I Never Intended This To Happen (But I'M Not Complaining)

A Few Too Many Drinks Result In Me Screwing My Best Friends Girl

Looking back on what happened about 20 odd years ago, I’m not exactly proud of what went down that night but at the same time I wouldn’t go back and change it if I could.

Back then I was about 25 and between flats so had moved back with my parents while I looked for a new flat, being single and not tied down I could pretty much do what i wanted when I wanted.

One day the pone rang it was my long time friend Dan he was going to be in town for a few weeks off and on and asked if he could crash at our place. Mum and Dad agreed it was ok but were a little surprised (as was I) to find out when he knocked on the door that someone else was in tow. “Hi meet Kim” He said.

Now Kim wasn’t the sort of girl I’d be immediatly attracted to (I dig brunettes) but there she was 18 years old about 5’2 almost white blonde hair just down past her shoulders,bright blue eyes,a little button nose, bronzed skin with perky conical breasts and a tight trim body. “Hi” she shyly said.

She never spoke much just sort of hung around, Dan wanted a bit of temp work so was off for the odd day picking up what he could leaving me home to look after her, we never spoke much, at one point she walked into the kitchen after sleeping in dressed in a white see through nighty “Good morning” she quietly said, the sun shining in the window behind her.

At that point I felt my cock start to grow heavy. “Coffee” I just said “thanks” came the reply. After that moment of seeing her rocking teen body I was in total lust.

When alone I couldn’t get her out of my mind forcing me into wanking myself off on a few occasions just to keep control of myself.

As the days passed we became good (not close) friends, when Dan wasn’t about we’d just watch TV. play pool or go to town and hang out or visit other friends.

One night Dan showed up with a cask of wine and two boxes of beer “Drink” he said “Yeah sure” I replied all three of us sat down and started to ply ourselves with booze. Dan had landed a temp labouring job and had been in the sun all day it didn’t take him long to pass out on the couch not being able to wake him up, my dad walked passed “Me and your Mum are off to bed, just leave Dan there” he said.“OK then” I replied, both myself and Kim headed into the kitchen for a few more drinks after chatting for about another hour Kim suggested we head down stairs for a game of pool “Good idea” I said, grabbing a 6 pack, as we headed down the stairs Kim was in front of me I watched her little ass sway as she walked down the stairs,it was a hot night she was wearing a little sleeveless denim mini dress with a large D ring zipper at the front the whole dress hugged her body perfectly. After spending time with her I knew she had perfect breasts that looked like they were implants but they wern’t and beautiful flat stomach.

Maybe it was the booze or just the lust taking over but for a few seconds I kind of blanked out and the only image I had in my head was Kimmy naked on her back, legs splayed my hands gripped around her ankles with me sliding my engorged rod in and out of her wet pussy. My dick was as thick as a soda can and about 10”s long (its not in real life but thats imagination for you) and Kimmy had her head thrown back rocking her hips up and down to meet my thrusts yelling “Fuck me John” as I pulled out and came over her breasts and stomach as she rubbed my seed into her skin.

“hoi John” Kim said “You ready?”. Snapping back to reality I looked over at her she was standing there hands on hips looking at me, well not exactly at me but at the buldge that had appeared in my shorts with a wry grin on her face. It’s now or never I thought , I walked straight up to her and gently grabbed her by the back of her head and kissed her. Rather than pull away she melted into my arms and returned the favour her hot tounge searching my mouth. I could feel her hand run up my leg and start to rub my balls and cock so I gripped onto the D ring on her zipper and gently started to pull it down.

By now I had unzipped her dress completly and she had let it fall to the floor I was a little surprised to find out she wore no bra or panties “I hoped this would happen” she said “So I dressed accordingly”.Dan was five years younger than me so probably hadn’t fully developed into a man yet as she seemed surprised when I took of my t-shirt at the amount of hair on my chest and stomach.

She started to kiss my chest and work her way down to my shorts I was rock hard by now, she dropped to her kness and pulled my shorts and briefs down I stepped out of them “My god” she said “In the future I’m only after older guys” . “Do you want this”? I said wrapping my hand around my dick “Yes please” came the answer.

I waved my cock in her face a little then across her lips, her mouth parted I didn’t give her a chance to change her mind and gently pushed the head of my cock into her mouth her hands reached up and took over from my hands as she slid as much of my pole into her mouth and started to suck on it, pausing every so often to just lick or kiss its head.

If I hadn’t had a skinful of booze I think I would have cum all over that angelic face there and then. It was fucking difficult to not explode on the spot standing there watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth with her baby blue eyes looking up at me.

“My turn” I said knowing I wasn’t going to last much longer as I withdrew from her and pushed her down to the floor and on her back “What are you doing?” she enquired as I hoisted her legs over her shoulders “This” I replied as I ran my tounge up her slit “Oh god” was all I remember her saying I lay right down on my stomach with my face buried in her pussy tounging and sucking on her clit I reached my arms up and massaged her breasts pausing occasionally to pinch those hard pink dusky nipples. Her whole body started to involentary convulse as she let out a string of expletives and my face was drenched with a wave of pussy juice.

I let her get her breath back and sat up rubbing her inner thighs “For the last few weeks all I’ve wanted to do is fuck you” I said “I know” came her reply “Not trying to blow my own trumpet, but I saw you through the crack in your door when you didn’t shut it properly a few days ago whacking off, was it me you were thinking off?”

“You saw that?” I replied “Yes I didn’t mean to peek but I was curious when you reached orgasm I had to go get myself off after seeing that big stream of hot jizz pump out of your dick”.

Kim was sitting up by now “What about Dan” I asked “I won’t tell if you don’t.” she said “Besides your face may not be as good looking as his but your body just makes me wet”. With that I started to posion her into the doggy style position, she got got the idea pretty quick and got right down with her ass in the air looked round at me becconed me with one finger then pointed to her pussy, I didn’t need a second invitation I was behind her in a second working my dick into her moist wet cunt.

In a few short seconds I was in balls deep pumping my cock like a piston into her “C’mon John you can go harder she said , “fuck me”.

“Ok Kimmy you little bitch try this” As I picked up the pace and slamming hard into her pushing her forward with ever thrust “Ooooowwww” she kept groaning. I suddenly pulled out and flipped her onto her back “This is how

I invisaged it” I said as I fed my rock hard dick into her waiting snatch as she lifted her legs I grabbed her ankles and pumped her for all I was worth, we both moaned and moved together in unisen our sweat mixing until she hit her second orgasm I didn’t slow down as she started to come down from hers I hit mine “Oh god Kimmy you dirty little fuck doll” and blasted what felt like the biggest load of cum that I ever had done, the first few spurts released into her womb the rest I pulled out and let it go on her stomach and across those awsome tits, she sat up wrapped an arm around my waist and sucked what ever remained out of my dick.

We both dressed and headed back up stairs Dan was still passed out so we kissed each other good night and retired to our respactive rooms.

A few days later they returned to thier home town , we never got the chance to be alone to fuck again and they split up as a couple about six months later. I don’t know what ever happened to her either , but I dont exclusivly look at brunettes now.

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