Ex Friend'S Ex Wife

Sue, Part Two

Often in life you meet that woman you dream about fucking, yet you know you never will. Then life throws a few twists at you and all of a sudden you find yourself with your stiff cock spewing cum into her. You are in heaven, then you start thinking of the many times you will enjoy that pussy only never to get near it again.

Ok, you think that I was a bad fuck or something. No not at all.

They disappear, move on or out of your life. Maybe you were just there at that one special moment. Ok, maybe you made sure you were around for that one special moment of hers when she would drop her defenses. Through many conversations, you laid the groundwork so you could lay her. Then the defenses go back up, they reaffirm their devotion to their morals, husband, whatever.

Then there are the third kind. The one you never in a million years expected to do, then you did, never got to again, gave up even thinking about it…then one day….

I won’t go over the last story of Sue (My Friend’s Wife)… but you know it doesn’t end well for me. The sweetest little thing once an angel, then a slut for an old friend, a one timer for me and now the cock candy of someone with custom made suits on the top floor.

I miss her. She was 15 years younger. Any current girlfriend looks a tad worn by comparison. I dont want to go for more young stuff. They want your wallet not your cock.

Then one day….

I was walking around downtown, trying to think of which sandwich place I was going to eat too much in, when there she was looking in the window of a not inexpensive women’s apparel store. She was alone. I walked up to her and said: “Hi.”

She said: “Hi.”

There was a warm smile on her face, she actually indeed looked happy to see me.

She accepted my invitation to join her for lunch. We sat there with our plates of chicken salad on some sort of large crusty flatbread, and our mango passionfruit ice teas.

She had left the bank. I did not know that. What she had thought was a wild romance with the senior VP dude was a nightmare. He would take her to parties with important guests and actually offer her to clients or potential clients.

“Offer…as in….” I mumbled.

“Yes, as in go fuck this guy, he is an important client”

“And you did that?” I said smiling so as not to appear judgemental.

“The first couple of guys were cute” she explained almost apologizingly, but with enough of a smirk to say she enjoyed it

“I started to enjoy fucking for fun and bonus, I even learned to swallow.” This time there was a big grin on her face, and she spent a long time looking into my eyes, wondering what I was thinking. Actually she knew damned well what I was thinking.

I could feel my cock expanding rapidly. She would not have said that unless, I still wanted her lips on my cock, and she knew that.

“Then a few were not.” She added. “I became disgusted with him, with them, with me. I filed a lawsuit. It was very quietly hushed up. They paid me quite a bit. They fired him and part of the agreement was for me to leave as well. Please keep it to yourself, no release of details was also part of the deal.”

“Wow”, I said. “I never heard a thing.”

“The whole thing from the time I walked into my lawyer’s office till I walked out with a check in hand was less than a week.”

Every time I talk to this girl. all I can ever say or think is either: “Wow” or “Holy shit.”

“So with the money, I started a firm that puts on social events. It’s working out well. Many of my first clients are the ones I had to fuck for the bank. My opening line is: “You had the pleasure, now I get the business.”” She laughed.

Wow, what a long way from making cookies and pies for the church.

“And Mike?”

“Mike and I divorced, big surprise there. He was and still is so hurt.”

“You admited the thing with Frank… and even our thing?”

“Yes, both big mistake. He went into a major depression, wouldn’t touch me. wouldn’t look at me.”

“Anyone special in your life right now?” I asked.

“No, and in yours?”

“No.” It was a bit of a lie on my part.

“Can I see you?”


I told her if she would rather call me, I was still at the same number. She gave me her business card and wrote down her cell number. It killed me to wait the appropriate 48 hours, but I did. We would meet for dinner, then go to her place, she now had a condo in town.


Wow was it ever nice. Balcony, refurbished older high rise, brick walls, The Champagne was in one of those climate controlled Euro Caves, as they call them. Glasses were in there chilling too.

Whatever there was to say had been said in the restaurant. I had a little bag with me in case I stayed over. It was in the car. I would not need it.

Frequently the call light went off on her phone but the sound was turned off. This girl was popular. She never answered it, nor checked to see who it was.

Soon, it turned dark but the lights of the city and the candles made the place bright enough.

She asked me to open the champagne.

It wasn’t long until I was down to my shorts, she wasn’t wearning much either. She asked me over, she reached in The slit of my shorts and started stroking my cock, slowly pulling it out and wrapping her lips around it and soon was taking the whole thing into her mouth.

Taking it out for a second, “There,” she said: “Two of your wishes down, one more to go”.

How did she know that I was upset that she never touched my cock, put it in her mouth and let me cum?

“And the third?” I asked.

She just smiled, she took off her panties, removed my shorts and I went down on her. She told me that was the main reason I was offered a repeat.

“You know how to eat pussy.” She said.

For years, I heard that girl talk of baking cookies and pies, her wonderful sweet husband, her children, her loving mother, how wonderful her church was… and now she talks of cock and pussy, I flicked her clit with my tongue till it ached. I occasionally stuck my fingers in her cunt, sometimes my tongue. My lips were numb, my tongue was starting to cramp but I wasn’t stopping. She was starting to writhe. I played with her nipples. Finally, the heavy breathing, the moans that came close to yells, she dug her nails into me, she wriggled, she kicked her legs a bit, curled her toes she came.

She just laid there for a few minutes catching her breath, caressing something on me. I lay there exhausted, panting. I kissed her lips, I kissed her nipples, I kissed her pussy, her pussy lips, I kissed the very wet part.

She rolled me on my back. She started playing with my cock. Her hands, her mouth her tongue.

“My God,” I said, not wishing to say “Wow” or “Holy Shit” anymore, “You are good at this, really good”

She looked up, still playing with my cock with her hands, and said: “Frank taught me.”

“He told me a girl named Cindy had given him the best he ever had.” she said.

It was time to let Sue work her magic. It didn’t take long. I could feel her tongue stay on me , her lips continue their up and down motion as each spasm of my cum spewed inside her mouth. Though the sensitivity was so high, it was almost painful, I never stopped her as I felt her clean every drop off my cock.

Finally, she pulled herself off of me, came up and lay next to me.

“Happy now?” she said, “Three for three.”

then continued:

“One day, Frank told me I was as good as Cindy.”

“Yes indeed, you are.” I said.

Surprised a bit, she propped herself up on a pillow and asked: “So you fucked Cindy too?”

“Yup” I said. “Cindy was my wife. You know that story Frank gave you about a dead wife?”

“Yes, Oh my God.” Sue said. She got it.

Sue asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee before I left, as she got up from the bed and put on a robe.

“No thanks.” I said, realizing I wasn’t staying the night and that it was time to go.

I got dressed, kissed her on the lips and left. I stopped at a Starbucks for that coffee.

I called her a few times after that. One time we spoke, briefly, she was busy, had just come back from a trip, and was leaving for another.

Every time I think of her, I think: “Wow”

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