Evil Kingdom Breeding Night

The young prince was fall a sleep after 1 hour past he turn in to. A evil demon his long spike tail his golden horns about a foot tail come out of his head his eyes were glowing red his skin was dark black with a tribal marks in gold shining like a candle he is about 9 feet tail the golden queen come down the stairs with a group of young villagers about 8 in all hello my queen he said it be a long time yes the queen said to long is see looking at his cock I see ur looking fine as always Darkcon yep he said walking over to the bed the first girl come over skipping all the way wow ur huge she says this is so fun that’s all she said as he put is tail in her mouth he rips off her clothes and starts eating her pussy the queen sit in a char to wach the show the other seven take off their clothes and jion him on the bed 0ne starts suck his huge cock the rest start making out kiss and licking each other he stick his tongue in the fist girl pussy about 9 inches she cries out with joy the second sit on his cock she begins to ride him he feel her tits nice his voices fill the room he trust his cock hard In the second girl pussy yesss she cries out ahh he look to his right the other 6 girls are licking each others pussy good hew said get ur cunts wet for me he goes back to the first 2 the second is close to climaxing he grad her waits and trust harder still ahaha AHAHA fuuuuuCCCKKK he cum in her her eye glows red she pass out he rolls her on the floor now skip it ur turn he slow pull her on his huge cock she moans out with joy he fuck her pussy then her asshole till she screams out with joy as she orgasm the he roll her to the floor next to the second one. As the night goes on one by one they all cries out with joy as the become his slaves.. The doing the last one he fucking her asshole when she orgam her last time the she join the rest on the floor the queen say good very good ur powers are growing she female guard is not looking at him her pussy is wet he walk over two her grad her weapon a throw it away he bend her over and is doing her doggy style now give me ur cum the queen she she on her knees wait skip come over and get next to her both open their mouths he trust fast in the guards pussy he pull out his cock and cums all over their faces the queen swallow he mouth full of cum the swap with skip he pick of skips and bend her over the sofa he starts fuck her asshole as the golden king come on the room he look at him hello dad he said as he cum in skips asshole look like thing are going to plan.

Mean while in the king of the north kingdom as u enter the king bed room u see his wife a 24 year hot Asian girl with small breast being squeeze by her she cries out YESSSSSSS

As she is pump full of his cum just then the red princess lee walk in nude her med size tits are shines in the fire light how romantic she says drink a glass of red wine she looks at his wife if fuck him my father must never find out about this he will kill me he want all of u dead his armies will be ready in two years then he will attack she climbs on the bed an sit on the kking face he starts licking her pussy. Nice she says as she strokes his cock to get him hard again his wife slow kiss her an fell her tits mmm lee cries out no what they says the king says if u can’t beet them fuck them he says and he trust his dick in her his wife reaches down her and stars rubbing her pussy ahaha lee cries out yes says his wife fuck him my spy FUCK HIM

She pull on her tits hard as she cries out in the night air AHHHHH FUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEE it fill the night air in a sweat song soon the golden king says I will rule this world look down at them from the glass ceiling through the dragon eye he watch them fall a sleep in each others arms. Mean while Emma and June were walking in the golden castle when the golden king appears my lord the fall on their knees hey lady my golden dragon needs breeding he old and I need him to bree before he dies take care of it my service round of so nice look villages an a few of my best looking guards now go yes my king they both get up the twin are their we will cum 2 after an hour many girls are walking down to the dungeon in bath robes as they enter the huge golden door an old dragon appears as take a human form he still look old but full a huge muscles he flexs them well the king is so series to sends some many of u he looks at 20 female and so nice 2 he stand about 15 feet tall his cock is three feet long he a golden looking man with black and red marks own his body he has lot of scars from all the battle he fought over 1000 years ladies let take a long showers they go to a huge really huge shower he lay on a long bench place in the middle I see u planed this emma says he look over at them ur last my dear and ur friend he look at the twins I start with them hi our name is may-len they say as they walk over in the hot shower

He pick up len and sit her on his huge cock she moans out as she goes deeper on it may sit on his face his tongue comes out and enters her pussy 9 inches ahhhhh she she says mmm females always taste the best Len is riding away moan out as she push her self down and up on his huge cock after a little bit she climaxes and fall off to the floor her belly full of hot sperm he pick up her sister and put her on his cock slowly smile as she cries out with joy another girl come over she a villager just now of age this will be my fisrt time she feel his muscles on his chest he reaches down an start rubing her pussy he stick is tongue down her throat she filches a little but loosen up soon may screams out ohhhhh GOD as she too climaxes and falls next to her sisters Len belly is growing with a dragon egg in side her the female guards pull them out and lay them on a giant bed of gold coin and jewels

He does the young girl next he pick her up and starts fuck her that’s right make love to me girl its lea she says breathing hard as she rides him till she cries out and is laid beside the twin June come next he walk over to her ans kiss her she get down to let him bang her doggy style he waits no time get down on her yess he said I love young girls he pounding hard June is moan out with joy and another villager come over and starts licking his asshole he trusting harder now he roars out as he cum in June. Emma watches her being drag over to the twin.

The girl lick his ass lay spread eagle he grabs her tits and starts suck her breast she wraps her lags around him he put his huge cock in her he starts pound her pussy till she is being drag over to join the pile. after 2 hours only Emma is left she stand up agents the wall drink some wine he come over to her as fells her breastu like me she says he lick her pussy mmm she says he kiss her on the way up she kiss him back he put his cock in her all the way ahhh she cries out the golden king cum be hide her an put is huge cock up her asshole hole AHAHAH SHE CRIES OUT AS BOTH MEN DPEDS HER THE KING GRAB HER TITS AS HER RAMING HER ASS THE DRAGON STICK HIS TONGUE DOWN HER TROAT 9 INCHES SHE MOANS SOFTLY AS SHE IS BEING FUCK VERY HARD ITS NOT LONG TILL SHE GLOWING A GLODEN GLOW THE LIGHT FEEL THE ROOM AS SHE IS CLIMAXES the dragon is hold her body in his arms her belly is growing now the golden king says u always been my friend now I need ur blood to open the gate he lays on her the bed next to 20 pregnant female the twin are give birth he pick up his eggs and lays them next to the fire he look up at the king as a sword swings.

His wife cum own hold his son ouch that hurt he says the king take a small bottle and fill it with his blood he take a drop he put it In his new son mouth his name is Steal and he will rule the world.

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