First Time Sex

My First Sex Experience With My Mother Friend Janki

Dear Readers of Fanta story, wish you happy reading of my life’s incidence. My name is Ravi. This happened in my college days when I had just entered the college after my schooling. During schooling, I was really attracted to 3-4 girls who were in my School and with one I was in love with her.

My state of mind was very different from my other class fellows, who had their girl friends, where as I did not have any, Because I had done my schooling in Jharkhand from a boarding School and then shifted to Kolkata “City of Joy”. So I was uprooted from my past friends and nothing I could do except getting bored at home.

Days were passing like years when one day Janki Aunty barged into our house to meet my Mom, and I opened the door on bell ringing. I was dumb struck to see at our door that such lovely and beautiful lady was standing in front of me. I was mesmerized totally and could not utter a single word.

She guessed that I am fallen head over heals on her and then she smiled at me and I felt that like lightening struck me from the clouds. She asked about my Mom and I escorted her to Drawing room, and made her sit there before I went inside to call my mother. Then later on I came to know that she had come to our town and knew my Mom through her parents who used to live in some other city in Bihar.

Her name was Janki Singh, and my mother introduced her to me as Janki aunty. She came to stay over as her new job was near our house. I always had an eye for any beauty ever since I turned 15, which was 6 years back.

She was married to a government servent. Perfect curvaceous body and with beautiful eyes & face! she was given the top floor and we stayed below. I used to ogle at her the whole day. One day I was so horny that I went into her room. She was not in the room. And not seeing her in the room I looked around, during the process I saw her clothes hanging on the pegs on the wall which were kept for laundry washing.The first thing I saw was her bra. I dug further to find her panty and sniffed it. The smell was heavenly and it was too nice & feminine. I hurried out of the room not wanting anyone to see what I was doing, It now was my habit and an obsession to sniff her panties when she was not there. I did it often!

One day while I was feeling horny and was stroking myself in the bathroom, and then suddenly bathroom opened and in came Janki aunty who caught me red handed with her ‘panty’ in my hand and I was sniffing the same. ‘I was just cleaning up’, I told her and quickly went out of her room. My erection was noticeable and I went to my room and stayed there.

Somehow, I lost my mood to shag and stayed inside worrying that she may tell it to my mother. The next day as she came home from work, she saw me brooding in the hallway. “Ravi” she called me and said ‘I need to talk to you about yesterday’, she told me and asked me to follow her.

It was pre noon time and I never expected her to be at home this early. So many things came to my mind, never thee less I thought I will see what happens and went to her room. I entered and sat on the chair. She was in bath room and I could hear some noises about her in the bath room. She came out and looked straight in my eye with twinkling look, “I know what you were doing yesterday and don’t make excuses”.

I just sat there, my head down and looking at the floor! “You know, It is quite natural at your age and boys do it always everywhere, so do not worry, I will not tell anybody and It would be our secret.” “Do you promise to keep it secret?” she asked I was so thrilled to hear this that I blurted straight away without thinking, “yes! auntie, I will keep it secret in between two of us and nobody will know about it.”

She said “good, you are smart boy. That is what I expected from you.” “Now for the reward to the promise you made, I will show you something and you should also show me something, OK? I said “OK aunty” I was surprised to think, what she would show me for reward and looked at her. She further said “Now I want you to keep this also secret,” while she started undressing herself.

I was a bit shocked to see all the hairs in her pits and her pussy area. She was really hairy, and I had no complains of any kind! She said “this is treat reward for you, I hope you are liking it, and there is more reward coming if you agree with me and obey as I say to you” I promptly said “yes! I will obey you and will do as you instruct me to do” “Ok then, do it as I say and keep following my instructions”

Now she asked me to remove my clothes also. In the recent past I had dreams of having sex with her but now in reality, I was really very much nervous and felt shy. However I started undressing me with fumbling hands I removed all my clothes, including my vest and under wear. I was so much nervous that I did not get any erection in my penis, which used to get erected merely with the thought of Janki aunty.

After I removed my clothes, she caught my hand and She took me to her bed room. There she made me stand in front of her. She looked at my body and at my cock far very long time, which was now giving little reaction due to her looks. She sat on double bed and asked me whether I had been with any woman before. I said in very frail and weak voice” No I have never seen woman or girl in my life like this.” HHmmm she puurrrred.

She caught my penis, started stroking with her hands. It came to full life instantly by her touch which was so pleasing that I wished time should stop now and I could feel that way for ever. After some time she put my dick in her mouth and started licking it, sending vibrations in my body. I was feeling heavenly and all my life I never felt so good what I was feeling at that time.

She lied on the bed and beckoned me. She took my head and we kissed. Then I instinctively went to her pussy, and I wanted to smell her and lick it. She slowly widened her legs and my heart was beating out hard. My first view of a pussy! Wow what a site it was????????? She pushed me with her hands my head on her pussy and asked to lick her. I was on the verge of ejaculating and I tried to control it with great difficulty.

But in the mean time she started moaning and started masturbating with her other free hand. I could not control anymore and I ejaculated on the bed, but kept licking her. She gave a gasp after some time and shivered. I was on top of her and on hearing this fell on my side, all tired. After about 10 minutes or so, she grabbed my Penis in her hand started stroking.

It came to very strong erection again. And this time it was very pain full erection. I wanted relief from this and I could sense that if I discharge now, I will be better off. She read my mind and she instinctively spread her legs up, so that I could insert my cock into her pussy. I came in between her legs and she hold my cock with her hand and positioned my cock at the entry point of pussy, and then she asked me to push it in. I did as I was told. My 6” cock sided into pussy completely effortlessly as it was lubricated with her cum which she discharged few minutes ago. And then I felt that my pain in my cock has reduced considerably due to soothing touch of pussy.

I never had this feeling and I kept pounding pussy far a very long time. Janki aunty was moaning throughout and wanted that I should continue pounding her far very long time. But then with her movement under me in response to my fucking, she was gyrating her pelvis movement which made me hornier and I could not hold myself any more.

Since it was my first time, and I did not know about pregnancy safety, I did not ask her what to do. I was feeling on the verge of coming and after few very fast strokes I yelled “aunty I am coming” to which she said “do not worry come inside me and fill my pussy with your come. Does it now fast and I am also coming.”

There after she stiffened and captured me with her legs around my body and kept me squeezed for very long time and I had also come and was lying on her. After about 20 minutes or so, after relaxing she kissed me and promised me that she will be my friend for ever and will reward me more in future, with the promise that it should remain secret between us always.

We had our relationship continued for 3 years, until she got her transfer to her choice place. We were in touch through phone and even now also. We met each other many times later on, which I will write later on.

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