Holidaying With A School Friend: Part 2

I took my shower earlier the next morning. I usually do not mind showering with Cora, but today was different, I did not want her to see the welts on my bottom. Unfortunately, Cora had also decided to take an early shower.

“Morning, Anna”

“What! Oh morning Cora”

“Anna, your bottom, Alex?”


“Did he?”


“Were you?”

“Yes, he was the first boy I had sex with”

“Poor Anna”

“Cora, has he done it to you?”

“The spankings and canings yes, sex no”


“Truthfully, he does not like me seeing him in his boxers, let alone naked”

“Anna, what was his excuse to cane you?”

“He claimed that I broke his ipod”

“But, he was listening to it last night”

“He lied”

“Anna, I think a little revenge would be in order”

“Yes, I think it is”

We crept into Alex’s room; he was sleeping on top of it in his boxers. Cora removed two pairs of handcuffs from a draw and two lengths of rope. Very quietly we fixed one end of the cuffs to the bedpost, then hastily closed the other end around Alex’s hands. We then flipped his legs over and secured them.

He was awake by then and not looking very happy, but he at least still had his boxers on, or so he thought. Cora produced a pair of scissors and cut them off. He was blushing, I don’t think he minded be naked in front of me, but Cora was a different matter.

“Anna, Cora Please untie me”

We did not answer; each of us had a hairbrush, which we used to good effect; one buttock each and a lot of light smacks. His bottom reddened nicely, the blows stung, but were not delivered with any great force” Then Anna said

“Twenty Four”

The look on Alex’s face was a treat.

Our first blows landed simultaneously, Alex lets out a scream”

His mum called up

“Alex, is everything alright?”

Cora answered

“It’s OK mum Alex stubbed his toe on the door, I will take care of it”

“Thank you dear”

We then carried on with the hairbrushes; Alex did not make a sound as the rest of the blows fell. It then stopped. Alex relaxed, but not for long.

“Anna I would like to see my brother cum.”

Alex looked horrified. I began stroking his swollen cock. It was already well lubricated with pre-cum. As I built up speed, the look on Alex’s face changed. He was using every ounce of his self-control not to orgasm, he did well holding out for a considerable time. However, when he did cum he did so very powerfully and a jet of cum shot up into the air. Cora gave a little clap

“Well-done, Anna, well-done, Alex”

She smiled then left. I untied Alex and Left him to clean himself up.

An hour later Alex joined Cora and me in her bedroom.

We thought he might be looking for some revenge. He was, however remarkably subdued.

“Anna, Cora a deal”

“What will that be, Alex?”

“I still get to punish you and Anna, but in turn you can punish me, we will switch”

“Interesting word Alex where did you learn it”

Alex blushed

“Somewhere or other”

Anna grinned, I had a feeling she knew where he had learned it”

Cora quickly said

“It’s a deal Alex”

I followed in suite.

After Lunch, the three of us made our way to the beach, when we arrived we striped off; Anna and I was wearing thongs and were topless. Alex was in his trunks; it was then Cora produced another pair of thongs.

“Alex, you can wear these”

He started to protest, then seeing the look on Cora’s face he gave in. We were all lying there, just wearing thongs. The looks we got from the other people on the beach caused us all to chuckle.

Later, when the beach had cleared, I turn to Alex

“Did you know that when you fucked me, I was a virgin?”


“Fine, now I am going to fuck you in front of Cora”

Striping of his thongs I started to work his cock with my mouth going up and down on its full-length. Soon he was very hard; I stripped of my thongs and straddled him slipping his cock into my pussy.

I just sat there for a good five minutes feeling his full-length inside me, and then I started to go up and down on him. Slowly at first then more and more frantically, I do not think I had felt so good in a long time. The sensation of his cock penetrating me plus the look on Cora’s face (she was by now naked and very wet) tipped me over the edge and I orgasmed, a full squirting orgasm, Alex came soon afterwards.

We then both looked at Cora, she was breathing very heavily and her fingers were deep inside her pussy. It took her fifteen minutes to orgasm, but when she did her whole body shock.

We then dressed ourselves and made our way home. A long languid walk in the setting sun, a bond had been forged between us, but where would lead.

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