Hot Sex With A Hot Marine

My Best Fuck Ever, By An American Hero Returning From Afghanistan

I have to tell this story to someone, but have no one to tell it to. This is 150% true and happened on Sunday April 21, 2013. My husband decided he wanted to see me with another man. We ended up posting ads online to find a guy to fuck me. A guy in the Marines came across the ad, started emailing me and eventually talked me into coming over to his barracks late one night while my hubby was gone and without him knowing. This guy was so fucking hot that I just couldn’t resist. He was very convincing as well.

The Marine (we’ll call him Ryan) was on decompression after a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan. He sneaked me up to his room and past his roommates very quietly. I sat down on his bed, took off my shoes and jacket and we just talked for a few minutes. Ryan got up to turn the lights off so we could just cuddle since it was about 4am, and when he climbed back into the tiny twin bed I could feel that he took his shirt off. I could feel all of his muscles. I ran my hand over his chest and stomach and he gently kissed me on the forehead. He was trying to be such a gentleman. I told Ryan that I wanted him to spoon me, he replied “Good. I was about to break a rule” (no kissing for when my hubby shares me). He turns me over and wraps his muscley arms around me and starts kissing and rubbing my shoulder lightly. He asks if I want him to stop and of course I tell him that I like it. He grabs me hard and starts kissing my neck and i spin my head around and our lips touch. We start making out and feeling each others tongues. He’s a great kisser.

He throws the blanket off of us and sits up, pulling me up with him. He grabs the back of my hair in his fist and pulls hard, jerking my head back and kissing biting my neck and ears. With his other hand, Ryan puts his hand up the back of my shirt and unsnaps my bra. He stops kissing me and I wrap my legs around him. He pulls my shirt and bra off so easily and reaches down and squeezes my tits. He roughly pushes me back down onto the bed and spreads my legs. He goes down on me and eats my pussy out so amazingly. Using full tongue and fingering deep and every once in a while, licking off my juices that are dripping out of my wet pussy.

He pulls me to the edge of the bed and kneels on the floor and continues eating me out until I’m about to cum, then he stops and I sit up and grab his head and kiss him deep. I reach down and feel his hard dick through his pt shorts. I pull them down as far as i can exposing his cock and run my hands across his tight Marine ass. He pulls his shorts the rest of the way off and crawls back up on the bed and straddles me, tells me that I’m absolutely gorgeous and starts kissing me again. I grab his cock and start rubbing it slowly.

He then asked me if i give head and trust me, I’m more than happy to help out a hot Marine. I give him an amazing bj for a few minutes and he leans up and kisses me. I have tons of his precum in my mouth. He’s throwing his head back and moaning and then he stops me, tells me “Baby, I’m going to bring you to orgasm” and starts eating me out again. In about 2 minutes I’m cumming and he reaches up and puts his hand over my mouth, keeping me silent so that I don’t wake up his room mates. (We could have both got in so much trouble) I ask him if he has anything (condoms)…he doesn’t. I don’t. We weren’t expecting to fuck. I was just supposed to come over and hang out and talk because none of us could sleep.

He tells me that it takes him a long time to get off from just head and the only thing that would get him off would be sex. I deny. I can’t risk getting pregnant from this stranger. I straddle him and we start talking and I slowly start grinding my hips and pussy hard on his still hard cock until finally he reaches back and puts his fingers inside me and says “Holy shit, babe, you’re so wet.” I said to him “That’s because I want you so bad, but I know I can’t have you”. After a few minutes of me grinding on him and him throwing his head back and moaning like he’s about to cum, he looks deep at me and says “Do you want to anyway?” I have to think about it for a minute…but I finally agree.

The second that I say ok, he shoves his cock deep inside me, making me ride him hard. After about 5 minutes of me fucking his hot Marine brains out he says kind of loudly, “I’m cumming” and he pulls out and cums all over his stomach and the sheets. Then he says, “Ok, I’ve got good news and bad news…(gives me a rough kiss)the bad news is that it’s all over the bed…the good news is that I can keep going but I’ll be more sensitive.” Trust me. I’m all for going again. He flips me over and says, “You’re going to love this, baby. You’ll be able to feel me so deep inside you.” He flips me over onto my stomach and starts fucking my pussy so hard while I’m lying perfectly flat. He puts his hand over my mouth to keep me from moaning too loudly again and after only a few minutes, he cums again. All over my back though. He wipes it up with the already dirty sheets then tells me that he can still keep going. We go at it again but for about 10 minutes now until I have to stop him because I can’t take it anymore. I know I’m going to scream and wake everyone up and he’ll get in so much trouble, as will I. We lie down and cuddle and make out for a little bit until I have to get up to sneak out before the roommates wake up for briefings.

We get dressed, he gives me a hug and deep kiss, tells me how amazing everything was then walks me out to my car. I leave and we haven’t spoken since. My hubby knows nothing. This was the hottest sex I’ve ever had…with the hottest man I’ve ever seen. I’m 21. He’s 30. And I hope to God he didn’t get me pregnant. God bless the Marines. All I was doing was supporting the troops coming home from Afghanistan.

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