Harry A Sex Tell

All charters ARE 18 thanks enjoy

Harry potter a fuck tell

It was the last day before they half to got back to Hogwarts

They were alone Ginny was making tea for Hermione she was think to her self all the time Harry keeps look AT her when she around.

Time to fined out she went up stair to bring Hermione her tea witch she add a truth serum to it and a love potion to give it a little kick. Hey baby her u go be careful its hot like u she smile big. Ginny thanks Hermione said

Ask she took a sip mmm it so good went will ir mom and dad be back not for awhile like most of the day and evening she watches her drink up all her tea. Hermione is wearing her favorite night gown form Victoria seceret is black and sexy looking still the question is on her mind that was a great cup of tea Ginny really. Wow if feel hot need to take a bath Hermione says.

Ginny remembering what Ron show her of the horcrux

Last year still look at Hermione now only wearing just a pair of black panties her nice small breast witch her nipples are hard fill the tub up with hot water and soap. Hermione come hear please for a min with a away of her wand the water stop she grabs Hermione wand and put in her lock box. Just in time. Hermione walks in still wear just a sexy pare of panties yes Ginny I try to take a bath Ginny look down at the mirror on the floor ask

Did u fuck Harry last year Ron told me of the horcrux

And I keep thinking about it it just u and me here time to come clean. Ginny it was a

A mistake it was my fault not Harry I was lonely and horny

I seduce him it was not his fault it was mine I know he was yours but I gave in to my selfness be mad at me not him she was almost crying.

A little scared and shock Ginny pointing her wand at her ask one last question do u love him yes or no. Hermione look at her remembering the night she made love to Harry

Yes I do Ginny.

Ginny walk over to Hermione

Her spell pin her up agents the wall it all right she fells Hermione body you have a great body she lick her left breast and softly feels the right

She kiss her chest right wear her heart is then she kiss

Hermione lips and said love me too her spell come off Hermione is kiss her back she help her take her night gown off Harry walk in and just stand their Ginny with a wave of her wand put Harry’s

invisible cloak on him before Hermione can see him a voice in his head of Ginny said just watch my love u will get ur turn I know the truth now let me have her first then u can fuck her too her spell fall over him he stand their stroking his cock. Ginny is on top slow kissing Hermione deeply she grabs her breast hard tell me u love him again she begin kiss her down her body yes I love Harry potter.

Ginny is pull of her panties witch she tosses at Harry

As she goes down on Hermione tell me why Ginny asks. They way he talks her rich and so good look mmm she grab Ginny hair as she lick her pussy mmm yes Ginny he has a big cock with fill me ahh Ginny is fingering her pussy still licking up the juices that are flowing from it

She pull out a love potion from under the bed a special one she got fore just this moment she took a swallow for her self and take a huge drink she kiss her way back up to Hermione lips then kiss her letting the potion and her spit fills Hermione mouth full to her delight Hermione swallows it with out hesitation. Ginny drag her wand from Hermione pussy with she was rubing with up her body going AROUND each of her breast still kiss her then ahe show her it as it turn in to a huge dildo with two ends in the shape of a penis as it come’s to life as shoves one end up her ass and the other end up her pussy the wand did the rest bask a forth it trust hard and harder fuck them like a machine yes Ginny cries out.

Oh god Hermione scream out Ginny kiss her Hermione squeezes Ginny breast witch are bigger then her she kiss them as they flap back and forth ahaha their voices join together AHAHA AHAHAHA OHHH HARRY

FUUUUUCCKKKKKKYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH . HARRY is rock hard a feel his clothes falling off now Ginny says Harry who do u love he walk over to them Hermione just smiles and blushes a little I love u Ginny and I want to be with he kiss her lips and feels her back he look down at Hermione she sit up a little he bend down to her. Hermione I love u too I always have you’re the most gift wizard I every meet he kiss her she grabs his neck and kiss him back harry put his hand on her pussy and starts fingering it. Ginny stop them and says now let not waste the bath. Harry kisses Ginny and pick up Hermione she kiss Harry again as he turn to the bathroom Hermione look up at the ceiling and spot a camera recording the event

She look back a Ginny and mouths bitch so that Harry can’t hear to witch Ginny reply’s sluts as the camera flot above her shoulders

Just then harry make her float in then air above the bath water long enough to kiss her the she falls in the tub with a huge splash. Ginny walk over that my harry fuck her good and rough boy she smack his ass he kiss as Hermione pop up HARRY SHE YELL be he was feel Ginny breast then push her in to. U keep that up u don’t ur not getting any pussy boy Harry walk under the shower as it come on get over her Hermione so I can make out with u he smiles at her as she kiss Ginny one more time patience Harry good things come to those who wait as Hermione goes back to making out with Ginny. Harry Ginny voice says get the chains and cuff ready. Fuck her like u dream of fuck now it maybe be ur on time if ur life u get to do her the way u always want to

He get everything ready for her just in time to hear Ginny orgasm he see Hermione raise up between her leg lick her lip mmm your pussy is good Ginny grabs her for one more kiss then smack her ass go fuck my boyfriend he waited long enough she look to her right to see a long black pair of high boots and stockings he watches with joy as she slowly put then on and walks over to him he hold her hand and help under the show she kiss him softly he cuffs the first cuff then kiss her back and cuffs the second her hold her face and look at her for a min then he kiss her again he pick up the bottle of soap and put some in his hand he begins to wash her body first he soap up her breast slowly working his way down then her belly and pubic hair then her legs the take the show head of and wash the soap off her body and boots then he reaches for a smaller shower head and some hot oils come out her raise it to her shoulders hot Harry its hot her leave it in air still spraying her with oils he rubs it in on her neck she just look at him ouch!!!! Harry just bite her neck leaving his mark her begins rubing Hermione breast making them shine then slow he goes down he rub in on her back then her ass then her pussy with she moans out a little then her legs then he grabs her ass and lift her up I so going to love you Hermione . With that Harry starts fuck her first slow her put his cock in her yes Harry yes Hermione says bite ting his neck ahh Harry cries out he trust hard now the sound a him pound her pussy can be heard ahh more Hermione says to Harry he take a mouth full of her breast she look up at Ginny still is watching them feel her self Harry still his tongue in her mouth she does not struggle at all when Harry grab her throat and trust his cock deeper and hard in her pussy yes Harry that right give it to me ahh they are both breathing heave now

They kiss one last time as the reach their climax ahh Harry cries out as he fill her womb

With sperm. The cuff falls off he hold her tight and says Hermione I will always love you. Ginny come over and says it my turn Harry and Hermione she kiss them both before push Harry down to ride him yes Harry yes u have a big dick o fuck me

Both of you Hermione put on a strap-on and join in on fuck Ginny till Harry cums in her womb with his hot cum they are laying in the bath tub in a embrace that wrap around Harry wow I so luck Harry’s says to have to great love in my life but what about Ron fuck him Hermione and Ginny says Don’t get me wrong Harry I love him two but if u want me again just ask we need to keep this between us so he does not get hurt I agree Ginny kiss him this I one threesome that not need to be a four way under stand wow I never guess I can have it all my way harry saids. Hermione cut him off who says u can’t she kiss him back. Ginny starts laughing what so fun Harry says I wonder if hog warts has a pregnancy clinic Hermione laugh a little two wow I guess we will find out she goes back to kiss Harry potter

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