Girl Gets Put In Her Place

Get Back At A Long Time Bully

When I first stared high school, a girl named Denise was always going out of her way to completely ruin my day, she would just always find a way to humiliate me or hurt me, even going so far as to locking me inside a small closet for the entire weekend.a few years later I decided to get even with her, me and her always had to do inventory at the School Store on Saturdays (for getting in trouble), in a back room that the teacher left us for hours to just count pencils.

This was where I was getting back,

That day she was there (early as usual) and was dressed in a white tank top and some shorts, her long dirty blond hair wasn’t done in her usual fashion and through the white tank top I could see she didn’t have a bra on, “their you are loser” she said “lets get this done so I can get home.” I walked in and closed the door, she looked over at me and said “that thing locks as soon as you close it.” I looked at her and said “I know, I have the key.” She stood up and glared at me “Then unlock the door.” She walked towards me.

“if you think I’ll stay in here, locked inside a closet with your ugly ass you got another thing coming.”

I finally got pissed and slapped her, she held her cheek and I pushed her to the ground “I’m real tired of your shit Denise” I said. She looked up at me scared “w-what do you think your doing…” I slapped her again ‘shut up! You don’t talk until I say you can talk, now take off your shirt” she looked up at me stunned, then got angry “you perv! I’m not taking my shirt off for you!” I slapped her again ‘either you do it or I’ll do it for you,” I said taking out a knife

She looked at it wide eyed then glared up at me and took off her shirt and tossed it to one side covering her small A-cup breasts, “see.” I said “Now that’s a good little slut” she kept glaring at me “Now turn around” I said, she turned around and I got her arms and hand cuffed them together.

“what are you going to do to me?” she said trying to sound defiant but I could here a quiver in her voice. I smiled and said “I’m going to get even.” I pushed her against the wall and pulled her shorts down, she wore a red thong but it was soaking wet “you little whore” I said “your getting off on this”

“no I’m not!” she lied, “now don’t lie to me” I said and stuck a finger up her pussy, “sure feels like it to me.” I said as she shuddered, “I’m not! I’m not!” she said even though she was getting even more wet, I left her there and went to my bag and took out a Dildo, only six inches. And walked back over to her, “here’s for all the times you’ve been a pain in my ass.” I said and shoved it into her asshole

Denise sat their mouth open in shock as the Dildo was shoved up her ass all the way to the hilt, she let out a groan of pain and pleasure,

“wow Denise’ I said “I knew you were a dirty slut” she looked back at me red faced, and I slapped her ass “don’t look at me” he said “I never told you to turn around,”

she looked forward I wonder what he’s going to do to me she thought to herself excitedly

I pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock, seven inches and ready, “what are you doing back…” she gave a sharp gasp as I pushed my cock into her Pussy, I could only get the tip in “oh you’re a virgin” I said “maybe your not such a big slut as I thought’ I said and started working my way in “OW STOP!” she shouted as I went in further, I felt her hymen nad thrusted hard breaking through it and denise shrieked “pop goes the weasel” I said to her as blood trickled out of her pussy and down her thigh, I started going in and out into her pussy, going in as deep as I could then pulling almost all the way out and repeating, I went as fast as I could making her jolt with every thrust “oh-my-god!” she moaned as I went as quick as I can slapping her ass until it was red.

“keep going” she shouted I reached around and grabbed one of her small tits twisting her nipple’s, she screamed in pain and pleasure and burst, coming all over my cock, I pulled out and turned her around and made her open her mouth and push my cock into her hot mouth, forcing it deep down her throat and making her gag, and started fucking her that way “hell yeah, take it” I said to her as she gagged on my cock,I kept going faster and faster until I couldn’t take anymore and shot a load of cum down her throat, I pulled out and let her fall to the ground, she looked ready to pass out, tossed the key to the handcuffs to her and said “From now on your mine,” I pulled up my pants, she looked at me and said “why the hell should I listen to you!” I walked over to her and pulled out a bracelette and clasped it onto one of her hands.

“Cause if you don’t, this is what’s going to happen,” I pulled out a remote, and pressed a button and she screamed as the bracelette sent an electric current into her, he pressed the button again and she fell to the ground “you’ll do whatever I say, when I say it,” she nodded “and you’ll address me as master, you got it?” she nodded, “yes” she muttered. I pressed the button again “Yes what?” she screamed and shouted “YES MASTER!”

I pressed the button again and she fell to the ground, I unlocked the door “you’re just going to leave me here!” she shouted, I looked at her and said “I left you the key to the handcuffs, and your shirts’ over their. But I’m keeping your underwear, and if I were you I would leave that dildo in my ass, lunch Monday,” she looked at him shocked “B-But…But…” I held up the remote “No buts” she nodded scared and I walked out.

I went outside and walked across the parking lot to the park, Gabby waited their ‘so how’d it go?” she asked “you got your slave” I said giving her the remote, gabby smiled and said “thanks,I couldn’t have done It with out you,” I nodded and said “Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a dinner date with Dany, and I don’t want to be late” gabby nodded and said “I’m going to go meet my slave” she said with a devilish grin and walked towards the school, I shrugged and walked over to my pick-up

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