Fantasy Time, Me And Kev.


After several years of thinking, the time had come for my husband and i, to fulfil our wildest fantasy’s, only, he wouldn’t know too much about most of them, who am i to tell, march, and the frosty mornings still among us, yet spring, firstly let me tell you some bits about ourselves. My husband, a 33 y/o, handsome, builder by trade, and very good with his hands! Named Kevin, myself, 34 y/o, sassy, told im very attractive, and awsome with my tongue. We had often spoken of our fantasy’s, but husband was more honest and sordid than me, i kept them simple, almost romantic, secretly yearning for other, unmentionable, to him at least, things. On this day in march, i had already decided the discussions had been enough, still holding secrets, but burning inside. Kevin had spoken frankly, and admittingly admirally, about fucking other guys, whilst i watched and masturbated, dressing as a woman and fucking me, bi-sexual threesomes, where he would be fucking me, and be being fucked by the third party, dogging and generally slutting around! Where as i was, romance, log fires, and cabins and shit, nothing as dearing as him, well not to his face anyway, in my world, there was so much more, i had often yearned for, and masturbated over. I couldn’t him then, but now he knows. A typical morning, i mentioned i had planned an evening of tv and an early night, happy with that he left for work. On the internet i jumped, searching for and finding, our first lived out fantasy. Upon his return home, i greeted him at the door, taking his hand and guiding him into the shower, 20 minutes later, semi-naked he enters the bedroom, me in bed, not wasting anytime, he follows suit, clambering in too, kissing passionatly, i stop him to a pause, “i have a suprise for you, i hope its what you want?!” With that a strapping, well hung, blonde haired, six-pack molded man appears, a gasp, “whats this!?” I see the fire of happiness re-ignite, “remember your fantasy, where you suck, get fucked whilst fucking me, well this is it”! An istant invite to the model like stud, from my husbands gestured hands, waving him on the bed, shaking, eagerly, i addmittingly was starting to feel aroused too, my pussy dampening, with every inch closer to the bed he came. “I want you to take him in your mouth, and suck his cream until he’s dry!, i’ll be here pleasing myself, watching you!” The stud, or Gary as his name, immediatly began to get aroused, as his cock neared my husbands eager tongue and mouth, i had’nt even started masturabating yet, but my breathing was heavying and my pussy was almost sopping wet already. My husbands tongue flicked out at Gary’s ever growing love stick, before sliding his lips around its gurth and beginning to bop back and fourth, Gary’s penis nearly to full stretch, Kevin’s dick thick, and hard, my pussy wetting the bed, without even so much as a touch. Keven was taking more and more, little by little of Gary’s, 10’ uncut cock into his mouth, and diwn his throat. Everytime i went to reach for my cunt, he would take more, Gary’s face torted, with pleasure, 9.5’ in my mans, now bulging throat, whimpers of joy from all began, “oh fuck yeah, that’s so sexy babe”! I managed to squerm out, a little half nod of appreciation from my gagged man, sweat began to show, both from Gary’s brow, and chest, and Kevin’s upper lip, my tits looked as is they had been greased or oiled, as sweat dripped of me, the pleasure i hadn’t known, all these years, was out of this world. Kevin, with the full 10’ in his throat now, reached up and grabbed at Gary’s ass pulling him in closer, as if he was pleading for more, Gary’s balls began to smash and slap against his chin, as he wanked him in his mouth and throat, like a true proffessional, the spanking noise of Gary’s hairless balls, cracking against my mans face, took me even closer, still having yet to touch myself, i was engrossed, it was better than any tv i had ever watched. The momentum in the movement of Gary’s hips, and Kevin’s bopping head began to gather, groans from both became louder and more drawn out, a glistening caught my eye, looking closer, Kevin had Pre-cum ouzing from his throbbing cock, almost a cascading motion from a waterfall, it puddles the bed, that only edged me inches away, i could feel the sweat, smell the cock, and the pre-cum. Reaching down for the first time, i slipped in two of shaking fingers, with no effort, and squelching sound, Kevin, still going hard at this aching cock, glanced over, i noted a whincing motion of his dripping dick, and a gush of more pre-cum ensued, whipping out my fingers, i raise them slowly to my mouth, Kevin, watching on, joyious, i take my creamed, soaked fingers and gobble on them, tasting my sweet pussy juice. Gary’s posture shifted, his hand reahing around Kevin’s head, the slapping noise of his balls getting faster, Kevin’s pre-cum hurteling toward the bed, hard and fast, ‘BANG’ a joyious Yelp as Gary, releases his glory load into my Kevin’s mouth, a few slowly shunts back and fourth by Gary, and Kevin is able to swollow the gunk, my orgasm reaches its peak as i explode Atop the bed sheets, Kevin, not one to waste anything, ensures he has all of the sticky load in his mouth before swollowing. Simultainiously blowing his load, to a slump on the bed. Gary, obviously not one for waste either, slurped his disposed of mess, from the bed, Kevin was immedietly aroused by this sight, and turned his attenion to my sopping wet pie, burying his face deep into it, i again came, with an almighty weight, Kevin taking more cum, only this time mine in his face and mouth, slurping away at my now multiple orgasmed, aching twat. Gary recognised Kevin was on his kness attending my pussy, and so, began to loosen his pie. He began by spitting directly on his hole, then gently began to tease with his pinky, Kevin’s love stick begun to throb, as his anus was gently toyed with. My snatch was so wet, and hot, it was pulsating, my clitirios was shaking, as where my legs, with my man eating me, and his man beginning to eat his chocolate star, his pleasure groans travelling up my hole, through my belly, out of my aching arse. Gary begun to stretch Kevin’s anus hole, using his fingers, i gasped in amazement as he took 4 fingers, without a murmer or flinch, i leant down beside the bed, and Gary a dildo, bought for the occasion, a 4’ thick in gurth and 12’ in length, vein molded version of some gay porn stars piece. The lube, was named anal eeze, it came with the dildo, and i hoped it would be good enough, until i realised he could take so many at once. The squirting of the tube, onto and into is ass, had him squerm, relaxing his hole. Gary proceeded to smother the dildo in the lube gunk, and effortlessly edged this huge tool into my mans ass, i felt him tense then slowly relax again, still going, attentivly at my love box, i became fixated on this huge flesh coloured toy being edged into my mans box, inch by inch, slowly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, OMG, he’s taken 10’ without a groan of pain, Gary pushed and edged a little deeper, 11, inches, a small flinch, but nothing worth noting, as the twelth and final inch plunged in, my sodden wet pussy realeased again, smothering, almost drowning my fella. Gary then begun to ease the toy out of the stretched man box, inch by inch, 12,11,10,9,8,7,6, then slowly back in 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, repeatedly, over and over, Kevin’s prostate was being milked, alot, it poured from his stiffend cock, like a spilt drink, pre-cum and prostate milk, congilled, as his ass was plunged over and over, Gary twisted his body, as his cock again was harder than nails, inches away from me, i could smell it, i had to eat it, i know it wasn’t a part of the deal, but it was almost calling me, and Gary had seem to point it in my direction, fuck it, i gobbled on it, head to base, his entire shaft in my mouth, Kevin seemed very turned on by this, and Gary was obviously aroused, my stinking vag, wetter than a river, pulsates into my mans face again, as his ass was plunged over and over,faster and faster, him yelping, me groaning and Gary screaming, we all came again, Gary in my mouth, which was kissed to Kevin for a swollow, me in Kevin’s face, for the fifth time, and Kevin again onto the bed. The dildo removed, and all of us a contourted sweating mess, crashed to the bed, for recovery time. All panting, pleasured and used. After we all caught our breaths and the smell began to over engulf our noses, the sweat drying out, and the once white gunk, compiled on the bed sheets diminishing into a colourless patch, Kevin sits up, and reaches for his cock, this in turn leads me to reach for my twat, and Gary to fondle his pole, all aroused, after 5 or so minutes of watching each others play time, Kevin moves toward me, and gently whispers, “you wanna go some more lover?” I had a choice? Only what i was jokingly thinking, “of course!” Is what i said, he swiftly turns me onto my belly, and licks my anus, a fuzzy feeling of euphoria engulfed me, as he continued, i hiked up my kness, as to reach down for my pussy, Gary, immedietly recognised, my tits, pulled me on to all fours, and squirmed underneath me, sucking, nibbiling and groping at my breasts, anus hole being tongue stuffed, and my pussy being self pleasured, it felt like only moments before i recognised our arousement again, Gary scurried out from beneath me, as Kevin’s love stick stuffed my twat, in an instant Gary was behind kevin, readying his hardend dick, for entry, my mans fantasy was finally here, as Gary slid down, deep, gradually picking up speed with his pumping action, as my man took his ten inches in an instant, all the noises where soon amoung us again, groans, whimpers, gentle yelps, before finally an almighty scream from all three of us, in one instant, again our cum had became our release, my cunt filled pussy, and Kevin’s cream filled man cunt, with an adonis like man, left panting on the bed, with pleasure. Fantasy one had been complete, Number Two, was just for me!

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