Fantasy Time, Me!

He Don

Following Mine and Kevins exploits with the fantasy world, and a stud named Gary, i felt it was about time i tried abd lived one of my fantasy’s that knowone but me ever knew about, i wasn’t sure which one, i just knew, it was time, Kevin didn’t need to know everything, besides this one was for me, that’ll make it 1-1! Right!?

The following days after my husbands bi-sexual threesome, with myself and the internet stud, Gary, i had been given an opportunity to go to scotland for a learning weekend from work. Hurrying at the chance, a little get away is always good, i jumped the first train, after say bye to my hubby. Upon the train, a 15 hour slow train journey had begun. Working as a special police constable, was both varied and interesting, with the odd trip for training, all the better. Sitting in my train carriage, stopping at the second stop en-route, my carriage soon filled up. What happend next, was either fate, or something similar, i wasn’t looking for anything, but what i found waa magical in itself. Once the journey had set off again, and prople settled in there carriages and chairs, i had the sudden feeling of being watched, i looked around, but everyone was going on about there own thing, i was imagining it! A couple of minutes passed, and the sane again, around the 6th time i was beginning to become unnerved, contemplating moving carriages too, until, in the corner of my eye, i caught someone looking, i immedietly looked away, then back again, again staring at me, my heart felt it had misses a beat or two, there seated straight in front of me was the most fulmptious, sexy, incredibly beautiful woman, i have ever seen, short maroon/red hair, a face many models would kill for, a sleek, slim body, with tiny titties’ dressed to kill. I immedietly felt myself blush, as i looked away, a little excited, i turned back, and again she was looking straight at me, lots of things went clambering through my head, the only one i wanted to know was, is she lesbian? Bi? Or Bi-curious, i have know idea why, because i was none of those. After going through a dark tunnel, i finally plucked up the courage to look her dead in the face, and hope for signal, a sign or a smile even. Sure as hell i did, looking at her, she looked at me, and we shared a smile, not a hi, pleasant type, one where you smile just over your teeth. Even her smile was sexy, almost sassy, several hours into the journey, a toilet trip was needed, so off i trot, after finishing, closing the door behind me, there she was standing straight in front of me, sexy smile and all, “oop’s, sorry, i didn’t see you there”. I would have said she was around 5ft tall, and smelt amazing! “Thats ok, being this short, i get that alot”! Shit i’ve upset her now “ sorry i didn’t mean it like that!” She smiled, then began to giggle, “what’s so funny!?” Stammering, “oh, nothing, it was your face! You looked like you had jumped on my foot”! Jokingly, seeing the funny side i giggled, then giggled some more, once i had realised i sounded like a naughty school girl! I explained to her that reason. Once she had stopped giggiling herself, she bluntly said “i bet you would look good in uniform?!” My jaw must of dropped, well i know i went red, and silly, yet defensive, “oh im sorry if i upset you, i was mearly saying you were very pretty!?”, then the school like giggle again, followed by a flirtatious look and grin, “i’ll see you back in there then!?‘” She Said as cool as a cucumber, “yeah, see you in a minute or two”! That was the best i coulld do, she as cool as ice, me sounding like a grandma. But hey what did it matter, altough i had same sex thoughts when i was younger, which were quite in tense, i’m not gay or bi, i’m married, happily at that, walking back to the seating area, almost everyone had vanished, off to dinner i expected, still wondering to myself, why had this woman, all be it a very sexy one, got under my skin so bad in a two minute conversation? In between saying that to myself, also saying, but shes incredible, and she fancies me, i havn’t a clue why, thats one of those unexplained things i guess. Moments later she returned, “where everyone go?” She asked, “dinner, i think?”, i replied, “oh, ok, that’ll give a little time to get to know each other then won’t it?” Grinning, confused, i smirked back, a little off. “Everything ok?” Im no lesbo you lezzy skank is what i wanted, or thought i wanted to say instead i simply said, “yeah, i’m Zara, what’s your name”? Derrrr, “i’m Lisa, great to meet you, so what are you doing on the train to know where”? Even a sexy name, for god sake! Why i said, what i did, next, i’ll never know, “i’m married”! As cleaver as that, it was her fault she had my head in a spin, “oh ok, thats great, errrr!” Fucked it i thought, hang on, who cares, yeah ok shes incredibly sexy, beautiful etc,etc, but i aint gay! Then i did it, i blurted it out just like that, i said “i am bi curious though” oh my fucking life! What a twat, followed up as soon as i could with “im sooo sorry, i, er., sorry”! Yeah thats much better. I thought i was going to get a slap in the face, instead, i got this loving smile and a whispered, “its ok to be married, bi-curious and nervious”! Calmly. If i ever had dreams about women, this is the woman i would dream about, im sure. No actually coz im not bi-curious, to late, completely feffed it all up. Suddenly without warning or hesitation, she began to move my hair from my face, gently, all the time smilling seductivly, my heart skipped a beat, i could feel her pulling me in, like a magnet, drawn into her, our lips inches apart, my heart is thumping, slightly shaking and WHAM the carriage door flings open, as we jump back, people arrive back from dinner. Pilling in, our moment had passed, both slightly blushing, slumping back into the chairs. After just talking for hours, not even stopping to eat, we found a friendship had developed, a good one too, as night fell to day, we agreed to meet for breakfast later. Adter parting, it felt as though a part of me had been taken, i could not stop thinking of her, seeing a colour she was wearing, a slight woft of her scent. Constantly thinking how close we had come to kissing. Would it happen? Doubts, feelings, other people, jumped through my head, but she was always there, no matter, its just after 2, breakfast at 7, see her soon, errr no, eat soon! As i lay there, contemplating, if she would make another move or not, if she was married, would i have done ghe same too her? She is sexy though! After 20 mins of tossing and turning, a tap at the door, a bit late for checking tickets, i thought? I jumped up, slinging on my robe over my night dress, etching the door open slowly, peering through the cravis, a red robe, oh, not the inspector then, i had no choice, swinging the door open to reveal the lovely Lisa, “sorry Zar, i’ll go if you want, i just couldn’t sleep and thought…..” Sheepishly, of course come in, sitting on my bunk, as the only chair, i climbed up next to her, she started by saying “i cant stop thinking of you, it bever happend like this!?” I felt the same, but could not say it, instead, i said, “i keep thinking of you too, but its forbidden, there is no way it can happen”? Looking down toward the floor, “hey,” i said grabbing her blemish free face, “look, look at me!?” Pulling her toward me, even i was shocked at what i did next, as i pulled to face me, i lept in, and kissed her full blown on the lips, my pussy felt like it had picked a football up, into my belly, shooting pains, almost butterflies, agian i kiss her, too tajen back to say or do anything, she slowly begins to kiss back, heavy petting, soon turns into full tongue action, her silky sweet tasting tongue, irrisistable, grabbing at her robe, a seldom breast appears, nipple errect, and awaiting my watering mouth, is i break the sexy kiss, i begin edging toward the naked pert breast, longing to taste, abd take it all in my mouth, finally im there, slurpping on her itty bitty titty, her whole breast, is easily taken all into my mouth, little but perfect, my hands attempt to explore the rest of her body, as the robe slips off, a shaven clitiorious fills my eyes, in a hurry, i part her knees and begin to slurp hard on her pussy, she tastes as good as she looks, her head flings back in ecstasy, as she begins to cum, the arching of the back, and Wham. Its all mine, after the shaking had stopped, she did’nt bother with kissing or breasts, she went straight for the kill, fine by me, thats what ached in any case, bringing to orgasm in just minutes, she tied her robe, kissed me on the cheek and left, i never saw again, but you know what, im glad, i tried one of my oldest fantasys and it was with a sexy woman, who made me feel amazing, Kevin as never found out either, and he don’t need to know!

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