Foreplay (Part 2)

Let Us Get The Party Started

I reappeared once more to which shocked her as I could tell by the expression on her face but she seemed on edge to what would be happening next, what could I possibly do to outdo what I had done to seduce her in the first place. Her eyes pierced me and attempted to try and entice me but I refrained and stopped in my tracks.

I was wearing very little, just a buttoned up shirt and some boxer shorts but as I slowly undid them and allowed her to admire my carved bronze muscular body in the moonlight, I could notice her breathing quickening as her chest rose and fell more and more frequently. I smiled and thought about what to do next but then I shut out them thoughts and worked purely on impulse and instinct. I tore my shirt off as I built up the adrenaline inside me, I could feel it bubbling to the surface and I wanted to unleash it but I kept my composure and stood there as her eyes were now fixated on my body and she leaped towards me to control me but I took a step back and she fell too the floor on her hands and knees like an animal scouting the prey, it felt almost animal-like as she began to claw away at the muscular flesh and left deep bleeding scratches which I initially winced at but then shrugged off.

Despite not planning what I wanted to happen, I did have an end to the means and that was for her to be orgasmic, preferably on multiple occasions and from my past experiences, I had come to a number of conclusions of how I was going to reach such a goal. The first was her brain, we were comfortable even though I was only wearing an item of clothing, she was distracted but not overawed which gave me the confidence to be able to discuss my sexual exploits with her and get her in the zone. I recognised that her brain was the focal point of her orgasm. If she was able to let go and embrace total abandonment with me, then she would reach those heights of pleasure I was hoping for.

I recognised that I was in this state and now I focused on what I described as ‘physical outpour’. This was a combination of pleasurable techniques to combine in such a way to cause indescribable pleasure. I kissed her mouth softly once more, using your tongue to massage her lips and tongue. Whilst I was doing that, I used my hands to softly but firmly grasp her body and rub everything from her legs to her neck. I purposely avoided touching her breasts and vagina because now I was engaging physically with her, she expected me to be weak and give in but I showed mental strength and resisted.

This lingering feeling meant that when I did begin to stimulate her in them particular areas, she was beginning to moan and I smiled to myself, pleased but I didn’t want to become complacent so I continued to focus explicitly on arousing her. I switched to another number of conflicting techniques, I put her on top of me, as I tore off the rest of her clothes as quickly as possible, I began to suck on one nipple and lightly pinch the other whilst using the fingers on my other hand to stimulate her clitoris and vagina periodically. I decided to go slowly as I had realised from experience that there was no need for speed however my stance on that quickly changed as she began begging for me to go faster.

Just as she was beginning to get used to it and get her bearings back, I lifted her up and threw her back onto the bed, I got my head down to the area that she loved to have my mouth at as I began to start my tongue tricks. I licked around the entire scope of the vagina from the clitoris down to her perineum, when she was wet all over, I opted to insert two fingers into her vagina with my palm facing up and made a “come hither” motion to really stimulate her but at the same time, I used my tongue to give her clitoris, a good going over. This way, I was stimulating both her clitoris and her G-spot simultaneously, as she began to moan and groan then I realised that I had found the perfect combination of speed, rhythm and penetration and therefore didn’t ruin it by attempting to quicken up or go deeper like most of the inexperience boys she had, had before, I was different and I was willing to prove it.

I was going to pleasure her like nobody had ever done before by using a couple of secret tips, I began by sitting on my knees, I delicately placed a pillow under my lower back and I slowly began to penetrate her fully; going all the way in and all the way out, I used my moistened index and middle fingers to massage her clitoris at the same time. To add more fun to the mix, I encouraged her to massage her clitoris with me. When she did so, I removed my hands and watched as she began to pleasure herself. This led me to the the brink of orgasm but I needed to restrain myself.

I decided to be more adventurous as I came towards the end of this suspenseful intriguing spontaneous evening, as I bent her over and entered her anally, I decided to enjoy doggy style with her but with a twist. Whilst I was penetrating her, I didn’t let anything except my penis touch her from the inside. As I slowly eased my way in and out of her and as she enjoys the feeling, I licked my finger and rub began her anus with it. I was unsure how she would react but as she began to moan even louder, I opted to then slowly insert it into her anus only a little.

To finish the magnificent evening of experimentation and excitement, I got her on my knee once more as I began to penetrate her in the rhythmic fashion which had caused her to be seeping juices from inside her already however as I coupled it with the vibrator which I produced out of nowhere and used it on her shaved clitoris, she screamed and orgasmed like never before causing her to collapse from exhaustion as she settled into a state of paradise.

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