Dragon Boy Lovers Lane

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When mark came up to her room hi I am Rebecca she says mark he said mark was a shy 18 year old boy he look good with his glass on his shyness was clear well Rebecca says u got a girl friend mark

He shakes his head no all poor boy she take off her dress he was looking at her his dick get hard he un dress quick now that better she says she get down on her knee a suck his cock when the Nabors girl June walks in nude what mark say two of u yep she say sitting on his face now lick my pussy mark aha he cries out

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Now mark June say stay hard its my turn

Rebecca pulls out a camera and starts filming her has she rides him he feels her tits she kiss him it not too long till she cries out with joy yesss fuuckk he cries out AHAHAHA AS HE CUM AGAIN he gets up wow girls now I have a girl friend with benefits. John is at the ware house with his wife he nude work out she dress in a sexy costumes as a witch with wings she hold a small camera that the top of the line when it comes to filming and take pic at the same till when the mean with come back piss off hey u fucker I told u not to put that on the net bitch she walk over and look at his wife she does not she the camera she has in her pockets she take off her clothes and leaves her boots on she slap his wife ass as she walk bye look at her nice tits her grabs them hard the let go as she walks over to him she slap his dick as it get hard hey john says fuckk she sit on his big cock now let get this over with dick she rides him hard yess john says he feel her tits she slap his hand off of her now u just lie their dick yesss she feels her nice tits ahhh fucck least ur didck is big fucckk MMMEEE AHHHH SHHHIIITTTTTT SHE ORGASMS

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He grows two cocks mean they says he make little spike on them his mean tail come out and smacks their ass now that what we like rough sex he pull their hair as he kiss them one bye one they clim on him as he lays down on the bed and start fuck him yes he so big they cry out and they ride him hard for an hour till their cries of joy fill the air when Emma come over to have some fun her huge breast a flapping in the air he cries of joy fill the air his wife is being fuck by the twin the red hair girl is filming her with joy they all cries out in to the night air with their orgasm. At home his daughter an June is a sleep with their new boyfriend mark he get up and get dress when his sister come and get him sorry she says for what he look at her as they leave the house this is lover lane pumpkin’s and I cuming back soon.

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