Going Clubbing

We Meet Some Cougars

I really hate to go clubbing, so I often decline the invitation to do so. It was my friend’s birthday, though, so I had to go this time. I was so bored, so I sat at the bar all night long. Until I encountered the most gorgeous woman I’d seen that night.

I noticed how sexy she looked as she moved her hips around as if to be riding an imaginary dick. She was a mature lady, one could tell by the rest of the group she was with, but still had a great body. But, I never got a good look at her face. Eventhough I don’t like to go clubbing I still enjoy dancing. My fantasy had always been to be with an older woman, so I went behind this terrific body and started dancing with her.

I placed my hands on her hips and started to grind my crotch against her ass. Without turning back she leaned into my crotch and kept dancing. After about just a minute of dancing like this she turned around and shocked the fuck out of me. My mother also froze and appeared to be surprised as well. She then smiled.

Although it was weird, I also smiled and started dancing again. She now wrapped her arms around my neck and kept grinding into my body.

I still couldn’t believe how great Mom looked in jeans. She usually wore loose sweatpants since all she ever does is clean and cook for my father. My mom and I were very close and shared a lot, yet I had no idea she hit up the club. I’m imagining it’s because she was scared my father would find out if she told me. My father and I were under the impression that Saturday nights she went over to her friend’s house to play poker with the girls, but now I know the truth.

My dick was rock hard and my mother seemed to enjoy feeling it as she continued to rub her body against me. She moved closer to whisper in to my ear, “Hi honey, don’t worry about you and I being discovered, my friends have no idea what you look like since they’ve only seen pictures of you as a boy.”

It seemed almost as if her friends read her mind because right after she said that her friends noticed her dancing with me and came closer. They all started dancing around me, sandwiching me between about five of them.

They were all grabbing at my body and it didn’t seem to bother my mother. But then one of her friends reached down for my crotch and my mom stopped her saying, “Hey, I reeled this one in, so this is all mine”, and she grabbed a firm hold of my cock and pulled me out of the crowd by it. It felt so good I almost blasted my pants. She let go and grabbed my hand and pulled me over by the restrooms. She said, “Wait here”, and she entered the ladies’ restroom.

At this point it hit me that what I had done was completely wrong. I started feeling the acid in my stomach churn and give me that terrible feeling one gets when one knows they’re doing something naughty. I would have probably thrown up right there, but Mom finally exited the restroom.

“Wow hun, I never knew you were such a good dancer!”, she said.

I replied, “Well, you being a good dancer doesn’t shock me as much as knowing that you even go out dancing.”

“Come on,” she said and pulled me all the way out the door. As we exited the club she grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her and we walked into the parking lot arm in arm. I had no idea where this was going so I asked, “Where are we going?” She answered, “To my friend’s car, that’s why I went into the restroom, to get her keys.”

So, we arrived at a car to which she opened the back door and instructed me to get in. I got in and scooted over and she also got in and shut the door behind her. Then she said, “You know baby, I don’t usually do this. I do often come to the club with the girls, but I’m not the type to bring a man back to the car. You are special, though. You’re my little boy. But, tonight I realized you’re not a little boy, you’re already a man.”

I was [redacted] and had already fucked a bunch of ho’s from school. So, I had some experience in fucking. I guess my mom was just now realizing it, though.

She continued, “You’re a damn sexy man, too. I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to have a fling with a guy I just met. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, with you and I being so close already. It’s as if we did just meet here tonight, but at the same time already know each other.”

I knew precisely what she meant. This turned that ugly feeling in my stomach into lust. I started to feel as I did when I first walked out to the dance floor. So, I smiled and she, too, smiled back. She then leaned toward me and gave me a soft peck on the lips. She then looked down toward the area between my legs and looked back up with a grin. She had a mischevious grin as she reached down to unzip my pants.

Oh shit, I was feeling good! She pulled my dick out and quickly went to it. Mom sucked like a pro, after all she’d been married to Dad for so long now, so she had to have experience. She would take the entirety of my member into her mouth and suck really hard. Then she’d pull it out and jerk me a few times before engulfing my dick again. I didn’t last too long. I started to moan and tried to pull her head away from my cock so not to come in her mouth, but she jerked my hand away. Mom swallowed all of my cum as I exploded into her throat.

Just as soon as this happened I heard some laughing outside the car. My mother also heard it and lifted her head to see who it was. She said, “Oh, those bitches! They just watched our whole performance.”

They started to open the doors so I quickly stuffed my half hard penis back inside my briefs. “Don’t stop,” one of the girls said, “we didn’t get any hot young studs for ourselves, so at least we figured we could watch our friend get some.”

Mom gave them an angry look and they quickly stopped the joking. She told them to get in the car so that they could leave and she pulled me over to one side to speak to me in private. “Oh darling, I wish our night together could’ve been longer, but….”

I interrupted her to speak to the ladies in the car, “Well, I think there’s a car full of horny ladies who wouldn’t mind the night not yet ending, am I right?” They all started yelling like crazy, horny, sex deprived bitches, which they probably were. “I have a car-full of friends still inside the club who would love to continue with this party.”

They kept yelling in acceptance to my suggestion. My mother grinned and shook her head. “I guess we will be having our fun tonight, so where are we heading to?”

I answered, “Well, my friend’s parents are out of town so we can go there.”

Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “We’ll follow you.”

By that time my friends had loaded their car and driven around the parking lot to find me. So, I jumped into the waiting car and advised them of the good news. They weren’t too happy about me inviting the ladies over without first asking, but once I made it clear that each one of them would get laid, they quickly became excited.

We finally arrived and entered the house. My friend, Paul, quickly went to his father’s den to grab some wine and poured a glass for everyone. Each of our friends quickly paired up and I moved over to sit next to my mother on the love seat.

We quickly picked up where we had left off, kissing and feeling each other up. Once we started, the rest of the group also began having fun. It made me even hotter to hear and see the other ladies making out with my friends. After all, these were married women with kids my age. Yet they were acting like horny girls our age.

One of my mother’s friends, Gina, had already removed her blouse and bra and was enjoying the sucking of her nipples by Paul on the couch. Mark was getting a handjob from Marie on the recliner, and Jake had his hand under Rose’s skirt while they lay on the floor. Rose was moaning like crazy, so loudly and sensually and it turned me on even more.

I kept making out with my mother and started dry humping her viciously. I was so fucking horny. I unbuttoned her blouse and started kissing at her beautiful chest. I unzipped her jeans and stuck my hand into her panty. She was so wet. I lubed my finger and moved on to her clit. I massaged it softly and my mother began moaning.

Jake had now removed Rose’s panties and Rose had pulled down his pants. His dick was standing proudly, showing off all its eight inches of glory.

We had seen each other’s dicks before and knew he had the largest one of all of us. I followed with about seven inches and both Mark and Paul had about six inches of meat.

Rose pulled him into her and he jammed his cock in and she moaned out loudly. As she did Mark also moaned out loud as a result of finally coming, courtesy of the handjob provided by Marie. Paul and Gina had now moved into his bedroom, so who knew what they were up to.

Mom was now moaning rythmically to the motion of my finger on her love button. She was really hot now, so I figured it was now time to move on. I started pulling down at her jeans with a bit of hesitance, but she reached down to help me so I knew she also wanted to move on. As soon as her feet came out of her jeans she sat up and started with getting my jeans off.

Once they were off she turned around and bent over on the love seat. I had never even noticed she had such a nice ass. I climbed on top of her and slowly slid my dick in. This shit was so hot. I never imagined I’d one day be fucking my mom. I reached over and removed her bra and then played with her nipples while I continued to softly fuck her doggy style.

Rose was now getting pounded hard by Jake still in a missionary position on the floor and Mark and Marie had now left to a different part of the house.

My mother had told me about Rose before. She told me that she was the one out of her four closest friends that was slutty and often did these type of things. She was a proper house wife, but still had affairs from time to time. Rather, she did a damn good job of keeping her adulterous relationships a secret. This whole night made me think twice about my own mom and if she really was telling the truth or if she usually picked up guys at the club to fuck.

Jake started screamingly moaning as he came inside of Rose and she whimpered as she received his warm, juicy, explosion.

I kept fucking Mom and she was starting to breath really hard. I was so turned on by her breathing, especially after witnessing the orgasm that Jake and Rose had just shared. I couldn’t hold in any longer and I too came hard inside of Mom’s pussy.

I slowly removed myself from inside of Mom’s hot cunt. Some cum clung between my dick and Mom’s pussy. Mom turned over and she pulled me into her to give me a short, yet passionate kiss. Then we just lay together resting.

Jake and Rose also rested a while. Soon after, my mother asked me to follow her, and I did, into a bedroom. She was shy when she started talking, “I….I….I have never done anything like this before. I’m so ashamed, it’s just that I’d never thought of you as a man before, just as my little boy. And, when you came up behind me and rubbed all over me, I just got so turned on. I was even more turned on when I saw it was you, my baby boy.”

We kissed one last time and I walked her back out to the living room where our exhausted friends were all saying their goodbyes. She said goodbye to the boys, gave me one last peck on the mouth, and walked out to join her friends in the car. Never again did we duplicate the nights events, or even speak of that night at all. But, it was a wonderful night that I’d certainly remember forever.

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