First Time For Everything!

I walked up and down the pavement outside the house, my palms were sweaty and my heart was thumping. I didn’t know if I was ready but I needed this! I was fixated it with it, I’m completely sexually frustrated. I plucked up the courage and strolled up the drive, the car wasn’t there meaning that her parents were out and I knocked on the door, looking around precariously to make sure the neighbours didn’t see me. She opened the and I saw her, she was leant against a wall as I approached her, she was wearing a long overcoat, she closed the door and smiled at me and enticed me deep into the heart of the house. As we disappeared into the darkness away from the prying eyes, she dropped her undercoat, revealing herself, she was wearing just a corset and stockings. I watched how the lace moved in and out as her chest moved in and out slowly. She beckoned me over and I moved swiftly, sweat on my palms and a nervous look, I was even more pale and there were butterflies in my stomach. She took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom, my limbs felt heavy and I stumbled into the bedroom causing my face to balloon up with embarrassment but I became much more focused. Her hands were exceptionally soft and she gave me a weak smile which was encouraging.

I looked in the mirror in the full length mirror, I didn’t feel attractive at all and decided to go and freshen up in the bathroom whilst there I checked that there were no holes in the condom and splashed water on my face, some colour came back in to my face and as I returned to the bedroom. I saw her laid on the bed and I saw her breathing became a lot shallower and quicker as I removed my shirt revealing my bulk of muscle which was closely followed by me slowly pulling down my trousers. I got my trousers caught around my ankles and blushed as they would come off. She slid off the bed and helped them off and I went bright red as I noticed that there was a huge bulge in my underwear.

She pushed me on to the bed and clambered on top of me, you bent over me and kissed me exceptionally softly, I felt that you could sense the nervousness and I tried to inject some confidence as I placed my hand on your thigh and it ran round to the back of your thigh and up and settled on your bum which I gave a cheeky squeeze. She smiled and the confidence flowed into her and she began to kiss me, kissing my lips before moving down methodological, kissing my collar bone and chest and stomach and then reaching my boxer shorts. Her hands touched it and I shuddered, her hands were shaking as she undid the buttons on my boxer shorts, I stroked my hand against her cheek and gazed into her eyes mouthing that it will be okay. I trembled as shivers passed down my spine as I spelt her cold hands touch my throbbing warm cock which blood seemed to be pumping through. Adrenaline passed through my body and I watched you as you gasped as you saw it’s size and decided that you needed to use both hands.

I felt her beginning to get into her rhythm and all of a sudden I felt the cum build up quicker than it had ever done when I had masturbated before and I immediately felt pressured not to just let it dribble out and be a completely anti-climax, she must have sensed this as she slowly pulled on my long penis, she was patient and I knew she was enjoying as much as I was but I felt I was letting her down. She liked seeing me life my head back so I could let out a moan . She gave a nervous smile and giggle and when I did it again, she took the opportunity and latched her lips around the head. I gasped as I felt a warmth moist atmosphere surrounding my head and I felt it bulge. I breathed slowly and focused on anything but the sensational feeling that she was creating. She stopped and stood up and slowly she pulled on the laces of the corset and I watched it fall to the floor and soon did her underwear too.

I found it hard to control myself and pressed her down on the bed, her large breasts were pressed against my chest and I felt the nipples dig into my abs. I had lost all the nervousness and was now running on pure adrenaline. Her fingernails dug into my toned bum but I grunted and refocused my attention as I slowly slid myself inside her cautiously making sure it was in properly before pulling back and thrusting slowly at first. She winced and I was scared that I was going to hurt her so I toned it down a bit and just found a nice gentle rhythm but then I felt her dig in even harder and cling to me as I she craved a harder thrust and that’s what she got as I began thrust at my full capacity. She began to sigh and they soon became moans which escalated to screams, they became louder and louder. All I could feel was the wetness and how tight it was and it created an almost euphoric feeling inside me. I just continued and watched as her back began to arch and she soon was orgasming so I thought, I was 100% sure but I felt the muscles begin to contract. This was one of the strangest feelings, I had ever felt but it had completely distracted me and it had become surreal, I continued to thrust but I was lost in the moment and when I realised where I was and what was happening I also jizzed inside her and we laid together in a pool of sweat.

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