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THE DAY BEGINS LIKE NORMAL he make breakfast all all alone his mom is now gone moved in with her new man his sisters move out to be with her girlfriend he getting ready when the Nabors girls come in mine if I take a dip no Emma’s is right behind her hey why are u getting ready their no school today I have paper work to do but we have sometime to play he says walk down to the basement the are on the bar Emma’s is sitting on his face he eating her pussy the Nabors girl is riding his cock both girls are kissing each other they trade places ahaah the Emma cries out sitting on his cock the Nabors girl is have anal sex with his tail while her fingers her pussy they cries out when they reach their climaxes he get up and get dress again well girls lock up when ur done they are getting I the hot tub bye john have a great day he waves go bye and leaves he thinks I put that on the web when I get done he drives off he at school it 4 hes walking down when he pass Jane room her daughter is with her they smile at him when he cum in

Hi john good home says her daughter not yet just checking on u we are the last one in here June speak I hate that can u stay for a little bit that not a good I deal he say why say her daughter he blush a little look June I can’t lie to you I don’t want to hurt u I am a he thinks for a min a porn star he says when I not work here I like play around but when I see u I know June speaks its alright I can wait till ur ready she say awe fuck her daughter well john say I want u June but I can’t change some things I all right she says o like u to even if I have to share u she say really he says his heart is racing she knees down and pulls a ring out john will u marry me yes he say he kiss her all fuck yea her daughter yell out he has a hot tub she says yes and a bar June is blushing one more thinng he say turn in to a demon they look at him this is me the real me he says will u still have me June yes she kiss him one more time she tell him I don’t mind u fucking other women or teen. I I love u john the moment I say u walking down the hall how old are her daughter say I now 21 well she older then u well he say lets go back to my home he they leave it about two days till he get them moved in they Elope over the week end he down stair her daughter in the hot tub yea its is the life she says June is holding him when Emma and the Nabors girl come in his mom and sister are their they are having a wedding party his mom and sister leaves after a few hours the rest are having a sleep over awe Emma say ur married now its ok miss June says u can play with him still she pull off his trunks she come over and is blowing him the Nabors girl goes to June and they start making out Emma wastes no time she riding him away he in his demon form when he cries fill the room fuck her daughter say as he cum in her mouth she walk over to her the swap cum as she kiss him they Nabors stop eating June pussy and goes over to john he pick out of the water and starts banging her ahaha she cries out hold john she kiss him his wife is recording her AHAHAHA SHE CRIES OUT AS she reaches her climaxs a feail in to the water she flow up and swims over to the Nabors girls they hold each other watching john. June girl take her top off any got a dildo she say why her mom says I know u like him john is laying on the edge of the hot tub he now has two dicks she pats her daughters ass now go have some fun she swims over to john she grabs both dicks now she says o boy she starts licking both of them he reaches down and pick her up he start eating her pussy in a little 69 action her mom is filming her u know this is going to be a the net when ur done she say she look up at her mom suck one of his cocks she wink at her mom good she says she sits on both his cocks ahah she cries out john feel her breast she bend down and kiss him as she riding away ahaha she moans in his ear he trust hard AHAHA SHE CRIES AGAIN ITS not long till she orgasm a falls be in the tub floating in the hot tub wow fuck he good them other two pulls he to them they all are making out in the corner kiss a feel each other her mom come over o john she say sitting on his huge cock ahaah she says HE GRABS HER HUGE TITS June he says she kiss him and rides his cock he feel her ass as she pounding his cock AHAAH she cries out holding her left breast ahaha he says trusting hard still yess john yess June says I cuming john AHAHAHA SHE CRIES OUT AS HE CUM SHE GLOW A LITTLE BLUE she lays on top the others come over she kiss them and her daughter then she kiss John they all get dress can we go to a movie her daughter says sure john says and dinner his wife says sand shopping Emma and the Nabors girl joins in yep john say as the walk up the stairs when they get back his wife goes up to get some rest when he down stairs working out pumpkins walk in with a new girl hi john I hear ur married now yes he puts the waits down she lovely he say smiling so what can I do for u wear her to breed again I brought a new girl this I 69 yes I said 69 wired name a I lke it he says but if we do this its in the shower he done loading up the new vids on his sight 69 is a golden blonde her pussy hair in in the shape of a crown

They take their clothes off he does a quick back tattoo of his dragon mark on her back as they head for the shower pumpkins on his back side riding his demon side ahaha AHAH she holding her breast while get some anal first then her pussy she get throat fuck bye his tongue she cries out for joy when he cum in her at the same time she orgasm then he turn human a does 69 he feel her breast she sucking his dick he pull her up bye her hair and kiss her one last time he feel her pussy to make sure she ready and starts fucking her hard pumpkins is rubing her tits up a down he back his tail is rubbing her pussy as hold him why he fuck her friend ahaha AHAHA FUUUCKK SHE CRIES OUT HE GOES FOR SOME SOAP THEY HELP washes him his wife com in an join washing the witches hairs her daughter come down and join she say the other two have pass out hey wear do u get ur tattoos she say ur dad pumpkins say she look at him she naked her dark blue pussy hair is cut in a v now her long hair is wet can u do me her mom look at her as his tattoo gun goes to work on her back she getting a full back job done and her top part of her arms two. i like ur work June says as he finish up her. O just want a small one done of marry’s name o mom her daughter says he does it quick in a heart shape balloons the winches leaves as fast as they came wow marry’s say they did not stay long he reply’s the never do he goes up stairs marry’s goes to his sitters room a shut the door sleeping with they other two him and he wife goes to his room he carries her in home sweet home he says as he shut the door.

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