked

Ismira nodded and curled up next to chachi, her head on Chachi’s chest

Chachi put her arms around Ismira and fell asleep, wondering what tomorrow would bring them.

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