Honoring An Adult Auction

First Married Couple Encounter

I just heard of an adult auction on a private social network, I’ve always wondered what it would be like being a third person with another open minded couple. Its been 6 years since the passing of my wife and I have had no luck with a new relationship, so I thought what to hell, I’m game and curious. My email address showed a response that needed my acceptance right away, as not to lose out on the opportunity. Opening the email I felt like a teen again, excited but nervous at the same time. I got the email with a picture of an elderly couple and a note, If I accept it will be held at their home this weekend, friday night 8 pm through midnight sunday for an amount agreed upon to be donated to a charity of my choice, upon agreeing a copy of the donation notice to be emailed to me to provide the couple with at a prominent restaurant to start the adventure. I agreed to the donation and the terms of the weekend.

I had sent them a brief description of myself, the reason I thought I would be a great sex partner and 3 photos of myself, one dressed in casual dress,one naked front view and back view. I received a short message on my photos, saying very nice, we look forward to your services, no extreme kink or extreme pain also no water sports. My stomach tightened is response but they seemed like a very nice couple and after all the adventure and donation was the point any ways.

Myself 5’11”, 200 lbs, a short neat facial beard, balding hair, about 612 inch cut, small 32 inch waist and a tiny tight butt. Also a key point to this venture was I’m bi-curious, never been with a male of any type, so yes a complete virgin. The elderly couple were quite attractive, she about 5’6” gray shoulder length hair, around 185 lbs, small busted in the breast department, a bit of a belly and ass to die for. Him thinning gray hair, 6’, 285 lbs, very well hung 9”, heavy belly and ass, clean shaven face and body, he was also extremely insistent on my being bi and willing to see to all of their needs, other than the exceptions that they have stated. This couple comes from money dress very well and have a sexy appearance about themselves in mind and appearance. A limo was to pick me up at 7:30 to bring me to the restaurant, to their home and back to my place at the end of the weekend. A package was also delivered to me a dress shirt, trousers, socks and shoes, this stuff must have cost them several hundred, and a note no under wear to be worn the entire weekend, and you must clean out your bowel track.

The clock was ticking down, looking in the mirror my stomach jittery but I was looking forwards to the weekend, I hadn’t heard anything from the couple since the package. The door bell rings and the driver of the limo stands hands folded and waiting patiently, walks me to the door, opens it then closing the door and back in behind the wheel. My name is Charles, I’ll be your driver this weekend, please feel free to enjoy the champagne in the holder. We’ll be at the restaurant in 25 minutes and then off we went.

After downing a couple glasses, I start to feel the buzz and we arrive in front of the restaurant, have a nice dinner sir I hear as a door man opens my door and walks me to the waiting table. I meet the couple, she hugs me and softly slides her hand over my crotch, umm I hear escape her lips, he approaches me shacks my hand, hugs me and grabs firmly on my ass cheeks and squeezes also sounding his approval. Shall we be seated.

Would you like something to drink, he asks. Pouring me a glass of champagne, his wife expresses, please forgive us as we have also never done this before. We are very sexually active and experiment when we can and have learned to relax and enjoy what comes our way. We are very pleases in your desires and need to satisfy us and also think you are extremely sexy. even my husband gets hard just looking at your pics, especially that small tight ass. He gets so hot he mounts me no matter what I’m doing, he hasn’t been this horny in weeks. Don’t get me wrong we have sex several times a day but the freshness you have give us is exceptional. As you will see later my husband is capable of multiply orgasms each and every day and also myself, especially with my strap on, I love pegging a firm tender ass, I cum each and every time and lately multiply times each secession.

Shall we eat he exclaims as the first round is served. He is quiet but forceful when he talks, shes is an open book to all the adventures we will be enjoying, and flirty as her feet never touch the floor and are constantly rubbing and pushing into my hardening cock, as she blushes and drinks her champagne. And every now and then one of her hands disappear under the table as she strokes her husbands cock, and he starts to slouch in his seat. Suddenly he drops his fork under the table and asks me if I would be kind enough to riveter it for him. Thank god we are in a dark section of the restaurant, nobody even tries to bother us. I see his wife smile and her face lights up with excitement as she looks at her husband. As I slip under the table I see her sitting there with her legs open, her husbands hand fingering her and his pants unzipped and open fully. Do you see the fork he asks, yes I stammer, good now please crawl over to my open pants and suck the hot cream out of it before I start to explode all over myself, and use your fingers to continue fingering my wife as she must also be getting close to cumming. Hurry now the second course will be coming to the table soon.

The aroma of sex was strong under the table, she slouched further down in her seat, raising the dress even higher. She had a fresh shaven crotch and the lips were swollen and dripping with her vaginal juices. I reached over and started playing with her clit and eased a finger in, then two, using a slower pace to start then increased the pace faster and deeper. Settling in between is open legs, his belly and then that massive hunk of meat, I had little room to maneuver. She new my dilemma and her hand grabbed the base of his cock, pointed it in my direction and using strong squeezing short strokes helped to keep it primed and ready. My tongue reached out and licked the sweet smelling precum, then swirled around its giant size mushroom head. I had all I could do to open my mouth large enough to let it enter in my wet hungry mouth, slowly sucking at the soft mushroom top and pressing it further in my mouth. At the same time I heard air of pleasure escape his lungs, my thumb found its was to his wife’s tight asshole, and rubbed and pressed to gain entrance. Her deep sigh must have been the sign that all hell was about to break loose, her hips heaved and arched forward upwards and grinding quickly. Her grip on his cock squeezed and pumped faster and rapidly, then the unmistakable throbbing and pulsating as his cock pressed further in my mouth. The first explosion caught be off guard and now I had to swallow much quicker and still the semen is just running out of my mouth, over my lips and down the front of my unbuttoned shirt, down between my breasts and on to my stomach. I feel both his hand grab each side of my head, pull me in closer and he shacks with the last of his load. He stopped just at a point of my gagging. After giving them a moment to gain control of themselves, I was asked to join them back in my seat.

Raising up I settled in my seat, reaching for my napkin to wipe the semen from my lips, chin and down my neck and on my stomach. The couple are busy tongue kissing deep and passionately, she speaks softly oh no wiping up that’s my job, as they break away from their kissing, she rises up from her seat, comes over to me and licks my lips and chin off of the semen. Looks back at her husband and says your very tasty sweetheart, nice load, then she returns licking down my neck and opens my shirt further so she can get to all the remaining semen, only stopping for a moment at each nipple to suck and bite briskly at each one, then back to cleaning up my chest and belly. Her husband watching and staring at her ass, then asking her, who tasty is he, and her thoughts an my reaction on biting my nipples. Very nice she replies, soft tender, sweet, smooth and quick to respond to hardening. then she returns to her seat. Looking down at her husband she replies I think we made a very good choice, who was his oral skills she asks him, he was a little unsure at first but I think we are going to have a wonderful weekend, and his fingering ability he asks her, very knowledgeable. Button yourself up while I pour something more to drink.

The main menu arrives just as I finish buttoning up, the waitress asks him, how is everything tonight sir. Very good he exclaims very good. We talked during dinner and they explained how great I represented myself to their needs and how horny I made them feel and they needed to discover just what my experience was so they could judge what was going to take place during the next 2 days.

During dessert I was asked to stand, unbutton, unzip and lower my trousers. A little embarrassed I did what was asked, I had to admit this move only increased my cock size in excitement. She just stared and licked her lips, now then, turn around he said, so I did as he asked, you could hear the joy in his voice at the firmness of my small ass, bend forward slightly he said and reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me, please. Run one of your fingers slowly over your anus for me, as I did the sighs of pleasure could be heard as my asshole quivered to the touch, yes he said, I’m going to enjoy you very very much and often. What do you think darling he asks his wife, yes I agree, she asks, would you please wet your middle finger sir and press it into your asshole for me. Yes slowly, just a little more pressure, and a little more, as I found myself knuckle deep as she coaxed me on. All the time my anus muscles squeezing and pushing at my finger. Ok, that is fine for now, please buckle up and be seated, so we can have another drink and then head off the the mansion. One more thing, would you please allow us the pleasure of sniffing your middle finger. I straightened it and pointed it a her first, she held my hand still as she sniffed and then a small lick of my finger, tasty, then passed my hand to her husband, he also sniffed it drew it close to his nose and then his mouth, at that point he sucked my entire finger in his mouth and licked and sucked it clean. Damn his is the best topping for a dessert I have had in a long time. Still licking and sucking he says you have the best and sweetest ass I think I have ever had, with one exception of my wife’s of course. She smiles at him and says I agree sweetheart, love his flavor.

Shall we go he says, and we rise from the table. It wasn’t until that time that I noticed a small red and green light at the entrance of the room, secluded and dark away from the main floor. So that’s why we had so much privacy I thought to myself, very interesting. The staff escorted us out and to the limo, have a good night sir, they exclaim and smile. The driver opens the door as we enter and get seated. The driver closed the door and returns behind the wheel. We shall be at the mansion in one hour sir he says , then closes the window behind him.

His wife was sitting between us and took no time in removing our trousers and shirts. She kisses her husband and asks, would you care to fuck him on the way home,darling. No I think I would like to have him worship me on the trip, my tits, belly, cock and balls. While you have your way with him also,she smiles and removes her dress. They kiss and caress each other, showing the love between them, she licks his nipple and then swallows his soft cock, this is a very exciting show and I jump to attention with my cock in hand. She see and hears my breathing and informs me not to stroke it to much, the reward in side is hers when she is ready. Lets switch seats, you sit sideways with your back next to my husband, that way I can work on you while you service my husband. She kneels on the floor on my other side, giving her full access to my body, bending forward she tongue kisses me while her husband, kisses, nibbles and rubs my back. All you can hear in the back seat is the sound of excitement and pleasure. And the , yes you feel and taste so good.

She kisses and bites at my lips and down my chest, over each nipple and sucking and biting hard at each nipple, then down to my expanding cock. I turn to face him and work my way down to his chest. As stated earlier he is a large man and I would estimate his tits to be a B size cup, I cup and squeeze his tits together as I lick and suck at his hardening nipples. I feel a warm mouth engulf my cock and she shows her ability to deep throat, my shaft is burred balls deep and she sucks me like a baby nursing. She was able to keep the entire length fully down for several seconds before needing to pull back up and get fresh air. After several strokes then more sucking she licks down the shaft and engulf my balls, in the mean time

I have worked my way down over his large belly and down to that enormous cock. I still can’t believe the size of this cock its Hugh, very thick and I have no idea how this would ever fit in my mouth or my small tight ass. She spreads my legs wide giving her access to me and continues the licking and slurping, feeling her hands cup my ass cheeks and spreading them as she sucks my balls, my mouth is now hovering just over his cock head. Licking the slit of its semen seeping out, my mouth opens wide as I gasp to the sudden surprise of her forcing her middle finger abruptly in to my asshole, at that same time he surprises me with the entrance of his cock head into my mouth. Hearing her say, oh my god sweetheart he his very tight, he pulls my head down and slowly presses his cock forward entering most of his cock in my throat, again just stopping as I start to gag. Yes she says again as she with draws and then plunges forward again, this is got to be the tightest and or sweetest ass I have ever had she says. He withdraws and enters again this time sending most of this large cock down my throat, and he moans yes and he has a lovely mouth also. Not sure what I’m supposed to do being impaled in both ends at the same time, I hear both of them say relax, just let yourself relax, in a warm and calming voice. Baby you are going to enjoy this tight ass and the flavor I will tell you about in just a minute. She parts my ass cheeks wide and then licks and tongue fucks me. I hear him as he pulls out of my mouth, stroke me slowly and suck my balls. I was actually start to relax and feel like my nuts are going to explode as she eats my ass, keeps spreading my ass cheeks a parts and fingers me in between her sucking and licking. How is the taste he says as she continues to eat me, she reply’s sweet and extremely tight as his asshole clings and squeezes at my tongue and finger. Nice I hear him exclaim as she stretches out and tongue kisses, allowing him to taste the flavor for him self, as he hold her face still and laps and licks at her lips and tongue, sweet he says. She pulls back and straddles my legs, holding my cock in hand she guides me into her swollen wet pussy, arching back, pressing down with all her might , she says oh yes this is a great cock. He taste good and fucks good, its will be your turn when we get home baby, as she reaches over again and kisses him him deep passion, arching and bucking as they kiss, At this point I feel his cock start to expand and start to throb. I am so horny at this time all I can think of is sucking that load out of his cock, so I open my mouth and start working my way down, sucking and stroking. Just then she starts to tremble and moan as she fucks deeper and faster at my cock. At the same time he tenses up and his cock expands what feels like double its size as the first wave erupts filling my mouth. I move up his shaft and concentrate on licking and sucking at the head as I stroke him the full length fast and firmly, and also feel myself shudder as I cum deep inside his wife. I swallow and lick every drop as his cock starts to soften and she collapses on my chest. It must have been quite the sight all of us cumming and moaning as the smell of semen fills the air.

A speaker sounds as the driver says we are at the mansion now. We dress and the door opens, did you have a nice evening sir , he asks, yes and its going to get even better, he exclaims. Walking us to the mansion door he opens it and then closes it leaving us alone. Another drink he asks and then walks to the bar and pours more for us. His wife takes off her dress and lets it drop to the floor, I must say she is extremely sexy looking and knows what and when to do and act that way.

Setting her drink down she walks over to her husband and lowers his trousers, opens his shirt and let that drop to the floor. Walking around behind him she kneels, kisses his ass and spread his large chubby ass cheeks. Oh yes, she says another lovely ass for me to eat, an then buries her face between his ass cheeks. Well what are you waiting for he says, strip out of those cloth, I want to see your body in full light, and now turn around, spread your legs and reach and touch the floor in front of you. As I did so he made this almost wolf type sound, small firm and yes I can see quite tight, spread those cheeks fully for me to gaze at and don’t let go until I say so.

Looking through my parted legs upside down, I could see he started to pull at his nipples, moan and then slowly stroke his soft cock. I could still only think, damn even soft its still enormous. His wife stands up licking her lips and walks towards me, stopping right behind me. Oh smell his sweet ass hon, she reaches out, grabs both my hips and walks up behind me. Grinding and humping my ass, thrusting her now wet dripping pussy into my ass, or as much as she could. Then steps back wets her finger and fucks me a half dozen full thrusts, Stops and walks over to her husband, allowing him to lick and suck her finger, while still stroking his now growing cock. You may stand up now he says, and walks toward the bar, presses a few buttons and the lights dim, a king size bed rolls out and flames appear in the fireplace.

On the end of the bed post are leather straps, another button rolls out a cushion covered waist high table, setting neatly at one end is a stain leather strap and a strap-on with a harness. His wife walks over and stands beside the table, come here hun, she says, time for some you and me time. She sits on the table spread her legs and says time to eat now, oh and don’t forget my tits,at the same time her husband lays on the bed and says hes just going to watch and drink some more while its her turn.

Come here she says as I walk over to her, up between her legs, she reaches out and hugs me deep and tight. Biting at my ear she say make me cum in your mouth and maybe I’ll do the same for you. Cupping my face in her hands we kiss and our tongues entwine, swirling, and poking deep into each others wet warm mouths, she say, you are a very passionate kisser, I like that a lot and we continue to kiss as our bodies rub together. My hands make my way down her sides, over her ass and I sigh. Taking my lips away from her mouth for just a second, I love you soft body and that great ass of yours, then kiss her deeply again. She swirls her hips and arches into my stiffening cock, and her hand reach and pull sharply at my nipples, you like that she says, as she opens her mouth and bites hard on the nipple, my cock starts to soften. Oh don’t worry about your cock right now, and she continues biting each nipple. Pulling them while in her teeth, making her grip harder and a bit more painful. I had to admit, even though it hurt it had a strange feeling warming me from the inside out. I was getting horny and my cock was just limp, enjoying the relaxing warm feeling.

Her hands made their way down to my cock and she bit harder at my nipples,I know how to keep you in check and getting horny all at the same time. How do you like it hun. Just as I was about to say, I like, she sucked very hard on my nipple and I thought it was going to go crazy from the pleasure, then she squeezed my balls hard. Ohh escapes from my lips. I like causing a little pain while I play she says.

Feeling I would return the favor, I reached for her breasts and lowered my mouth to receive them, squeezing firmly I pulled her tits towards my face and licked both nipples, up, down and across, before sucking at them both. Oh, I like , I hear her say, will you chew on my pussy and clit the same way? Yes, mam I say, if that’s your wish. Oh , I’m going to enjoy you. Sucking, licking, biting and pulling at her breasts. One hand slips to her clit and with thumb and for finger spread and squeeze for swollen clit. A load sigh escapes her lips, yes, darling yes, that’s my boy , as her eyes close and her head tilts back. Then with thumb and middle finger I work at her clit and finger fuck her at the same time. Reaching deep inside her I feel the g-spot and slide my finger over it, Damn yes, I hear her say, you do know where it is. And she bucks at my finger wildly and with no mercy. Enough, enough she says, just eat me now, pushing my head down to her waiting pussy.

She spread her pussy open and I lick up the full length and then swirl over her clit, she grabs my face and pulls it as deep as possible into her pussy as she grinds at my nose and lips, yes, yes I hear her say. Now my ass too, as she reaches and spreads the cheeks wide. lick it, lick it. Now tongue fuck my asshole and back and forth to my clit and pussy, hurry, I don’t think I can wait much longer. That statement wasn’t quite true, I must have tongue fucked her ass and pussy for another half hour, before her grabbing ruffly to the sides of my face, held me tight at her clit, as she erupted over and over. Fucking full force at my face , my lips and tongue were getting sore. Screaming in pleasure she held me tight up against her pussy as she soaked my face with her love juices.

She released me and stood up from the table, asked me to walk forward towards the bed and lean over the table. Strapping my hands in the leather straps, she also adjusted the height of the table to be more accommodating. Then walked over to her husband and deep throat ed his massive cock, bobbing up and down faster and faster, then stopping when she had him ready, she engulfed the entire 9” and sucked every drop of cum out of the explosive cock, you could see her throat swallowing each drop, she never raised up off the cock until it was empty. As she stood back up all you could hear was his moans of pleasure and her happy giggly sounds, until she spoke. I could see our show worked you up my darling, and I love the time we are having.

Oh I can see by the way you have him strapped, you are going to be the first to explore his tight ass, making it ready for my cock. And he smiled and they kissed again long and hard. The morning sun is getting ready to rise, we should take some time for nourishment. Yes darling she says.

She walks over , kneels between my legs, spreads them and just licks my asshole for a few minutes, then rises and unstraps me. As I stood , she asks how are you doing this weekend so far.

I can’t believe its morning already, its been a great adventure so far, and I look forward to more, thank you, I say.

Good, there are towels and a bathrobe for you in the bathroom, I’ll have the chief get us some breakfast.

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