I Fucked My Sister

One eveing sis stopped by she was out shopping at the dept stores by me and decided to stop by,she pretty hot,about 5,6 112 lbs shoulder leangth lt brown hair with blonde hilites,nice tits with perky nipple,s,firm stomach,great legs,and an beutiful shaped tight ass,antway I was home and had a few drinks when she came by she noticed I was slightly hammered,and said someone having a good time told yea long day work and very profitable,she said lucky you,said yep if you want a drink help yourself you know were the bar is she said I have to drive home told her you can crash here if you want she said ok and made a drink and said I needed a drink or two anyway,said help yourself to all you want we drank had some music playing,a song came up she liked and said I love this song and got up and started to dance,watching her bounce around her tits bouncing to and her ass shaking god I want,d to fuck her,got up went to the bar and made another drink sat on the stool and watched her I was getting turned on and my cock was getting hard was watching her ass and tits bouncing and shaking ,she noticed me watching her,

she asked what are you doing watching my ass,told her yea and your tits too,She asked want to dance told her no I want to fuck you she looked her eye,s blinked and said what did you say,took a gulp of my drink and repeated myself I said I want to fuck you,She said I,m your sister I said I know but your hot and I want to fuck you I walked over to her and gave her a kiss then figured I,d be daring and started to kiss her neck and feel her ass,she panic what are you doing told her again I want to fuck you and kissed again on the lips this time and started to tounge her a little, she pulled back and said stop,I just pulled her close to me and kissed and tounged her again,and grabbed her ass and pulled her in towards me,my cock was rock hard and she could feel it thru my pants,I slowly moved one hand towards her beutiful tits and started to feel and massage it told her i want you please I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom,I pushed her onto the bed and laid next to her and continuied kissing and feeling her breast up,she said no don,t I payed no attentioned to her and continuied, I got her blouse of she screamed no stop,I didn,t I lifted her bra over her tits and started to suck on one and massage the other,god her tits were god,sucking on her perky nipple,s

bitting on it at times as we layed in bed I started to undo her pants she screamed no no

don,t do that I undid her pants and started to pull it down,she fought and wiggled a bit I got them off she was wearing this cute dark blue g string type panties they looked hot on her tight beutiful bod,I started to undo my pants with on hand and massage her pussy with the other she kept saying god no god no please,I told come on you want it you know you do,she just kept saying no no,I got my pants and shorts off,I started to pull her panty off,she was god no I pulled myself up to her mouth and started kissing and tounging her again,took my one hand and started to finger her pussy as I was kissing her,she was no no nooo,I can tell she was starting to get excited from the fingering I started to go faster with my other hand I brought her hand to my rock hard cock and placed it in it,she started to stroke me,I then started to move myself slowly down between her legs seperated them and went down on her I started to eat her pussy from no no no she went to yes yes yes uh hu oh yea mmm my tounge was buried in her sweet hole I sucked on her puusy lips tounged it for a while she went wild more more god I want more she said with passion and I did I slowed down and moved up and started to move her head down betwen my legs she looked what are you doing told her your turn to suck,she was but but told her no buts her except yours later now suck as I

proceeded to force her head between my legs,she gave in and took my massive cock in her mouth and started to suck mmmm it was good,then she really got into sucking,god her mouth was riding my cock something fierce,she was sucking licking and slurping like crazy I could hear her enjoying my cock inher mouth by her tone the mmm mm mmm mmm sound

it was greatI was ready to cum grabbed the back of her head and told her I cum she went to take her mouth off my cock but I held it there and shot my load in her mouth to my surprise she accepted and I could her her slurping it done she swalloed and licked me clean, I was still pretty hard rolled her on her back and shoved my cock in her and fucked that sweet pink pussy fast and hard she wispered in my ear,I,m on the pill don,t worry with that I fucked her harder faster and deeper my cock was hard and pounder her pussy after a while I let my load loose in her,she smiled I could feel her pussy lips contract tight around my cock and she lifted her ass up as to make sure I get ever drop in her which i did every last drop I rolled over and rested kissed we rested for a few minutes and I asked her to suck on me for a bit till I as hard she did told her stand up and bend over my dresser and open your legs she got up and did asked for what told I was going to fuck her cute tight ass,she was god i don,t know I never ddid that before told I,d be gentle and I,ll use some lube a little reluctant but gave in it was alittle tight but after a few times of pushing and more lube i got in she jumped oh my god !!!she screamed stop it hurts told her just bare it used a little more lube and I started to slid in and out pretty good in the mean while she loved it I was pounding that cute tight ass,harder deeper faster with each thrust she started moaning and grunting begging for more saying yea yea uhhh yea give it to me yea giv it to me I fuck her ass good let my load loose in her we rested and shower she spent the night and now we fuck as much as we can 3-5 times a week 6-9 times a day go figure little sis wanted it anyway.

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