How Massage Turned Into Wild Sex?

I was working in a small firm in Hyderabad. This incident happened when I was posted to a different city on an assignment. I found vacancy in an apartment close to one of my colleagues (Ajay) and I settled there.

Ajay is married 4 years back and has a kid less than a year old. Ajay is about 5’5” and has put on some weight from the time I saw him earlier and also has tummy. On the other hand, his wife Shilpa is a beautiful lady though not milky white but fair, with right amounts of flesh in right areas. Though Shilpa is sexy, I never had any bad intentions about her. She used to dress very traditional and never wore any revealing dress even at home.

Over a period of time, I got comfortable with Ajay’s family and used to visit their home regularly. Ajay used to hang out at my house every weekend and we used to have a drink or two. Ajay got exception from Shilpa to have very minimal drinks only on weekend and that too only from my house. If it had been anywhere else, it will be unsafe for him to drive home after drinks. Since he stayed in the same apartment complex as mine, he used to hangout with me for drinks and take a walk to his home.

Let me tell you about myself, I am 5’10” nicely built, athletic body and jovial attitude. I used to hit the gym everyday and also regular swimmer played tennis and cricket whenever I got a chance. All this stuff helped me maintain a perfect shape. Though I am medium brown in skin complexion, I often catch female attention because of my physique.

Apart from that, cooking had always been my hobby and my specialty is chicken biryani. I often used to make Chicken Biryani on weekends and Ajay on many occasions praised my biryani in front of Shilpa and also advised her to learn the recipe from me.

As we all knew Shilpa is also a very good cook, all I could do was just to be shy and give a smile. Shilpa also used to smile and teasingly say sure Ajay; I will learn Chicken Biryani from Sachin so that you don’t have to trouble him .

I used to respond saying, it’s not a trouble. I love cooking and I am not cooking for him alone.

Coming to Ajay’s attitude, he used to be pretty reserved among friends and hardly used to discuss any of his family matters. He somehow used to be unsecure discussing those things. I doubted how he used to be with his wife and never tried to find out those aspects as that’s his personal matter.

Things took a turn one day, when I had some personal work and had to take a leave from office. I required some documents and called Ajay regarding the same.

Ajay said that he is in office but the documents are at his home inside the table drawer. He said he will call his wife and tell her to keep those documents aside and

I can go and collect them from her.

I went to his home after half an hour to collect those documents. Meanwhile Ajay called his wife and she was ready with those documents.

I knocked Ajay’s door and his wife opened the door. She invited me inside the house. I was falling short of time to finish my work so I opened my mouth to come straight to the point.

Sachin: “Ajay…”

Shilpa: “yeah. He called me. Here are your documents”

Sachin” thank you Shilpa”

I checked those documents. Those are all I wanted and I was about to leave just then Shilpa said “Sachin. Please, sit for some time. I made tea for both of us”

though I was in a hurry, I could not say no to Shilpa. So I sat down again.

sachin:” where is the baby?”

While handing me a cup of tea, she said” she’s sleeping.

This is when I saw her close. I couldn’t help noticing her eyes were red. I thought she had a long fucking session with her hubby last night and couldn’t get enough sleep and I just smiled at her.

She understood this different smile of mine and asked me the reason for this smile. I tried my best to avoid answering the question, but after she repeatedly asked me,

I told her my guess. She did not say anything and her face became pale and dull.

I asked her” Shilpa…what’s the matter? I am sorry if I blabbered something rubbish”

Shilpa” no Sachin. that’s OK” she added” it’s true that I did not have proper sleep but it’s not because of sex with Ajay”

Sachin:“ohh ok… then what’s the reason?”

Shilpa opened her mouth after a brief silence” I was not feeling well over the past one week. Ajay would have told you. Didn’t he?”

Sachin “ no Shilpa. He didn’t tell me anything. What happened? You can tell me if it’s not too personal.”

Shilpa” no Sachin…That’s OK. You are not an outsider to hide such things. Last week, I slipped and fell down in bathroom and hurt my back and sometimes I get severe back pain and I go through Hell during that period. Last night was one of those instances and I couldn’t sleep whole night”

Sachin “Haven’t you consulted a doctor or apply moov?”

Shilpa” yeah. We did. But it was of no use”

Sachin” then consults a different doctor or a chiropractor. They will have some good techniques to cure such pains”

shilpa:” Ajay is dead against consulting a chiropractor or taking a massage. I am also reluctant to get a massage.”


Shilpa:” I feel getting massage very awkward. The touch of a stranger on my body feels very irritating.”

I smiled at this. and said” I understand” and further added” then why don’t you get a full body massage from your hubby itself”.

Shilpa: “Ajay?? He doesn’t have time for all this. Moreover he doesn’t know any such techniques.”

Sachin:” Shilpa… it’s not about knowing any techniques to relieve from pain. It’s the touch that matters. It’s the soothing feeling and relaxation, the key thing here is the touch of someone you trust. And moreover, the first and foremost thing while getting a massage is you should be relaxed. Then only the massage will have its effect. You will be more relaxed getting such massage from your hubby and it can also lead to something intimate. You know what I mean” and I smiled.

Shilpa understood what I was trying to say and blushed but still looked puzzled. I guess she became horny over this conversation.

I finished my tea and I was getting late for the work for which I took leave from office. I advised her to take good care of her health and bid her goodbye and left.

Over the next one week I got completely immersed in work at office and couldn’t go to Ajay’s house. I also did not enquire about Shilpa’s back pain from Ajay since I did not know about it through Ajay. And if I ask Ajay, it may lead to misunderstandings in his house. So I thought I will ask Shilpa directly when I meet her in person.

The subsequent week, I and Ajay thought of going to office together to discuss some official things on the way. I got ready in the morning and went to Ajay’s house.

Ajay was in toilet and was getting ready for office. I sat in the living room. Shilpa got some tea for me.

I greeted her and asked about her back pain.

Shilpa:“it’s no better Sachin. In fact it’s got worse.”

Sachin:” Haven’t you consulted any other doctor?”

Shilpa:“yeah we did. He referred a chiropractor.”


Shilpa:” as you know, both me and Ajay are reluctant on this idea”

Sachin:“ok. Then you should have asked Ajay to rub your back and do some massage.”

Shilpa:” I asked him. But he doesn’t believe those things will ever work.”

Sachin:” yeah…I know he is pretty orthodox and I doubted if he will agree. But as I said it’s not only about relieving pain, such massage can get intimate and you will forget your back pain.”

Shilpa:” yeah. I understood what you are saying. But Ajay is not interested.”


Shilpa:” Sachin, can I ask you something?”

Sachin:” yeah sure Shilpa”

Shilpa:” if you don’t mind, can you give me a massage?”

I was like “whaaaaat?”

Just then Ajay got ready and came to living room. Shilpa noticed him and quickly changed the topic. I was still in deep shock and unable to believe if Shilpa actually said that. I and Ajay started to office. On our way to office we tried to discuss some office related matters, but I could barely concentrate on those things.

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